Best Remote Control Car 2020- Reviews and Buying Guide

1. La Ferrari
1/14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control Model Car R/C RTR Open Doors (Color May Vary)
2. Maisto
Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)
3. KidiRace Police Car
KidiRace Remote Control Police Car Toy with Lights and Sirens for Boys - Rechargeable Cop Car - Durable RC Police Car Toy for Kids 3 Years and Up
1. La Ferrari
1/14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control Model Car R/C RTR Open Doors (Color May Vary)
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2. Maisto
Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle (Colors May Vary)
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3. KidiRace Police Car
KidiRace Remote Control Police Car Toy with Lights and Sirens for Boys - Rechargeable Cop Car - Durable RC Police Car Toy for Kids 3 Years and Up
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For a child, the idea of being able to control a car with a remote in their hands while they’re sitting feet apart in itself is magic. They get an insurmountable amount of enjoyment from the experience.

The gaming experience and the competition they can engage in with other kids who have cool models like them really gets their spirits up. They love seeing a small thing such as that stand tough against the huge wall and there where your child needs the best remote control car

Children love remote control play vehicles and when it comes to remote control car they want to explore more and more. If you want to buy the best remote control car for your kid, you need to find the one with an extraordinary feel to it.


Durability and safety are a big part of the process of sussing out the perfect remote control car. We have prepared a mini guide for the purchase and the 15 best remote control cars we can find.

best remote control car

Factors To Look For While Selecting The Best Remote Control Car 2020

A remote control car can be the ideal addition to the weekends for you or an excellent investment in a gift for your kids. The general feeling of joy it will bring to your household with the community that is a part of remote control cars and the relaxed driving experience is incomparable.

Naturally, it means that a lot of consideration should go into buying remote controls cars. If it is your first or second time buying the product, you need to be aware of the right specifications. It’s important to consider the feelings of the recipient too.

If the owner is an experienced one or is acquainted with remote control cars, he or she is sure to seek out the advanced models. They’re going to want something they can use to compete on the track with their friends.

It means remote control cars that has more to it than just being a sturdy one. A lot of the time parents buy remote controls so they can use it to bond with their kids.

We don’t know what you know about remote control cars beyond the fact that it can be handled with a remote. However, we have prepared some traits you should consider before you make your purchase.

1. Design Of The Car

The design can be something that’s just the difference between opinions. If your kids are really young, they won’t even pay attention to the design. The only thing that matters to them is the color of the car. You want to get the right colors as well, of course. No one wants an RC they can’t even afford to look at without getting annoyed.

2. Battery

It doesn’t matter if the purpose of the toy car is for racing or just a walk down the lane, the battery life is a huge factor that one should consider while determining the quality. If the remote control car lasts for half an hour at best, it can be used for a fun ride now and then. However, if the intention is to use the car for racing, it’s important to buy something that lasts for a long period of time.

You need to take a look at the charge time as well. Remote control cars usually take a lot of time to charge. Moretime is spent on charging than actual play. You might have to spend the entire night charging it. That means you will be able to use it whenever you wish for the rest of the day once it has gotten its full quota of charge.

Our general recommendation would be to opt for a remote control car with a rechargeable battery. The quality of cars is usually better with these ones.

3. Safety Factor

The racing cars come in all shapes and sizes. It’s imperative you buy the ones that are appropriate according to age. If you are buying a racing toy that’s too small, do not buy it for a kid that’s too young. Young kids have a habit of putting anything that’s small in their mouths or chewing on it. They should be kept away from toys that have very small parts such as batteries.

4. Sturdiness

It’s important to check the material that is used for remote control cars. RCs have to bear with abuse at some level or another. They are quite likely to crash and bang, courtesy of the high speed at which these cars move. You can see why durability is an important factor for choosing.

You don’t want to end up with a remote control car that you don’t end up using after the first trial because it broke into pieces. Check on the warranty as well as the material that has been used for the product.

