Best Remote Control Sharks 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

1. AirSwimmer
Air Swimmers Inflatable Flying Shark
2. MiniShark
Dilwe Mini RC Shark, Remote Control Electric Fish Boat Toy Remote-Controlled Water Kid Toys with USB Cable
3. eMART
1. AirSwimmer
Air Swimmers Inflatable Flying Shark
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2. MiniShark
Dilwe Mini RC Shark, Remote Control Electric Fish Boat Toy Remote-Controlled Water Kid Toys with USB Cable
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3. eMART
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While we all know that the shark is a deadly yet amazing creature, it also makes a fun toy for kids. It’s exciting when you’re running away from it and the laughter that bubbles out of your throat stays behind for quite a while. This article will help you find the best remote control sharks available on Amazon.

Take a minute and just think about the shark as the king of the sea. With over 200 teeth in its mouth, how fun would it be to have remote control flying sharks chasing after you and your kids?

Best Remote Control Sharks

With this toy, you could not only teach your children about the humongous fish, but you could chase them around the house so that they don’t get bored when they’re learning. Who knows? Might they even use the same toy to chase you around the house for a change?


Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Remote Control Sharks

1. Size

There’s a vast variety of sizes when it comes to buying remote control sharks. The size you want to buy depends on the size of your house or your pool if you have one. There are miniature sharks that come with a small house pool so you can use that one to put your toddler in and then help them have fun with this shark.

You can also buy one that is 57 inches (with tail) and flies around the house with a range of over 40 meters so you can attach a camera to the top of the shark and watch as your kids run around while you chase them from your bedroom.

2. Flying or Floating

Do you want to buy a shark that will follow you around while you’re running or when you’re swimming? Or do you want both? These remote control sharks have helium gas filled in them and can do whatever you want them to do. You will just have to keep in mind if your family members are able to truly enjoy the toys you wish to buy for them or not.

3. Batteries

Some sharks can be reinflated, while others have metal inside them. All of them operate on batteries, and their remotes certainly operate on batteries. Either they work on 4-5 AAA batteries, or they have the option of getting charged by a USB cable.

Here, too, you will have to keep in mind your convenience. If you are a cheapskate and don’t like buying things again and again which will end up costing you quite a lot, I would suggest you go for a USB chargeable remote control shark or subscribing to a monthly battery service.

4. Range and Frequency

As you may already know, the remote controller for the shark will work in a certain range only. The range of every single item has been discussed along with the item. If you live in a large estate and have a lot of unrestricted space, you will find that the shark boat is more to your liking. On the other hand, if you don’t go outside a lot and spend most of your time in your house, then the inflatable flying shark is more suitable for you.

The remotes of these remote control sharks work on one singular frequency. You will have to be careful about mistakenly joining someone else’s channel as you or the other person might start controlling both the toys. This concept has been better explained under the description of the items in the list below.

5. Budget

As you might have guessed already, owning remote control sharks is no easy job. If the price of the toy wasn’t enough, the batteries are an issue too, especially if you have an active kid at your house. Some of the items present in this list go over the price of $100, but seeing the smile on the face of the toddler you’re going to give it to makes it worthwhile. But because this list is so diverse, there are products mentioned from completely different strata so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money and still see the toddler that you will give it to be happy because of it.

Now lets explore the amazing list of best remote control sharks!

Top 10 Best Remote Control Sharks 2020

1. Air Swimmers Inflatable Flying Shark

Air Swimmers Inflatable Flying Shark

With infrared remote controller functions, this is one of the best remote control sharks out there. You can control all its body parts and functions, including climb, descent, and tail fin control if you are within the 40-foot range.

The shark is 57 inches long and 36 inches high including its fins. The control works smoothly and requires 4 AAA batteries to run with one being in the shark’s body and three being in the controller.

One of the best features of this remote control shark is that it can be reinflated over and over. There is a product assembly video on the manufacturer’s website that is highly recommended to watch because this shark requires a complex assembly of fragile parts.

While this shark doesn’t work well on high altitudes, it can be bought and easily used for pulling a prank on your friends. You can buy this shark for under $30 here:


2. RC Shark Toy -Mini Remote Control

RC Shark Toy -Mini Remote Control

Small size and lightweight, this mini-shark can be carried almost anywhere and to any holiday location. The control radius of this mini-shark is 5-8 meters and 500 meters without interference. The signal is much more stable under a clear environment.

This shark can swim easily in water with the help of the controller. The smoothness of which makes it the best sharks in water and a great gift for the kids in your house.

