Best Kids ATVs 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids
Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On Utility with 800W 36V Battery Electric Power Lights in Blue Motorcycle for Kids, Disc Brake System and Reverse for Child Safety
2. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, Green
3. Razor Dirt Quad
Razor Dirt Quad – 24V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride-On for Kids 8+, Twist-Grip Variable-Speed Acceleration Control, Hand-Operated Disc Brake, 12" Knobby Air-Filled Tires
1. Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids
Rosso Motors Kids ATV Kids Quad 4 Wheeler Ride On Utility with 800W 36V Battery Electric Power Lights in Blue Motorcycle for Kids, Disc Brake System and Reverse for Child Safety
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2. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX
Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, Green
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3. Razor Dirt Quad
Razor Dirt Quad – 24V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride-On for Kids 8+, Twist-Grip Variable-Speed Acceleration Control, Hand-Operated Disc Brake, 12" Knobby Air-Filled Tires
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Kids these days are surrounded by technology. They receive a lot of stimulation from smart devices and hence don’t go outdoors to play so often. You would want to give your kid something that makes spending time outdoors as engaging as any mobile game like a kid’s bike.

Getting the best ATV for your kid will be a sure-shot way to encourage your kids to spend time outdoors more often. Riding an ATV has several advantages, and the best kids ATV will help your kid have tons of fun, learn important skills, and most of all – ensure their safety.

ATV stands for All Terrain Vehicle, and are vehicles traveling on low-pressure tires. They are also known as quads or quad bike. Most models feature four wheels, although some may feature three wheels as well. ATVs are typically designed to be used by one person at a time, though some companies have also launched versions that can seat two people at a time. These are known as tandem ATVs.

ATVs are ridden like you would ride a motorcycle, except that the four wheels can give you extra stability at slower speeds. ATVs, like the name suggests, can be taken over all sorts of terrains like dirt tracks, grassy and muddy grounds, and even small hills. This implies that vehicles such as dirt bikes also come under the category of ATV as they were primarily designed for off-road use.

Clearly, riding an ATV will give your child a lot of responsibility and a sense of independence that they’re possibly craving for. As a parent, you’re probably concerned about how safe would it be to let your child ride a youth ATV. Today’s ATVs are made to precise safety standards, so you can be assured that the construction of the ATV will not be an issue.

The advances in technology and production techniques also mean that the quality and affordability of ATVs for kids have increased a lot in the past few years. Since ATVs have become so popular, there is a great range of ATVs out there, from different manufacturers and with different customization options.


Given this vast amount of choice, it can be quite a confusing process to choose the best kids quad. Generally, ATVs from reputed brands specializing in manufacturing ATVs will be a good choice, as the companies are at the forefront of their industry and have delivered good quality products for quite a while.

However, the best kids 4 wheeler for your child will be one that matches your child’s age and capabilities. If your kids have handled a buggy or any other similar vehicle before, they will be ready to handle an ATV. As their parent, you will be the best judge of your kid’s potential. If you feel a little uncertain of how to go about selecting the best kids ATV, we have a few tips for you, as well as a few things to look for in an ideal ATV for your child.

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Factors to Look For While Selecting a Good ATV in 2020

1. Your Child’s Emotional And Physical Development

This is a key factor in deciding the best kids ATV for your child, and whether you should get them an ATV at this point or wait for a while more. Giving your child an ATV too early can be disastrous, and as can giving your child an ATV too big for them to handle. A child needs to fulfill certain physical and emotional requirements before they can safely ride an ATV in a responsible manner. Four wheelers for 10-year-olds is not going to be the same as a 4 wheeler for an 8-year-old.

When we speak of physical development, you might want to consider whether your child has grown to a certain height, weight, and strength to be able to safely handle an ATV. Experts recommend that there should be at least three inches of clearance between the seat of your child’s pants and the seat of the ATV you’re getting. To measure this, you can have your child stand on the footrest of the ATV, and then measure the distance.

Check if your kid can grab the handlebars and move them all the way left and right easily. Also check if your child can operate the throttle and brake lever with one hand, as intended during usage. It’s an advantage if your kid knows how to shift their weight around, as on a bike, as it will help them balance better on the ATV and ride more safely.

You also have to note if your child is emotionally developed enough to handle the responsibility of owning an ATV. They have to be able to grasp the consequences of their actions and show self-control and responsibility. There are certain rules for driving an ATV in a recreational area or on various terrains, and your kid must be well versed with the guidelines. Putting your child through a safety course is a good idea.

