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I have personally enjoyed playing Wii, one of the last Nintendo consoles before the switch. As a child, I used to invest most of my time and energy in playing shooting games, as this was the only gaming genre available at that time. Also, these popular genre can be considered as Best Wii Games For Kids even now.

Fast-forwarding a few years, we can find a range of games supported by modern consoles. The Nintendo Wii is such a device that is super minimalistic and supports all the blockbusters from Mario Kart to Zelda.

Moreover, the Nintendo Wii was designed for teenagers as the target audience.


The vast influx of revenue has fuelled the research and development domain of the industry, hence making games available to a broader spectrum of audience and catering to gamers of all age groups.

best wii games for kids

Moreover, the games have become much more extensive in terms of details, and inclusive in terms of ecological design and interaction with surroundings.

However, there are certain factors to keep in mind while buying the best Wii games for kids.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Wii Games For Kids 2020

Given the multitude of products available nowadays, some key factors to look out for before buying a Wii disk would be.

1. Age Category

It might be a bit early to introduce your child to the world of free-rolling, sharp-shooting, real-life mimicking games.
So, the most intuitive action a parent can take is to flip the product and check for the age limit. Certain games are meant for adults and may contain a lot of violence and bad language, which is clearly mentioned in the product packaging.

2. Intensity

Certain games are designed to test the user’s gaming skills to the max. These games are considered to be intense and require a lot of focus from players.

It is challenging to move on to the next levels in the play, adolescent users would find this frustrating and may chuck the game altogether. A game with an average difficulty level will give them a sense of achievement and pride as they can progress through the game.

3. Average Playtime

Imagine your child is hooked on to the screen for two straight hours, and upon asking him to switch off the console, he screeches, but the round is not over yet!

Average playtime determines the amount of time required to finish a level, and an invested player is going to get aggravated if his or her progress is being thwarted by your incessant rambling to shut it off. For instance, some games have hours of adventure but are playable in bursts.

4. The Number Of Players

If you happen to be blessed with multiple children or are frequent hosts to sleepovers, a game that has a multiplayer feature can bring a lot of excitement.

Single-player games tend to be a bit boring when there are excited, fidgety kids sitting on the couch for their turn. You really do not want to test their patience now, do you?

Moreover, research shows that kids bond when they are playing together simultaneously — leading to co-op gaming inculcating intrinsic qualities like sharing and team-work. A game should support multiplayer, in order to be one of the best Wii games for kids.

5. Budget

Being economical only calls for you doing your homework and buying the best game suited for your child.

Many people believe that the best games are the costliest; however, you might buy an expensive game, but your kid might play it for a day and make a flying saucer of it the very next.

Also, there are games which come as collections, a 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 combo may give a more comprehensive set of options for your kid to choose from. Having multiple games in a single disk will keep your child content for a while.

6. Technical Requirements

Specific requirements, such as refresh rate and frame per second govern the functioning and display of games. A refresh rate is defined as the frequency with which your monitor updates a frame every second.

For instance, the refresh rate of Hz denotes that the display updates 40 times per second. A higher refresh rate results in a smoother picture, indirectly not straining your eyes. Such details will generally not be available in the packaging, and you might have to dig a little bit deeper to get the details.

7. ESRB Rating

ESRB is an American self-regulatory organization that assigns age and content points to commercial video games.

More recently, the organization also publishes descriptors for in-game monetization and online-interactivity. Look out for the rating plastered on the front of the product in bold capital letters.

Some common ratings to look out for are.

E- Everyone (comic mischief)

E (10+) – Everyone (Fantasy violence, Mild language)

T – Teen (Mild fantasy violence, Mild language, suggestive themes)

M – Mature (Intense violence, blood, strong language; 17+)

A – Adults only (18+)

RP – Rating Pending

8. Online/Offline Mode

Nowadays, games are making the most out of the high-speed internet available at our disposal for bringing the gaming community closer as users can team-up or rival each other in the online realm.

Also, some games have an added feature for downloadable content (DLC) to enhance characters or add-on to existing maps or storylines.

Hence, reinventing the experience with every new software upgrade. The availability of rich online content could quickly push the game to be one of the best Wii games for kids.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned vital factors to be considered for a quick purchase, here are a few of the best Wii games for kids available in store.

Let us now have a look at the best Wii games for kids!

