Best Walkie Talkies For Kids 2020- Reviews And Buying Guides

1. Proster
Proster Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel New LCD Toy Walky Talky Wireless Two-Way Radios for Children Friends Family Activities Outdoor Play Best Children's Day Christmas Thanksgiving-Day Gift (Blue)
2. Retevis
Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids,Toy for 3-14 Years Old Boys and Girls,VOX 22 Channels FRS LCD Screen,Kids Walkie Talkies for Birthday Gift Outdoor Adventure(Red, 2 Pack)
3. Obuby
Obuby Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Gifts Toys with Backlit LCD Flashlight 3 KMs Range Gift Toys for Age 3 up Boy and Girls to Outside , Hiking, Camping
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1. Proster
Proster Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Channel New LCD Toy Walky Talky Wireless Two-Way Radios for Children Friends Family Activities Outdoor Play Best Children's Day Christmas Thanksgiving-Day Gift (Blue)
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2. Retevis
Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids,Toy for 3-14 Years Old Boys and Girls,VOX 22 Channels FRS LCD Screen,Kids Walkie Talkies for Birthday Gift Outdoor Adventure(Red, 2 Pack)
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3. Obuby
Obuby Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Gifts Toys with Backlit LCD Flashlight 3 KMs Range Gift Toys for Age 3 up Boy and Girls to Outside , Hiking, Camping
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Do your children want a bit of independence and are they all ready to go to war to achieve it? Do they have the whole armoury set up? Are they all prepared except they don’t have walkie talkies? Well, I took it upon myself to help you by creating a list of some of the best walkie talkies for kids for all their shenanigans.

Now, if you’re a newbie, let me introduce you to the marvellous world of toys and how you can get some me-time while your children ransack the house and mess up everything you just spent half the day cleaning. Using walkie talkies can also bump up your kid’s interaction with you, and you can also look over them using these wonderful gadgets.

Best Walkie Talkies For Kids


Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Best Walkie Talkies For Kids

1. How Many Do You Need?

I’d suggest that you buy one for each child in your family so that they don’t feel that they have been discriminated against if someone doesn’t get one. Furthermore, you can use these walkie talkies to keep an eye on your children, so buy some for yourself too. You can buy a walkie talkie so that the bond between a child and a grandparent can strengthen even with them being 2 rooms apart.

2. How Do They Work?

Most walkie talkies work on batteries so you might want to take into consideration your stash of batteries or decide if you want to invest in a monthly subscription of batteries. Or instead of worrying about batteries, you could opt for a walkie talkie that can be charged from an outlet.

3. Material

You care about your children and it is given for granted that you would always want your children to be safe. You have to keep in mind while buying a walkie talkie that they are made of kid-friendly and safe material.

ABS is one such material that most of the walkie talkies mentioned here are made of. While it provides a nice and safe grip, it is also safe for kids and eco-friendly. If you can’t keep your house safe from the war that is going on, at least you’ll be playing your part in saving the environment.

4. Range

Walkie talkies, on average, have a range of 2.5 kilometres in open unrestricted areas. There are mainly two factors that you have to take into consideration when thinking what range you want on the walkie talkie.

If your children want to play with their friends in a park which is about 2 miles away and you want to keep a lookout on your children, you might want to buy a walkie talkie that satisfies both of your needs.

5. Clip-On Belt

Some walkie talkies offer an extra feature like a clip-on belt so that even when your kids are running around, the safety of the walkie talkies is not compromised. Some companies, instead of offering a clip-on belt have designed their walkie talkie like a watch or they offer a lanyard along with the walkie talkie so it can be hung around the neck and the probability of losing it decreases.

6. LCD Screen and LED flashlight

Walkie talkies usually come with an LCD backlit screen so that your children can easily access the screen and not hurt their eyes while doing it. Even in the dark, the screen of the walkie talkie will be viewable to the children.

While we’re talking about playing with the walkie talkies in the dark, some of the walkie talkies mentioned come with features like an in-built LED flashlight so that the children can find their way through the dark without any problem while camping or they can use it so that they don’t strain their eyes while reading a book under a pillow fort.

