Best Rock Racer RC 2021- Reviews And Buying Guides

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It’s never too late to foster a strong love for remote control cars. Whether you’re into gas-powered RC vehicles or electrical RC cars, these vehicles are superb in both design and movement. Remote control rock racers offer a unique challenge to all the remote control car geeks.

Remote control cars have been eminent with experienced racers for years, and even today, as the RC market expands, we see many beginners wanting to get involved in the game. And so, we have compiled this buyer’s guide to help you pick the best rock racer RC.

Best Rock Racer RC

Since selecting the best remote control car is tedious, and we wouldn’t want you to end up in a mere plastic investment, we have listed some features that help determine the best rc rock racer.


Factors to consider while buying the best rock racer RC:

1. Car Type

There are two types of RC cars; the on-road and off-road vehicles. If you’re looking to drive your RC car on an even and smooth surface, then you should consider an on-road car since these can handle flat surfaces easily and can also slide around corners smoothly. But if you’ll be driving your car on concrete and rocky terrains, you should probably consider an off-road car.

2. Scale

The size of an RC rock racer depends on the level, and the most common scales used for modeling typical remote control cars are the ⅕ and ¼ scales. Vehicles designed with such scales are often expensive. For smaller RC cars, the 1/24 scale is relatively inexpensive.

3. Durability

Knocks on rough surfaces and harsh drops are inevitable when it comes to RC cars. Sustainability is one of the vital factors to be considered while buying the best rock racer RC. So, look for heavy vehicles made from durable materials and ensure that its structure is robust enough to withstand all kinds of obstacles.

4. Speed

Since racing requires speed, opt for cars with high-speed levels. If you need a car just for leisure, then you should stick to the ones having lower rates as high-speed vehicles are expensive and are not the best option for those learning how to race.

5. Battery life

Choose the one that has long-lasting battery life. Look for options that let you use your car while getting charged.

6. Price

Since most of the RC cars are expensive due to their premium quality materials and structure, finding the one with a lower rate may prove difficult. Overall, the cost of RC vehicles ranges from a few to hundreds of dollars. If you want to invest in the best vehicle, you’ll want to overlook the price tag.

Now that you know which factors to consider before making a purchase, let’s move towards our curated buyer’s guide to know some of the best rock racer rc brands.

Top 10 Best Rock Racer RC 2021:



This high-speed remote control car from MDGZY comes in black and has a 1/14 scale. This RC car is equipped with a powerful motor with a speed of up to 30km/h. Suitable for rocky and concrete roads, this vehicle has a 4-wheel independent suspension system and a 4WD transmission system equipped with a central controller and a steel differential gear. Its front suspension adopts independent suspension design, while the rear suspension uses 4 connecting rods and a rear straight bride design. This product’s transmission components are made of new high-fiber nylon and metallic materials.

This RC rock racer has full-scale steering, and you can easily fine-tune the speed and direction while moving forward/backward/left/right. Its 2.4G remote control allows multiple RC players to play simultaneously without any interruption. Equipped with two 7.4V 650mAh lithium rechargeable batteries, this vehicle can support a playtime of 15-20 minutes after getting charged for 3-4 hours. Please note that this remote control requires 3 AA batteries for functioning properly. The net weight of this vehicle is 2.1 pounds and is also available in red. Some key features of MDGZY RC car are:

Integral split rear straight bridge with a metal driveshaft
4 independent hydraulic suspension shock-absorbing system
2.4G remote control for multiple players
Two lithium rechargeable batteries
New high-fiber nylon and metallic materials




This high-speed off-road rock racer RC from LADUO comes in black and has a 1/18 scale. With an amazing 40km/h speed, this RC truck works on a powerful motor that provides the best performance. It’s front and rear 4-wheel drive offers a powerful torque-speed that allows your vehicle to climb rocky and uneven surfaces. The waterproof wheels are suitable for sand, rock, concrete roads, carpets, tiles, mud, pavements, grass, etc.

