Best Fitness Tracker For Kids 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

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Do you think that the fitness trackers for adults will be just as good for your kids? As much as they’ve helped you track and achieve your goals, you must be wondering if they will do the same for your kid or not? If you do, then this article will help you pinpoint the best fitness tracker for kids.

Children are probably the most active beings on the planet and they indulge in quite a lot of activities. These fitness trackers are there so that you can keep an eye on their movement and sleep cycle. They come in variations of colors and designs, but before we explore your options, let’s take a look at what factors you have to keep in mind while buying a fitness tracker for your kids.

Best Fitness Tracker For Kids


Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Fitness Tracker For Kids

1. Color and Design

Fitness trackers for adults have always come in monotonous colors and shades. With no particular design on the device, we’re sure that it might get a little boring to stare at all day. You definitely wouldn’t want your kid to get bored with the fitness tracker that you get them and luckily, most of the fitness trackers for kids come in such shades and designs that they will always keep the kid entertained.

From Spiderman to a glow-in-the-night fitness tracker, we have included all such devices that we think that your kid will enjoy having and playing with. Of course, it is a given that you should also take the interest, likes, and dislikes of the child while choosing a particular design for the fitness tracker.

2. Extra Features

Nowadays, these fitness trackers don’t just measure the steps you’ve taken in a day or what is your heart rate but have many extra features that we’d like you to take into consideration and see if it’d be beneficial for your kid or not.

Most of the fitness trackers that we have talked about in this article also check and give a whole report on the sleep cycle of the kid so that you can make changes in their routines if you want to. These fitness trackers also come with a feature called silent alarms. These alarms are not the loud ones that you may have to set to get up in the morning but their vibrating quality wakes up the children in a peaceful manner so they are not in a bad mood and enjoy doing their exercises.

Then there is also the waterproof feature in several fitness trackers. If you buy a fitness tracker that is waterproof, you won’t have to worry about the amount of perspiration your kid is doing nor would you have to worry when he or she is going into the pool. Some devices also come with modes according to the exercise or sport that the kid might be doing so that it can accurately map out and count the physical activity they are partaking in.

3. Battery Life and Charging

Fitness trackers run on a full charge for quite a while, some even for a full week. Considering that they track even the sleep cycle of the children, they need to be recharged quite a lot so that your child can make use of the device as much as possible. While most companies claim that their product will last for weeks on one single charge, there is always a condition that follows.

You just have to be careful about this factor while buying fitness trackers for your kid and even yourself! Some activity trackers are rechargeable by USB and you won’t have to look for a charger or a port. There are all sorts of fitness trackers and you will just have to keep a lookout for the best one for your kid.

4. Durability

We could have covered this factor under extra features but this factor needs a special glance. As we know already, kids are hyperactive beings and clumsy due to which they injure themselves a lot. When they’re falling on their arm, there is a chance that they might end up harming the fitness tracker too so it is suggested that you go for a fitness tracker that is made from quite a durable material.

5. Accuracy

You must be wondering how accurate these devices are and if you’re not a daily user of such apps or devices that count your steps or track your heartbeat, we are here to tell you that these fitness trackers are much more accurate than your smartphone apps. That may be because they are on your wrists 24/7 but that is also because they have technology that has been designed so that it gives you a full and correct data.

When it comes to measuring your kid’s heart rate, these fitness trackers have proven to be quite to the point because of the feedback that they get from your pulse on your wrist. Stanford University researchers have found that these devices use LED lights to monitor blood movement.

While anyone can measure their own pulse or heart rate by placing their hand on their wrist, the calorie count is a tricky business. The devices have to also take into account the age, weight, height, gender, fitness level, and exertion level. You can read more about the study here:

Fitness trackers do have a long way to go before they become strikingly accurate but for now, you can rely on the products in this list to be as accurate as they get.

6. Phone Sync

You can also download an app on your phone to sync with the fitness tracker so you have all the past reports in one place and you can look back on them whenever you want. These apps also come with educational and fun games which your child can play. Icons or characters in the app celebrate along with a child when they achieve their daily goals.