Top 20 Best Wii Games For Kids 2020

1. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. WiiNew Super Mario Bros. Wii doesn’t quite roll off the tongue when talking about the best wii games for kids. Come to think of it, the intuition of a four player Mario game in a Mario world does.

For a game that is trying so hard to cater to our nostalgia, it is trying too hard. The new Super Mario Bros. classic is really close to its franchise and the story is also one to speak of.

It is a fantastic game, an excellent return to the style of game which made the Nintendo plumber such an icon. It is also incredibly challenging which brings loads of fun and frolic.

But it is hard to drool over a game if it is a step backwards from what is expected of the Nintendo Wii. The game play is exciting but it has been weakened by the release of Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Brothers.

The same stage and level design could have been achieved 25 years ago. Although there are new gimmicks and propos peppered over the stage design, the game couldn’t quite break the deal. Apart from a 2D Mario player and multiplayer options, there is not much appeal to it, 7.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer (up to 4 players)

Online mode: Not available


2. Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports ResortWii Sports Resort is a sequel to the mainstream hit Wii Sports. The game introduced us to Wii motion control and come as a package with every Nintendo Wii purchase.

It is a great technology demo of what the Wii motion remote is capable of. The game has a simple style with basic gameplay techniques.

But when it comes to interaction with the environment, there are tons of attractions like advanced water physics while you are skiing. The game comes with a huge variety of Wii sports resort, 12 events in all which is double the events what the original Wii sports has to offer.

As for, Wii motions plus, it works really well and has high levels of precision and accuracy when it comes to game controls, although not perfect as there are times when the controls lag. Some of my personal favourites are sword fighting and table tennis as they allow you to compete.

Wii Sports is a stunning package with a lot of variety, it shows gamers what Wii motion plus is capable of and is fun and intuitive. Wii Sports Resort is a great place to spend some time with your family and friends, 8/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer (1-2 players)

Online mode: Not available


3. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been awarded game of the year status by multiple critic platforms. The game is incredibly creative and superbly challenging and one dons one of the best platforms by any standards.

Given the name Galaxy, the game also gives a polished experience to wow fans with its imagination and expert game design. One of the most vibrant and happiness-inducing games has to be the Mario legacy.

It is everything that it should be. Also, this game is not just a sequel to the Mario legacy, however, the graphics have not changed much but this version of the game is bursting with colors and ingenuity.

I personally believe that nobody could have done it better. This game has everything; brand new suits of powers, a huge array of challenges, and inventive platform designs.

Moreover, the story of the Mario legacy starts all over again and spoiler alert Peach gets kidnapped.

Having an enormous amount of creative and lucid gameplay, this game shows the true potential of the Nintendo Wii console and is easily one of the top competitors to be the best Wii game for kids – 9.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: DLC


4. Just Dance 2016 – Wii

Just Dance 2016 - WiiA popular game has returned with a newer edition. I personally am fond of these games as they are simple and fun.

The game is loaded with new tracks and boasts a wide range of themes and dance combos. How to play – you look at the screen and mimic the dance moves of the character with the Wii motion sensor remote in your hand.

The better you do the more stars you get! From free moves to just sweat it out themes, it lets everyone enjoy this game. However, while the song selection is vast, most of them are repetitive with some tweaks and the game plays a nasty capitalist stunt too.

All the grooving and melodious sounding tracks are locked behind a pay-wall. One of the new things that they have added is to use your cell-phones as a controller instead of your Wii remote, now this was an interesting idea.

Given the additional support more people could join in on the fun. Although the experience is a little frustrating while playing on your cell-phone, as the motion lags quiet often.

With creative modes like dance quest – you can compete with AI or challenge players all over the world via the internet and the face cam. This game is fun and physically demanding an 8/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Available


5. Disney Epic Mickey 2 – The Power Of Two

Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power Of TwoDisney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two tries to be many things; it is a co-op game, a musical, and a platform based game in its core but with choices and consequences.

The game is a vibrant collage of theme parks making it visually savoring but practically flawed. The nostalgia with warm Disney character familiarity and simple mechanics while playing gives the game its charm and remains the only highlight.

The characters have voices adding some personality and the occasional musical number that makes the game so alluring. The music makes you feel that you are playing something much grander than just a platform based jumping style game.

The mission objectives, however, tend to be boring and repetitive turning the game into a never ending loop.

