Best Remote Control Tanks 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

Giveme5 Tank Model Kit, German Tiger I Panzer Tank Diecast with Remote Control, Battery, Light, Sound, Rotating Turret and Recoil Action When Cannon Artillery Shoots, Mini 1:72 Scale, Dark Green
PACKGOUT STEM Toys Gifts for Boy Teen Remote Control Building Kits for Boy Girl Teen Gift 5/6/7 Year Old Boy Gifts Build Own Gift
Rc Tanks, 1:28 M1A2 American Tank Army Tank Toys for Boys,9 Chanels Romote Control Vehicles with Sound and Light,Military Toys for Kids Boys Girls (Gray)
Giveme5 Tank Model Kit, German Tiger I Panzer Tank Diecast with Remote Control, Battery, Light, Sound, Rotating Turret and Recoil Action When Cannon Artillery Shoots, Mini 1:72 Scale, Dark Green
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PACKGOUT STEM Toys Gifts for Boy Teen Remote Control Building Kits for Boy Girl Teen Gift 5/6/7 Year Old Boy Gifts Build Own Gift
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Rc Tanks, 1:28 M1A2 American Tank Army Tank Toys for Boys,9 Chanels Romote Control Vehicles with Sound and Light,Military Toys for Kids Boys Girls (Gray)
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If you and your children like to go on land-based wars and recreate iconic scenes from the same, then these remote control tanks are for you! Want your children to show off their cool armory in front of their friends? Then this list of best remote control tanks will certainly be of a lot of help. 

best remote control tanks

These tanks come with features that look like they’ve been crafted to perfection, and they emit noises that will make it seem to your kid that they are in the actual battlefield yelling orders to their soldiers. With responsive handling, every single tank mentioned in the list is guaranteed to be up to your standards. But before we head into what exactly are some of the best remote control tanks, let’s discuss what factors you need to keep in mind while buying a remote control tank. 


Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying The Best Remote Control Tanks 

1. Size

As the size of most toys matter, so does the same with a remote control tank. The best remote control tanks are those which are big enough that there is no swallowing hazard for your toddler, and which are small enough for your toddler to carry it around himself so that he can plot his plans in secrecy with his comrades. 

There’s the chance that the smaller the tank is, there might not be as clarity of detail, and if you want the tank to be there so that your kid can learn something from it, then you need to keep a closer eye on the size ratio that is usually given in the description of the toy. 

2. Age

Every toy is suitable for a particular age. The same goes for remote control tanks. Even if they can be controlled by remotes, they are miniature versions of the dangerous weapons used in wars, and it’s functionality as a toy may be hard to understand for some. It is often advised that you buy this toy for your kid only if they are over the age of 6 years. It is during that period that they become capable of understanding tougher concepts such as the working of the tank. It is also the time that through these tanks, you can teach them about your country’s as well as the tank’s history. 

3. Durability

When you are looking for the best remote control tank, you should look for one made of plastic and high-quality materials because it makes them pretty hard for any sort of damage to happen to the toy. We have also included tank building kits in this list, so even if you or your kid manage to drop one of those tanks, you can just rebuild it together or create new figurines! Moreover, these parts are made of stainless steel or of really good plastic–which is also recyclable–so you get more durability and you save the environment!

4. Developmental Purposes

Each toy has its educational purpose attached to it and since children are at such an impressionable age that they not only pick up things from you and how you behave, they also learn a lot of things from the toy that they play with. 

There are some specific areas that some toys focus on such as numerical, spatial capabilities, or word fluency. Toys made for toddlers this age, however, focus more on the cognitive development of the child. The said cognitive development is developed further when your child comes in contact with auditory and visual stimuli that are provided easily and in a realistic manner by these tanks.

5. Turret and Cannon

What’s a tank without its turret and cannon? Probably just a block of metal. Almost all of the tanks mentioned in this list can move their turrets to at least a 330° or a full 360°. The cannon “fires” on the enemy’s tank and the “firing” is usually accompanied by a very naturalistic sound. 

It depends on your kid and how much freedom of movement you want for the turret and cannon. If your kid is going to fight a war with his friends very soon and needs a wider range of functions, then you should be extra careful while reading the description of the product. If not that much freedom is to be allotted to the device, then you need not worry that much and buy a toy that satisfies the basic desires of your kid. Nevertheless, we suggest that you go for a remote control tank that shoots so both you and your kid can fully enjoy the toy. 

6. Range 

A toy operated by a remote controller will obviously have a specific range which it will work within. Most tanks have a range of at least 15 feet. But there is a tank-cum-boat toy also included in this list which has a range of 120 meters in the water. Suppose that your kid wants to participate in a race, then a tank that has a big range will help him navigate it easily. 

