Most Accurate Nerf Guns 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, Red (Amazon Exclusive), Frustration-Free Packaging
2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice
NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster
3. Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster
Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster
1. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, Red (Amazon Exclusive), Frustration-Free Packaging
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2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice
NERF N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster
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3. Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster
Nerf Vortex PRAXIS Blaster
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Nerf guns have been very popular ever since Hasbro introduced them in 1992. The most accurate Nerf guns are designed to shoot foam darts, disks, or balls with impressive precision and ease of use. The brand has become so popular that any nerf sniper firing foam projectiles, is called a Nerf gun, irrespective of whether they come from the same brand or not.

They’re a safe and fun way for children, teenagers and even adults to indulge in a harmless contest of shooting at the outdoors. This contest can be made even more fun if you pick the most accurate Nerf gun to play with. Toys produced by Nerf are not just limited to guns, and span across quite the range of foam weapons that you can include in a game.

most accurate nerf gun

Nerf has provided children and adults of all ages with a lot of foam-filled fun. The company is committed to bettering their line of products, and the quality of the guns has improved considerably over the years. Although most Nerf products were initially marketed towards young boys, they have launched new lines for all sorts of age groups.


All Nerf guns come packaged with a set of foam darts or other ammo that fit into the weapon chambers. If you notice that you need more ammunition while you are playing, you can always purchase refill packs. They usually have anywhere between 10 to 100 extra darts. There are several accessories provided for Nerf guns as well, which may be included with the gun or also bought separately. These attachments are also used for functional or aesthetic purposes.

The Nerf blaster line currently features eighteen lines: N-Strike, N-Strike Elite, Dart Tag, Vortex, Zombie Strike, Modulus, Mega, Alien Menace, RIVAL, Doomlands, Accustrike, Rebelle, Modulus Ghost Ops, Laser Ops Pro, Super Soaker, Micro Shots, and Mega Accustrike.

Since the beginning of Nerf guns, there clearly have been a lot of improvements. There are several factors to consider now before buying the best Nerf gun for an all-round experience. But if accuracy is something that matters the most to you, then you should definitely consider one of the few we picked out for you.

After consultations with experts and actual players, we have shortlisted and compiled the ultimate list of the most accurate Nerf guns for you. Know that accuracy is a bit of a complicated thing when it comes to Nerf guns. They weren’t initially built to be sharpshooters, so they may not be amazingly accurate, but that’s not why we buy them. They’re, after all, fun toys that shoot foam darts. However, Nerf has worked hard to improve the guns and darts to give better accuracy, and that’s what we will help you choose today.

When choosing the most accurate Nerf gun, remember that consistency is the key. It’s easy to be precise with a gun that shoots in an arc, consistently. After all, you can adjust for it with a little experience. However, if you have a gun that shoots straight six times out of ten, then you can’t predict where your shot will land, and hence, your overall accuracy will reduce.

It will be helpful to know a little about picking a suitable Nerf gun for you or your child before you decide to jump in and buy one. We’re first going to go over some tips to select the best Nerf gun for accuracy, first.

Tips To Select The Most Accurate Nerf Gun

1. Take Your Preferred Playing Style Into Account

This is the first thing to consider as the rest of the factors directly depend on your playing style. The requirements from your gun will also change as per your playing style. If you’re picking a Nerf gun out for your child, you can ask them about how they like to play. These styles generally range between the following options:

The Offensive

If you don’t like to hang back and jump right into the heat of battle, then offensive is your style of playing. You don’t wait for the enemies to get you; instead, you bring the fight to them! If this is your playing style, you’ll need a gun that shoots quickly, holds a lot of ammo, and reloads easily.

You’ll want a gun with a quick firing rate and less reloading time. Go for a gun with these features, even if you have to compromise a little on accuracy. Accuracy is not an issue if you’re around 10 meters away from your opponent.

Also, keep secondary weapons handy in this case. Your main gun may run out of ammo or jam, and your secondary weapon will come in handy, then.