2. Engine Size

Engine size is one of the most important factors to consider before buying an ATV for your child. There are engine sizes recommended for every age group, and it is best to follow those guidelines while selecting the engine size for your kid. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPS) has given out ATV engine size suggestions according to the kid’s age.

Generally, it is recommended that kids under the age of 6 should not handle ATVs at all. You can always look for toddler wheels such as tricycles and buggies for children this young. Kids between the ages of 6 to 11 should be handling an ATV with an engine size under 70cc. If your 10-year-old child, for example, has been handling ATVs for a bit, then he might be a little bored with a 70cc engine. However, it’s always better to go for engines that are a little too small than ones that are a little too big.

For the pre-teens and teens aged between 12 to 15 years, get engines between 70cc to 90cc. These will give a little more power than the smaller engines, but not too much so the handler can stay in control. If you’re introducing an ATV to your teen at this point, it’s okay to start out with a smaller engine like a 70cc engine and get a bigger one of your child continues to show interest in riding the ATV.

Once your child is over 16 years or older, and has plenty of experience, you can opt for engines that are 90cc and up. Engine sizes from 125cc to 250cc fit older teens and adults who are confident around ATVs. They have a good idea of how to operate these vehicles and understand safety guidelines. Larger engines, from 250cc and up, are for experienced riders, adults who wish to take it on recreational trips and require the ATV to be able to take on more workload.

Engine size is a big factor to consider before purchasing a youth ATV. The right engine size will help your child have fun and stay safe, whereas the wrong engine size, especially if it’s bigger than ideal for your kid, can be a great safety hazard.

3. Electric Or Gas Powered Engine

This is another thing to consider about the engine you’re going to get with your youth ATV. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each type of engine, and we’ll go over it briefly.

When considering the price and durability, for example, electric engines are cheaper than gas powered ones. Also, charging an electric engine is going to cost less than filling up a gas powered engine. However, gas-powered engines are much more durable than electric powered ones and can handle much tougher terrains.

Additionally, a gas-powered engine gives much more power output than an electric engine. Therefore, if you’re looking for an engine which can give you a little more speed and you’re getting it for an older child or a teen, you should prefer a gas powered engine. For younger kids, an electric engine will be better and safer.
Plus, it will help you save money if your kid decides he doesn’t want to continue operating quads. Electric powered ATVs are also much quieter than gas-powered ones, making them better for a residential area if that’s where you plan to let your kid drive an ATV.

Considering the appearance, ATVs with gas-powered engine tend to come in many more color variations. Additionally, if you or your child want a specific color or a combination of two or more colors, manufacturers for gas-powered ATVs will usually accommodate for that and customize the ATV accordingly.

Another downside of the electric engines is the reliability. They usually don’t last very long on a single charge, typically around 5 miles. Aggressive driving may reduce that number as well. To combat this problem, a number of electric ATVs come with different drive modes to conserve the power by limiting the speed.

All in all, the best kids ATV for your kid will be one that you’ve bought with their age in consideration.

4. Top Speed And Styling

We addressed styling a little bit in the previous section when we talked a bit about the color options available for gas-powered ATVs. But the more important thing to consider is the top speed.

The top speed goes is complementary to the type of fuel used by the ATV. As discussed before, electric engines give a lower top speed than gas powered ones. You’re the ultimate judge of your child’s capabilities, and so make sure the top speed on the ATV is something your child can handle safely. If your child is just starting out on these quads, then look for a maximum speed of 10 to 15 mph, to be on the safe side.

There are some who suggest getting more powerful engines for younger kids to get more speed and keep them entertained. While manufacturers do tend to suggest high age limits to avoid liabilities, getting, say, a 250cc for a ten-year-old isn’t a good idea. Instead, what you can opt for is getting the best performing ATV lying in the 70cc-110cc range that delivers good speed.

If you want to get an ATV which can last for a bit, get one with a speed regulator. That way, you can increase the power output of the vehicle as your child gets older and more responsible. In case you want two siblings a bit apart who share the ATV, you can also change the speed for the older and the younger child.

As for styling, if you’re buying ATVs for the whole family, you can consider color coordinating your ATVs to get a bit of team spirit on. If it’s a kid on the younger side that you’re buying the ATV for, getting an ATV themed after their favorite superhero will be a sure way to get them excited and eager.

5. Location

You also need to consider where your children will be riding their new ATV. There are all kinds of terrain that your kid could be riding on. Consider the location you live in, and the surrounding areas, or where you’re gonna go camping. If you’re bringing the youth ATV to trips into the woods or on sandy dunes, you have to be sure the ATV performs well in those terrains.

