Here’s How You Can Modify Your Nerf Guns to Make Them Better

Everybody loves Nerf Guns! With the thrill and feeling of adventure, they are also one of the favorites among the children. With a huge range to choose from, you also get to have a solid long-term solution to keep your child interested.

Nerf Guns are insanely awesome devices that take you into a fantasy world where you can unleash your inner spy. It is every child’s right to get the best from their Nerf Guns and that’s why we have compiled a list of modifications to make them their best nerf snipers and defense guns.

Simple Methods to Modify Your Nerf Guns

Create a Sniper Scope

A very common way to modify your Nerf Gun is by creating a sniper scope. It not only helps you in aiming better but, also gives your Nerf Gun a more professional look.

What you need:

  • A small magnifying glass
  • Toilet/Kitchen paper cardboard roll
  • A cutter
  • Duct tape

Steps to Create the Sniper Scope

To create a sniper scope for you Nerf Gun, follow these steps.

Step 1: Carefully remove the lens from the device. If you’re using a magnifying glass for, make sure you remove the glass carefully so as to not damage or scratch it as it can reduce its quality.

Step 2: After successfully removing the magnifying glass, measure its diameter.

Step 3: Keeping the diameter in mind, make a cut in the cardboard tube. This cut should be large enough to slide the glass through the tube but not too big to make it unstable.

Step 4: After you’ve successfully inserted the lens into the tube, seal the glass and the cut on the tube using the duct tape. Wrap it around the tube two to three times for a nice, clean look.

Step 5: Attach the tube to the gun using the duct tape. And you have your Nerf Gun modified with a sniper scope.

Here’s How You Can Modify Your Nerf Guns to Make Them Better

Give Your Nerf Gun a New Look

Though Nerf Guns are the coolest outdoor toys on this planet, their fading colors and old designs can dampen the fun. So here is a simple trick to make your Nerf Gun look new and stunning.

What will you need:

  • A can of Spray Paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • A liquid cleaner
  • Clean and dry cloth
  • Sand Paper

Steps to paint your Nerf Gun

Painting your Nerf Gun can be a little tricky. Follow these steps to correctly paint your gun without harming it.

Step 1: Select the right spray paints for your Nerf Guns. Make sure that the paint is fit for plastics like Krylon Fusion.

Step 2: Thoroughly clean the Nerf Gun and dry it with a clean cloth. An ammonia-based cleaner is best for this purpose.

Step 3: Using a screwdriver, dismantle the nerf gun very carefully. Nerf guns have springs and blasters that may pop as soon as the screw loosens which makes it vulnerable to getting lost. Moreover, make sure you know the layout before dismantling it, or you can take a picture to be sure.

Step 4: When you have all the pieces you want to paint separated, rub sandpaper upon the pieces lightly to remove the old paint. Using a cloth, remove dust from the plastic.

Step 5: When the surface is clean and dry, take the painter’s tape and cover all the places you don’t want to be painted and move onto the pieces.

Step 6: Let the paint dry and reverse the taped areas to paint the other parts with a different color.

Step 7: Reassemble the gun and it is good to go.

Modify the Nerf Gun’s Longshot

Getting your Nerf Gun fire long distances is what we all wish. With these simple tricks, you can do just that.

Seal the Clip Slot

What you need:

  • Flashlight
  • Tape

Step 1: First and foremost, empty your barrel of all the darts.

Step 2: Once you’re sure that the barrel is empty, pull and push the rod just as you’d when you reload the gun.

Step 3: Next, turn the gun upside down and observe the Clip Slot. Here, you’ll have to use a flashlight to clearly look into the small space.

Step 4: In the clip slot, you will notice a small hole which lets the air escape when firing the gun. This air stops the gun from reaching its full potential, so shut it off with tape..

Step 5: Once the plug hole is sealed, reload the gun with the darts and move on to fire.

Upgrading the Spring

What You Need:

  • A screwdriver
  • A cutter
  • Pliers
  • A hammer
  • A good quality spring to replace the old one

Step 1: To replace the spring of the Nerf Gun you have to unscrew and dismantle the gun. While dismantling, do not forget to keep the screws safe and remember the original layout.

Step 2: You have to access the plunger tube to reach the spring. This tube is located in the middle of the gun with two small tubes connected to it. It can be easily removed by unscrewing the tube.

Step 3: You have to separate the larger tube and unscrew the black plastic keeping it together.

Step 4: There are three prongs inside the plunger tube. Using the pliers (long-mouthed pliers), cut off these three prongs.

Step 5: Finally, using a hammer knock out the last remaining peg in the plunger tube.

Step 6: After this, you can take out the cylindrical piece of plastic which has the spring wrapped around it. Remove this spring and attach the new one to it.

Step 7: Lastly, following the steps backward, screw the tube back into the plunger and screw the plunger back into the gun. Voila! You have a modified Nerf Gun ready to shoot.

Modify Your Nerf Guns Today

With this article, we have shared with you the easiest methods to modify your Nerf Gun into a better version. We aim to give you the best in the simplest ways possible. So without further ado, go ahead and own the game!