5. Interference

RC users engage in a lot of competitions. Even for a fun ride, they usually end up using it with friends who also have remote control cars. You want a car that comes equipped with an anti-interference technology. It’s kind of pointless to lose connection with the car and have it crash into something when it can be avoided very well. Most of all, your kid certainly wouldn’t want to accidentally give up control when they’re in the middle of a race.

6. Speed

Anyone who has any plans of using their RC as a race car can vouch for the importance of speed. Acceleration is a vital factor. The raspy noise that the device produces can be addictive to the racers.

The faster the speed of the RC is, the more you are in need of remote control care which comes with good handling and is quite responsive to the commands from the remote. Don’t just be satisfied with the speed promise from the manufacturers. Consider other parts of the deal.

7. Remote Control

The handle you have on your RC is dependent on the remote type. The usual run off the mill standard manufacturer remote is quite easy to use for first time remote control car users. It works with the less experienced drivers to give them a good experience.

However, there are also remotes with a far more complex user interference. The controls are sensitive and adjust to the user with time.

Consider your skill level or the one you’re buying the remote control car for. Be on the prowl for cars that have Bluetooth as part of the setting for control as well. This will allow you to have control through your phone as well.

Of course, if the target for the RC is a young child, they might not find Bluetooth controlled cars fascinating. In fact, they might be dissatisfied with the complex option. In this case, it’s better to opt for an RC that has a simple button and control mechanics.

8. Tricks It Can Perform

Some remote control cars are meant to leave the safety of a smooth pavement and make their way speedily through a bumpy off-road. One can use it on both sides. What it essentially means is that you can flip the car over and drive it and not have to turn it around.

These remote control cars are sturdier than the usual lot. This is because the stunts car have to deal with more bumps.

9. Off-Roading Cars

Do you know the terrain you plan on unleashing the remote control car on? It’s not something you can disregard while buying one.

Is it going to spend its lifespan at a local park? The safety of your home? Is the goal a dirt track that requires a 4WD?

If you want you or the recipient of your gift to enjoy every part of owning an RC, you need to make sure you have factored in everything. The remote control car should have the ability to meet every pressing demand you have.

Lets look at our collection of top 15 best remote control cars.

Top 15 Best Remote Control Cars 2020

1. 1/14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrari

1 14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrariThe 1/14 Scale Ferrari model car is the ideal gift for any 8 year old. If the toy horse that walks around your house all day gets them excited, then this race car most certainly will. The toy race car has features that resemble the original Ferrari. From the steering wheel which is ergonomic to the door that has a butterfly shape. The car door even opens the scissor-type way an actual Ferrari does. Even the sturdiness is inspired by the actual Ferrari, resistant to a generous amount of abuse before it admits defeat.

The remote has a coverage area of 30 feet. Under this area, the speed of the car can be accelerated up to 10 mph speed. It has functioning lights for the front and rear. Even more interesting, it houses a spring system that works on its own.

It is made of plastic but, as we have stated before, it’s one of the sturdiest ones. This imported remote control car has a license of 50100. The remote is a relatively simple one that goes backward, front, left and right. It functions on a 5 AA battery and n 1 9v battery. It isn’t included with the package but you can buy it from any convenience store.

A user guide is part of the purchase as well. Since your child is 8 or older, they should be able to understand the manual guide well at this point. Maybe even better than you. The model usually comes with the popular red color of Ferrari but colors can vary.


2. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

Maisto RC Rock CrawlerThe body of this car is designed to whoosh over the roughest of terrains. Whatever your fear may be, it certainly shouldn’t be the possibility of your remote control car breaking down.

From Maisto, Rock Crawler is a 12.5 inch hunk of sturdiness which works as one of the best remote control cars for your child to give as a gift. It has the ability to pull through the rockiest of paths, jumping over large obstacles without losing momentum. The race car toy has disposed of any need to go through the frequent repair of broken cars.