7. VOX And Auto-Squelch

You were very wrong to think that walkie talkies don’t have extra and quite essential features like VOX and auto-squelch. VOX is a function through which younger children who don’t quite grasp the concept of pushing a button and then talking into the walkie talkie can utilise. The feature allows children to speak for long bouts of time without pushing a button.

Auto-squelch is another one of the indispensable features of walkie talkie. It allows the sound to transmit from one end to another end without letting any other noise influence it.

8. Wear And Tear Resistant

You want to give the best of the best to your child so I have brought for you the best of the best to choose out of. It is a known fact that children are not the most careful with their toys and they get very irritated when their favorite breaks or gets taken away.

We certainly don’t want that to happen with you so some of the walkie talkie producing companies keeping in mind the factors mentioned have made their products much more tear resistant than that of other companies.

9. Extra Features

Many walkie talkies that I have talked about right below have extra or special features that make them stand out even more than before.

These features include keypad lock so that you or your child don’t press anything by mistake; channel lock so that no one joins in the channel that your children connect on with you or their friends. Some walkie talkies have the LCD screen show the battery percentage so that you can recharge the toy and the children can get to playing again.

10. Budget

One of the most important factors that you have to consider is budget. Is the price worth paying for? Are the features of the walkie talkie enough to compensate for the price? Will the walkie talkie help your children have fun and become more connected with you?

Usually, walkie talkies are priced below $40 and no price is high enough to see the child you are giving the walkie talkie be happy.

I sincerely hope that after reading the following list, you have a much more clear view of which walkie talkie you’re going to buy.

Lets look at the best walkie talkies now!

Top 20 Best Walkie Talkies For Kids 2020

1. Proster

Proster Best Walkie Talkie For KidAvailable in nine colours– a fan-favourite being blue–including a green camouflage one that will certainly make your kids feel like they’re playing a huge role in the war that is taking place on who gets control of the TV for the next two hours. This is the perfect walkie talkie for kids to take hiking or camping.

It has a range of 2.5 kilometres, a convenient belt-clip, an LCD backlight display, and an LED light on the top for flashlight use. It is one of the best gifts that can be given to your children or your nieces and nephews for Thanksgiving or Christmas!


2. Retevis RT628

Retevis RT628Available in four colours on Amazon, its 90g weight makes it easy to carry and operate. With over 22 channels, you can be assured that communication will be smooth. There is an easily spottable speak button, which will activate the built-in microphone VOX function, which allows children to use it without using their hands.

There is also the highly-appreciated keypad-lock feature which prevents unintentional usage. Customers who have bought this product are very satisfied with the no-static performance that the walkie talkie has delivered.

One of the reviewers of this walkie talkie said that while the walkie talkie is durable and the sound transmission is smooth and clear, the instructions given on the leaflet along with the walkie talkie are really hard to read. The units have some features that they don’t know how to use–for example, the squelch function–and that makes them feel stupid.


3. Obuby

ObubyThese walkie talkies come in a set of three and the one that I will be talking about today comes in blue, pink and yellow. These walkie talkies are the best walkie talkies for kids and even teens! Parents can also join in with the kids and have some fun with them or this gadget can be used for some real-time monitoring.

Its small body allows ease in carrying and access. The walkie talkies have a clear call alert function and great sound quality, the levels of which can be adjusted. The walkie talkie can broadcast to two channels and switch over channels in an instant.

One of the buyers of this product has reviewed it and said that the walkie talkie is perfect for kids. It is very durable considering that her kids drop it a lot and there is not a single scratch on the body of the walkie talkie.

The VOX function helps her a lot since she has younger kids who don’t yet understand the concept of holding down a button and speaking or for whenever she wants to keep a lookout for what her kids are doing.


4. Huaker

HuakerAn upgraded walkie talkie from the previous version, this walkie talkie has a lot of great features. It is compact, has 22 channels and 99 sub-channels of two-way radios, and has a range of 3 miles. It can also broadcast to multiple units and has a clear sound and VOX function.