Before selecting an ATV, you should probably note that most electric ATVs, like a four-wheeler for a 5-year-old kid, will not be suited to many terrains. If your child is that young, however, it is a good idea to always keep them close, and have them drive around safe places like large indoor spaces, pavements or grassy lawns. These small electric ATVs will be able to work on those terrains just fine.

Generally speaking, an ATV is in fact, meant to be able to take on any terrain. But the best kids ATV will be the one that’s specialized for the area your kid is going to be driving in. Always look at the descriptions of the locations that the ATV performs the best in. This will help you get the most out of the ATV that you’re purchasing.

Tires are also very important when considering what kind of terrain you’re going to be driving for. Not only do the tires need to be durable and authentic to withstand the roughest conditions, but also suit the location your child is going to be driving around in. You also need to check out the treads on the tire. For example, the angled tread is best for muddy terrain, while paddle or scoop tread is usually better for sandy conditions.

6. Budgeting Your ATV

Budget is a very important thing to consider as well before you buy an ATV. It will help you decide how many specifications you are looking for in an ATV. Kids 4 wheelers come in all sizes and with all sorts of add-ons. Settling on a budget will help you narrow down the overwhelming number of options available. Some experts recommend selecting the right engine first and then adjusting your budget.

This may mean that you have to compromise on some of the fancier options, but the engine is a very important part of the ATV. It can make all the difference in your experience and should be absolutely safe. The engine is crucial, but if you’re buying a whole package, with the engine and the chassis, your budgeting will get simpler. Another advantage of buying a package deal is that it will probably be cheaper than buying an engine and frame separately. Of course, depending on your budget and how involved you want to be in selecting the ATV, and how it’s going to be used, you may decide to buy the engine and frame separately.

When deciding your budget, also take note of the fact that you’ll also have to buy some other accessories as well. This includes things such as speed regulators or an option to remotely turn off the ATV in case it gets out of control. You also need to consider the safety of your child while budgeting. This means you need to consider the price of the safety wear as well.

You may not always need special jackets or pants if your kid is going at slow speeds, but you do need to consider it if your kid is going to be driving over rough terrains or if they’re going to be driving really fast. For younger drivers, knee and elbow pads should keep them safe from most injuries. You may also choose to enroll them in a safety course, which will also take money. Take these factors into consideration as well.

7. New Or Used?

When budgeting, this is also an important thing to consider. There are certain things to consider whether you’re buying new or used ATVs. There are advantages and disadvantages to buying used and new ATVs, and the final decision should be taken from the point of view of your budget and experience with ATVs.

The first thing to consider is whether you and your child are new to ATVs. Buying a shiny new ATV for your kid might excite them greatly, but you should remember that kids, especially young kids, will be fickle. They may decide to stay invested in a hobby, or they may not. If a fall or injury deters your child, that new ATV will be a big hole in your pocket. Buy a used ATV if you’re just starting out, or if you know the machines well enough to tell apart the ATVs that have been gently used and ones that have had a rough life.

Buying a new ATV is a better option if you have the money to spare, and need a good quality product. It also saves you the time spent looking for a worthy piece. Additionally, new ATVs are ready for use as soon as you buy them, so that saves your time and effort as well.

8. Additional Accessories

Once you’ve got the basics down, consider any additional features that you want to see in the best kids quad for your child. This can include any number of things, and will often add to the longevity, durability, safety or style of the ATV. Below are a few things you can keep an eye out for in an ATV. They will surely add to the value of the four-wheeler.

Look for supervisory controls for young kids, and others who’ve just started out learning. These can help regulate the speed and power output of the machine and include throttle limiters, exhaust restrictors and much more.

Look for a quality suspension system as well, as this will help make the ride much more comfortable and safe for the rider. You can also look for storage space options such as carrier rack, but be very careful with those. Carrier racks tend to shift the center of gravity of the ATV back, which means it’s harder to handle and much more likely to tip over. This is only the case when going over slopes and other hilly areas.

The suspension system is also another thing you should look at. If the ATV uses only balloon tires for suspension, the four-wheeler can start bouncing and pitching sideways at high speeds. Also, check the brakes, and whether they are only for the front wheels, back wheels, or all four. Make sure that the engine and all the hot parts are well shielded so your kid is not at risk of coming into contact with them and getting burned.

9. Safety

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is the safety of your child. If you’re buying from a reputed company, most of the models are built to industry standards and have been tested for safety. Still, you should always have a good look at the ATV before buying it and look out for some other features and precautions listed below.

