Best Hot Wheels Track 2020- Reviews & Buyers Guide

1 . Hot Wheels Criss Cross
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set, 4 High Speed Crash Zones, 4-Way Booster, 4 Loops, Includes 1 DieCast Vehicle, Ages 4 to 10 Years Old​
2. Hot Wheels Multi-Loop
Hot Wheels Track Builder MULTI LOOP BOX
3. Ultimate Garage Playset
1 . Hot Wheels Criss Cross
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set, 4 High Speed Crash Zones, 4-Way Booster, 4 Loops, Includes 1 DieCast Vehicle, Ages 4 to 10 Years Old​
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2. Hot Wheels Multi-Loop
Hot Wheels Track Builder MULTI LOOP BOX
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3. Ultimate Garage Playset
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As a kid, everyone has enjoyed a Hot Wheels car and imagined how exciting it would be to be in the real version of it. The best Hot Wheels make very beautiful and precise products which are strong as well as very attractive, not only to kids but even adults and especially, car enthusiasts.

This is a very interesting toy as well as an attraction to parents who enjoy watching their kids building different tracks and test them with remotes. Hot Wheels regularly takes on partnerships with several other brands as well as ventures to create custom tracks that have continuously proved to be a very encouraging move for the kids in promoting supercars.

Hot Wheels stands out from other similar product manufacturers in this factor that they have fantastic new ideas for better and better designs. Each of the tracks can teach some of the other tactical skills. But if we are to choose some of the tracks that stand out among all of them, here is a list of the Best Hot Wheels Track Sets.

Top 20 Best Hot Wheels Track 2020

1. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track SetThis is one of the finest built toys of Hot Wheels. This is a big setup of four loops and crash zones. Four loops allow four cars to compete at the same time and gives opportunities for thrilling action and fun. This track is filled with intersections that provide it a challenging background.

As the name stands, the tracks criss-cross and have a four-track crash zone which can be a very challenging competition in speeds of cars on this track. The car feeder which is meant to place the car in the track is designed as such that many Hot Wheels cars can be lined up one after the other.

The key features of this track include the heavy problem solving and tactical skill needed by the players, which in a way encourages creative curiosity.

One thing everyone would love about this set is that it has more than 16 feet of track. It comes with enough parking space and a car inside with the set. This is the perfect toy for enjoying with siblings and friends. This will help children create story-telling moments and enjoy the toy together. Lightweight and easy to use, this is surely one of the best choices on this list.


2. Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop Box

Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi-Loop BoxThis is one of the best options if your child likes to create different types of tracks and we are pretty sure, every child loves that. With 10 feet of track and eight connection points, there are some different designs of tracks that can be formed out of this set.

The real attraction of this toy is the multiple looping possibilities. There are the double track or mega track options which makes this set one of a kind. This set can help one create multiple challenges and increase the creativity of kids.

Tracks like these by Hot Wheels that can be rearranged and configured again and again to build new tracks boost one’s problem-solving skills. Also, they can be very well customized with things in your room. Say a paper tube or cup can create amazing new tracks that provide new challenges.

The key elements of this set are the three loop creation possibility and also that there are two in-built scoring buckets. This set is itself a very creative product and also provides kids the chance to reimagine the toy. This is another one of a kind set that is surely going to excite any kid with its exciting loop over loop design.


3. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset

If your kid already owns a set of Hot Wheels cars, then this might be the best track set for him. Standing 3 feet tall, this is surely a heavy attraction for any kid who loves cars and Hot Wheels. This is the ultimate parking spot of the Hot Wheels universe.

This set includes a huge parking space for up to 140 cars and an unbelievably good track and set up for an action filled with challenges. The big downhill track is surely the most attracting part of this whole set.

Everyone just loves to see the cars roll in the spiraling track and entering into action. It also has a gorilla to take care of the fact that there is always a challenge to the cars on the elevator. It will try to swipe the cars away and create problems in completing the race.