I personally feel that there is a missed opportunity, Interactive Studios have tried to revive the lore but they could work more on the mechanics before embarking on including other subtleties. The charming visuals and the co-op mode helps it to score a 7/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Co-op mode

Online mode: Not available


6. Wipe Out – The Game

Wipe Out - The GameAn adaption of the hit television series Wipe Out in which contestants are made to finish a course with obstacles and the fastest three have a chance to win the grand prize at the wipe out zone.

As for the game, it is a primitive copy of the show and the clearing through obstacles depends on the difficulty level that you have chosen.

Also, you have the liberty to decide which character to play with and each have specific strong points and weak points based on speed, strength and stamina.

Although this brings in some variability into the game, it does not add much value as the game relies mostly on timing to course through the stages.

The game, if simplified, falls in the platform jumping criteria and the mechanics is not at par with the Nintendo sports games that are there in the market.

The level designs are not really creative and the only fun factor is the satisfaction that one gets by knocking over a fellow competitor. It gets a 6.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: Not available


7. Minecraft – Wii U Edition

Minecraft - Wii U EditionA long story is split into episodes to have a control over the average game time. In other words, the game is a complete story in three downloadable content (DLC) episodes.

The game has a bare minimum plot and falls under the adventure game umbrella. By solving puzzles and interacting with the surroundings, players progress through stages.

It is not a straight point A to point B game but has a rather intricate and exciting course. The story is about a young drifter named Jessi (if you choose to be a boy) or Catherine (if you choose to be a girl).

Your gang enters a building competition and your rival members sets your creation on fire and scare off your beloved pig. From there the adventure begins to find your four-legged farm animal which you eventually find and the story continues further.

You are allowed to play with either the remote or can choose to play with the touch screen control. The gameplay might irk a few people but I personally appreciate the 32-bit open world.

An interesting narrative with average mechanics makes the overall experience exciting. Best played with friends and family – 8/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: DLC


8. Lego Batman – Nintendo Wii

Lego Batman - Nintendo WiiLego Batman does not change the very established Lego formula in any way. The developers have made many games by now and the core game design remains the same.

Keeping the same format, all the good stuff from Lego developers are here but so are all the bad things. Tag along with your buddy as you go on a platform based adventure.

The game is co-op and if you happen to have friends and family members over you can team-up and smash a lot of objects. The same format not so dull but has been used several times before.

The range of characters that the game includes from the Batman franchise is actually the high-point in the product coupled with new suits and fancy Batman toys.

For instance, a magnet suit that allows Batman to walk on walls and ceilings. Also, the game allows you to double up and enjoy the story by playing with an antagonist.

Although it is a bit similar to previous games, the story mode and the little gimmicks makes it a worthy product to enjoy some super hero action. It personally one of my favorites and certainly one of the best wii games for kids.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: Not available


9. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing – Nintendo Wii

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - Nintendo WiiBuilt on the foundation of Sonic legacy; this game combines a popular character, Sonic, the hedgehog, and the racing genre.

With a range of circuits to choose from and an array of props (like a slingshot or a speed booster to whiz past your opponent) peppered all over, the course will keep you glued to your screen for a good time.

This one is a family game, combining the best elements of arcade and interactive racing with a four player split-screen. Various offline/online race modes include Team Racing – compete as a team, assist your partners or knock off your opponents and vie to become the Ultimate Team.

In addition to that, the Adventure Mode provides a unique experience for every character. Carrying forward its legacy, the game earns a solid 8.5/10 in the rating board.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Not available


10. WB Games Scooby Doo First Frights – Nintendo Wii

WB Games Scooby Doo First FrightsScooby Dooby Doo, who hasn’t gotten a taste of the famous cartoon while growing up! The mysteries that were thrown by the game were really interesting to solve.

A game with destructible environments where you have different characters and levels that have different objectives to complete, it kind of mimics the Lego franchise games.

The product might as well be called – Lego Scooby Doo First Rights. The game has a total of four cases to solve ranging in difficulties and having a different backdrop in each episode.

Like the Lego series games the game mechanics are platform based action game with the only difference of having clues sprinkled strategically all over the stage. A two player cooperative game, players have to fight random guys and solve puzzles.