As mentioned before, electric powered ATVs are suitable for young kids, or those who are new to riding. Electric powered ATVs are a good beginner choice as they have a lower speed throttle and limit and overall better handling.

Go for a vehicle that has a covered battery to be on the safe side. A lock-fastener will cover the battery and that will prevent your kid from accessing it and potentially getting injured. A sturdy battery retainer is another safety feature to keep the battery from moving within the compartment, which could be dangerous.

Check the other features and make sure the power brakes are reliable, high-speed lockout options are available and the handlebars are padded, especially for amateurs.

For children who will be riding in dim conditions, ensure that the ATV is equipped with night lights and reflectors for a safe ride. Other important safety features to look out for include controlled access via a keyed ignition, speed limiters, and options to remotely shut off the ATV.

Make sure they’re wearing the right outfit while on an ATV as well. There’s plenty of sports gear available on the market, and you can choose to invest in it to help make your kid’s ride safer.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the things to look out for before selecting an ATV and letting your kid ride on it, let’s look at some of the best kids ATV out there.

Top 14 Best Kids ATVs 2020

1. Rosso Motors Kids Electric ATV

Rosso Motors Kids Electric ATVThis is an electric quad recommended for kids aged between 3 to 8 years. It is one of the best electric ATV available on the market. This is a great ATV to get your kids started on, and will definitely let your young ones safely develop their confidence in quads so they can later tackle bigger and more powerful vehicles.

It features a 36V battery and an 800W motor to give superior performance in terms of power and range among other electric ATVs. The maximum speed of this ATV is 15 mph, which is quite good for an electric ATV. This powerful electric ATV is available in two colors – blue and black.

It’s quite stylish in construction and mimics the more “grown-up” ATVs such as ones by Polaris or Yamaha. This will definitely appeal to kids, especially if they have seen their parents or older siblings ride around in an ATV. It’s definitely a good choice if you want your child to develop a great interest in quads.

This quad is also pretty safe in construction. It features large, all-terrain rubber tires that can let your little one drive around with you on all sorts of landscapes. The shock absorbent suspension package will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride over bumpy terrain as well, and keep the ATV stable as your child drives over rocks and other uneven grounds.

Other safety features include a disc brake system, reverse gear, and a 3-speed governor. This means that you can restrict the speed of the ATV with ease, depending on your child’s skill level, and then increase it as your child matures and wants more from the ATV. It also spares you the effort of having to buy a new quad every two years.

The ATV also features front and rear utility racks, but always try to load them evenly, and make sure your child’s field of vision is not restricted in any way. The racks are a nice addition, just be careful not to overload the ATV. The dual LED headlights allow your little one to go adventuring in dim conditions as well.

The weight capacity on this ATV is 90 lbs, so it’s not suitable for older kids. Your little one can drive around this ATV for two hours on a single charge. The ATV will then require charging for 6 hours, which is reasonable by all means.

All in all, this is a great ATV for the children of ATV enthusiasts, and one of the best four wheelers for 5-year-old kids.


2. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFXThis is another great TV if you want to get your kids started out early. The Kawasaki KFX is manufactured by Fisher-Price and features a 12-volt rechargeable battery. it has a top speed of 5 mph a secondary speed of 2.5, and also features a reverse option. The reverse is handy if your kid has run into a wall, and the two-speed settings allow parents to set the right speed depending on the experience of the child.

This ATV also boats of power lock brakes for safe and quick braking action. The four tires also feature a patented “monster traction” system that allows the tires to get amazing traction on all sorts of surfaces such as muddy grounds, grassy lawns, rocky hillocks, and many more.

The high-speed lockout feature allows parents to set the speed and rest assured that their kids will not be able to change the speed and put themselves in danger. Clearly, this little beginners’ tricycle comes with all the safety features you’d need. The manufacturer’s recommended age for this electric ATV is 3 to 7 years.

This ATV may be small, but it can support 65 pounds of weight. A single charge gives your little one 3 hours of fun. The little quad is also very stylish, bedecked with flash chrome accents, 4 color variations, and realistic tires. All in all, the looks will definitely appeal to your little one as well.

This is the best electric ATV for little kids who are just getting started out. It will help them build confidence at an early age, get plenty of practice maneuvering an ATV, all while staying completely safe.


3. Razor Dirt Quad

Razor Dirt Quad

This is an ATV that’s suited to kids a little older than the ones we mentioned before. It’s perfect for tackling rough terrain, and will definitely be a great ATV for kids over 8 years old who are looking for adventure. There’s quite a lot of tech built into this ATV and is a great upgrade from little kids quads if your kid already has a little experience under their belt.