Its 2.4G remote controller allows the vehicle to maintain good handling within 262ft when racing in all terrains. This RC truck includes bouncing spring materials and 5 durable TPR rubber tires. Equipped with two rechargeable 850mAh batteries, this vehicle offers a 20-minute playtime after getting charged for 2 hours. The vehicle’s entire body is made of alloy material that ensures a strong collision resistance along with a shockproof body. The front and rear bodies have a strong crash-proof bumper to protect the vehicle and frame effectively.

This vehicle also creates an impressive damping effect to prevent damages caused by the vibrations. The product also comes with a 30-day money refund offer. The net weight of the vehicle is 2.46 pounds. Some key features of LADUO RC truck are:

7.4V 850mAh LIPO battery
Oil shock absorber
All-weather ESC and receiver
High-traction tires
Bouncing spring materials
5 durable TPR rubber tires
Strong collision resistance
Shockproof body




This RC car for kids and adults from EP EXERCISE N PLAY comes in black and is designed with a powerful motor that offers 30-40km/h speed and is faster than other RC vehicles in the market. With a range of up to 260ft distance and highly responsive steering, the vehicle allows multiple RC players to play simultaneously without any interference. You can also fine-tune the speed and directions. Its 4-wheel independent suspension consists of bouncing spring materials for supporting unexpected dropping on unstable grounds.

It consists of 5 elastic rubber tires and is equipped with two 7.4V 850mAh rechargeable batteries that provide a 30-minute playtime. Please note that this remote control car requires 3 AA batteries for proper functioning. This is the best Christmas or birthday gift for kids and helps develop their intelligence and practice ability.

The net weight of the product is 2.95 pounds. Besides a remote-controlled car, the package includes a 2.4GHz remote controller, 2 AA rechargeable batteries, a USB charger, one cross sleeve, a screwdriver, and a user manual.

Some key features of EP EXERCISE N PLAY RC car are:

Waterproof body
4-wheel independent suspension
Bouncing spring materials
5 elastic high-traction rubber tires
Oil shock absorber
All-weather ESC and receiver
All-terrain capability




This black colored 4X4 waterproof RC car from BEZGAR is equipped with an RC390 brushed motor that can perform 21000RPM to generate a great horsepower for the vehicle. This has made a huge enhancement in the acceleration and allows the car to run at 45km/h. This IPX5 level waterproof RC vehicle features several protective functions like Splash-proof, IPX5 water resistance, over-current protection, and battery low voltage cut off protective function.

This 4X4 RC truck is adopted with oil-filled aluminum metal damper shocks in both front and rear portions. The suspension system has an adjustable dampening effect. Both the shock travels and the minimum safe dropping altitude have been increased specifically to protect the truck from collisions. The PA chassis and reinforced body frame are made of a synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide (PA) nylon that possesses elasticity, insulative, long-lasting chemical resistance, etc. The tires are covered with a thermoplastic rubber lining to increase abrasive resistance, keeping a better grip while racing on any terrain.

This hobby-grade RC truck is specifically designed for beginners and intermediate-level users who wish to move towards the high-end hobby grades. Given the great durability, considerably high-speed, and great controllability with quick response, this is a cost-effective way to advance the skills and this hobby. The net weight of this vehicle is 1.41 ounces. Some key features of BEZGAR RC truck are:

Oil-filled metal shocks
IPX5 level waterproof standard
PA chassis and reinforced body frame
Nylon thermoplastic liner polyamide (PA) tires




A 1/10 large black-brushed RC car from LAEGENDARY is equipped with two lithium 7.4V 1600mAh rechargeable batteries along with a special double battery connector. With two brushed powerful built-in motors, this 4X4 remote control off-road waterproof truck comes fully assembled and has a speed of up to 48km/h, making the truck race faster than others. The vehicle boasts an extraordinary grip, operation, and durability. The oil-filled metal shocks and heavy-duty wheels let you drive this 4WD monster truck in all terrains like the beach, sand, rock, concrete road, etc.