The tires are large and the suspension works perfectly. In fact, the tires are made of TPE. It allows it to grab on to the floor without any problem. Your child should have no problem controlling the four wheel ride. The suspension is a well articulated one, both on the front and back. It is equipped with two motors and gears on the low. Your child wouldn’t want to take their hands off once they get a taste of it.

Another exciting feature of the race car is the multiplayer option. Three players can operate the remote control simultaneously. This is possible through the tri-channel transmitter which allows others to operate through the Maisto radio control. Don’t be shocked when you see your child and his friends making a ruckus around the house.

The car operates on 6 AA batteries and the controller needs two AA batteries. Any extra expense is worth it though.


3. KidiRace RC Remote Control Police Car

KidiRace RC Remote Control Police CarThe RC that you want to get if you have a 5 year old at home, KidiRace ensures your child’s safety above everything else. It has made a name for itself mainly because of the safe material used for the car.

Children will immediately fall in love with the anti-jamming frequency. It gives them the control they need when in the middle of an exciting race.

The car has non slip tires which allow children to have better control over the police remote control car. They can also make some groovy tunes with it. The car is capable of giving quick responses, mainly due to the radius that helps with tight turns. The racing experience is enhanced thanks to it. The best part of the car, however, has to be the remote range.

The range is expanded beyond what we usually expect. Even when the car is at some measurable distance, it will be still under the radar. It removes the need for your kid to run behind the car, trying to catch up to it in vain. It has an amazing 2.4 GHz technology. This means that an area can have multiple cars, usually meaning six at most, without interfering with one another.

The car imitates realistic sounds of a horn, siren and a working engine. The light it emits is also quite realistic. The battery on the car is a built-in chargeable one. You don’t need to buy an extra battery for it. The recharge is done with the help of a mini USB. Once it is at fullest, 30 minutes of unstoppable fun is a guarantee.


4. RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car

RW 1 24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno CarWhen Veneno debuted in 2013, it broke some world records by selling the highest amount of cars at a high price range. For the rest of the world that can’t even dream of buying it , we have to make do with the replica of the original car with a 1/24 scale model to experience the hype.

The design and style are quite similar to the original piece. The speed limit is limited to 10 mph however. The radio transmission distance for it is an amazing one that covers a 30 to 40 meter range. The ground it covers needs to be smooth and ultimately flat. It isn’t suitable for rough terrain of any kind. This has also got something to do with the original Veneno, which has low ground clearance as well.

Other than helping in enhancing the role-play factor for kids and increasing the imagination prowess, the RC is a good way to improve hand-eye coordination. It works as a wonderful showpiece as well.

When the car is going forward, the headlights glow due to the motion. Similarly, when the car is backing up, tail light glows red. The remote for the car needs 2 AA batteries while the car needs 3 AAA batteries. As it isn’t part of the package, you might have to buy from a local store. It’s capable of performing all functions, such as forward, backward motion along with left, right and stopping at command. We would certainly call it one of the best remote control cars for kids.


5. Traxxas Rustler RTR with XL-5 ESC Vehicle, Blue

Traxxas Rustler RTR with XL-5 ESC Vehicle, BlueAsk any remote control expert and they will personally vouch for Traxxas Rustler XL-5. If you have a 12 year old at home, you can’t hope for a better birthday present. Different from the previous four-wheel drive cars on the list, Traxxas Rustler is a two wheel one. The smart specifications it has allow for it to breeze through rocky terrains as well.

It has a full working suspension which gives it the opportunity to practically skid over difficult terrains. The control over it has become easier too, along with the ability to mark corners. Your child won’t lose hold of it even on a coarse road.

The break and reverse capabilities are smooth. It won’t get stuck on a bumpy road. It has a speed limit of 35 mph but despite this scary speed, it was honored as the best remote control car of 2017. The body is another factor that contributes towards its likability. A mixture of plastic and metal, it can endure and absorb sudden collisions expertly. The components of the car that are vital are already sealed, reducing any risk.