This set is an ultimate set of real-life car enthusiasts with a car-wash, a drive-up diner and a penthouse with a landing pad. This is undoubtedly one of the most creative and imagined tracks ever made by Hot Wheels.

For parents who love cars and if they want their kids to be involved in them too, this is the best track to get them started. The key reasons to buy this set will undoubtedly be the amazing height size of it and the vast storage space of cars. For Hot Wheels fans, this track is a must-have.


4. Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane RacewayThis is one of the Best Hot Wheels Track that brings the feeling of racing. For those who love to see cars racing side by side in an F1 style race rather than separate tracks and crashes, this is a perfect choice.

It has long sloped tracks, and one can race up to 6 cars at a time. This is just like most other Hot Wheels sets and does not need any battery or external support for racing. The tracks are completely foldable and easy to carry.

The track is pretty long which can extend up to 8 feet. It comes with a launcher as in any other Hot Wheels set. The only problem with this mega set is that it does not provide a lot of recreation abilities. The tracks can only be laid in one possible way.

Although not very challenging in terms of how the track can be set up but is a complete amusement to race lovers. This set also comes with 1:64 sized cars right out of the box to fit the game as soon as the tracks are set up. This is completely fine for single players as well as multi-player races with friends.


5. Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Track Set

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Track SetThe perfect set for friendly racers, this track comes with a side by side track and filled with action. This is a simple straight track that is best to decide between the speed of cars. The design of the tracks are very beautiful and has a unique look to itself.

There is an amazing grandstand attached to display the uniqueness of this set just like any other Hot Wheels sets as soon as the cars pass by the characters in the grandstand pop up just like in a real environment. The cars cross the finish line, and a finishing flag is raised. The very meticulously designed interactive track is just a way to cultivate the sportsmanship in any kid.

Blastway is the name because it comes with two heavy slam launchers that boost the cars up the tracks. The faster and smoother the car is, the better is the chances of crossing the finish line first. The only disappointment can be that not many people can compete on it at the same time. But when it comes to comparing the power of the cars, this is the track you need.


6. Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

Hot Wheels Spin Storm PlaysetThis set is a beauty filled with some different vertical and horizontal loops and curves. The set is compatible with all other Hot Wheels tracks and has a lot of intersection zones that will provide you the chance to fight for better competition with crashing possibilities.

Only one car comes included in the set but is made for any Hot Wheels car to fit. This is surely one of the very best Hot Wheels tracks with a unique design that offers a head-to-head spinning race.

There are two launchers and three crashing zones which make it almost completely impossible for the cars to reach the finish line ahead of the other. This track offers a racing field for the best of the quality Hot Wheels cars and is truly the right place for kids to compare their cars. This track set heavily encourages sportsmanship as well as brings in the mindset of winning with strategy.

As this set comes with a lot of small parts, it is highly recommended only for kids who are five years or older. Also, this requires 4D batteries to work. Once set up, this is one set that provides some qualities different from most other tracks and is surely one track to get hands-on for any Hot Wheels fan.


7. Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset

Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush PlaysetWho wouldn’t love getting through the smallest of spaces in the city while a cobra is in action to knock you off? It is no doubt that most of the tracks designed by Hot Wheels are unique in design and always have something new to offer. This is no different track. It comes with a cobra that as it is said, ‘bytes.’

The track is designed as such that if you don’t launch your car just right, the cobra can capture it and send it rolling back to the ground level. This tests the patience of the child and how one modifies the tracks to get the right trajectory for launch.

Also, if one already has the orange tracks that come with every other Hot Wheels track set, then this track can be easily customized to get a lot of different new ways to test how well one can think of solutions to escape the cobra in different situations. Hitting the cobra’s face can crush it to finish the game. This track is not about racing, but strategic thinking of how to either escape the cobra or destroy it to save the city.

This track is one of the most popular ones and has some great reviews on Amazon. If you are not into racing much and care more about challenges, then this is surely one Hot Wheels track that is a must buy.


8. Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track SetNow, this is a track that is surely going to stand out in this list, even out of the Best Hot Wheels Track Sets Reviewed. This is most probably the largest of all the tracks that we have seen before and also the most challenging. This is easy to set up the track, but as hard to compete on it.

This set includes three tracks and three high-speed booster zones that will throw the cars into a rolling action. The three boosters keep the cars zooming in the loops, and it’s all about avoiding crashing with the other cars.

While it does need some parents’ work to get the tracks set up because it might be quite complicated for kids. But it is not a very difficult setup and is a lovely track for just anyone. Not only are the visuals great with this track, but it can get really loud once the cars are rolling on it.

It does take the right amount of space as we mentioned that it is one of the biggest tracks on this list. Also, people have always loved this track because of its good durability even on rough use. Although only one car is present in the box with this track, just like most other tracks, any Hot Wheels car can run on it. The more cars you add to the track, the better it gets.


9. Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set

Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track SetThis is yet another big track on the list with incredible new features and a long track length. This is probably one of the very few official Hot Wheels tracks where you can set your cars racing on different directions at the same time. Comes with a double booster, this is a track to be on the list of the Best Hot Wheels Tracks.

This track will let kids be creative and innovative with the number of customizations it can take along with an easy setup with any other track set. This is one of the latest designs of Hot Wheels and will give you a taste of how the brand has evolved ever since the last two decades.

The track set up is truly one of a kind and has a lot of amazing stunt making features to make it stand out. The whole set includes two kick loops, car activated stunts, straight and curved tracks, all of which add to the massive action.

It only needs 4 C batteries to run and is a real source of creativity and fun for all Hot Wheels lovers. The specialty of this track is that it is really simple for the kids to understand and build but also includes a ton of fun stunts and innovation making areas which can help in getting the kids to build something new and amazing.


10. Hot Wheels Ai Starter Set Street Racing Edition

Hot Wheels Ai Starter Set Street Racing EditionHere comes one of the finest examples of how Hot Wheels is developing and designing its models with the growth of industry technology. This track is enhanced with Artificial Intelligence built in, and the track has a challenging T-bone intersection to keep the spirit of fire awake.

Not cars, but smart cars roll on the tracks of this Hot Wheels set. With 32 different layouts and two gaming controllers, this is how this brand shows its take on technology. There are possibilities of oil spills and blows on crashing at the T-bone intersection.

Kids can take a real deep look into how amazingly A.I. can improve the level of a simple race. The benefits of having a set like this are that the cars won’t go out of track and it is very easy to reconfigure the track set up.

Comes with three gameplay modes namely, the practice, championship and free play mode that has unique features of its own. It is just like a video game live in front of you. Packed with an auto drive mode, this track is one of a kind set that you really should not miss.

The key factors that make this track great are the 22 feet long track and a high tech competitive Hot Wheels set where the cars are more competitive than ever. If you are a long time Hot Wheels fan, then this set will surely give you a lot of fun.


11. Hot Wheels Speedtropolis Playset

Hot Wheels Speedtropolis PlaysetWant something that’s not too complicated but has a lot of cool features? Every kid wants that. This is one of the very few tracks that comes with a full set of awesome features but is very less complicated and needs less work.

It has a lift to rise to the sky and then a spiral ramp to roll down. There are three different levels that the whole tower is divided into, a ground level, a parking level, and a skyway ramp level. Some features like a penthouse, theater, and a parking garage make the whole set feel like a city built for cars.

The parking level has a fast drive-through with a girl ready to take orders for the rider in the hot wheels. The whole set is filled with diverters and changing them will send over different players to different directions.

As the name suggests, this is a metropolis made for speed. If you are a Hot Wheels fan and have a lot of cars, then you are inevitably going to enjoy this set’s multiple features. Nobody can get tired of so many things easily.


