How To Fix A Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot?

Nerf guns are the most popular gaming guns and outdoor toys that people play with. These guns are used to shoot over a range of foam items. All guns that shoot over foams are generally called Nerf guns despite their brands. In this article, we will help you with how to fix a nerf gun that won’t shoot.

Nerf is a famous brand and produces only quality guns. The guns are safe for kids as well. Nerf guns work like ordinary guns, but they do no harm to you or your surroundings. It is a popular toy action figure. Normally, Nerf guns do not need any fixing, but if your Nerf guns do not shoot, there are some simple ways you can fix them.

How To Fix A Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot?

Sometimes, when you shoot a nerf gun, it doesn’t work at all. It means there is some problem internally or externally. So, how to fix a nerf gun that won’t shoot?

Your first try of fixing it must be the identification of where the problem is. Is it in the plunger? Or is it the trigger? Sit and check the parts where you are experiencing difficulty in the shooting.

You will require a lot of patience to figure it out, and that’s the hardest part. Once you find out where you need to fix, it becomes very easy. If you are a pro-Nerf gun shooter, you would already figure out the problem before anyone else. Experience with your Nerf gun will prove very valuable before fixing it.

Once you have figured out where the problem is, do not jump to fixing it. Gather all the tools necessary to fix it. Always lay a newspaper before fixing a nerf gun. Loss of one screw will lead to a wobbly gun, leaving you worse than before. Remove the screws with an appropriate screwdriver.

How To Fix A Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot

Some Nerf guns have transparent bodies in the loading barrel, and others, however, do not. For the opaque plastic, there is no other way to repair than removing the screws. Be cautious of the number of screws you are removing. Remove the screws in some order (say, clockwise, or anti-clockwise) and keep them carefully.

Now you have the open parts of Nerf gun to explore. Trigger the gun and see where you need to fix it. You will quickly find the part that is not working. Most probably the problem would be the triggers or the plungers.

If the problem is the trigger, you will need to take out the springs and check for their conditions. If the trigger has been broken, you can substitute it with a convenient piece of hard plastic. You can tape them together for immediate needs.

If the problem is the plunger, identify where the plunger does not work. The loading barrel and the plunger could be aligned in different positions. Adjust the space. If the problems still persist, you can check out the manual. You must understand how the Nerf gun works in order to repair it.


Repairing a Nerf gun is quite easy. You will often find the substitute parts available in stores. Try to fix a gun by yourself. Moreover, you can seek help from others if you find it difficult.