The tires at the back have huge lugs which are huge while the front part of the car has ribbed tires. It is what allows the car to operate on tricky roads. The package also has a telemetry, though it is optional.

The reparation for it is quite uncomplicated. The great options along with the tough waterproof body has made it quite a famous choice. The only thing one can be dissatisfied with is the difficult control. For a 12 year old, though, it shouldn’t be hard to muster.


6. Haktoys HAK101 Red Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt

Haktoys HAK101 Red Invincible Tornado Acrobatic StuntThe minimum age for gifting this toy car is at 3 years as of now. The Hak101 is considered one of the best remote control cars when it comes to toddlers and preschoolers. One of the most distinguishable features of the car is the 3-point ax system. It means the car will continue to run at any position, even while it has been tumbled upside down. It will continue to move as it is, thus setting it apart from any other RC car.

The LED lights make for a wonderful extravaganza. If the car has 2 to 3 hours of charge at most, it can keep going for 15 minutes. The LED light stunts the RC can pull along with the actual physical stunts has the ability to give the creative side of your kid’s brain a boost. It helps develop your kid’s brain, helping them with hand eye coordination and a range of other stuff. The spatial recognition center in their brain gets some of the biggest boosts.

The charging time for the car is spectacularly short. The package has a USB charger included in it. In most cases, it should take 1.5 hours for the car to acquire a full battery. The battery doesn’t have to be taken out every time for charging. You only need to plug the charger in.

The antenna integrated into the car is a flexible one, made with a child’s safety in mind. It’s a bendable one so that children aren’t hurt by it. It’s not like the inexpensive ones in the market for other RC’s either. It won’t break suddenly or offer a threat to kids.

There is an on and off switch for music. It’s quiet and plays peaceful music that doesn’t pose as noise pollution for anyone listening. The range for the car is currently at 40 MHz for frequency and it has a connection for up to 40 feet. We also can’t ignore the fact that the car comes in a beautiful red color.

The controller needs 2 1.5V ‘AA batteries which aren’t part of the package. It weighs about 1 pound, so it’s lightweight. The car has a Ni-Cd battery.


7. Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter Car

Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter CarLeave the typical, run off the mill remote control cars behind with this one. It’s time to give your kid a taste of true adventure with the Syma X9 Flying Quadcopter that has a Quadcopter Drone. The first thing you will notice about this particular remote control car is its unusual shape. The drone like RC has a green body and black flames.

That’s not the only thing different about this car though. Unlike the car that gets stuck on the bumpy, rough terrain, Syma x9 can simply fly over it all. The wheel is supported by extensions rods. These rods have rotor blades on it which help the car fly up in the air, essentially changing it into a helicopter.

Similarly, other than the fly and land mode, the car also has two modes of control. One is the beginner mode and the other is the expert. Since the car has a Quadcopter capacity, it has the ability to do a beautiful 360 degree flip over. The car is quite complex and should be good for the imagination of kids at any age. Currently, though, the starting age for the remote control car is 12.

When the car is on land, it has two speed modes. The car operates on a 3.7v 600 mAh battery of 2. A bonus battery pack is included in the package.

The radio transmitter for it is 2.4 GHz and the frequency use ranges from 100 to 200 band. It weighs 1.13 pounds.


8. Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle

Fisher-Price My Easy RC VehicleFisher-Price My Easy RC vehicle is for kids that fall in the 3 to 6 age range. The goal of the vehicle is to offer the maximum opportunity for enjoyment and experience to toddlers and preschoolers alike. After all, this is the first time they are going to know what it feels like to play with a remote control car. It is modeled after an F1 race car. Of course, some tweaks have been made to suit the children it is targeted for.

It is for this reason that the car doesn’t come with any sharp, pointy tips. Nor are the components too small since your child might attempt to swallow them. The remote is a blue radio that has arrows for front, back, left and right. The use is too and your child can understand how to use it without your help.

