Best Go-Karts for Kids 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Power Wheels Dune Racer
Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green
2. Razor Power Rider 360
Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle
3. Razor Dune Buggy
Razor Dune Buggy Red ,One Size
1. Power Wheels Dune Racer
Power Wheels Dune Racer, Green
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2. Razor Power Rider 360
Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle
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3. Razor Dune Buggy
Razor Dune Buggy Red ,One Size
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Go-karting is one of the most thrilling games that can be enjoyed equally, by little children as well as adults. Usually, most kids will drive around their go-karts in the backyard, empty driveways, and wherever they’re allowed to, really. Best go-karts for kids are designed to accommodate driving in any terrain.

Even if your child is not interested in competitive racing, he or she will still be excited at the freedom and control they get with a little go-kart of their own. These ride-ons are a safe and fun way for your child to spend time outdoors and learn essential skills such as navigation, sharing and negotiating with their environment.


Best Kids Go karts 2018

However, finding the best kids go-kart can seem very complicated, and so we’re offering a few tips on selecting the best go-kart, and our top picks of go-karts for little kids.

Tips For Selecting The Best Kids Go-kart

1. Safety

The first thing that you need to check for in any go-kart is safety. The rest of the features aside, check if the go-kart comes with the right safety features. Kids have a lot of fun on go-karts, and they’ll only be concerned with how exciting the ride is. As a parent, safety is part of your lookout when looking for a kids go-kart.

The safety measures in any go-kart are very important, and any good go-kart will have the latest and the best safety features incorporated to keep the little drivers safe. Some of the best safety features that you should look for are:

  • Shoulder straps
  • Safety belts
  • Well-built and sturdy frames
  • Bumpers and proper cushioning

Check if the straps are strong and in good condition, and there are no structural faults in the frame. However, if you’re buying a new go-kart, you can be assured that an overwhelming majority of them are built to the strictest safety standards, and rarely do defective models make their way to a dealership. You have to be much more careful if you’re buying a used go-kart.

2. Buying The Chassis And Engine

When you’re buying a new go-kart, you have to consider if you’re going to be buying the chassis and engine together or separately. If this is your first kart, you’re probably going to be buying the chassis and engine as a package deal. However, if you have an engine and need a chassis, or vice versa, you may choose to buy the two separately. Additionally, you might have a specific engine and chassis type in mind before you go to buy a go-kart.

In that case, you may choose to buy your engine and chassis separately. There are certain disadvantages to this, as a dealership will usually assemble a chassis and engine if you buy them together. If you wish to customize the go-kart -, for a race for example, you can benefit by buying the components separately. Assembly for DIY karts usually aren’t that difficult and can be done by anyone with a suitable amount of mechanical knowledge.

Regardless of whether you’re buying the engine and chassis separately or together, one of the most important things to still consider is the next point.

3. Whether You’re Buying New Or Used Kart

This can be quite a confusing thing to decide as well. New karts are often more expensive than used ones, and can often lighten your pockets by a few thousand dollars, depending on the type of kart you’re purchasing. If you’re planning to enter your kids go-kart into a race, you can consider a sponsorship.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, you can go for buying a used go-kart. However, finding a used go-kart in a relatively well-maintained condition can be difficult. You need to search quite a bit before you find the right one. .

However, maybe buying a new kart isn’t the best option for you. After all, you can never be sure if your child would want to continue using the go-kart, and go-karts for little kids aren’t cheap. Besides, your child is still growing, and they may outgrow the go-kart pretty soon. In that case, it doesn’t make much sense to spend too much on a go-kart.

If you’re buying a second-hand kart, here are some pointers you should check for to see how old and what condition the kart is in:

  • Check the axle size. In older go-karts the axles will be 25, 28 or 35mm. Axles of this size indicate that the kart you’re looking at is pretty old.
  • If the kart has mechanical brakes, and not hydraulic, steer clear. Not only is the kart old, but it’s also not very safe.
  • Check if the tires are stiff or worn out. Hard tires don’t find a lot of traction and grip and can be a safety hazard.
  • Check the metal frame for cracks. Any impacts on the kart are borne entirely by the frame, and so any cracks or bends in the frame can be very costly to repair and the kart will simply not perform as well.
  • You can also ask for the driving history of the kart to get a better idea of the kart’s condition. If the frame is bent more than 10mm and had to be put back in place, the kart is just not as sturdy anymore.
  • Get the engine checked out by an expert. It should be in good running condition, because any engine in need of a rebuild can considerably increase the cost of a used kart.

