You Can Master Nerf Guns: Here’s How

Nerf is a toy brand created by the Park brothers, and is currently owned by Hasbro. This brand is one of a kind with most products based out of foam. No doubt, this company has been a success with their most successful product, the Nerf blasters!

This company has made products that use foam and can be used indoors. You can play with foam and not damage the things inside your home. Many even believe that Nerf stands for “Non-expanding recreational foam”. This indoor game has always been gained attention and is widely accepted by children.

This outdoor game has evolved to the point where you need more than just physical skills. While firing foam bullets, being able to hit your target is actually a skill. There are many Nerf guns that are slow or need to be reloaded before firing another shot, like the Nerf snipers. This means that being able to hit the right target often becomes the deciding point as to whether you will survive or be killed by the enemy.

You Can Master Nerf Guns Here’s How

This game has the potential to turn the gameplay into a situation, wherein you need to think as if it were a real war – where every action of yours decides the fate of the outcome of the game. Here are a few tips on how you can be an expert in playing with a Nerf gun:

Tip 1

Using the ammo properly is very important. There will be several situations in the gameplay where you would need to reload your gun quickly so as to beat the enemy. It can be a problem if you store your ammo tied up inside the zip at the back of your pants. You should have the ammo always at-ready and should be always within your reach. The reload-speed plays an important role towards your standing in the game. It helps if you have the proper nerf gun for it.

Tip 2

There can be times when you are out of ammo and caught right in the line of sight of an enemy. In situations like these, you must not recklessly jump back to your base. If the enemy knows that you are out of ammo, they are most probably going to hunt you down with whatever weapon they have. The most important thing to do when you are out of ammo is to not let the enemy know about it. You might want to rush them a bit by acting like you have ammo. This might lead to the retreat of the enemy and you might be able to reach your already fired bullets. This might not work always, but is worth a try when you don’t have anything.

Tip 3

You don’t need to reload the complete clip always. Many tend to forget this while in the game. If you find anyone coming towards you while reloading, just fire the bullet in your gun. Firing the complete clip does not matter. Many players lose because they were just not having a full clip of darts while someone shot them. Avoid doing this mistake.

Tip 4

Try to establish a base or camp. Getting a proper base for your team is very important and you must choose a place where at least one side is covered with a wall. You can use this base to exchange ammo and communicate physically with your team members.

Many times, bases become the point of the fight and if you are not prepared to defend your base properly, it is better to get all the equipment packed and fleeing the area. You can inform the other team members through a walkie-talkie to either recapture the base or build a new one.

Tip 5

Neither are you a pro, nor is this real war. This is gameplay and you should play it like one. Many players tend to give in to their rage and end up getting injured. This is a simple game and you are supposed to enjoy it. Also, carry just enough equipment. If you carry a lot of clips and darts, you won’t be able to cross a barricade with the heavy dressing. Carrying one primary gun, two spare clips and 5-6 darts should be sufficient.

Remember that just like most other games and sports, using a Nerf gun also needs practice. You can adjust your gun to suit your style and test it on a few stationary objects to get an idea of your accuracy.

To make the game more fun and disciplined, you can assign roles to team members like commander and defender. All tactics and strategies are meant to only make the game more exciting because in the end – it’s all about how much you enjoy it.