With a total playtime of about six hours and the added allure of mystery solving makes this game a worthy try. Pushing the scoreboard to – 7/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Not available


11. Toy Story Mania! – Nintendo Wii

Toy Story Mania! - Nintendo WiiToy Story Mania is a great party game! The game has a collection of mini-games – picture going on a carnival with your friend or loved one’s and trying each and every stall.

You can play with up to two players and can battle it up simultaneously or time-chase each other’s high scores. The game mechanics are fantastic but a little mundane.

It really does not matter which mini game you are playing as basically each one has the same theme, simply put hold down one controller button and go crazy.

However, there are some scenario selections that are not too great as they are sometimes unresponsive or down-right boring. The controls are easy to master and the game dynamics are simple

A pick up and play game under $10, designed for some relaxing fun can fetch only a 7/10 at max.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of Players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Not available


12. Angry Birds Star Wars – Nintendo Wii

Angry Birds Star Wars - Nintendo WiiAngry Birds Star Wars might get your attention thanks to its clever use of the beloved sci-fi franchise and is bound to keep your attention thanks to its huge variety and perfectly tuned stages.

Angry Birds Star Wars is the perfect example of how to correctly use a license as it is not just Angry Birds with a Star Wars skin but it is one of the best Angry Birds games till date.

The Star Wars characters, theme, and lore converted the casual sling-shooting time-killer game into an experience. All the birds have a Star Wars makeover in terms of costume and skills.

The stages range from the standard smash ‘em all to zero gravity space ones, one minute you are force pushing blocks and the next you are sling-shooting birds across force fields.

The clever and refined design of both the birds and the levels proves that they are not close to being out of fresh ideas.

The game does not ditch its pick up and play style but the challenges and stage designs add a lot of intricacies and depth to it. It’s a ton of fun! 8.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: DLC


13. Lego Jurassic World – Wii U

Lego Jurassic World - Wii UAs the name suggests, this has taken a popular franchise and Legolized it. However, while most of the Lego games are interesting and fun to play, this one seems a bit insipid.

Although there are fun action sequences and plenty of adventure, the game doesn’t quite stand out in terms of allure and creativity.

It lets you play and unravel the story of all the three Jurassic Park movies, so having a total game play of 60 hours for the main story but excluding the many other side missions objectives.

The game lets you play like all the other Lego titles, you can play with multiple players with each character having unique skills and superpowers, in an action adventure potpourri of gameplay.

It has good graphics and the gameplay is as smooth as all the Lego games and the cut scenes were also gripping enough to withhold you from pressing the skip button.

With the game trying to have an open-world concept with a lot of replayability coupled with the Jurassic Park brand name under the Lego theme, this one turns out an average contestant -7.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Not available


14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Nintendo Wii

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Nintendo WiiThe game is really fast and smooth given its strong foundation of Smash Brothers. However, the stages might seem a little too repetitive but then that is a problem that plagues every hack and slash genre game.

It provides some really cool character models and sleek animations. The game has a lot of mayhem with a total of 9 stages that run around at approximately four hours of gameplay in total.

Having cool looking bosses and decent humor throughout the game, it is one of the best suited games for kids.

This hack and slash game with all the chaotic fights our beloved turtles take part in could have been enjoyed better with a local co-op feature and a captivating storyline – 7.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: Not available


15. Carnival Games Nintendo Switch

Carnival Games Nintendo SwitchCarnival games developed by 2K is a collection of mini-games. Picture going to a carnival with your friends or family and visited all the stalls, only digitally.

It has got enough content covering the entire spectrum from ice-hockey to hoop shots to keep the game exciting and challenging for a long time.

Moreover, to add to the theme of carnival gaming, players can trade their tokens (rewards they have won by playing) and can customize their characters to match their style or make him her completely outlandish based on one’s whim.

Best played with friends and family can accommodate four players. And, if you happen to play alone, the rest of the players are AI controlled, making the game a tad mechanical – 7.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Not available


16. Sesame Street – Cookie’s Counting Carnival – Nintendo Wii

Sesame Street - Cookie's Counting Carnival - Nintendo WiiSesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival for Nintendo Wii is a collection of mini games that you can enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

The game has a progressive style gameplay as you have to collect cookies to unlock stages and newer concepts. The game makes good use of the motion technology and the mechanics are also responsive with bare minimum lag.

Although it boasts a wide variety of games from shooting balloons to smashing baseballs, not all are so exciting and fun.