While buying a used kids go-kart, make sure you also check if the source of your purchase is legitimate. Always try to see the go-kart in person before you purchase it. Make sure that it’s the right size for your child as well. Having to buy a new seat for the go-kart and having it fitted, can set you back quite a bit in terms of money. Buying a used go-kart can be a bit of a hassle, so if you can afford it, it’s better to purchase a new one.

4. Consider Your Child’s Age

Another important factor to consider before buying a kart is your child’s age, and the amount of interest they’re showing in racing. Initially, almost any kind of kart suitable for your kid’s age will probably do well, as the kart will probably outperform your child. If they just want to have a little fun and zoom around the parking lot, then any basic go-kart with necessary safety features will probably do.

As is obvious, the demands from a go-kart for kids under eight is going to be different than one meant for kids around twelve years old, who’ll want a bit more power. But don’t worry – if all you want is to have some fun. Just make sure that the seat size and engine power is enough to keep your child happy.

On the topic of engines, you need to be careful about the speed. As exhilarating it is for kids to tear across your backyard, the safe go-kart comes with a speed governor. Pay attention to the maximum speed of the go-kart as well. A recreational one should go no more than 30 mph, as it is unsafe to drive any faster for casual use. For kids under ten, the safe limit is no more than 10 mph. If you’re getting a go-kart for the tiny tots between 3 and 6, limit the speed to 5 mph.

However, if your child is interested to get into races, you might want to give it some good thought. A good go-kart can help your child win races and boost their morale. We’re not going into the detail here, but it is a good idea to research about the different leagues in your area and the age limits on each one. There are age categories in each league as well, and the specs required for every age group are different. Do check those out before buying a go-kart then.

5. Where To Buy From

This is also a very important thing to consider, as this can affect the price and maintenance of a go-kart in the long run. If you’re buying new go-karts, it’s a good idea to look around trusted dealerships in the area. You can ask the local go-kart racing track about the brand they buy, and the most trusted dealerships around. Places like Walmart, The Home Depot and Sears also stock popular kids go-karts, although you’ll find the range of brands and sizes to be a bit limited. You can also order one online at websites like Amazon, but do test out a similar model on the field first.

If you’re buying used go-karts, the process becomes a little more tricky. You can ask around for parents wishing to sell their kids kart that their child has grown out of. There are also auction websites such as eBay, that you can buy the used go-karts from, but be careful. Unless you can first check out the kart in person, it is wise to avoid buying online when buying used go-karts.

We’ve looked at some things to go over before selecting go-karts for little kids. Further, we have compiled a list of the best kids go-kart, which will help you narrow down your search for the best go-kart to entertain your little ones.

Top 15 Best Kids Go-Karts In 2020

1. Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Dune RacerThis is an electric go-kart, and comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery. The Power Wheels Dune Racer is great on paved surfaces as well as off-road, and offers hours of fun for your child. This go-kart is better suited for smaller kids, and the manufacturer recommended age is between 3 to 7 years. The weight limit on this one is 130 lbs.

This go-kart features plastic wheels with a Monster Traction drive system that allows it to run over hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain – although it is best suited for rough terrains such as dirt tracks and grass. The kart features a sturdy steel frame, flashy chrome accents to catch attention and an open cockpit design that is enough to seat two children.

The Power Wheels Dune Racer runs at 2.5 mph and 5 mph going forward and 2.5 mph going backwards. As seen before, the top speed of this product is 5 mph. So it’s perfectly safe for kids as young as three to drive this sturdy go-kart. It is also pretty spacious, and can comfortably seat two children, so your kids can have fun and go exploring together in this kids go-kart.

It’s the perfect go-kart to get for young children to have some fun, and the dual seating allows another sibling or friend to tag along.


2. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

This is another electric kart, and comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery. The good thing about electric karts is that they don’t need to be fueled up constantly, just charged, and are much more eco-friendly and saf0re than the diesel variants. The weight limit for this go-kart is 120 lbs, and has a maximum speed of 9 mph. It can be used for 40 minutes without the need for a recharge.

This product is aimed at older kids and is recommended to children 8 years and above. The Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle is a three-wheeled substitution to the standard go-kart. This scooter is quite maneuverable, and the rider can execute full 360-degree spins, slides, and even drifts. That will certainly turn all the neighborhood kids heads, and make your child the center of attention.