Razor is quite a popular brand and has inspired kids all over the world to get into sports like Motocross and BMX. It delivers with this dirt quad, which boasts of the highest quality specifications. The terrain-tracing droop-travel rear suspension with coil shock keeps the ATV going smoothly over the roughest terrains. This makes it ideal for kids who are going to be taking on some tougher landscapes.

The ATV can support a weight of 120 pounds. It is quite impressive, especially considering that it is an electric quad. It is powered by two 12V batteries, giving 250W of power, and the top speed of the quad is 10 mph. This ATV comes with authentic quad geometry and features a stylish black design that will appeal to all kids.

The additional features that this quad boasts of include front brush bar, twist grip acceleration control, 13″ pneumatic knobby tires, hand operated rear disc brake, adjustable riser handlebars. These definitely add to the overall experience of the ATV.

The time that a single charge lasts can vary depending on the weight of your kid. Generally, even though it’s marketed towards kids over 8 years old, kids a little younger than that who have experience and a sense of responsibility can also ride it comfortably.

It is a great 4 wheeler for 8-year-olds if your kid is still too young to ride a gas quad but wants something with more power than the average electric kids ATV.


4. Tao Tao – ATV-125D

Tao Tao - ATV-125DIt might surprise you to learn that TAO TAO is not a Chinese company, but an American one. It has made quite a name for itself in the world of dirt bikes, go karts, and kids ATVs. This model certainly does not disappoint. It is a gas powered quad for when your kid wants something with a little more power to it than an electric ATV.

It is more affordable than ATVs by other companies with similar specifications and does not compromise on quality for it. The quad features an electric start, and a chain drive engine for an authentic experience while driving. The four-stroke, 1 cylinder engine can give you quite a bit of power, and this quad can attain top speeds of around 35 mph.

You can always modify the ATV to limit the speed and then increase it as your kid grows up. The speed governor allows you to lower the max speed to as little as 5 mph. This ATV can definitely entertain your kids for a long time. It also features an engine kill switch to assure you that you can keep your kids as safe as possible.

Another great feature of this ATV is the independent shocks that allow it to go over obstacles smoothly. The 18×8-7 tires also help the versatility of this ATV and allow it to run smoothly over any terrain. It supports a maximum weight of 140 lbs.

On the topic of customization, this ATV is quite stylish, and is available in more than 7 color variations including pink camo, blue, red, black, and many more! It is a great option if you want plenty of choice in the color scheme of your youth ATV.

The ATV also features a back rack to store water bottles and other utilities in. This just adds to the long list of features provided by the quad. The parts are of good quality as well, and the company backs it by providing a 30-day warranty for replacement of parts and a one year warranty on the engine.


5. Costzon Ride-On ATV

Costzon Ride-On ATV

This is another ATV that offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. The styling of this ATV is quite unique, and it will definitely bring a smile to your little one’s face. It is one of the best electric ATV that’s available, and will surely impress everyone. The ATV is powered by a high-performance 12-volt battery, and two powerful motors deliver significant speed for such a tiny vehicle.

The quad can go 2.5 to 7 mph when moving forward and goes at 2.5 mph in reverse. This means the speed is absolutely safe for younger riders. The quad also features a foot pedal mechanism, and your child applies pressure to the foot pedal to get the ATV moving.

Another unique feature of the ATV is the auxiliary input. This allows you to connect the quad to an iPhone, iPod, or any music player and then play the music of your kid’s choice so they can thoroughly enjoy their ride. You can also adjust the volume of the music using a knob on the ATV itself. This is quite a unique feature that we don’t see in other kid’s ATVs.

The load capacity of this ATV is 88 lbs. The wheels are good quality all-terrain wheels, the ATV gives you 40 to 60 minutes of fun on a full charge. Once it’s drained, it takes about 8 to 12 hours to fully charge up again. The time can seem like a little too much, but it’s very reasonable compared to the performance delivered.

Overall, it’s quite a unique purchase that delivers a good performance. It will definitely keep any kids between 3 to 8 years old well occupied and fits most kids in that age range pretty well. It is a worthy purchase if you’re looking for a good starter ATV.


6. Outdoor Kids Sonora 24V Mini Quad

Outdoor Kids Sonora 24V Mini Quad

This is a great option for younger kids just starting out on ATVs or beginners in general. The Sonora Mini Quad comes with a two large 12V battery supplying 350W of power. This is quite a bit for a quad of this size. It also comes with several other great features that will ensure the best experience.