You can also sync your child’s phone, if they have one, to the fitness tracker so that they don’t end up losing their phone and can themselves keep a track of how they’re doing and where they can put in more effort.

7. Priority

Do you want your kid to have fun while exercising? Or do you want to monitor his or her daily routine? The reason why you’re buying the device in the first place makes for a very important factor that you need to keep in mind while buying a fitness tracker.

When considering the product itself, do you give more significance to counting the calories or the steps that your kid has taken or their sleep cycle? If you tell them what you want out of them and the devices then they will certainly land on your expectations and the consistent use of the fitness tracker will help the kids adapt easier to the routine.

8. Price

You might think that the price of these fitness trackers can’t possibly be too much and while you’re right, there are some that ask for more but are worth every penny. It is a good investment if you or your loved one is enjoying the product. You’ll just have to keep in mind that the more the features, chances are that the more it will be pricier. With such variations of features, your child will have fun while he or she is exercising and your money would have been spent worthwhile.

Let’s look at the amazing list of best fitness tracker for kids now!

Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker For Kids 2020

1.Marvel Spiderman Fitness Tracker

Marvel Spiderman Fitness Tracker

This marvel spiderman kids fitness tracker comes in two modes out of which you can choose: stretchy and adjustable. It also comes with an interactive app experience so that your kids can have their own fun and you can also keep a lookout on what they’re doing. The fitness tracker measures sleep, and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity.

This swim-friendly band features a customizable color screen and a user-replaceable battery that lasts more than a year and requires no recharging. Parents can access chore management and reward tools on the parent-controlled app. The app along with the designer watch motivates kids to achieve small goals that unlock adventure and several other games.

So that you can get your kid more interested in this smartwatch, tell them that they can also unlock icons such as Marvel Spiderman and fight with them in the never-ending battle against evil. You can buy the fitness tracker with an adjustable band here:


2.Letscom Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker automatically tracks the heart rate of your kid and does so continuously. Along with heart rate, it also gives a concise report of the consistency and duration of your child’s sleep so you can help them adjust to a healthier and active lifestyle.

It records your kid’s activity throughout the whole day including steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, and sleep status. There are 14 exercise modes on this fitness tracker which help you understand better the specific activity data. You can connect this fitness tracker to the GPS on your phone and it will show you the run status of your kid like pace and distance.

You can easily charge this fitness tracker by using any USB block and computer and you won’t have to worry about a charging cable and dock. One charge will give you seven days worth of work. It may not have an attractive design but the usability of the tracker along with its waterproof features makes it the best fitness tracker for kids. You can buy one here:


3.Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker

Garmin vívofit jr

Available in three really cool colors and designs, this fitness tracker is probably the one that your kids have been asking to buy. With no recharging, this fitness tracker can go on for a year. The display size of the tracker is 0.39 x 0.39 inches and is situated right in the middle of the patterned surface.

It can be worn 24/7 by the kid, even in the swimming pool. The 5 ATM water resistance is certainly an appreciated feature as is clear by the reviews left on this product. With the display resolution of 64 x 64 pixels, nonstaining, and a stretchable band that fits most of the kids, you can be assured about this product.

Easy to put on, this fitness tracker is suitable for kids aged 4-9 years. The regular size of this watch accommodates wrists that are about 145 millimeters and XL fits wrists that are of 146-170 millimeters width. There is a compatible parent mobile app also available that can be used for fun or educational purposes or chore/behavior management. You can buy this fitness tracker here:


4. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

A product that is quite close to what adults use, this fitness tracker comes with an in-built watch and color combinations that are appealing and will make your kid more interested in being active. You can get the exact size for your kid with the wide range that this product has and track their sleep, give them bedtime reminders, and set silent alarms which make it a strong contender as the best fitness tracker for kids.

A bit pricer than others, this fitness tracker has features like badges along with on-screen celebrations whenever your kid achieves his or her goal. It also tracks steps and active minutes while kids jump, skid, and jump their way into a healthier life. The syncing range of the fitness tracker is up to 6 meters.

