Kurio Watch Review 2020- Review and Buyer’s Guide

Grown-ups and adolescents generally get the majority of the fun, cutting edge tech gadgets, while kids are left googly eyed seeing them and wanting one for themselves. However, the wait is over because: This one’s for techno savvy children.

The Kurio Watch, from KD Interactive, is a flexible, useful, and stylish smartwatch made only for children aged 6 and up. The watch has a smooth design that is similar to any grown-up smartwatch and gets rid of the lug piece, so all children need to do is effectively snap the band to put it on. Available in pink, purple, or blue, the brilliant hues make the watch kid-friendly while giving enough choices to any child to choose and adore.


1) The Kurio Watch is a genuine smartwatch with a high-resolution touch screen, 256MB inner memory, in addition to an additional 32GB of memory with the small scale card space, USB link and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

2) Incorporates productivity tools – alarm clock, logbook, contacts, calculator, a movement tracker and considerably more! It also has game highlights, music player, camera and video, news, and photo editor.

3) In addition, the Kurio Watch also comes with more than 20 games and applications. You can play games in single and 2-player mode or utilize the movement sensor to play dynamic games.

4) Use Bluetooth technology to send messages and make telephone calls to other Kurio Watches and Android gadgets. Send pictures, emojis, doodles, writings and a lot more through the watch’s informative features!

5) The watch includes an “if there should be an occurrence of a crisis” or “In case of emergency” (I.C.E.) application, where guardians can enter their kid’s basic data – from crisis contacts to restorative data

Technicalities of the watch

From the creators of the smash hit Kurio Tablets, the Kurio Watch is a genuine smartwatch with a 240×240 pixels touch screen and 256MB inside storage designed especially for children. The watch incorporates profitability or productivity tools, 0.3 MPx camera and video, music player, action tracker, applications and much more. Bluetooth innovation technology enables children to associate with other Kurio watches and Android gadgets; enabling them to accept telephone calls from loved ones on their watch.

Additionally, you can also customize your home screen and backdrop with heaps of authorized designs from Transformers and Littlest Pet Shop. Above all, guardians can enter basic data in the ‘In Case of an Emergency’ application, which is effectively open from the home screen. The Kurio Watch has a micro USB opening for your watch and an included USB cord and a micro SDHC card slot to signify 32GB of additional memory. This is planned for children aged six and up.


Advantages of using the Kurio Watch

The watch has a perfect size which comfortably fits on any child’s arm. The square touch screen is curved around the edges, and the resolution is too clear with lively hues. The best part is that the watch comes preloaded with—hang tight for it—20 applications with everything children would ever require! This is very helpful as the kids won’t need to stress over downloading extra applications and guardians can be guaranteed that there are safe built-in apps or content.

The watch additionally accompanies 256MB of inside memory which can be extended 32GB with a microSD card, enough space for all the selfies and messages on the planet. Children can customize both the watch display and the home screen with heaps of theme alternatives, including Transformers and Littlest Pet Shop.

Specialty of the watch

The Kurio Watch gives kids a chance to listen to their most loved music, urges them to get up and be dynamic and active with a movement tracker, and even gives them a chance to draw little doodles. The included game feature oldie yet goldies, for example, Tic Tac Toe, however, my top picks are the ones that require some movement of the wrist—including Ninja Roll (where you roll a ninja around a labyrinth), Snake (tilting the watch makes the snake move), and Air Music (in which air guitar is actually conceivable).

The camera is ideal for taking photos, and there’s even a photo filter application which overlays useless filters on top of the camera, so children can pretend to transform into a gorilla or mysteriously grow a moustache. Besides, the watch additionally accompanies everything children would anticipate from a smartwatch, including a calculator, a date-book/calendar, and reminder.

What makes Kurio Watch Special?

What truly sets the Kurio Watch apart from others available are the various ways in which the watch utilizes its bluetooth functions. To start with, children can interface their watches with one another to send instant messages, voice accounts, photos, emojis, and that’s just the beginning! They can even test each other with two-player games, for example, Tic Tac Toe or Pirates Battle. Or then again, children can interface their watch to a grown-up’s or their very own cell phone, which enables them to send messages utilize the watch as a handless headset and actually make telephone calls (with no extra telephone plan required!).

Truly, you read that accurately! I gave this a shot and called a few people in my office, and the employees (of the office) on the other line had the capacity to hear me loud and clear. The future is now.

Get Your Kurio Watch Today!

Wearable tech is more mainstream than any other time in the recent times, and the Kurio Watch gives kids their very own full involvement with a tech gadget that is difficult to beat.