The Defensive

If you like to hunker down at an important position and defend it, then, this is your style of playing. Defensive players usually use the heaviest and bulkiest ammunition. The job of a defender is to lay down a rapid defensive fire. Most defensive players move little to not at all so that they can use heavy weapons with ease. For these kinds of players, guns that can deliver powerful bursts of foam bullets at close range are ideal.

The secondary weapons can be blasters that deliver powerful bursts. Heavy artillery with large magazines and mounted machine guns are the best for cautious, defensive players.

The Sniper

If you’re playing in an open space with plenty of cover, you can choose to take out the targets at a distance while safely concealed behind a cover. The type of gun which suits this requires the highest accuracy, and our list of most accurate nerf guns will help these players the most. Snipers generally need Nerf guns with a superior range and accuracy.

As you are usually well concealed, you have plenty of time to reload, so the number of bullets in the chamber of the gun or reloading time is not as significant. However, it is advisable for snipers to carry a secondary weapon with a higher rate of firing and decent accuracy, such as a Nerf pistol. This will help if someone manages to reach you.

The snipers could also have a crossbow or a bow and arrow as a backup weapon. These weapons have decent accuracy and hence, are a good substitute if your gun runs out of ammo.

A Little Bit Of Everything

If you don’t really play in one style, and instead, do whatever the situation needs, then you’re quite a versatile player. The gun you select will need to be as versatile as you are, with a decent range, quick firing, convenient reloading and a fair amount of foam darts in every round of ammo.

Generally, the simpler a gun is, the better it works for you. The gun will have to work reasonably well in all kinds of situation, so you’re looking for something that can somewhat fit the requirements of all the roles. Simpler trigger mechanisms are always a plus point.

Unsurprisingly, the guns that work best for versatile players are generally the best guns for beginners as well, as they don’t have a preferred playing style. Easy mechanisms, decent capabilities in all roles, and simple triggers are all plus points for a beginner as well.

2. Specifications Of The Gun

You need to think about the size you want your gun to be, once you’ve decided on a playing style. If you’re running and shooting as an offensive player, you should go with small, portable guns that allow you to move quickly. This will also allow you to dual wield your Nerf guns when needed. Just make sure you have enough ammo when you do this so that you don’t burn through your ammo too quickly.

If you’re a defensive player, you can easily work with bulkier guns. You want guns that can hold a lot of ammo in one round, to be able to launch a volley of attack. The gun should also be able to fire rapidly. However, the bulky guns required by these types of players tend to be more expensive than the regular guns, so don’t go for it until you’re sure of your position.

If you’re a sniper, you’ll need a Nerf gun which fires accurately and has a superior range. It’s probably fine if your gun is on the heavier side as well, as you won’t have to move around as much as an offensive player.

Versatile players can go with any or all of these gun styles. Also, for younger players, it is recommended that the gun is lighter and easier to wield.

3. Ammunitions Used In Your Gun

Usually, the darts fired by a Nerf gun can seriously affect the accuracy and functionality of a Nerf gun. Always try to make sure you’re using darts which are compatible with the model of the Nerf gun you’re using. With that being said, another important thing you have to consider is the amount of ammo you’ll be needing.

That is also largely affected by the position you want to play in. If you’re playing offensively and running a lot, you’ll need plenty of ammo. The Need gun you pick should be able to hold a large amount of ammo to shoot without breaking for a while.

Defensive players will need a large amount of ammo as well, as they’ll be laying down a lot of fire. They can store a large number of various kinds of ammunition as they’re usually very stationary throughout the game.

Snipers, however, will be needing fewer bullets as they can take their time to aim carefully and then shoot. Every shot you make as a sniper counts a lot. Snipers will need fewer rounds, and hence, can choose the more expensive bullets for their guns.

The ammunition you choose can have quite an impact on your accuracy, so keep that in mind while selecting your gun.

4. Picking The Right Secondary Weapons

It’s always a good idea to be carrying a secondary weapon in a game. A good sidearm may be the thing that helps you stay in the game if you run out of ammo on your main gun, or it jams up.

A pistol is an excellent choice as a sidearm, and there are several nifty pistols available in the market. Make sure you are carrying enough darts for your pistols, just in case. Also, if you want to, you can dual wield two pistols as well, provided you can carry them along with your main gun.