Your kid can jump into the pool from a diving board twenty meters above and this fitness tracker would be safe and working properly. One charge provides it with enough battery to last at least 5 days which is bound to change under the influence of other factors. You can pair Ace 2 to a child account so as to access a limited kid view. The kids can also challenge their friends into competitions and send each other messages or cheers via the app. Buy this super-fun fitness tracker here:


5. Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker

Kids Fitness Tracker Activity Tracker for Kids

Available in six colors, two of which are additional bands, the price range of this fitness tracker is $24-$28. The gift set includes an activity tracker, an extra blue band, a reward chart, and a charger. The design of this fitness tracker is slim with a 0.86 inches OLED HD display, a touch key, and a soft band that will fit every kid.

Trendy Pro’s fitness wristband promotes regular exercise and physical activity while having fun. It features vibrating reminders for the same along with silent alarms and notifications. It also includes a family reward chart poster that provides encouragement to your child and family proving that it might just be the best fitness tracker for kids.

This kid’s activity tracker has been IP67 rated waterproof – it functions perfectly even when exposed to moisture. You can feel free to let your kid sweat it off while exercising or let him go to the swimming pool to cool off after the exercise. This kid’s digital watch for kids is designed to give you and your child the opportunity to work together by setting goals for physical fitness, sleep hours, and exercise activity.

Buy the improved 2019 version here:


6. YoYoFit Activity Tracker

YoYoFit Activity Tracker

Available in six colors ranging from a luminous green to a more cool purple, this stretchable activity tracker is just the one you need for your kid. The best fitness tracker for kids, this tracks the children’s daily steps, distance, and calories, helping them do exercise while having fun and reaching their goals. The continuous and automatic, wrist-based heart rate tracking will help you get a better understanding of your kid’s fitness level.

Along with heart rate, this device also automatically tracks your kid’s sleep duration and consistency of the same to provide you a more comprehensive analysis of their sleep pattern. It can wake up the kid peacefully with a silent vibrate feature. It has several features including GPS tracker so that you can keep a lookout for where your kid is.

It supports sports like running, cycling, football, sit-ups, treadmill, and football and your kid can freely choose the mode that they would like to do. App oriented and interactive, this watch falls under the range of $15-$22. You can buy this pedometer here:


7. Toobur Fitness Activity Tracker

Toobur Fitness Activity Tracker

This fitness tracker comes under $21 and is a set of fitness trackers for both an adult and a kid. With the slimmest design around and high-quality dual bands, they make the most suitable fitness trackers for both adults and kids aged 8+. These devices are made of flexible, durable TPU material, they do not contain any harmful substance.

Lightweight and comfortable, these fitness trackers bring comfortable experience when you and your kid exercise, sleep, and beyond. It is also a great method of getting you to exercise together with your child. Track your or your kids’ steps, distance, and calories burning automatically, and view this data easily on your activity tracker watch or smartphone app.

Automatically track how well you and or your kid sleep at night, get the data about your sleep trends through the night in the app. The silent vibration alarm clock can wake your kid up without disturbing others.

A built-in USB interface design, you can easily charge these trackers with the help of any USB adapter without an external charger. After a charge of 1-2 hours, you can use it again for the next 7 days without charging which varies in different conditions. You can buy this tracker right here:


8. OumuEle Fitness Tracker

OumuEle Fitness Tracker

This one is waterproof and comes with two extra bands that can be attached. Available in five cool colors, this fitness tracker is the one you want to buy. This keeps an eye on your sleep pattern and cycles as well as your heart rate. The device tracks real-time heart rate and sleep duration continuously and automatically. With the comprehensive data and report that it will provide you, you will be able to switch the routine of your kid for optimum results.

It works and records the data throughout the day accurately. Activities that it accounts for are steps, distance, calories burned, and active minutes so you can remain motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also gives sedentary alerts so that your kids can do the minimum amount of exercise that is required from them every day.

It has several other multiple functions: calorie counter, remote camera, alarm clock, and an anti-lost feature, etc. which make it the best fitness tracker for kids. Your kid can wash their hands or go in for a swim wearing these and they wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the product. It can be easily charged with the use of any USB block and computer with one single charge giving up to 7 days of working time.