It’s an excellent opportunity to improve the hand-eye coordination of children that young. Motor skills and spatial intelligence get a boost as well. The car also comes in bright red and yellow colors. It attracts the eyes of young kids and registers as a prominent color in their mind. It helps them differentiate between different colors. Color recognition becomes easier with this car.

The speed has two modes which parents can set and isn’t left in the hands of the toddlers. One is the beginner and the other is the expert mode. One button needs to be tapped on the remote, either the left or right one. This will kick the vehicle into gear as well as it makes it take a sharp turn. When the battery is almost at its end, the car shuts off on its own. It’s an excellent way to preserve the battery life.


9. EpochAir Wall Climbing and 360°Rotating Stunt

EpochAir Wall Climbing and 360°Rotating StuntIf one had to explain it simply, EpochAir RC car is a mindblowing remote control car. This car isn’t satisfied with only racing across the plain road. It is capable of climbing up walls and doing spectacular stunts. It has a 360-degree rotation capacity. It allows you to perform stunts with the car while it is well on its way on the race across the wall.

The infrared remote control of the car comes with a total of two joysticks. One is for simple directions. It helps it move forward or backward. The other one has a more complex use. You can drive and rotate the car clockwise and counter-clockwise. The frequency setting is another sought out one. It has 3 different useful ones. The reception is always seamless this way and one never loses the hold they have on the car.

The car also has LED lights that flash red and blue colors. This looks particularly wonderful if you have it on at night or in a place where the lights are off.

The body of the car itself is quite lightweight. However, it is still a strong and durable one. Even if your car falls off a wall, the chances of it surviving some serious damage are high.

The race car is mainly for kids who are at least 5 years old or older. The complex nature of the remote should give that away. It needs 6 AA batteries which are unfortunately the only thing not included with the remote controlled monster. We can conclude that this is one of the best remote control cars.


10. DeXop-Babrit Newer 2.4HZ Racing Cars

DeXop-Babrit Newer 2.4HZ Racing CarsHave an 8 year old at home? Don’t know what to gift him for his birthday? Well, if he or she is one of those people that’s looking for one of the best remote control cars that can kick up a storm on rough terrains while having an easy control, the answer is DeXop-Babrit Newer.

It is capable of 2.4 Hz of transmission as of now. The rubber tires are one of the sturdiest ones. It is capable of gaining traction even on uneven roads. It doesn’t matter whether the terrain is rocky or sandy, the tire will have a strong grip on it. The wheels also have a self sustainable suspension system. They plow through the ground with minimal contact.

The car has also been equipped with shock-proof technology. This means that regardless of how rough the terrain gets or the nature of the collision the car gets into, the electronic materials inside will be safe. The motor is perhaps the most powerful part of the car. It propels the crawler almost 90 degrees forward even on a steep surface.

The hand-eye coordination skills of your kids will get some serious exercise with this RC.


11. Gptoys S916 RC Monster Truck

Gptoys S916 RC Monster Truck2017 saw the invention of some wonderful remote control cars. GPTOYS S916 Monster Truck is one of them. It has a roaring GP brush 390 motor which boosts the speed up to 26 mph.

Your children will have no problem beating their friends in a race with this truck. The truck is an option that’s under budget for most people, yet useful as a wonderful gift for kids who are 8 years old or older.

The best feature of the truck would be its semi waterproof quality. You can try to skid with it on water. However, do not try to make it drive through water, for it will start sustaining damage at this point. It comes with a suspension technology known as S-Truck. This will allow your kid to have good control and handle.

The remote control car comes with a 2.4Ghz 2WD on a 1/12 Scale. This gives the car permission to drive over sand, rock, and mud with ease.

The tires have foams inserted inside them, letting it travel on all kinds of terrain. It gives the car driving experience a realistic gaming twist. The four wheels of the car also have bouncy materials – essentially spring – which gives them resistance towards sudden bumps. The car can jump from murky roads with ease of assistance to these wheels. The range for covering this car is 100 meters.