For instance, the horse racing one is down-right ludicrous and also does not support the motion controls really well.

I believe that, this product is just a rip-off of all the carnival themed games available out there and the designers and developers have not put much thought and effort into it. The game can act at best as a good supplemental learning tool for distracted kids – 6.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer (up to 2 players)

Online mode: Not available


17. Go, Diego, Go! – Great Dinosaur Rescue – Nintendo Wii

Go, Diego, Go! - Great Dinosaur Rescue - Nintendo WiiThe fun adventure of the hit Nickelodeon show “Dora the Explorer” series comes in a playable disc for the Nintendo Wii.

The game has two modes of gameplay; Dinosaur rescue and Prehistoric racers. While the latter mode is just a “collect as many items as possible” game the other one is the main appeal.

We all know that animation is a costly process, but in this game, the cut scenes are just a PowerPoint presentation which is a downgrade for kids too, nowadays given the technology they are exposed too.

We embark on an adventure to find missing dinosaur babies and as we skate, drive, jump and paraglide to unravel the mystery.

The graphics are bare minimum as the game was released far back in 2008. The game play is approximately three hours long and comes under the platform style gaming genre.

The game introducing motion control at its most basic may manage to hold a kids attention for half an hour max. With a little learning angle and the allure of Dora the Explorer, this game at max scores a 6/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: Not available


18. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures – Nintendo Wii

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures - Nintendo WiiThis game is a three dimensional platform based theme borrowing ideas that already available in different games. However, the developers have done a decent job, with creative stage designs and vivid colour display.

Characters are equipped with unique skills and powers are upgraded as we progress through the game. You get to choose from different characters based on stages – fire pac-man, water pac-man and metal pac-man.

The controls are sharp and easy to learn. The game is designed to test your movement skills. I personally am a fan of old school platform games consisting of interactive co-op and ability to skip cut scenes.

However, this game has no co-op mode which renders it a little insipid as you have no one to share the experience with.

Having filled all the boxes for a classic action platform game and with a wide range of character and level designs, this game is sure to keep your kid intrigued for a long time. However, it loses points for ingenuity – 7.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: Not available


19. The Smurfs 2 – Nintendo Wii

The Smurfs 2 - Nintendo WiiThis Smurftastic game developed by Ubisoft is a traditional two dimensional platform game primarily aimed at the younger gamers, probably suited for the age groups from 5 to 12.

The plot follows the story from the feature film Smurfs. Basically everything is going well in Smurf land until Smurfette is kidnapped and you, as a Smurf, have to travel through a variety of landscapes to find her.

The game is simple as you jump from one platform to the other and have some props and gimmicks sprinkled here and there, perfect for the target audience.

Having said that, it combines two distinct ideas from two very popular games, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. Each are and stage will stay true to its setting and every area has a boss battle which the user has to overcome in order to move forward in the game.

Letting you choose your character and having non-stop fun along the way will surely have you coming back for more – 8.5/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Single-player

Online mode: Not available


20. WB Games Cars 3: Driven to Win – Wii U

WB Games Cars 3 - Driven to Win - Wii UAn anime-themed racing game consisting of our beloved characters from the movie Cars. This game is sure to be a community server given the competitive racing genre it targets.

Kids can even design their own characters, giving them a sense of personalization, also unlocking new content as the game progresses.

Definitely, a family game, combining the best elements of arcade and interactive racing with a four player split-screen. Various offline/online race modes include Team Racing – compete as a team, assist your partners or knock off your opponents and vie to become the ultimate team.

Also, since this is a kid’s game, the gameplay is simple and the controls easy to master. The game has a ton of unlockable content which makes the game pretty challenging borders of frustration as some levels cannot be accessed if you have not unlocked the said content.

The arena selection were not so appealing as not much thought was put by the designer for track designs. As you unlock cars and trucks by winning races and pulling off tricks there is a certain thrill to it which makes you want to come back for more. A simple but addictive game – 8/10.

ESRB Rating: E

No. of players: Multiplayer

Online mode: Not available


Different Gaming Platforms For Kids

Below are listed some of the various other gaming platforms other than the PS4, which are available in the market.

1. Nintendo Switch

This portable device is one of the highest sold consoles on the planet, given its ease of play and the range of exclusives that it offers.