12. Versus Track set

Versus Track setThis is one of the few Hot Wheels tracks that are highly customizable. Kids can customize tracks by joining and removing different tracks and changing directions on many sets, but this one lets you customize crashes.

This is one of those track sets that come with two Hot Wheels cars in the pack. The set has adjustable clamps to be able to customize and record your smashes and crashes.

Record and replay the crashing action when you set your tablet or smartphone on the stand and capture slow-motion video of your epic vehicle combinations. There are two modes of playing in this set, a side by side mode and a crash-mode.

The side by side mode is where the two tracks are put beside each other and players can race their hot wheels on it. But if you are interested in smashing more, then you can place the two tracks face to face and show how hot your wheels are.

A stand comes with the track set which can be placed beside the track, and your tablet or smartphone can be fixed to it for getting professional shots. Hot Wheels has always shown amazing creativity with their tracks, and if you can’t decide between racing and crashes, then this set is for you.


13. Hot Wheels Super Auto Center

Hot Wheels Super Auto CenterThis track is what one calls hot. This track set has the classic Hot Wheels design, filled with positions of crash-and-smash and a playground for a lot of cars together. One of the features that make this track different is that it has three different levels of track set up spiraling above each other to give a real race track feeling.

It has an auto display area at the top and beginning of the track. Cars start from here and race against each other to go down the three levels of track and finally break away barriers to win it all. The set also features a wonderful and fitting workshop lift to carry the cars up to the auto display.

This set is simple to create but very satisfying in style and how each element fits the other. This track keeps the name of Hot Wheels to show how beautiful the tracks can be to provide an ultimate racing field. Although not very customizable, this set is undoubtedly one of the best out of all the simple tracks ever made.

This track is suitable for anyone who is three years or older. Kids love to see cars crash and race against each other and this simple to setup track is an excellent choice for kids to start with.


14. Hot Wheels Gorilla Getaway Track Set

Hot Wheels Gorilla Getaway Track SetGorilla is one of the most fantastic beasts that represents domination and destruction. Hot Wheels has adopted this creature in many of their track sets, and this is just one of them. This track is one very basic model and is perfect for kids who are just starting to play with Hot Wheels tracks.

This track comes with a simple straight track, which can be customized with other Hot Wheels’ orange tracks and a mountain like Gorilla figure, smashing two cars in each of its hands. You need to get your wheels to pass the Gorilla through under the Gorilla.

This is one set that is surely going to provide a lot of amazement to young kids. Also, it also provides a sense of accomplishment which is one outstanding experience that this brand has always tried to express.

This set has also proved to be one of the most favorite themed sets of kids. The best thing about this track is that it is straightforward but also provides the chance of customization. Comes with one Hot Wheels car in the pack, this is surely going to give a genuinely victorious moment to kids after winning against the monstrous creature.


15. Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

Hot Wheels Spin Storm PlaysetThis is the Hot Wheels Amazon exclusive set and has undeniably a one of a kind design. This might also be one of the most challenging track sets ever made by this brand. This can prove a bit complex for kids to set up but can be easily helped by an elder.

This track has a small starting track which leads to full circle tracks that end up at one crash point. This track also has two launchers and three different crash zones. The two launchers in this exclusive design provide a challenging field for kids. Two cars can be launched at the same time and can give real excitement in watching one car getting just ahead of the other or smashing each other at the junction.

Another fantastic feature of this set is that you can create different adventures by flipping the trap door open and customizing it. This is not a beginner’s track set but is a thrilling and amazing one. This is suitable for kids above five years.

The true potential of this track is only revealed when there are at least two competitors. Two cars nearly missing each other while racing to the finish line is a real treat to the eyes which only some tracks of Hot Wheels can provide. For Hot Wheels fans, this is one of those must-have track sets.


16. Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast Trackset

Hot Wheels Track Builder Volcano Blast TracksetThis is like most other Hot Wheels track sets which can prove itself very well as a stand-alone set. Hot Wheels has always implemented realistic elements in their track sets to bring an action-filled thrilling experience to its customers. The volcano is something that very few kids are well aware of, and this track is surely going to get it wrapped around their head.