If you’re a sniper and need a secondary weapon that can fire as accurately as your rifle, you can go for a classic Nerf bow and arrow. A Nerf crossbow also works almost as well in terms of accuracy. The advantage of a bow and arrow is that these are very silent, unlike the guns which make loud clicks when firing. This allows you to be a stealthy player and helps you remain hidden for long.

If you’re the defensive player, your ideal backup weapon will be a mounted machine gun. When all else fails, you can mow down your competition using a powerful machine gun. The guns come with high capacity loaders that can hold up to 25 darts when fully loaded. These guns can be mounted, meaning that you can set it up to block off any crucial areas. You can stop your enemy in their tracks with a torrent of foam darts. Again note that these type of guns do tend to be expensive, so you may have to think carefully before buying one of these.

5. Consider Your Budget

This is also one of the first things to consider. There has to be a set budget for your Nerf gun, ammo, and any accessories you want. The budget will help to keep you from overspending on what is essentially a toy, one that you’ll be using only in your free time.

Also, make sure to consider your comfort while buying a gun. Hold the gun and see if you can move comfortably with it. Check how easy it is to use the trigger, and reload the gun. Always consider your comfort over the mentioned specifications when buying a Nerf gun.

You may also want to consider the age range given before you go ahead and buy a Nerf gun. If you’re buying the gun for a child, buying a Nerf gun recommended for kids above his age, your kid will not be able to use the gun well. Worse, it may actually end up being harmful to your kid if the gun falls apart due to mishandling. Always be cautious when selecting a Nerf gun for a child.

Now that we’ve had a look at some tips to choose the right Nerf gun, let’s have a look at the top 10 most accurate Nerf guns that you would want to choose from to have some foam-filled action.

Top Ten Most Accurate Nerf Guns in 2020

1. Rival Nemesis

Rival NemesisBlasters in this series are unique. Instead of regular darts, the guns in the RIVAL series shoot high impact rounds, which are essentially foam balls that help improve the accuracy. The RIVAL set of blasters were designed keeping a more mature audience in mind, generally teens above 14, so be a little careful before giving it to a child below that. The blasters are heavier than conventional Nerf guns, and they are also a lot more powerful, so maybe they’re not the best choice for a kid.

This popular Nerf gun is an innovative blaster that features significantly improved performance, a unique design, and attractive aesthetic. The RIVAL Nemesis is a fully automatic Nerf blaster that can help you blast away the competition. It comes with a gravity fed hopper system that can hold up to an astounding 100 rounds.

The Nemesis hopper is a revolutionary type of feeding system for a Nerf gun, which depends on gravity to load the foam ammunition into the gun. As it works on gravity, however, you can’t hold it upside down and shoot in any other position. It will be unable to shoot any rounds, as the hopper will have trouble feeding the rounds into the barrel. You may also need to shake the blaster a bit to feed the balls into the internal conveyor system, although you won’t have to do very often.

The Nemesis used six D type batteries. It’s those huge ones, and as you may have guessed, they can be quite hard to find. Besides, a 12 pack of the D type batteries sets you back about $11, so it’s going to get quite costly in the long run. Nerf provides a rechargeable battery pack just for the Rival range of guns, and you can buy those and put them to use to save money in the long run. The rechargeable battery comes with a wall charger so you can plug it in and reuse the batteries.

If you’re looking for excellent power and performance, the RIVAL Nemesis is a phenomenal Nerf blaster that is lots of fun to shoot with. However, this gun is a bit on the expensive side, but its features more than makeup for it, making it the #1 on the list.


2. Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster

The N-Strike series does feature a lot of amazing guns. This is another one that can shoot up to a 100 feet away and comes with quite a host of features. Another reason why it considered one of the best long-range NERF guns is that it is a double-barrel assault blaster. The gun can hold a total of a surprising 50 darts, with 25 darts in each barrel when fully loaded. Additionally, this gun features a unique motorized firing mechanism.