The Nintendo Switch is compatible with a 720p screen resolution. However, when docked can support games up to 1080p, with a 6.2 inch IPS LCD with 10 multi-touch support, making the colors vivid and life-like and the gaming experience immersive.

It also doubles as a touch screen controller making the already exciting hack and slash genre even more glamorous. Regarded as the most ergonomically designed console, one can switch to T.V. mode and a portable mode in no time with bare minimum gadgets and add-ons.

A steady stream of exciting games that can be played like a mobile game or can be enjoyed by streaming on a big screen, this console has got it all.

It is undeniably underpowered as compared to playstation 4 or XBox one as made evident by the graphics in games like Doom and Zelda.

However, playing games on-the-go gives a different sense of pleasure coupled with a strong battery life of 6 to 7 hours. Having one of the best gaming arsenals around and regarded as a disruptive gaming console, the Switch is here to eat into the Playstation and XBox pie.

2. XBox One

A fierce market competitor of Playstation 4, XBox one is sold under the Microsoft logo, was initially offered at a higher price and then heavily discounted to increase its customer base.

Moreover, the upcoming iteration of the product, the Xbox One X is more ergonomically designed and sold at a much lower price than Playstation 4 pro. Buying an XBox game pass (validity – one year) arms with an exhaustive library and also contains some exclusives.

Microsoft’s claim that it is one of the most powerful gaming devices is backed by the stunning visual and performance upgrades. Moreover, XBox One X has an internal power supply so that you don’t have to deal with any bulky charging devices.

And what comes inside is much more admirable with 2.3 Ghz CPU processing speed (clock speed) as compared to 2.1 GHZ for PS4 pro, memory storage of 12 GB a notch better than 8 GB + 1 GB that PS pro has to offer.

A casing size of 11.8 inches long, 9.4 inches wide and 2.4 inches high, XBox one packages everything efficiently in 40 % less space compared to playstation 4 pro.

Also, the XBox devices end up warming up 15% cooler than their playstation 4 counterparts, although none of them have shown any concerns with overheating.

A gaming device, a set-top box, and a small computer all rolled into one. And if you are planning to buy a gaming console, pick the games with which you want to play and buy those.

3. Nintendo Wii

The launch of Nintendo Wii in 2004 was a bit of surprise with a slightly different approach as compared to the Playstation and XBox. It focussed on motion controls, something that had not been done before or not done nicely.

The concept of actually physically moving instead of just using a regular controller was something foreign but very cool, I must say. The Wii device did not do motion control seamlessly but it was easily the best of the era and the implementation was smooth.

No wonder it became the most coveted family console which everybody could play, as it did not have any learning curve, one could just grab the remote and start swinging.

Unlike its competitors of the time, the XBox and Playstation, Wii was equipped with built in wifi. The wii sport games were some of the best of the last generation, motion control was the appeal but it was the actual game for which the people kept coming.

Making the games super simple to pick up and play and it was a blast in the hood. Going to a friend’s house and playing the best wii games with kids was one of the funnest things one could possibly do. This device is just to make memories!

4. Playstation VR

It is easy to throw words such as amazing and incredible around but the Playstation virtual reality actually earns it. The ability to interact with the virtual world so as to seem that we are already there has been only dreamed of all this time.

It is fantastic that Sony’s low cost VR will allow many people to experience this ground-breaking technology with only a few compromises. It is not cheap but it is by far the most affordable VR with motion control and most importantly it works.

So far Playstation has kept up with it admirably with no significant frame rate dips and no unusual problems with nausea, however it has limited viewing angles while playing.

It looks like a prop from a sci-fi movie set, moreover it is comfortable to wear and has a supporter for your neck. Once you push the power button on the VR you can see the PS4 home screen floating in front of you with clearly legible text.

A device supporting good resolution, paired with motion controllers makes it a lot of fun to be on the forefront of something as exciting as virtual reality and this is the most affordable way to do it.

              Get The Best Wii Games For Kids Today!

As we can see, purchasing a Nintendo Wii console game for your kid is no child’s play, considering the plethora of games available in the market.

Also, to strike a balance between a well-deserved entertainment hour and a gaming addiction requires a parent to be well informed about the product. Maybe with some trial and error, you can hit your child’s serotonin meter and end up making a good purchase for your entertainment too!

The aforementioned product listings for the best Wii games for kids may usher you into choosing a game unique to his or her style.