Customizable tracks are always a plus for any Hot Wheels tracks, and this one provides a lot of fun, just out of the box. This is heavily customizable, and a lot of cars can be used on the set at the same time. For those who are buying a Hot Wheels track for the first time, it is advised that they should also buy a pack of cars with it to unleash the real fun of the game.

You can also attach different launchers with this track to create custom designs and try your wheels on all of them. This is not only a fascinating set but also provides a lot of recreation to the kids.


17. Hot Wheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track Set

Hot Wheels Minecraft Ghast Attack Track SetHot Wheels is well known to launch amazing customized car models based on different fictional characters like Spiderman and Wonder Woman. This is also a similar customized product from Hot Wheels, but a whole set.

Hot Wheels couldn’t stop but notice the huge fan base of Minecraft and amazingly used another game to set the theme their own track set. The whole set is customized to match Minecraft’s theme including the tracks and the car that is provided with the set. This set features the Nether-dwelling Ghast and a Minecart with a Pigman mini-figure.

Also, the styled track pieces resemble the wildly popular video game. The launcher and the loop also sets a new design in this track and aims for the mouth opening Ghast. Hot Wheels always bring in the details of any theme they create very well, and this track is no different. Any Minecraft player would surely love this.

The colors and the overall design has also got a chance to represent the Minecraft environment which is not a common practice for other themed track sets. If you are a Hot Wheels fan or a Minecraft player, you will enjoy this track for both the games together.


18. Hot Wheels Fun In The Tub Playset

Hot Wheels Fun In The Tub PlaysetThis is one of the most straightforward Hot Wheels tracks in this list and is again, one of Hot Wheels very creative products. But yes, this might not be an appropriate track for kids of all ages because it is meant for the bathtub.

For young kids who are very enthusiastic about Hot Wheels and want to play with them anywhere they go, this is the track for them. The track has two suction cups attached that can help to get the fixed with the bathtub.

The track is also a straightforward one for kids to enjoy while bathing. It comes with a long steep track, and if you want, you can customize it. The set has a cup at the starting point which is supposed to be filled with water. Once the cup is tipped, the car rolls down the steep track through the flames and into the bathtub.

Parents often worry that costly toys can be damaged by their kids in the water. But Hot Wheels have strong and sturdy cars that are very well made and this set is just perfect for the young kids to carry to their bathtub instead of just staring at the lonely ducks.


19. Hot Wheels Star Wars Carships Death Star Revolution Race Track Set

Hot Wheels Star Wars Carships Death Star Revolution Race Track SetNow that you have reached the final track set of this list, we couldn’t have missed this. This is nothing special but another themed track from Hot Wheels. Though, it is special to a lot of people because of the Star Wars collaboration. Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Everyone including Hot Wheels.

This track is one of Hot Wheels’ biggest successes and is filled with action. The two brands have come together in this set to recreate a new level of speed and performance. Looking at this set from some distance, you won’t recognize it like any other Hot Wheels set. There are no orange tracks or fiery blocks, but a beautiful white and blue dome made of tracks.

The enemy base with the set is inspired by one of the most iconic scenes from the Star Wars universe. The collection features the Death Star at the center of a web of intertwining track that allows Carships to simulate flight. The lever is also customized to fit the theme. Pull it at the right time, and the death star will explode.

For both Hot Wheels and Star Wars fans, this is the ultimate track set. This motorized boosted set also includes two Carships, the X-wing Carship, and a Tie Fighter Carship. Just out of the box, you can spend hours playing with it.


Let The Race Begin with the Best Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels has many more amazing tracks and are continuously bringing more and more themed adventures. This brand has always left us amazed with their creativity and implementation of different characters in their game. If you have some character in mind, you should probably look for the est Hot Wheels track and most probably, you will find one.