7. Price

We know what you might be thinking: remote control tanks don’t cost a lot, do they? It is very unfortunate that that is not true. While there are some tanks that come under $30, but tanks that go over the price of $70 have been included in this list because they are just that good. 

As you might have guessed, the prices of these products are not high without any reason. Toys have a great impact on a child’s overall development and because there are some wonderful remote control tanks that make your job easier, they just charge a little more. There are several such tanks mentioned in the list that make it simpler for your child to boost development in certain areas because of the way they are constructed and colored and the way they are built and the unique form of interaction that takes place between the child and the toy itself.

8. What They Work On

Most of the remote control tanks work on what any remote-based product would work on: batteries but there are some that have been mentioned in this list, the batteries of which are rechargeable using a USB. If you are going for a tank that works on batteries, you might want to check in on your stash of batteries or invest in a monthly subscription. 

It is recommended that you go for a tank that is chargeable. Even though you will have to charge it for almost double the amount your kid will play with it, it is certainly better than having a tank that works on batteries and having to change the battery every few days. At least the tanks that work on charging based on USB or any outlet will last longer and you won’t have to invest too much money in them either. 

Lets look at the amazing list of best remote control tanks.

Top 10 Best Remote Control Tanks 2020

1. Giveme5 Tank Model Kit

Giveme5 Tank Model Kit, German Tiger I Panzer Tank Diecast with Remote Control

The 1:72 scale model has high-level details like there are on a real tank making it one of the best remote control tanks. This tank can perform functions such as moving forward, turning left or right, or moving backward with light. The sound quality is immaculate and it has a 360° rotating turret. The gun barrel moves up and down without any restriction and the tank also has a full function radio remote control. The remote control has four different channels for four different players. 

The tank also comes with a very lifelike commander figure and a rechargeable built-in 3.7V lithium battery. The remote control works on AA non-rechargeable batteries. The range of the remote control is approximately 20 meters. 

Flexible and comes with working plastic tracks, this tank can run for around 15 minutes and takes 30 minutes to charge. Your kid can switch up the speed of the tank from low to high with a button’s flick. This tank comes with a realistic engine, a moving turret, and amazing firing sound effects! 

It is the most suitable and easy to use for kids who are older than 6 years of age.


2. PackGout Stem Toys 

PACKGOUT STEM Toys Gifts for Boy Teen Remote Control Building Kits for Boy Girl

This tank is available for under $30, which is quite novel in its looks and functions Made of 100% non-toxic ABS plastic and other high-quality non-toxic materials that are free of postulates, lead, and other heavy material this tank makes one of the best remote control tanks.

You won’t have to worry about anything if you buy this tank as it has been tested for compliance with ASTM F963-11 US CPSIA Regulations. It has also been certified for EN71, EN62115, 7P, HR4040, EMC, CD. PackGout has clearly put the safety of kids in the first priority.

If your kid wants to be an engineer when they grow up, then this is the best gift that you can give them. This tank kit will satisfy their desire, but it will also be an easy medium through which they can express their ideas and imaginations. Completely safe for their use, they have to build the tank by themselves and develop even newer ideas along the way. 

This toy will improve the patience of your kid, along with their cognitive skills. It also improves kid’s minds while they’re having fun so the information they’ve learned sticks around for a long time This tank kit can also develop children’s fine motor skills, cognitive development of creativity. 

You can also assist your kid with assembling this tank toy so as to deepen the bond between you two and keep your kid away from the TV, computer, and your phone. 


3. Eahumm German Tiger Army Tank Toy

EAHUMM 1:28 RC WW2 German Tiger Army Tank Toys,9 Chanels Romote Control Vehicles with Sound and Light

A bit pricey than the previous ones, you can buy this tank toy for under $50. The scale of this tank toy is 1:28 in scale. This remote control german tiger tank comes with high-level details. It is not just that, but it is also a good recreation of a WW2 military tank.

It is quite easy to control and your kid can move it forward, backward or any which way they want it to go. They can also control the turret and when to fire. They can imagine themselves as the commander and stimulate military exercises. 

There will be no problems with charging this tank as it is chargeable by USB which means you won’t have to look for extra cords or plugs anywhere! The firing function of the tank comes with realistic recoil and the tank itself drives on two treads and not wheels. What makes this tank the best remote control tank is that along with the launch, it comes with an infrared ray “cannon” 330° rotating left and right and 360° rotating up and down, 

Your kid can wipe out all of their enemies in all directions with the use of this tank and the sound that will come from this tank will be just as glorious. Within 10 seconds of starting, this tank will move into the auto-show for 45 seconds if it doesn’t receive any specific commands. If it receives an order then the auto-show will stop.