Buy this innovative and multi-feature pedometer here:


9. Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker

Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker

Available in five colors that please the eye, this fitness tracker will accurately track your kid’s steps, distance traveled, calories burned, activity time all day. With 14 training modes, there is a huge scope for your kid to have fun while sweating a little.

Equipped with the latest HR sensor, this device will give you accurate readings of the heart rate of your kid. It is wired to automatically detect sleep between 9 pm to 8 am and analyze your kid’s sleep quality with deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time. The silent vibration alarm can wake your kid up without disturbing others.

IP68 waterproof approved, this pedometer watch can be used when swimming or diving. The 0.96 inch LCD color screen offers excellent HD image quality. The slim and cool design makes it quite unique from other smart bands. The brightness of the screen is adjustable so that your kid doesn’t end up harming their eyes.

There are other features available in this activity tracker such as camera control, a sedentary alert so that your kid can exercise at least for a couple of minutes, wrist sense, and a GPS that maps the run path of your kid. This fitness watch, like many others, can also be charged by using a USB port which gives it up to 7 days of working time. You can buy this activity tracker here:


10. Yamay Fitness Tracker For Kids

Yamay Fitness Tracker For Kids

Probably the cheapest of the bunch, these fitness trackers come in four colors and cost less than $10. This fitness tracker has all the traditional functions as a fitness tracker and adopts the most popular features in 2019 such as color screen and dual-color bands.

It also has features like IP68 waterproof standard, making the best fitness tracker for kids and a good choice to track your health. A powerful fitness tracker, it can accurately track your kid’s daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned and activity time all day automatically. It also supports additional 14 sports tracking to help you better monitor the various workouts your kid indulges in.

This activity tracker has adopted the latest HR sensor for accurate and effective heart rate monitoring. It will detect your sleep automatically at night and analyze your sleep by telling you the exact time your kid fell into a deep sleep, transitioned into a light sleep, and when they woke. The silent vibration alarm feature can wake your kid up without in a gentle and peaceful manner.

The company has also offered to answer whatever questions that you might have about this product. They reply to most buyer messages in less than 12 hours so you can be confident while buying this product:



Q1. What materials are used in a fitness tracker for kids?

Ans. It is given that you’d worry about what kind of materials are used in something that will be on the body of your kid almost the whole day. The fitness trackers are made of a flexible material so that your kid’s wrist doesn’t feel trapped by it. Some activity trackers are made of latex-free materials which makes it similar to several other health and fitness-related products. This latex-free material is also lightweight and flexible.

Some fitness trackers for kids are made of waterproof material so that the product is protected against the perspiration of your kid and the water when they go into the pool or wash their hands.

Q2. Do fitness trackers improve health?

Ans. Several studies have been done keeping this question as a hypothesis and most of these studies have proven that they do improve the health of the person. These studies have shown that constantly using a fitness tracker, even the one that tracks your steps via an app on your phone can increase your steps per day by more than 1.6 kilometers. It will help your kid even more if they establish daily goals and get reinforcement from you. You can read more about this here:

Q3. Is the GPS feature really necessary in the fitness tracker for kids?

Ans. There is always the fear of losing your child in a crowded area or when they are anywhere outside of the house so having the GPS feature in the fitness tracker could help you out during those situations. It also helps to map out the run route of the kid if they have one but if your kid feels like you’ll be infringing on their privacy, we’d advise you to get a fitness tracker without this GPS feature.

Q4. How long do fitness trackers last?

Ans. Fitness trackers last for about five years. Problems with the battery and other functionalities can lead to a decrease in performance. Their life can also reduce due to a broken strap or cracked screen.

Get the Best Fitness Tracker For Kids And Make Health An Important Part of Childhood Today!

We hope that we could help you as much as possible in pinpointing the best fitness tracker for kids. These devices will only help your child if they are interested in the field of sports or physical activities. It will help more if you are there to guide them or maybe even workout with them! Happy Shopping.