The construction quality, for one, is of top-notch quality. The metal frame is durable and well styled, the rubber wheels are also realistic and mimic wheels on bigger cars. This ATV also features front and rear brakes, as well as standard suspension, so your kid’s ride is comfortable as well as safe.

The tires are 13” knobbed tires and can get a good grip on most surfaces. This makes it suitable for all kinds of terrains, whether it is grass, pavement, or even little hills and rocky terrains. This is the right ATV for your child if they’re young but still looking for a bit of adventure.

This ATV is also great to bring along on trips because of its versatility. It supports a maximum weight of 150 lbs, which means it can bring fun to your kid for a few years. As with all versatile ATVs, this one also comes with a speed governor and can adjust the maximum speed to either 5 mph or 10 mph, depending on your kid’s age and experience.

The manufacturer recommended age is between 2 to 6 years, but it can support older kids too if they’re small enough. This is one of the best four-wheelers for 5-year-old kids on our list.


7. FamilyGoKarts Boulder 400XR Kids ATV

FamilyGoKarts Boulder 400XR Kids ATV

The FamilyGoKArts Boulder 400XR Kids ATV is a powerful youth ATV that is gas powered and comes with a host of features to appeal to the inner racer of your child. This ATV features a reliable air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke engine to make maintenance a breeze, handy electric start and a sleek, user-friendly automatic transmission. This ATV costs a little more than others on this list so far, but it definitely delivers a powerful performance.

This quad is built to take on the toughest terrains with ease and features a sturdy steel frame, full suspension and all-terrain tires that deliver in the toughest conditions. It’s built for adventurous kids and pre-teens who want to explore further than they were able to in smaller quads.

It does not compromise on the safety features, either, and comes with front hand-operated disc brakes, rear foot hydraulic disc brakes. Other features include a speed limiter that helps parents lower the ATV’s top speed to something they are sure their kid can manage. It also comes with a remote kill switch, so you know that your kids are always safe under your watchful eye.

Without the speed limiter, this quad can go at an impressive 25 mph-30 mph, with a fuel tank capacity of 2.3 liters to keep the quad going for a good while. It can take a maximum weight of 220 pounds and is recommended for kids above 4 years of age.


8. FamilyGoKarts Youth Electric Kids Quad

FamilyGoKarts Youth Electric Kids Quad

Another great ATV by FamilyGoKarts, this youth ATV is designed to provide a comfortable and safe experience, along with plenty of fun for your little ones. With a seat height of 19 inches and dimensions of 40 x 25 x 27 inches, this ATV is on the smaller side and hence meant for younger kids.

Even being an electric ATV, it features all sorts of add-ons you’ll find in a gas powered ATV, including off-road tires, full suspension, high strength steel chassis, and disc brakes. All of these ensure a premium experience of a gas powered ATV on an electric quad. All the aforementioned features also make it sturdy and durable, capable of taking on all types of terrain.

This ATV can get charged up and ready to run in as little time as 6 hours. Once fully charged, it can run for 2 hours, depending on the weight of the rider. This ATV is designed to be able to take your little kid anywhere and comes with headlights to keep going in dim areas or after dark if you wish to.

Additional features include a padded handlebar, two 12V batteries, and a keyed switch that allows parents to fix the speed at 5 mph or 10 mph. This ATV can go even faster than 10 mph in certain conditions and has a top speed of 16 mph.

This is the best kids ATV for your kid if they’re young but still want to go adventuring. It’s also great to bring along on trips, as it can adjust to any terrain easily and run for 2 hours on a single charge.


9. XtremepowerUS Mini ATV

XtremepowerUS Mini ATV

This is another powerful electric ATV for the kids who want a little more out of their electric ATV than the usual can provide. This ATV is recommended for ages 6 and up and can handle a weight of around 165 pounds. This makes it suitable for pre-teens and teenagers who have just started out on an ATV and need a safe and easy machine to handle.

This electric ATV comes with all the standard features, including reliable disc brakes, rubber tires with tough treads that can cope on any terrain, and a speed governor. You can use the speed governor to limit the speed to 6 mph, and without the governor, the ATV can go at 12 mph depending on the terrain and rider weight.

This ATV is built to rigorous safety standards as well, with a high tensile steel chassis designed to be able to take rough handling. This makes it great for all terrains. This ATV also comes equipped with front lights, so you can go adventuring in dim conditions as well.

It comes with a reverse option as well, so your kid does not end up stuck in a corner. This is a great feature to have when driving around in closed areas. The ATV also offers many choices in color – blue, green, red and pink.