4. SainSmart Jr. RC Car Boat

SainSmart Jr. RC Car Boat Amphibious Remote Control

You must’ve heard of amphibian animals but have you heard of amphibian tanks? If not then this tank-cum-boat is another one of the most novel toys in this list strengthening its position as one of the best remote control tanks. Available just under $30, this tank comes in a very appealing green color and will certainly entertain your kid along with teaching them quite a lot of things.

This upgraded waterproof rubber and internal circuit, this tank can transform between car and boat and can go almost anywhere. It takes one button to transform the car into a boat. The car runs at a speed of 20 km/hr and the range for the boat on a water body is 115 ft. This tank comes packed with a 7V 1200mAh rechargeable Lithium battery which works for 30 minutes on water or 20 minutes on land. 

The boat car moves 360° in both land and water and has a flexible action with double-speed caterpillar design. It is perfect for several terrains: ice, swimming pool, glass, concrete, sand, gravel, asphalt. It is a great toy for outdoor activities no matter what weather. 


5. Haktoys HT502 RC Toy Tank

Haktoys HT502 RC 12'' Fighting Battle Tanks with LED Life Indicators,

This product has two tanks in one; both donned in camouflage color, making it quite a remote control army tank. They can easily be used by your kids and can be used to fire on their enemies using the cannon or machine gun turret provided There are 4 LED indicators that symbolize the “life” that your kid has on the battlefield. If he manages to get hit over 4 times, then he loses the match and will have to play again with his friends in the next match. 

This set of 2 radio control battle tanks operate on two different frequencies–27MHz and 40MHz–so that there is no interference and your kid can play in peace with you. The turret can turn left or right and the cannon moves up and down. The fighting distance or range is up to 20 feet. 

The tanks are made of high-quality plastic and all the other materials are made in line with international health and safety standards so you can be completely assured about this toy. The tank has the dimensions of 12.5 x 4 x 4.5 inches and comes with batteries so you won’t have to run out and buy some as soon as this toy arrives. 

You can play with this toy for about 45 minutes after charging it for approximately 90 times.


6. Kaim DIY Stainless Steel 

kaim DIY Stainless Steel Remote Control Tank Building Blocks Set Kit

This remote control tank is available for just a little above $45 and comes with a building kit with 952 parts. All its parts are made of stainless steel, so you will have to help your toddler while they’re constructing this tank as the parts could be heavy to navigate and move. 

Since this tank is to be constructed from scratch, it will provide your child with special skills. This toy will help develop your child’s hands-on, attention, and social skills critical to your kid’s growth. With this very efficient and fun toy, you can introduce your kid to the DIY world and enjoy the endless universe that it opens up. 

Suitable for either gender and for kids aged above 6, this tank is the ideal one if your kid wants to be an engineer or an architect. They will not only get some miniature job experience from one of the best remote control tanks but they will also be able to exercise their imagination and put their ideas into action. 

Made with super cool metal structure and realistic military tank look, it doesn’t get any better. After your kid has successfully assembled the whole tank, they can operate it from a distance of around 20-30 meters and the turret can be rotated 360°. It can smoothly move forward, backward, left, and right. 

Made of 100% non-toxic stainless steel and ABS plastic which has been certified to meet European and American safety standards, you can rest assured about this toy. One of the biggest pros of buying this toy is that it is a great gift for every occasion that there is. The toy also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. 

You can very easily help your kid by making the tank toy and deepen your bond with the interactive activity. This keeps your kid away from the TV, laptop, and phone and helps you leave behind good memories with them in their minds. 


7. Think Gizoms Robot Building Tank Kit 

Robot Building Kit for Kids with Remote Control TG670, Ingenious Machines Build Your Own Remote Control Tank Toy for Boys & Girls

One of the reasons it is included in the list of the best remote control tanks is its simplistic design and the fact that you can buy this toy for under $14. 

If you end up buying this toy and highly recommend that you do, you can open a whole new world for your kid’s creativity. This awesome ingenious machine tank building kit contains 145 pieces so that your kid can easily navigate and build a cool remote control tank. It also comes with an instruction book. 

One of the best robotic kits available, you can combine your child’s love of building things with the amount of enjoyment and fun the remote control tank will bring. Everything that you could ever need with a toy like this has been included in the kit along with all the batteries that you will definitely need. The handy instruction manual also comes with a visual guide so instead of you guiding your kid, they can easily make the tank by themselves, diligently following both the manuals. 

This set for kids is not only there to increase the fun but is also a great educational aid. It helps in improving hand-eye coordination, dexterity, fine motor skills, and dexterity of the same. The tank will come to life once the tank is fully assembled and your kid can drive it whichever direction they want to. It is guaranteed that this toy will bring more light and laughter in your life. 