The kart also features dual inclined casters and a pneumatic front wheel, that gives added comfort and mobility. It also features a hand operated braking system, and quickly allows the rider to stop the vehicle as and when needed. The frame is made of welded steel, and is as safe and sturdy as any normal go-kart. The Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle needs some assembly, if shipped from an online store, but comes with a guide book on how to do so, and therefore shouldn’t be a problem.


3. Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

This is another buggy suitable for kids above the age of eight. It offers great power with a 350-watt engine, and can go at speeds up to 10 mph. The weight capacity of this go-kart is at 120 lbs. The buggy is fast enough to entertain the older kids, but slow enough that it won’t threaten the child’s safety.

On the topic of safety, this buggy is quite durable, and the frame is constructed using tubular steel rods. It features a padded bucket seat for great comfort while riding the go-kart, and provides cushioning against mild bumps. Although it can be driven on asphalt as well, this buggy has been designed for the ultimate off-road experience and comes with 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires to take on any terrain with ease. The tires provide good grip on various surfaces such as grass, mud, and dirt.

The Razor Dune Buggy comes in two colors: red and blue. It is completely electric, and is powered by a 12 volt battery that is quiet and does not produce any emissions. The buggy also comes with rear suspension and rear disc brakes for safe driving. The buggy also features seat belts that ensure the safest driving experience while having fun. The Razor Dune buggy is designed to take your adventurous kids over rough terrains easily and comfortably.


4. Razor Dirt Quad

Razor Dirt Quad

This is another go-kart alternative by Razor. It comes in black and blue variants and is recommended for kids that are 8 and above. The Razor Dirt Quad is another kids ATV designed for off-road adventures and can take on whatever terrain your kids decide to explore. This dirt quad comes with two 12-volt batteries to give the ideal power output. This Dirt quad supports riders that weigh no more than 120 pounds.

This dirt quad can go at a top speed of 8mph, and has several features that make it an ideal quad for children. It features a terrain-tracing droop-travel rear suspension with coil shock, that delivers a smooth ride and protects the rider against heavy jolts. This is a great feature for any off-road vehicle. The quad also features 13-inch knobby tires to make off-road driving easy with superior grip.

The Razor Dirt quad also features twist-grip acceleration control, and hand-operated rear-disc brakes to give the rider good control over the quad and get an authentic riding experience. The front brush bar and adjustable riser handlebars allow you to adjust the quad according to your child’s size.

The Razor Dirt Quad also incorporates shatter-resistant plastic fairings and a powder coated tubular frame for extra durability and a better look. Overall, this is a great choice for more adventurous kids who like to go off-road and explore.


5. Coleman Powersports 196cc KT196 go-kart For Adults and Kids

Coleman Powersports 196cc KT196 go-kart For Adults and Kids

The Coleman Powersports KT196 go-kart is one of the most expensive go-karts on our list, but it is well worth the price. It is so powerful that even adults can play with their children on this go-kart. The go-kart is recommended for teens, and comes with a manufacturer’s suggestion of users aged 13+, although younger kids could enjoy it under adult supervision.

It features a load capacity of a whopping 400lbs, more than twice the capacity of most of the go-karts listed before. The impressive 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder and 196cc/6.5hp fully automatic engine will rampage through dirt tracks and muddy forests all day with plenty of power. This go-kart is fuel powered, however, it happens to be very fuel efficient. This dynamic go-kart can achieve a top speed of 31 mph, and thus is recommended for teens and adults only.

The go-kart also comes with plenty of other features that add to the safety and comfort of the rider The pull start operation is easy and smooth, and the go-kart comes with a with torque converter CVT system. The low-pressure tires provide a comfortable, effortless ride even on rugged and bumpy terrain. The go-kart also features hydraulic foot-operated disc brakes for consistent stopping.

The bolstered seat and four-point safety harness will keep you or your kid secure behind the wheel, and the heavy-duty padded roll cage offers the best safety and protection in event of bumps or crashes. A kill switch ensures a fast and easy power off, in case of an emergency.

All in all, it is one of the best go-karts for kids as well as adults who need a powerful beast for their camping experiences and woody adventures. Make sure to handle this one responsibly if you choose to buy it.


6. TrailMaster MINI XRX Kart

TrailMaster MINI XRX Kart

This is another go-kart capable of bearing a significant amount of weight and can support up to 400 lbs. The TrailMaster MINI XRX also features other convenient details, such as a remote start and kill on key, an electric start and pull start backup, a speed governor that can limit the speed to 4 mph for younger drivers, and much more.