All in all, this is another great ATV option to consider if you want an electric ATV. It’s also not as costly as some other models out there and delivers a great performance.


10. Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force

Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force

This quad is a little larger compared to other electric quads in general and is designed for growing kids so you don’t have to get a new ATV every year. Kawasaki is quite a well-known name in the world of motorcycles, and their extension into the world of ATVs shows a lot of promise.

This ATV is guaranteed to get your young ones interested in quads and bikes and develop a new appreciation for outdoor fun. Power Wheels is built for younger kids and features a max speed of 5 mph, which can be limited to 2.5 mph to ensure your kid is driving at a safe speed.

The power lock brake system ensures a smooth stop to keep your kid from falling out of the ATV, and the ATV stops the instant a foot comes off the break. This is a great safety feature that will keep your kid from getting injured. The ATV also comes with a reverse gear, which can help the kids back out of tight corners without having to turn around.

The brand is a well known and trusted one, so this ATV is guaranteed to last. It can hold up to 65 pounds of weight, but a lot of owners claim that it can house heavier children with relative comfort as well.

The ATV is very well constructed, with wide rubber tires to tackle various terrains. Aesthetically, it mimics the full-sized ATVs that adults ride and is guaranteed to excite your kid. It is designed quite well and the shiny color and design will definitely draw the eyes of all the kids in the neighborhood.

The speed governing feature also ensures that when starting out, your kid does not ride the ATV so fast that they can’t control it, and you can easily keep pace with the ATV on your own two feet as well.

The 12V battery that this ATV comes with is guaranteed to provide quite a few hours of enjoyment to your little one. The ATV tires also feature a patented Monster Traction system, which can get a good grip on any sort of terrain.

This is an overall great investment for any parent looking for a reliable and trusted ATV for their kid.


11. Yamaha Kids Grizzly ATV

Yamaha Kids Grizzly ATVThis is a youth ATV designed to deliver power and is great for the experienced kids looking for something more in their ATVs. A lot of people are familiar with Yamaha, as they’re very reputed in the world of motorcycles. This ATV delivers very well and is a great pick if your kid is into ATVs and quads.

This ATV is also styled much like adult ATVs, which is one of the reasons it is so popular among kids. This ATV can go at anywhere between 5 mph to 8 mph, depending on the terrain. The strong motor delivers thrilling rides, and the cushioned seating ensures a comfortable and smooth ride for your young ones.

This company has had plenty of experience with manufacturing bikes, and this shows in the quality of the quad as well. The 350-watt motor is powered by a 12V battery, which allows you to ride on for three hours, depending on the weight of the rider. It supports a maximum weight of 130 pounds, so you can rest assured that your little one will fit on quite comfortably on this ATV.

We’ve talked quite a bit about the powerful motor in the ATV, but it would not be enough to give the best driving experience. This is where the durable rubber tires come in. The tires are wide and feature a well-designed tread that allows the ATV to travel over any terrain with ease. It is ideal for any sort of landscape you want to take on, and great for the more adventurous youth.

This ATV is also capable of going in reverse, so your little one can get out of corners on their own, with ease. Overall, it is one of the best electric ATV on our list and delivers exceptional performance for a kids ATV.


12. Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Ride-on Vehicle

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Ride-on VehiclePeg Perego may not be a well-known name to you, but it is one of the most famous toy manufacturing companies in Italy. This ATV by Peg Perego certainly delivers great performance and is based on the popular kids quad made by the American company Polaris. They have taken great care in making sure that the smallest details are as good as the original Polaris quad.

This electric ATV is also powered by a standard 12V rechargeable battery. It is designed for adventurous kids aged 3 and above and offers a host of safety features that are very advantageous in a beginner’s quad.

A unique aspect of this quad would be the pink color. A lot of these ATVs are targeted towards young boys and hence feature only masculine colors, so if your kid likes pink, this is a great choice, as it is a high-quality quad available in that color.

The ATV comes equipped with many safety features. The deep treads ensure that the quad gets a good grip on any surface, from gravel to grass. Additionally, the front roll-bar is strategically placed to neutralize some of the impacts from a collision. The handguards along with the rubber handles make it easy for your child to keep a firm grip on the handles.

Another unique feature of this ATV is the single pedal system. The quad moves forward when your kid pressed down on the pedal and stops once your kid lifts their foot. This way they don’t have to be confused by two separate pedals as a beginner.

There are electrical wires running under the seat, which may worry you as a parent. Rest assured, the wires are covered by a sealed base, rendering your child totally safe. The sealed base also protects your kid from mud, sand, and water while driving around as well.