This shark toy is beyond durable due to the premium build and the high-quality material used for making it. Because it uses high-quality plastic, it is environment friendly and is totally safe for kids. The tail of the shark is one of its remarkable features as it swings as lively and as real as an actual shark in the sea.

Safety can be turned off whenever convenient so you can save power. Shipped from China, expedited logistics will arrive within 3-5 days and standard logistics within 10-25 days. You can order the mini-shark right here:


3. Mini RC Shark

Mini RC Shark

The controller has the throttle on the right and the direction on the left, so it is super easy to operate. When you want to make the shark move up and down the surface of the water, the fins of the shark can swing like a real fish.

The control distance of the submarine is 5-8 meters, and when contact points are out of the water, the RC shark will auto-off, which makes it extremely safe and power saving. The RC fish is suitable for when the children in the house want to explore the deepest corners of the bathtub, swimming pool, fish tank, etc.

There is a USB cable for charging the shark. The company that manufactures the mini RC shark is open to all and any questions that you may have about the shark, and they reply instantly and help you solve the problem.

What else do you need from a company that ensures the satisfaction of its customers? You can buy this shark, which charges under 20 minutes so that you don’t have to wait for long to begin enjoying it here:


4. EMart Mini Remote Control Shark

EMart Mini Remote Control Shark

Another addition to the mini sharks in this list, this one is not like the others in the visual department. This edition of the mini shark is made of black and white stripes on its body and has white and green colors on its fins.

It is mostly because of its visual aesthetic that makes the mini shark look much livelier and real than the other mini-sharks. This fish moves suavely under or over the water, and this attracts attention to it. The mini shark comes with an in-built battery and can be charged in under 20 minutes for full uninterrupted use.

The fins and the tail of the shark move quite animatedly and are appealing to the eye just like its color palette, making it yet another remote control sharks. This mini-shark can also be charged by USB and has a range of 2-5 meters.


5. VGAzer Mini Radio Control Shark

VGAzer Mini Radio Control Shark

Available in a cool mixture of blue and black, this shark can swim freely in every water body such as backyard pool, pond, fish tank, river, even the sink in your kitchen. You will feel like you’re watching a real shark swimming with its tails and fins moving just like the real creature in the ocean. Not only will this be an enriching experience, but it will also be one of the fewest interesting ones that you will have in a lifetime.

With the grace of movement, these sharks can float in water, swim forward, turn right and left and respond to all the commands given by the controller of the shark. This shark is waterproof and comes with an anti-wrestling function which makes it one of the candidates for remote control sharks.

A reliable toy, this shark comes in with a built-in battery which can be easily recharged via USB port. Unlike other sharks, this one only requires a minimum charge of 8 minutes and is applicable to a distance of 2-5 meters. You can buy this shark toy right here:


6. Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha Shark

Illumivor Radio Controlled Mecha Shark

Length as long as 18 inches from the nose to the tail, this shark has a peculiar quality that truly makes it one of the remote control sharks: it lights up in the dark. Just imagine how fun it would be to swim with a lit-up shark in the night with your kids having the time of your life.

The shark lights up from the nose to tail and it’s fun in the day as well as the night. You will also be pleased to know that this shark works up to 100 feet in the air. With quite animated sound effects, looks, swimming, and chomping, you can easily prank anyone and give them the scare of their life.

The menacing blue color of the glow can guide you and your toddler to your next target. The remote control also allows you to attack whoever you want. This product has certainly been enjoyed by a lot of customers and the children they ended up giving this shark too. Half shark, half cyborg, this toy is the best gift anyone could get a child.

You can buy this toy here:


7. Dolphin & Shark 3D Lamps Nightlight for Kids

Dolphin & Shark 3D Lamps Nightlight for Kids

We have discussed enough about the mini-shark toys and have had enough of sharks that float in the air or swim freely and smoothly in a water body. Now, we would like to introduce you to some novel items that also make great gifts for children who are interested in sharks or other sea creatures and would like to know more about them.

A two-in-one Dolphin and Shark 3D visual lamps come with a remote, which makes it a desirable product in the market as one of the amazing remote control sharks. Available in 7 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, and white, its colors change automatically. Made with an exclusive technology that provides unique 3D lighting especially in darkness or when taking a photograph, the vision thrill will be strong, and the light will be more transparent illuminated by 8 PCS LED in the base.

