How old should a child be to use a tricycle

As your child grows out of babyhood, they will want a tricycle. Tricycles are one of the most attractive things for a child and they would surely demand one from you. But the important thing is to not give your child a tricycle until they are physically ready for it. This is valid for all ride on toys, not only tricycles.

There are several challenges to buying a tricycle to your child. Safety should also be paid attention when buying a tricycle. There can be a situation like when a motorcyclist could not see the tricycle because it was too low. Although, children riding on bikes is an important part in the process of growing.


More than external factors harming your child, you must ensure that your decisions protect the abilities of the child. You may also be very excited to see your child riding a beautiful bike, but knowing the right age and physical requirements to use a tricycle is something to take note of.

Buying a tricycle at the wrong time can also lead to several problems. Your child might not be able to enjoy it properly and it might make your child completely hate the idea of riding, which is absolutely unwanted. Generally, the right time for the best tricycles is 2 years of age, but you should also take proper notice of some factors as listed below.

1. Height

The most important factor for riding a tricycle or in general, any bike is the height of the rider. Your child should be tall enough to reach the pedals comfortably. Stretching the legs far to reach the pedals won’t be an enjoying ride and it is important that your child should be able to touch the ground by the feet while being seated properly. The complete process of riding a bike needs your child to be able to handle the vehicle properly and most importantly, touching the ground is important to be able to apply the brake and successfully stop.

2. Balance

Not every child is the same. Some children take the time to grow and gain proper body balance. Just because a tricycle has support wheels does not mean that you should not think about balance. Getting on the cycle and riding it straight is not everything. Your child should be having enough body balance to sit through the ride. Not paying attention to this fact can lead to accidents.

3. Strength

Everyone understands it well that riding a cycle is a work of applying effort and it does need strength. Indeed tricycles are made for young tots to ride them easily. But you should always have an idea of the amount of strength that your child can put while riding. There is a certain amount of strength that your child has to put while turning the pedals or rotating the handle and all of this is important for your child to enjoy the ride. Also because this is going to be a new exercise in their life and most probably, the first task that takes this much strength, you should pay close attention when they ride it the first few times.

4. Coordination

You are going to look after your child all the time while he or she rides, but riding a cycle needs a lot of coordination on the part of your child too. They not only need to pedal and turn the handle, but also take care of hurdles and be safe from places that can cause a fall. This is seen as the most common problem in children riding tricycles where they end up not coordinating well with the surrounding, which is also obvious because they are new to this experience.

Many children get acquainted with time and grow out of the problems, but you should always notice the safety needs of your child. You can volunteer to push the handle or help them turn to let them understand the process well.

Whatever the age your child is, you might want to consider getting a helmet for your child. You should see that your child understands the surrounding and can recognize the dangers.

Different children are ready at different ages, mostly between 2 and 3 years, and for your child, it is on you to decide which is the right age to use a tricycle.