This model comes with a powerful 4 stroke Honda Clone Engine that’s air-cooled. It also features front and rear suspension for comfort over uneven terrain. The dual seat allows your kid to go riding with their friends or a sibling. The kart is recommended for kids between 3 to 8 years old as older kids may have trouble fitting into the somewhat small go-kart.

The TrailMaster comes with a rack and pinion steering and hydraulic disc brakes for comfortable riding and realistic driving experience and added safety. With the governor off, this mighty go-kart can go over speeds of 25 mph. The seat comes with seat belts for safety and is adjustable, to allow you to accommodate your child and so that he or she can reach the pedals comfortably.

The TrailMaster MINI XRX kart is perfect for little kids looking for more power and to be able to drive around freely with siblings or friends.


7. Aubestker Go-kart Kit

Aubestker Go-kart KitThis is a unique kit that can turn your hoverboard into a fun, go-kart style vehicle that you can ride around in relative comfort. The kit can be set up easily and is highly adjustable. In fact, anyone between the ages of 3 to 60 years old can use it, provided they’re of average weight and height. It’s a self-balancing scooter, and is great for beginners and expert hoverboard users as well.

The maximum load capacity of this go-kart kit is 270 lbs. It is a good idea to check the load capacity of your hoverboard as well before trying it out, though. The barrier-free seat and the adjustable waist rest and pedals, ensure that people of all sizes and shapes can fit on this go-kart kit.

In spite of its minimalistic appearance, the AUBESTKER go-kart Kit is very durable and has adequate safety features. The kart is made of high-strength cast iron and wear-resistant safety plastic that can withstand high-intensity driving. The long wheelbase can comfortably accommodate anyone’s legs. Shock absorbers allow better comfort, reduce impacts to the body and reduce strong vibrations.

If you’re worried about how securely attached the kit is to your hoverboard, just know that the double layer webbing is screwed on, so that the kit and hoverboard do not accidentally get separated. The handles are covered with a high quality sponge to improve grip and comfort while driving.

All in all, this is a fun take on a classic go-kart.


8. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-kart

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-kart

This go-kart is bound to excite any little fan of the famous superhero Batman. This go-kart is a pedal go-kart, which means it’s operated rather like a bicycle, with the user pedaling to get the kart going. This means that while having fun, your kid is also getting a lot of exercise. Let your little one live out their fantasies of being a superhero in this Batmobile themed pedal go-kart.

The go-kart takes a maximum weight of 120 lbs, and is recommended for kids aged between 3 to 8 years. The go-kart is well built, with a durable steel tube frame, low-profile rubber wheels, a forward & reverse sprocket and an adjustable seat to adjust it to your child’s height and make the ride a comfortable experience.

The kart also features 3 point steering, race style pedals, and 8 ball style brake – all to give you superior performance. All in all, a great pedal go-kart for young heroes out on adventures.


9. Kraulwell Hoverboard Hover Kart

Kraulwell Hoverboard Hover Kart

This is another kit capable of transforming a hoverboard into a go-kart easily. The kit comes with clear steps for installation, and it is a simple process to install the kit to turn your hoverboard into a hover kart. It is quite sturdily built, and is better quality than what most would expect in this price range.

If you are hesitant to buy a go-kart due to the price and uncertainty if your child will continue using it, getting a kit like the Kraulwell Hoverboard Hover Kart is a great choice. It fits kids and adults well, due to the adjustable nature of this setup. If you already have a hoverboard, this is a great way to turn it into a Hover Kart for your kids to enjoy without the fear of falling.
The set up is also fairly easy to operate – pull the right handle up to reverse, bring it into the neutral position to stop, and push it forward to accelerate. The simple controls will certainly make it a joy to operate, whether you’re five years old or fifty. This kit will also fit most hoverboards, so compatibility should not be an issue when purchasing it.

All in all, this is another great and fun kit to turn your hoverboard into a go-kart to have fun at a very low price.


10. Hauck Sirocco Racing Go-kart

Hauck Sirocco Racing Go-kart

The Hauck Sirocco is a pedal go-kart that allows the little driver to have a controlled driving experience. Sirocco is designed for young drivers and they can use it both indoors and outdoors. A pedal go-kart promotes exercise, helps build leg strength, increases endurance and enhances motor coordination skills.