This also features easy-to-use pistol-like 2.4GHz radio remote control with two-speed modes (a low-speed mode for learning and smaller areas, a high-speed mode for racing and larger areas). This RC truck can be easily controlled within a range of up to 250ft. Radio-controlled cars are the most exciting and cool Christmas or birthday gifts for kids. You can also race two or more cars simultaneously without any disturbance. The net weight of the vehicle is 2.2 pounds. Some key features of LAEGENDARY 1/10 scale large RC car are:

Extended runtime
2-speed modes
Fireproof battery bag
Two lithium 7.4V 1600mAh rechargeable batteries


6. Hosim


This black-colored 1/10 large scale size and 4-wheel drive RC monster truck consist of bouncing spring materials that prevent unexpected droppings and collisions. With a maximum speed of up to 46km/h and premium anti-skid heavy-duty wheels, this RC monster truck can go with both on-road and off-road environments. The metal sealed ball bearings are specially designed for tough environments and rugged roads. The large RC truck comes with a new rechargeable updated 7.4V 1600mAh lithium-ion battery that is uniquely designed and manufactured for high racing performance.

The RC crawler also features two built-in brushed motors that can bring you a high-speed experience. The PVC rubber wheels are soft, elastic, shockproof, and anti-skid. The vehicle is guarded by four suspension links and springs, a shockproof system, and electronic components. The hobby RC car transmitter has a range of up to 80m/262ft and 2.4GHz highly responsive steering and throttle. The net weight of the vehicle is 5.44 pounds. Some key features of Hosin Large Size 1/10 Scale RC monster truck are:

IPX4 waterproof level
1/10 large size and 4-wheel drive
Double strong motors
PVC rubber tires
Four suspension links and springs
Shockproof system




The 4X4 1/10 large scale high-speed RC car from DEERC is equipped with high-quality and durable components for great racing experience. With a maximum speed of 48km/h powered by a 540 high-speed motor, this RC car is the best choice for any level monster RC truck enthusiast as it is equipped with two 7.4V 1700mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries and 2.4GHz full-scale synchronous remote control system, the vehicle offers a runtime of a minimum of 40 minutes. This RC car’s proportional throttle is controlled with 10 speed, and the proportional steering is controlled with 10 ratios.

This RC vehicle is suitable for beginners and advanced users, and can be easily controlled within a range of up to 100m. The 4-wheel truck is packed with metal oil-filled shocks and high-toughness tires that protect the electronic components inside the car body. You can also race the car on every terrain like the beach, sand, rock, concrete road, etc. This 1/10 large scale high-speed RC truck is a cool gift for both kids and adults. The net weight of this vehicle is 5.17 pounds. Besides an RC truck, the package also includes a 2.4GHz remote controller, 2 truck batteries, a USB charging cable, one spare parts kit, and a user manual.

Some key features of DEERC remote control monster truck are:

1/10 scale with 40-minute playtime
Off-road racing and 10-speed levels
Metal differential gear
High toughness PVC shell
Professional structure
Metal oil-filled shocks
Wheel steering rate control


8. Axial


This Axial Yeti Jr. Can-Am Maverick RC vehicle comes in red and black and has a scale ratio of 1/18. This all-terrain car is primed for RC rock racing adventure and includes everything you need. The vehicle features an adjustable coil over the oil-filled shock, metal gear servo, 37T 380 waterproof brushed motor and a hinged body mount for easy electronic access. Its independent front suspension with machined aluminum CVDs provides better control and high-speed stability for off-road racing on rough terrains. The net weight of the product is 1.87 pounds.