The parts that have been used to make up the tank are completely safe and made of non-toxic and recyclable plastic. After your kid has mastered building the tank, they can take it apart once again and build something new out of it, depending on their imagination which will only help them have more fun. 


8. GoolRc Tank Car 

GoolRC RC Tank Car, 1/12 Scale 2.4GHz Remote Control Rechargeable Tank for Kids

Quite on the expensive side of the list, you can buy this electric tank car for just a little below $95. It’s price certainly is worth the features and advantages that it provides. The 1:12 tank can move forward, backward, and turn left and right with ease on any surface. Along with that, the turret also rotates 360°. 

This tank can run quite fast over sandy beaches, grasslands and endlessly entertain your kids. With a 2.54GHz transmitter, there are no chances of radio interference with this car. It can cross-groove distances up to 10 cm and has the ability to climb slopes of 30°. The wading depth of this can reach 5 centimeters and the gull-wing door opens so that you and your kid can fawn over the details of the inside of the tank. 

The front wheel of the tank can self-adjust according to the track the toy is moving on. It will either get tighter or looser to maintain its balance as well move on the speed the controller wants it to. 

The tank has a 7.4V 1200mAH lithium battery which gives you a longer playtime of up to 20 minutes. The tank uses a strong powerful motor that enables it to speed up to 12km/h, giving your kid a thrilling driving experience. If you have any problems with the product, you can contact the company’s store without any hesitation. 


9. Ulvench Rechargeable Remote Control Tank

Ulvench Rechargeable RC Tank Car Gifts Toy with Music LED Light

This is one of the most versatile remote control tanks in this list which makes it a strong contender among all the other best remote control tanks. A fully functional stunt car, this tank-cum-car can go whichever way you want it to go; left, right, forward, backward but that is not all. It can also flip over 360° with the wheels on both of its sides functioning quite smoothly. 

The tank uses a strong motor and goes as high as 6 km/h so that your kid can really experience the thrill. Made of high-quality materials, this remote control car uses ABS plastic and electronic components that are guaranteed to last long. Moreover, this tank’s durability is supported by the fact that it is of a super shockproof design. 

So that your kid can experience a completely different experience, this car comes with flashing LED lights that blink according to the music which can be turned off/on using the remote control. Your kids will not only enjoy the mentioned experience but also easily show off in front of their friends by showing stunts this toy can perform such as twists, turns, flips and so many more. This toy is able to maintain its balance and perform splendidly no matter what land or surface it is being run on. 



10. Air Hogs Robo Trax Tank-Cum-Robot

Air Hogs Robo Trax All Terrain Tank, RC Vehicle with Robot Transformation

This amazing remote control tank that shoots has these special tracks that let it tackle any surface that it is being run on with ease. Built to handle the outdoor ground, this all-terrain tank can tackle rocks, gravel, grass, and sand. 

It transforms from an all-terrain tank into a self-balancing robot with the push of a button. If you think that’s cool and something that your kid will appreciate then you should know that there’s more. To make the war between your kid and their enemies more realistic, this tank also comes equipped with 2 missile bays, 6 missiles, and self-balancing technology.

The package includes 1 Robo Trax, 1 controller, 1 charge cable, 1 instruction sheet, and 6 missiles. On a charge of 1 hour with the USB cable, this toy can be used for 20 minutes. The controller requires 3 AAA batteries to function so you will have to check your stock before ordering this toy. This tank has a communication range of 100 ft with a frequency of 2.4HGz.  

Made for kids who are 8 years or older, they will be ready to handle even the most treacherous battle situations with this toy. 



Q1. What are the remote control tanks made of? 

Ans. The best remote control tanks are usually made of high-quality degradable plastic and non-toxic ABS material. There are some other tanks too which are made of stainless steel and are much safer than the ones which are made out of plastic. You should go for whatever material has the least damaging potential and will be lightweight and portable. 

Q2. How many minutes of charge does a remote control tank need?

Ans. The charge requirement for every toy is different. It often depends on the type of battery the device is using. If it is lithium-based like most other best remote control tanks then the toy will require a charge of an hour or so which will lead to its performing well for 10 minutes. 

Q3. What to do when the battery needs to be replaced?

Ans. Several companies offer the replacement battery for their remote control tanks but if you can’t find something, you can head over to Amazon and search for some replacement batteries. 

Get The Best Remote Control Tank For Your Kid And Give A Classic Touch Of Adventure To His Childhood Today!

 We hope that this article was able to guide you on your way to buy the best remote control tanks. All of the tanks that were mentioned in the list have various features such as size, durability and range which makes them quite desirable. Happy Shopping!