The best thing about the pedal go-karts is they don’t require any charging or fuel, just plain old muscle power and you’re good to go. It’s also a great way to make sure your little ones are driving at a safe speed. This go-kart comes with creative designs on the front, low profile wheels and a three-point steering wheel for the best experience. It also features an ergonomic seat for comfort while driving.

However, this pedal go-kart is meant for very young children, and the manufacturer’s age recommendation for using this pedal kart is between 4 to 10 months. However, it’s one of the best go-karts for little kids.


11. Berg Toys Buzzy Fiat Go-Kart

Berg Toys Buzzy Fiat Go-KartThe BERG Toys Buzzy Fiat Go-Kart is another pedal go-kart for younger kids. This pedal go-kart is considered ideal for kids between the ages of 2 to 5 years old. The rubber wheels provide great traction on all kinds of surfaces. The kart is designed with care, featuring a stylish hood and a signature steering wheel. The tyres are EVA tyres so that it can be operated both indoors and outdoors with ease.

The size is quite small, and generally will not accommodate any kid older than 5 years old. It’s a simple pedal go-kart, and not much needs to be said about this one, except that it looks good and performs very well for the target age group. It’s also cheaper than most complete go-karts in this list.


12. Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go-kart

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go-kart

If your child loves to play with NERF guns and wants a ride to help out during the games, look no further. This is a go-kart specially designed to take your child’s NERF battle to the next level, allowing them to cruise around during a game and travel quickly to the important locations. If your child loves playing in NERF wars, this is the ideal go-kart for them.

The go-kart features placeholders for NERF blasters, brackets & darts. It is constructed out of a sturdy tubular steel frame for durability and safety. This go-kart embraces the true NERF spirit with NERF orange ball bearing mounted rims covering low-profile tires and NERF decals all over the frame. The sporty – point steering wheel allows active and nimble steering. Controlling the speed is not an issue, with a user-friendly handbrake, and race style pedals.

The adjustable bucket seat comes with hollows to store your NERF darts in, allowing your child to carry even more ammo during their fight. The ergonomic moulded seat is adjustable, and comes equipped with a high backrest to give maximum comfort to the driver. Unfortunately, this ride is only for one, and can support a maximum weight of 120 lbs.


13. Hauck Nerf Striker Go-kart Ride

Hauck Nerf Striker Go-kart Ride

This is another NERF special go-kart. This one is also a pedal kart, and is bound to help your kid get a lot of exercise while enjoying themselves thoroughly in a NERF battle. Like the go-kart mentioned before, this one also comes with placeholders for NERF guns, brackets and darts or other NERF ammunition that is used.

The bucket seat is adjustable to customize the experience for your little driver. The low profile rubber tires gain traction on almost any surface, allowing the kart to get your child through all kinds of terrains when playing a NERF game.

All in all, this is another great pedal go-kart customized for an amazing NERF game.


14. Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-kart

Hauck Lightning Pedal Go-kart

The Hauck Lightning Pedal go-kart is another remarkable go-kart that is economic, safe, and entertaining. Along with the ingenious, robust features and streamlined design, the Lightning gives a reliable driving experience and lets the driver control the pedal speed. The Lightning’s agile reactions and accurate handling will stimulate young racers.

The custom made and ergonomic moulded seat is quite accommodating, and comes with with a high backrest for better back support for added safety and comfort. Like all pedal go-karts, the Hauck Lighting encourages physical activity, improves strength, and builds coordination. It’s recommended for kids between 4 to 7 years of age.


15. Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury

This is another electric go-kart that is quite famous for achieving drifts. This is a kart aimed at kids older than 8 years old, and supports riders that are 140 lbs. The kart can go at speeds up to 12 mph, and the two 12 volt battery supports 40 minutes of continuous use. One of the signature features of this go-kart is the Spark Bar, which leaves a shower of sparks in its way as you race ahead.

The go-kart also comes with top-notch safety features such as powder coated steel frame, molded aluminum front wheels with solid rubber tires, and a hand operated brake. The bucket style seat comes with shoulder straps for added safety and security.

This is quite a great electric go-kart at an affordable price.


Choose The Kids Go-Kart Feels Right, And Have Fun!

A lot of times, you may be tempted to buy the most expensive model of a certain go-kart to give your kids the best experience. However, before buying any go-kart, it’s probably best to check what kind of karts your kid likes. The best kids go kart will be the one that they enjoy playing with and will remember for years to come.