One of the biggest perks of this walkie talkie is that it mutes background noise on its own. Made of environment-friendly materials, it is 100% safe for your children. This walkie talkie makes a perfect gift for 3 year olds as well kids up to 12.

One reviewer said that the walkie talkie had made the children run around from one room to another, talking to each other and their fun mood had rubbed off on their parents.

Another reviewer, however, was disappointed by the walkie talkie. There was one out of the three units that didn’t work and he sent the product back because he was sure that the other two units wouldn’t work for long either.


5. Beautframes

BeautframesMade out of ABS, this walkie talkie has 22 channels with 38 privacy codes and complies with US and EU standards. No more justification on how it’s safe for your children is required. Easy to use, these yellow and pink walkie talkies have a built-in microphone and flashlight.

You only have to press PTT to talk. It also has the features of keypad lock and battery save. Moreover, it has a three-year warranty and lifetime customer support. Parents have left reviews that their children are thoroughly enjoying the toy and it is helping them bond even more.

A customer who bought the toy has complained that the batteries run out quickly and sometimes even after adjusting the volume, the sound is still loud. Another said that while she had brought these for her sons for Christmas and they were just meant to be stocking stuffers, they became the hit of the day.


6. Sun-Team

Sun-TeamAnother upgraded version with professional looks, it provides stable signals and clearer than ever voice transmission. It also has a system which when put into use will mute background noise automatically. Unlike normal walkie talkies, this one has a VOX function which allows you to use it hands-free, ensuring a wireless communication of 3 miles.

The walkie talkie, which is available in four colours, allows broadcasting to one or multiple units and provides the use of 22 main channels and other sub-channels. It is also 1.2-metre drop resistant, which means no matter what the casualty, this walkie talkie will be fine.

One of the buyers of the product was very dissatisfied with the performance of this walkie-talkie. They had bought the walkie-talkie after reading all the great reviews it had got but when the toy arrived, the batteries were really difficult for them to fit inside the compartment. Another buyer has reported that she had, on multiple occasions, picked up on other people’s channels and heard them talking.


7. Anpro

AnproWhile you discuss war plans with your children, you can now also check what your enemy is planning on the other side of the living room. This set comes in three colours–yellow, blue and pink.

The binocular has up to 5x magnifying quality so that is easier for your kid to spy and communicate with their comrade on the other side of the room. It comes with the VOX feature, LCD display, and an in-built LED flashlight.

The customers have reported it to be of sturdy material, way better than previous purchases that they had made, and they expect it to last longer than just a few days.


8. Supker

SupkerIt comes in a set of three and has a child-friendly design with a channel lock function and a push-to-talk feature. It also incorporates a backlit LCD screen, an LED torch, and a portable belt clip so that the children can use the walkie-talkie anywhere and everywhere.

Intended for children of 3 years or above, it has a range of 3 miles in an open area and stable transmission and signals. It also comes with a 12 months’ warranty and 30 days’ no reason to return. Parents who have used this toy have reported that the voice transmission is really clear and free of any background noise.

One of the buyers finds peace when she gives this walkie talkie to the children so that communication is easier because the walkie-talkies are extremely easy to use. She also says that it is more reliable than the kids GPS device.


9. Fayogoo

FayogooThis walkie talkie comes in a design of camouflage with three colour options– purple, pink, and blue. It has an effective range of 4 miles and is the best toy to give the children the entertainment they need. It has a sturdy structure and is created with environment-friendly materials, and has ten call tones and the feature of adjustable sound levels. It has the smart auto-quelch system for crystal clear hearing and also has a fun roger beep.

With the usual features of the LCD backlit screen, LED in-built flashlight, and VOX feature, the toy is being enjoyed thoroughly by those who have bought it. One of the buyers of this product gave this walkie-talkie to her five-year-old grandson who is a bit hard on his toys. She was afraid that it wouldn’t last long but the durability of the walkie talkie has truly impressed her.


10. Caferria

Small and lightweight, this walkie talkie also has a camouflage exterior and a panda pattern. The walkie-talkie is made of eco-friendly material and has a very sturdy grip.