These energy-efficient long-lasting LED bulbs are used to create a warm glow that won’t overheat, consume less energy, and has a lifespan of 10,001 hours. This bulb comes with a USB cable and remote control that make it much more efficient to use. This lamp is perfect for displaying in the bedroom, child room, baby room, living room, party, bar, shop, cafe, restaurant, and more as a decorative light or night light. This is the best gift for those kids who are afraid of the dark. You can buy it here:


8. FUNTECH Shark RC Boat


This shark RC boat is fully assembled when it arrives at your place. All that you need to do is get yourself some AA batteries for the remote and you are ready to go! At the speed of 25 mph, you can overtake everyone else’s boats out of the rate.

This boat has a control range of nearly 1,000 ft and a dedicated 2.4GHz communication channel. You can gather a few friends, head to your nearest lake or set them in a swimming pool and race! You can also hook up multiple boats to one frequency and run them together, but a pair of them would have to run first.

This high-speed RC boat has quite a lot of features with a water-cooled motor, self-right when capsized, reverse function, low battery warning, to name a few. You just have to be careful about the lid being closed properly. If that requirement is fulfilled, there will be no worrying about anything with this remote-controlled shark boat.

A perfect gift for all ages, this eye-catching design can be bought here:


9. Monster Jam Remote Control Monster Truck

Monster Jam Remote Control Monster Truck

Another strong competitor in amazing remote control sharks, this 1:24 scale Megalodon RC truck is built to perform epic stunts, brutal bashes, and crazy crashes! The only downside is that it requires 5 AAA batteries and if you use it a lot, you’re going to want to have a huge stash of batteries.

This fully functional RC monster truck features a dual-joystick controller with 2.4 GHz frequency that provides a range of up to 250ft & allows you to race up to 6 trucks at a time! Again, the trucks have to be sent off in pairs.

These trucks feature authentic graphs, highly realistic details, and oversized tires and are meant for kids above the age of 4. Monster Jam trucks have power, attitude, excitement, and action.

Monster Jam makes authentic licensed monster truck-themed toys, from remote control toys to die-cast trucks and playsets. You have no reason to doubt their products and if you want to get in some of the jam-packed action and fun, you should buy this shark-shaped monster truck here:


10. Safari Ltd Jaw Snapping Great White Shark

Safari Ltd Jaw Snapping Great White Shark

I had to end the list with the most desirable toy ever. This Safari Ltd. Jaw snapping Great White Shark is the best of the coolest remote control sharks. For a small price of $15, you can buy this toy depicting the greatest shark of all times.

Made of non-toxic and BPA-free materials, this shark requires no batteries. There is a pull handle that you can use to open and close the shark’s mouth to show off rows and rows of sharp teeth. This mechanism is used by most for a playful biting and chopping interaction with others.

While it’s dorsal fin is enough to chill most down to their core, you won’t have to worry because this great white doesn’t bite hard. The use of sturdy plastic makes it possible for you to pull the same trick again and again.

Buy this toy here so you can amuse the toddler in your house with the chomping action:



Q1. What material should the sharks be made of?

Ans. High-grade plastic is used in the construction of the remote control sharks and this plastic outerwear covers the electrical connection inside. This high-grade plastic also allows you to make several uses of a single toy. If possible, you should always go for the toy that is made of ABS material and is BPA-free so that not only do you learn about the ecosystem but also preserve it.

Q2. How long do Air Swimmers last?

Ans. If there is good quality helium in them, these Air Simmers should last about 1-2 weeks. You can extend its life by putting more helium in it or inserting a straw to fill it up with some air.

Q3. How long does a battery last?

Ans. While it is different for every other item with a motor and battery, each battery full of charge can last 10-15 minutes. And a tip: If the first battery runs out and you want to replace the second battery for more fun, please make sure that the motor has cooled down before use.

Q4. Do you need to keep an eye on the children when they’re playing with these toys?

Ans. While it is always good for an elder to be near when kids are playing, some of the items that have been mentioned in the list are 100% safe for children. The truck, boat, and mini sharks might cause problems as they have smaller parts that are a choking hazard. Even though parental guidance is not required on these toys, you should buy these presents for those who are 4 years of age or are older than that.

Get The Best Remote Control Sharks And Switch Your Child’s Fear With Laughter Today!

You’d obviously want to have the best remote control sharks for you and your family to enjoy and I sincerely hope I delivered. I curated this list so that you could pinpoint which remote control shark is best for you and your family, and so I wish that I have helped in the area. Do tell us what you bought and what you liked/didn’t like about it. Happy Shopping!