MorfBoard Review 2020 – Review and Buyers Guide

morfboard review

Skateboarding is slowly becoming a very trendy outdoor sport among kids and teenagers. Once you see someone pulling off some cool tricks on their skateboard, it is hard for anyone not to like doing the tricks themselves. With its popularity on the rise, just like any other sport, skateboarding too has several competitions all year long.

While the pros might make the whole sport look too easy, in reality, it isn’t. Infact, learning skateboarding is just the peak of all your worries. Choosing a good skateboard to start your journey is also very essential and our morfboard review will help you do exactly that. Since most kids usually get bored after playing the same sport for a long time, MorfBoard has come up with a unique skate and scoot combo which is all you’ll to keep your kids satisfied.

What is the MorfBoard Skate and Scoot Combo?

The MorfBoard Skate and Scoot Combo is a unique product created by MorfBoard, to allow kids and teenagers to choose between skating on a skateboard or zipping through the alley using a scooter. It has the power to give the most enjoyable ride. Unlike brands where you would need to buy a separate skateboard and scooter to achieve this, MorfBoard allows you to simply swap out the wheel extensions and the handlebar in order to transform your toy completely.

MorfBoard is all you’ll ever need to satisfy every playtime need of your children. MorfBoard makes use of a lock and release technology which allows you to swap between a scooter and a skateboard.
You might be a little concerned about the fact that both skating and riding a scooter are two entirely different experiences. So, MorfBoard might not be able to provide the same kind of experience.

Using MorfBoard as a Scooter:

Scooters are one of the most popular toys in almost all households. Kids love to glide through their neighborhood in their scooters. What gives MorfBoard the right essence is its rigid build quality. The rigid base and flat wheels together allow users to have complete control over their scooter at all times.

The extended wheelbase and the front extended truck wheels provide perfect stability to your scooter. The brakes on the scooter are another essential part of this product. You might feel like the brakes are not up to the mark. However, once you start riding, you can easily get to know the degree of control you will have over your scooter.

Using MorfBoard as a Skateboard:

By simply removing the scooter extensions and adding skateboard extension completely transforms the entire device. Other than being slightly heavier than a traditional skateboard, MorfBoard provides its users with the experience of riding an actual skateboard.

The flex on the entire device is minimal. Thus, ensuring long durability. The wheels that are used on this device are of high quality and give away very minimal resistance. This skateboard is designed primarily for kids who are learning skateboarding. The board is heavier and hence provides extra stability to this device.



Other Extensions available for the MorfBoard:

The MorfBoard is targeted at kids and teenagers who have just started to learn skateboarding. As balancing is vital to learning both scooter and skateboard, MorfBoard has a dedicated balance extension itself. This includes a balance and a set of blocks that allow you to ride on the board till the edge.

The high-quality roller is very well built and helps to improve your balancing game at any place you like. The best part about the Morf Balance is that you can use it indoors, outdoors or any other place that you like.

Another great extension is the Morf Bounce. This helps you to show off your bouncing skills on a skateboard. The fact that an extension allows you to grab air is a major selling point. The two balls that make this possible are very well designed in order to avoid regular wear and tear.
Additionally, the adjustable foot straps mean that you can adjust it to the size of your feet. Thus, allowing you to jump around indoors as well as outdoors.

Do you get the same Skateboarding and Scooter experience with the MorfBoard?

One of the biggest concerns of the buyers is if you get the same experience with the MorfBoard. MorfBoard is a product designed specifically for kids who have just started learning how to skateboard.
The skateboard base of this product is heavier than others, which might make it hard to perform some of the tricks on this product. However, the weight simply adds more stability to the skateboard, making it easy for anyone who has just started to learn skateboarding.

If you get bored of skateboarding , you can simply pop-off those skating wheels and use the scooter extension parts that have also been provided along with the package. Due to the lock and release technology that is being used in this product, one can easily swap between the extensions. Once the scooter extensions are on, you can glide around the city just like any other scooter.

The anti-slip grip provided on the T-Bar of the scooter is a great advantage and provides this scooter a premium feel. The lean-to steer feature provided due to the addition of the trucks allows kids to simply shift their body weight in order to steer.

The MorfBoard flaunts a completely plastic body which might raise a few eyebrows. Previously when such a product was released, the flex of the board alone made it impossible to be used as a skateboard. Unlike other products, the plastic used on the MorfBoard is rigid while being light enough to not hurt the entire experience.

Should you buy the MorfBoard?

The MorfBoard is undoubtedly pricier than any other skateboard. However, as this can be easily converted into a scooter as well, the collective cost would be lesser than buying them separately. With the availability of a couple more extensions, the MorfBoard is the only board that you would ever need in order to satisfy your kid’s needs.