The tripod stand that comes with the gun is detachable. This means that when you’re on the move, it can be collapsed and kept neatly to make running more comfortable and when shooting you have a very stable base to pull from, increasing your accuracy. This is another amazingly long weapon. The gun is quite huge, measuring about 16 inches in height, 6 inches in width, and 34 inches in length.

Additionally, the gun weighs in at a hefty 6 pounds. The heavyweight makes it near impossible for young children to play around freely with it.


3. Nerf Vortex Praxis Blaster

Nerf Vortex Praxis Blaster

This gun fires foam disks, instead of the standard foam darts. The 10-disc blaster can help you blast your opponents out of the competition for the champion of NERF wars. It features a removable shoulder stock and a tactical rail whose accessories are sold separately. Additionally, there are the 10-discs, a magazine, and an assembly manual, all of which show it is geared towards the more serious players.

The gun is a pump action gun, which means you’ll have to pump to calibrate the gun before you can shoot. The gun’s mechanism is a little complicated and therefore, is better for children above eight years of age. This gun is decently big as well, measuring 18.6 inches in length, 11.3 inches in height, and 3.6 inches in width. This is quite a fantastic gun, especially regarding range and accuracy, making it perfect for players in the sniper position.


4. Nerf Accustrike Alphahawk

Nerf Accustrike Alphahawk

The newly released Accustrike series boasts superior accuracy and performance. The Nerf Accustrike Alpha is one of the notable mentions in the series. The AccuStrike series was released to revolutionize the accuracy of the Nerf guns, improving on the blasters as well as the foam darts used in the game. These darts are backward compatible with Elite darts, which comes in handy. The backward compatibility means that both the Accustrike darts and Elite darts can be used in both Accustrike and Elite Nerf guns.

The grip of the Alphahawk is comfortable and ergonomic and can be held easily by kids, teens or adults. The cylinder holds five darts and can be easily opened to reload with a simple push of a button. The priming mechanism with simple handles on the side feels straightforward and fluid. Pulling the trigger releases a single dart, which is perhaps rather easy to figure out.
All in all, this is another accurate and fantastic gun.


5. Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700

Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700The Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 made quite an impact in the game when it was released, and has remained in the list of best Nerf guns to this day. The gun features terrific performance and a great look.

This Nerf gun comes with a seven round magazine for easy reloading. The gun fires high impact rounds, so remember that when you need to get more ammo. The magazine has been placed in the handle, allowing for easy reloads. Priming is simple as you only have to pull back the priming handle located on top of the blaster.

The priming handle is a bit stiff and needs some force to move it back and forth. While doing that, you may struggle a little to keep the blaster from wobbling and moving away from the target. However, the RIVAL XV-700 is an incredible blaster with exceptional range, speed, and precision.


6. Nerf N-strike Elite Centurion Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Sonic Ice Centurion Blaster

This is one of the best range Nerf blasters from the N-Strike series. The darts fired from its barrel travel an astounding distance of around a hundred feet away. To maximize your performance, you may want to couple a scope with the gun.

It comes with six mega darts, which are generally not compatible with other Nerf guns. The length of this gun is proportional to its range. This gun is a staggering 3.5 inches in width, 29.5 inches in length, and 3.5 inches in width, making it quite big compared to the others in the range. The gun tips the scales at a surprising 3.8 pounds. The long ranged gun is recommended for use by children aged eight years and above. After all, younger kids may not be able to manage the weight of the super blaster.


7. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm

The N-Strike series features quite a few Nerf enthusiast favorites, and this is one of them. The Elite Strongarm is an upgraded version of the Maverick REV-6 from the N-Strike series. This is a revolver type Nerf blaster, so will serve as a good secondary weapon as well. It is packaged with 6 Elite Darts, and the darts are loaded in the barrel of the gun. The Strongarm features both single-fire and slam-fire mode, which you can switch between as per the situation.

Slamfire mode is designed to allow you to shoot continuously without having to press the trigger repeatedly. In this mode, keep your finger pressed on the trigger while priming the gun multiple times. Using slam fire can improve your firing range. However, using slam-fire means you’ll need to sacrifice accuracy due to the priming movement. The barrel is easy to load, just push the button, and it pops out, ready for the darts. Overall, the Strongarm is a fun, compact Nerf blaster that achieves a significant amount of accuracy.


8. Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock

Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock was launched in 2015, and has been the preferred gun for several players. It was released as a part of the Mega sub-series in the Elite series of nerf guns. This gun is mostly preferred because it’s versatile, user-friendly, robust, concise and a great overall performer.

The CycloneShock is only compatible with the Mega darts, and not the Elite ones. Mega darts are popular these days as they give you an improved firing range and better accuracy. Firing and priming are natural in this gun, and it supports both single fire and slam-fire mode. The CycloneShock is an overall performer and is a good recommendation for someone working in a versatile role who doesn’t want to compromise on the accuracy.


9. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

This gun was introduced in 2012, and has stood the test of time. The N-Strike Elite series mainly features an upgraded version of their counterparts from the Nerf N-Strike series. As an example, take the Elite Retaliator. It is an enhanced version of the player favorite Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6. The N-Strike Elite Rampage happens to be the refined version of the N-Strike Raider CS-35.

The Rampage is quite a well-admired blaster in this range. It features a 25 dart drum to enable quick firing, a comfortable and sturdy grip, with a more aesthetically pleasing form. The Rampage performs smoothly, hardly jamming at all, which is a great improvement from its predecessor. Additionally, the firing range and precision are also much better. The Rampage can use both Elite darts and Streamline darts, but you should prefer the Streamlined darts if you want better performance.

This gun is another versatile performer and would work well in most player’s hands.


10. Nerf N-strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster

Nerf N-strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster

This three feet long gun is quite a giant, and entirely possibly the longest Nerf blaster ever made in its class. The gun has a range proportionate to its distinguished length, and they’ll never know what hit them. Since it can hold two quick-load clips, the reloading time is significantly cut down and carrying around the ammunition is easier. The gun also features a flip-up sight and tactical rails, which will help you take your accuracy to the next level.

This Nerf gun is powered by air, and a barrel extension is provided to increase the range of this Nerf blaster. The N-Strike Longstrike comes highly recommended as one of the best performance ranged Nerf guns. This gun measures in at 24 inches long, 12.5 inches high, and 4 inches wide. The gun is rather simple to use, and can be handled by any child above three years of age. The attachments and additional features make it more ideal for teens and adults, however.


Play Safely, And Have Fun With the Most Accurate Nerf Gun!

We hope our tips and recommendations helped you find the most accurate Nerf gun. Although games can get very competitive sometimes, it’s important to remember that Nerf wars are, after all, just games. If your child is playing this game, make sure to impose reasonable restrictions. With the increasing cases of gun violence, it’s necessary that your children understand that their Nerf gun is just a toy, and Nerf wars are just a game.

All the Nerf guns have their own individual features which make each of them stand out from the other products. But if you looking for great overall performer, Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-CycloneShock-Blaster should be your choice because it’s versatile, user-friendly, robust, concise.

Nerf guns weren’t originally designed for pinpoint accuracy, so don’t worry about that too much when buying a gun. With enough practice, you can make the most out of any gun. Remember to pay attention to the features other than accuracy such as grip, weight and overall quality of the Nerf gun.

Get The Most Accurate Nerf Guns Toady!

Make sure you’re playing safely and responsibly with most accurate nerf guns. Never look down the barrel of any Nerf gun, and treat all guns as if they were loaded. Keep your finger off the trigger, and the gun pointed at the ground until you are ready to aim at your target. Try not to keep your gun lying around loaded to prevent accidental firing. Avoid firing at other player’s faces. Not only does that require more accuracy and hence reduces your chance of landing a hit, but also may injure the other player’s eyes.

All the Nerf guns have their own individual features which make each of them stand out from the other products. But if you looking for great overall performer, Nerf-N-Strike-Elite-CycloneShock-Blaster should be your choice because it’s versatile, user-friendly, robust, concise.

Wear safety glasses, use your common sense, and most of all, remember to have fun! Nerf was, after all, invented just for that purpose.