It takes 2 hours to charge the battery. The run time after a full charge is about 10 minutes. The truck also has a 30 day return scheme. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back.


12. Radio Control 71010 – 1: 14 BMW i8 CAR – White

Radio Control 71010 - 114 BMW i8 CAR - WhiteWant the remote control car to reflect the money you have spent on it? Well, is there anything that can be more obvious of a choice than the BMW i8. Your kid will have the honor of driving a BMW car, forgetting its a mere toy.

We can claim this as one of the best remote control cars for kids who are 12 year olds or older. It’s one of the lightest RCs. The steering is smooth, easily steering it to left, right and on reverse gear.

The remote control allows the car to perform some smooth turns. The sudden swift moves from the car will blow your mind. What more could you need? That’s honestly not all though. It looks very much like the original BMW i8. Along with the chic body, the wheels for the car is of a custom BMW wheel. The tires have been layered with rubber grip. It will run smoothly from one point to another. It doesn’t matter if you have chosen the inside of your home for racing or outside, the fun gained is the same.

The front wheels of the car absorb shock without any problem. It’s quite striking along with the back wheels that have a slightly different mechanism. The RC operates on a speed of 5 mph while the rest of the remote is 98 feet.

The headlights on the front are blinking LED ones. When the car goes forward or goes in reverse, the tail lights flicker. The battery of the car requires 5 AA batteries. The remote controller needs a 1 9V remote controller. It isn’t included with the package but can be brought from any nearby store.

The package also has a handy manual for the uninitiated. Another interesting feature is the door of the BMW. You can manually open and close it.


13. Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon RC Police Car and Race CarAs far as RC goes, this is one of the best ones for 5 year old kids. It has everything that can attract the attention of a child, starting from flashy colors, sounds of the police siren that sounds real, headlights and honking sounds a car makes.

Get ready to constantly hear the beeps and hoots that will follow your throughout the house from the noisy remote control cars.

The package comes with a total of two vehicles. There’s a racing car and police car. The police vehicles has an action figure of a Police Man that’s removable and a remote control. The racing car has action figures of two racers and a separate remote control for it. The vehicles all have different frequencies for operation so one doesn’t interfere with the other.

Both the vehicles have a requirement for 3 AA batteries which isn’t part of the set. The two AA batteries for the remote isn’t included either.


14. Click N’ Play Off Road Rock Crawler Vehicle

Click N’ Play Off Road Rock Crawler VehicleClick N’ Play RC truck is prepared to crash into walls from an elevated distance only to stand upright on its own accord. For 5 year old kids, it’s among one of the best remote control cars, with the kids genuinely fascinated at the trucks ability to move upward over slanted platforms. The truck also has a torque so its possible to let it ride over a grassy area as well.

The wheel is a anti-skid one. The front and rear suspension works well. So does the 2.4 GHz radio control. It is dependant on 4 AA batteries in case of the car and for the remote control, it’s 3 AA batteries.


15. Intey Amphibious 4WD Off Road Truck

Intey Amphibious 4WD Off Road TruckThe Amphibious RC car lives up to its name by running on dry and wet pavements. The car has IP6 waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it being ruined in water. The skid resistant feature allows the car to smoothly run over grass, mountains, snow, or on rock.

On land, the speed is 8 to 10 km per hour. On water, it is on 0.8 km per hour. The wheels also have suspension springs, offering it a shock proof system that’s flexible.


Get The Best Remote Control Car To Make Your Child’s Playtime Adventurous Today!

You have taken a look at the mini guide and the 15 best remote control cars. We don’t doubt you have found the one. Or maybe even a couple of ones? After all, all 15 of the remote control cars on the list are an amazing investment in their own right. They fit different age range and specifications. We have the best of everything!

Once you have concluded the car of your choice, the only thing left is for you to make a purchase! Your Christmas and birthday gifts are going to become more innovative with this one! You will certainly enjoy the way the face of your child lights up once you show them their surprise gift. Don’t wait for long and order now!