The walkie-talkie is portable and can resist wear and tear while helping the kids have as much fun as possible. It is a push to talk walkie-talkie with a built-in microphone and the voice transmission from one end to another is clear, crisp, and without the interruption of any background noise.

There is the feature of one or more connections and it can also communicate with regular walkie talkies. It has an impressive 3 miles range in an open area and has 22 channels. The LCD backlit screen also features a battery indicator, and the walkie talkie consists of a clip-on belt holder, channel lock, channel scan, and a low battery alert.


11. Qniglo

QnigloThis walkie talkie comes with an FM radio and supports 24 hours talking and five days standby. These walkie talkies are not just for kids, by the way. You can also use them and listen to the FM while cycling, exercising, or during most outdoor activities with the help of the earphone jack.

In an open area, the range of the walkie talkie extends up to 2 miles so while your kids play on one corner of the park, you can feel assured and get that last bit of workout done.

The most remarkable thing about this walkie talkie is that it has a kitty appearance and can be also worn as a watch or hung around the neck with the use of the lanyard that comes along with it. On top of that, the company provides 45 days money back and an eighteen-month warranty on the walkie talkie!


12. Baturu

BaturuThis simple-to-operate walkie talkie has a 3-mile range. Made for kids between the ages of 3-12, it has the feature of one-on-one or one-to-more communication at the same time so that your children can have high-secret talks and protect themselves from any interference from the enemy’s side.

Along with a clip-on belt, the walkie talkie comes with a lanyard so that it can be hung around the neck or just held in their hand. It also comes with hands-free functioning and is one of the perfect mediums for adventure for toddlers and early-teens.

The parents who have bought this walkie talkie really appreciate the additional features such as the flash-light, which has become a great source of entertainment for their children while they read books under a fort built by their parents.


13. Wishouse

WishouseThis walkie talkie is made for both adults and children to have fun and add more entertainment to their daily lives. This walkie talkie comes with a charger and pairs of rechargeable batteries. There is an automatic power-saving feature that extends battery life, thus extending entertainment time.

The walkie talkie also comprises auto-squelch, which allows for voice transmission without a hint of background noise. With 22 channels available on the walkie talkie, there’s also a channel scan so that your child can play with other friends across the street and practice social-distancing at the same time.

It has an impressive range of 6 miles in the open air and has features like keypad lock, call tone, built-in flashlight. The walkie talkie is one of the safest of its kind and is made of high-quality material, sold with excellent after-sales service.


14. E-Wor

E-WorAvailable in four colours, three of them in camouflage, this walkie talkie has a unique rechargeable function, which means you won’t have to subscribe to a monthly supply of batteries.

This walkie talkie can even be one of the best gifts for kids who have everything and is the best choice while playing hide-and-seek with your children or travelling, hunting, exploring, and other such indoor and outdoor activities.

This walkie talkie also has VOX, backlit LED screens, and a flashlight. It promises high acoustical quality, stable signals because of the sturdy antenna, and an auto-squelch function which cancels background noise.

One of the reviewers said that the model is perfect for their daughter’s hands and that the noise and ruckus that was usually caused in the house has quietened to whispers being passed along through the walkie talkie.


15. Car Audience

Car AudienceFeaturing 22 channels and a 3-mile range, this walkie talkie will help you and your child stay connected through indoor and outdoor activities all throughout the year!

It has a bright LCD display, a belt clip-on, and the ergonomic design of the walkie talkie helps the model fit in the hands of your kid very easily and securely. Two parties can communicate by pressing the easy to use push-to-talk button.

This walkie talkie can be used in any situation, and its clear voice system guarantees a conversation without any of the extra noise from the surrounding. This walkie talkie can also be used as an intelligent alarm system. With channel scan, locks, and low battery alert, this is one of the best walkie talkies for kids.


16. Wishouse

Wishouse 388One of the most creative electronic gifts that you can get your child is this walkie-talkie. It is very easy to use and comes with simple instructions, and can be used by children of three years or above. Your kids can play in the park and easily talk to one of their friends that stays a mile away.