The three-link rear suspension with a floating solid rear axle provides sway-bar like support for improved handling. Besides an RC vehicle, the package also includes 1/18 Yeti Jr Can-Am Maverick X3 RTR RC side-by-side, a 2.4GHz STX2 radio transmitter, 7.2V 6-cell 1300mAh NiMH battery pack, a USB NiMH charger, 4 AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter, some spare parts, and tools. Please note that this product is compatible only with NiMH batteries. Do not use a LiPo battery as fire causing serious injury or damage to the product may occur. Some key features of Axial RC car are:

AR18 solid rear axle
Independent front suspension
Adjustable coil over oil-filled shocks
Three-linked rear suspension
Integrated sway-bar like support design
Multiple shock mounting positions


9. The Perseids

The Perseids

The Perseids 1/12 scale remote control car is equipped with a powerful motor with four driving forces that provides greater torque. The RC truck is easy to uphill at 45-degree climbing and its full proportional throttle turn allows the truck to perform all the functions. Made of high-quality rubber material, the vacuum tires empower the truck’s strong grip force to drive on all kinds of terrain like the beach, sand, mountain, grass, road, muddy patches, rocky trail paths, or rugged roads. The metal chassis makes the truck strong enough to support 3kg load and possesses an anti-collision feature. The net weight of this vehicle is 3.26 pounds.

The professional metal chassis with an upgraded steering system provides a large twist angle, a strong torque, and flexible performances. With four suspension springs, the vehicle stays protected from the vibrations caused by craggy road surfaces. The product also features high frequency, rapid response, and maintains a control distance within 100m. The 2.4Hz remote controller lets you and your friends perform car racing simultaneously without any interference. The vehicle has an exquisite spray paint for better appearance while the front LED lights allow the off-road truck to drive at night as well. Some key features of The Perseids 1/12 large scale RC truck are:

Simulation design
Fine spray paint
Vacuum tires
Water-resistant and anti-fall
Front LED lights
Suspension shock-absorbing system
2.4GHz transmitter


10. Redcat


This blue-colored WENDIGO racing car from Redcat features solid axles both at the front and rear positions, a metal chassis, and an oversized suspension. The vehicle comes with many scale details and accessories to ensure the users get the best visual experience. Its realistic racing body with narrowed rear quarters along with a full roll cage makes the racing experience more fun. Additional scale details include a driver and a co-pilot with adjustable helmet visors for a realistic navigation view, and twin cooling fans.

Since rock racers are faster than typical rock crawlers, this RC vehicle is fitted with a Hobbywing 60A brushless ESC and a 3300KV 540 size brushless motor. The Wendigo is capable of running 2S or 3S LIPO power. The net weight of this vehicle is 12.42 pounds. Some key features of the Redcat Wendigo RC car are:

Front and rear solid axles
A metal chassis with an oversized suspension
Adjustable helmet visors
Hobbywing 60A Brushless ESC
3300KV 540 size brushless motor


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How fast can an RC vehicle go?

Ans: Rc cars come with varying speed levels. The best rock racer rc cars may move very fast, at a speed of 60km/h, while others might run at a slower pace. Slowly paced RC cars are best suitable for leisure rides, whereas vehicles with excessive speed levels are purposely designed for racing.

Q2. What type of batteries do RC vehicles require?

Ans: RC cars utilize various battery types to operate. Some utilize the AA type while others might require a 9V battery. Some also use nitro motors.

Q3. What are the different tires RC cars have?

Ans: 1. Ribbed
2. Grooved
3. X-pin
4. Paddle

Q4. How fast is an RC rock crawler?

Ans: RC cars’ 2.4GHz remote controller is very easy to use and allows you to easily switch the steering wheel from right to left with a maximum speed of 15 miles/hr.

Get The Best Rock Racer RC Today And Make Your Child’s Playtime More Fun And Adventures.

All the product descriptions mentioned above are well-researched and highly recommended by the users. Before zeroing down on any RC vehicle, make sure to do your research as well. Know your requirements while hunting for the best rock racer RC. Decide what type of remote control car you want, check the scale, and see if it’s durable enough to sustain harsh drops and collisions.

Since racing demands speed, stick to cars with high-speed levels only. Make sure the vehicle is powered by a long-lasting battery that offers maximum playtime.

Whatever you choose, make sure the product possesses efficacy and attract kids to play.