In conclusion, this is a great ATV by a reputed brand that you should invest in if you want to keep your adventurous young child as safe as possible.


13. Outdoor Kids Titan 24V Green Mini Quad ATV

Outdoor Kids Titan 24V Green Mini Quad ATV

This is an excellent quad which comes with all the features needed to help a beginner easily master this quad, but it can even keep a more experienced rider entertained very well. The Titan 24V Mini Quad ATV gives what it promises – an authentic driving experience. It is one of the more powerful quads on this list, in spite of being an electric quad.

It’s quite a powerful ATV and can go at a maximum speed of 10 mph. The weight limit of 150 pounds ensures that any kid and even some adults can ride this ATV easily. The ATV provides a realistic experience to young kids with a built-in twist grip throttle. The rear and front suspensions make it easy to go over any kind of surface with ease, including bumpy dirt tracks and boulders.

The ATV also features a parental lock-out control, which limits the speed of the vehicle to 5 mph so beginners do not injure themselves by going at speeds greater than they can handle. The ATV comes with two 12V batteries, effectively doubling the time the quad can run without having to be charged up.

The parental cap on the speed of this ATV is very handy for younger riders. It is a speed at which they still feel that they’re going fast enough, but at the same time an adult can jog next to it and keep an eye on the little one in case they are worried. Add to this the top-notch safety features, and you can see how this would be a great pick for any beginner who wants to learn how to handle a proper quad.

Additional features that make this a great quad to have are the battery meter, reverse gear, and a key start. All of these add to the realistic feel of this quad. The battery meter ensures you don’t end up running out of battery in the middle of nowhere, and always know when you’re going to need a charge.

All in all, this is a very realistic mini quad, which is a great fit for younger riders who already have a bit of experience with ATVs.


14. Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad

Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad

This is the likely the most powerful ATV on this list and isn’t really meant for kids so much as it is meant for teens and confident, experienced riders. The Razor 500 DLX Quad is a gas powered ATV, and the 500W, high torque engine will deliver a performance that even adults could enjoy.

Because of its power, this ATV is capable of delivering, we don’t recommend putting anyone under the age of 12 on this ATV. Additionally, ensure that your teenager knows how to handle an ATV well before you gift them this one. It’s certainly built to last and will deliver plenty of fun to your kid for quite a while.

Razor has been providing ATVs and dirt bikes for quite a while now, so they have a level of expertise in the field of quads. This one is no exception and includes quite a few technological and ergonomic features. The 500-watt motor which we mentioned earlier is driven by a chain and highly efficient. The tires are special rubberized tires, which are 13 inches tall and will definitely help the vehicle over any obstacle or terrain with grit and perseverance.

The seat is well cushioned for a comfortable ride, and also comes with mud flaps to keep dirt from splattering all over your kid’s clothes. This is a very good feature, especially if you’re going to be driving over sand or hills, which the quad performs excellently on.

Other handy features of this quad include twist-grip throttle control, rear suspension, 4-disc brakes, adjustable riser handlebars, front brush bar, and soft rubber grips. All these features add to the quality of this ATV, and more than make up for the price tag that comes with it.

The Razor 500 DLX Dirt Quad also features three batteries, each 12V each, so the total energy of 36V will be enough to keep the quad running very well for a good amount of time. The incredible power delivered by this ATV also comes with a good weight limit of 220 pounds. This ensures that even two kids could be comfortably seated in this ATV (although that is not advisable).

All In all, this is a great transition quad, the 20 mph top speed enough to keep the more experienced riders entertained, but still reasonably slow enough to make sure they stay in full control. Consider investing in this one if you need a truly rugged all-terrain vehicle.


Keep You Kid In Mind While Buying an ATV

This was our list of best kids ATV available in the market today. There are clearly different features provided by different ATVs, and your job as a parent would be to understand your child’s capabilities and needs before selecting an ATV.

We have discussed the points to be kept in consideration before buying an ATV, and it is a good idea to go over all the checkboxes your ATV ticks off before going ahead and buying it. Another good option is comparing various ATVs before going for one that you feel fits your kid the best.

You can always compare ATVs at a reputed showroom, or even online. Before finalizing any product online, however, you may want to try it in person as well. Looking at the actual ATV in person and possibly taking it on a test drive will really help you determine if it’s the right choice for your kid.

And that’s what the most important thing in the end is. Always keep your child in consideration before purchasing an ATV for them. Consider bringing them along when you’re searching for the right ATV. After all, this is meant to make your kid happy.

So keep your kid safe, and remember to have fun!