It also has features of VOX and 22 channels that can be accessed for when your child has a whole lot of secrets to talk about over the walkie talkie. It has an inbuilt flashlight and is palm-sized with anti-slip grip on its sides.

The walkie talkie also has perks like auto battery save and a low battery alert, and with the hand-free function, your children can go on and on without pressing the button the whole time. The company has used environment-friendly material to craft this walkie talkie and you can get a refund on this product if you’re not satisfied with it, without giving a reason for its return, for 30 days.


17. Juxi

JuxiThese walkie talkies are made of durable and environmentally friendly material. It comes in three colours–blue, yellow and pink. The sound quality is crisp and clear with adjustable sound levels.

The walkie talkies resist wear and tear and provide for long term enjoyment for the kids. They come along with a clip-on belt, three channels, and a two-mile range in an open area. The auto squelch function makes it possible for the clear transmission of sound even when either of the parties are in a crowded area.

The reviewers of the product have said that the walkie talkie is small and lightweight and suits their children a lot. It is fun to use and is portable, with a good service life. The only disappointment that they felt was that the LCD screen wasn’t very visible because it doesn’t have backlight.


18. Funkprofi

FunkprofiThese walkie talkies come with a charger and rechargeable batteries which can be used repeatedly. This walkie talkie also has the auto squelch function so that both the parties can get crystal clear sound transmission. The volume level can be adjusted by the use of just one button.

With 22 channels available, you will be able to communicate with the family next door who also have walkie talkies and not get bored while you practice social distancing. One of the most child-friendly designs, it has an easy push-to-talk button and also has the VOX function which allows the walkie talkies to be used without using hands. The LCD screen promises easy viewing even at night.

Those who have bought this walkie talkie have reported that the colour range really lets them experiment a bit. The sound quality for most of the reviewers was excellent, even though some of these reviewers used them across more than 10 acres of land.


19. Upzhui

UpzhuiThe special ergonomic design makes it easier for the children to grasp the walkie talkie. There is a button present, pressing which the children will be able to talk. This walkie talkie has 22 channels and two-way radio subchannels and it ensures a wireless smooth and clear connection for 3 miles in an open area.

These walkie talkies have a call button and high-quality sound reduction function, and are made of eco-friendly and child-friendly material (ABS). The built-in flashlight and clip-on belt that comes along with the walkie talkie make it easier for the children to have fun at all times of the day.

Some reviewers of this product have said that the intercom has a strong penetration, clear and loud sound, and no intermittent noise is ever heard when using the walkie talkie.


20. Retevis RT-388

Retevis RT-388Available in three colours, blue, green and pink, these light walkie talkies could be the best gift to give to any young children in your family. With its durable and kid-friendly outer appearance, it also includes an inbuilt flashlight, LCD backlit screen, and battery status indicator. A keypad lock feature is present so that accidental channel change can be prevented.

Reviews for this product express a lot of enthusiasm and excitement as the gadget has been performing exceptionally well. In addition to having multiple channels to select in case you get interference, it has a ringer to let someone know you are calling as well as volume controls, and there is a beep every time you press talk, although that can be turned off.


21. T-388

T-388Crisp and smooth sound quality is assured, with an adjustable volume level. This walkie talkie is lightweight and is extremely kid-friendly. The grip that the walkie talkie provides along with its resistance to wear and tear proves that it is one of the best walkie talkies to provide the children with entertainment and make their games even more fun.

The walkie talkie is portable with an attached belt that can be used to keep it close even when not in use. With auto squelch function, 22 channels and a range of two miles, this walkie talkie is one of the best of its kind.

The reviews praise the walkie talkie for being so functional and visually appealing. The capacity of 22 channels and crisp sound quality impressed a lot of the customers.


Get The Best Walkie Talkies For Kids Today!

Whenever you find that you have not much to do except having fun, these best walkie talkies for kids can bring you as well as your kids closer than ever. So go ahead and buy them as soon as you can!

Happy Shopping!