Easy to Tips to Keep Your Favorite Nerf Guns in Shape

Nerf guns are very popular toys among kids who like the adventure and thrill of pretending like an agent on a mission in the outdoors. Nerf guns give your child a realistic experience and are completely safe to use. The darts have proved to be very accurate and travel long distances. Nerf guns are quite easy to maintain and do not require any out-of-box measures for their upkeep.

As a parent, you want your child’s toys to be long-lasting and safe. We are well aware that children’s toys are not very cheap and it is also a well-established fact that children are not very good at taking care of their things. The best Nerf guns are a very good investment as they don’t rupture very easily and save your money as they tend to keep your child’s attention for a long time.

They come in various different models that have their own benefits. The two most common types of Nerf guns are spring guns and air/pump guns. In this article, we have shared a number of simple tricks to keep the toy in a good condition for a long time.

Easy to Tips to Keep Your Favorite Nerf Guns in Shape

Here are some easy-to-do things to keep the nerf guns long-lasting

1) Spring Guns

Tips to maintain your spring guns-

  • Do not dry fire

Nothing causes more damage to a nerf gun than dry firing. Dry firing is the phenomenon of firing the gun without any darts in it.  When a spring Nerf gun is dry-fired it causes a collision between the plunger head and the post of the barrel. This can make the barrel chip and eventually break.

The continuous dry firing will also stress the spring and reduce the life of the Nerf gun. Thus, you should avoid dry firing at all costs.

  • Do not keep the clip loaded when not in use

Keeping a loaded clip will weaken the spring. When not in use, you should make sure that the clip is unloaded as it stresses the spring and reduces its life.

To keep your Spring Nerf Gun in a good working condition, you first need to know what all can cause a problem. With spring guns, as the name suggests, you should focus on keeping the spring healthy. Dry firing and a loaded gun are the two main reasons that cause damage and so must be avoided.

2) Pump/Air Guns

Tips to maintain your pump/air guns-

  • Keep them Clean of dust and dirt

The most common reason for the withering of air or pump Nerf guns is because of the accumulation of dust. Regular clean-ups of Nerf guns with Q-tips or moist rags can avoid them from getting jammed.

  • Check for leaks

Air/Pump Nerf guns are a little more prone to leaks and other damages than the spring ones. To keep them long-lasting, make sure you regularly check the gun for any leaks by immersing it in water. Also, you can avoid getting it damaged by not keeping it in stuffed places.

If you find a leak, you can easily patch up the holes or make other repairs before they harm the gun further.

  • Keep it lubricated

Lubricating the moving parts will avoid unnecessary friction. Too much friction can damage the barrel and reduce the life of the Nerf Gun. This is why it is extremely necessary to lubricate the air/pump Nerf gun before use.

For plastics and rubber, lithium and silicone lubricants are the most suggested ones. Vaseline and pure petroleum jelly can also act as great lubricants.

Air pump guns are better than spring guns in many ways. However, they require a little more care than spring guns. Constant lubrication and clear airways will ensure that the gun will last long. Moreover, no matter what type of Nerf gun, you should regularly check it for damages. Small damages are repairable and early repairs can prevent the gun from being damaged more.

3) Custom Painted Guns

Tips to maintain your custom painted guns-

  • Apply a clear coat of varnish or some sealant on the blaster.

Varnishing or coating the blaster with a sealant will cover small scratches and dents that can cause problems in the future. Moreover, varnishes and sealants are a great way to keep your Nerf guns looking beautiful.

  • Place your guns away from rough surfaces

Rough surfaces cause Nerf guns more damage than anything else. Avoiding rough surfaces will keep the Nerf gun from getting scratched and damaged and thus, it will increase the gun’s life.

  • Keep it away from the sun.

This doesn’t mean that you can not take the gun out in the open. However,  leaving your custom-painted Nerf gun out in the open for hours will bleach its color and make it appear bland. To keep them in good condition, you must make sure that you’re keeping them away from the harsh sunlight.

For many people, custom painted guns are the best. Without a doubt, they offer a better choice, but they also need some extra pampering other than the usual care. For instance, you must keep them covered with a clear coat of varnish so as to add a protective layer over the paint. This will keep the gun looking new and also prevent it from getting scratched.

Keep Your Nerf Guns in Good Shape

Nerf guns make great gifts for adventure-loving children and keep your child’s attention in one place for a very long time. They are manufactured in such a way that they are completely safe to be used by children.

They come in various different models and colors so you can have the perfect toy for your child. Considering that children’s toys are not very cheap, we shared a few tips to keep them last long. Moreover, children are known for not letting their toys live a long life. As a parent, you can take some simple steps to make sure that Nerf guns don’t get damaged too soon.

It doesn’t matter what type of Nerf gun you buy, some common tips like keeping them lubricated and away from rough surfaces can keep them in good condition. This will not only save your money but will also keep them looking good.