Why do people like Beyblades in 2020?

While the popularity of the famous TV series “Beyblade” has waned a little over the years, the game itself still continues to be a mega-hit among the younger generation. A few years back, Pokemon and Beyblade were two shows in constant competition over the attention of the kids, and while the kids have grown up, they continue to associate some level of nostalgia with it.

What exactly is the Beyblade game and how is it associated with the TV show? Well, to put it simply, it’s the brand name for spinning tops. However, unlike simple spinning tops, these have high speed blades that are used against each other in battles in the Beyblade arena. The kid whose top endures the longest spin wins. Kids tend to take these battles very seriously and have found different styles of attacks and combination of parts to make the Best Beyblade.

 5 reasons People like Beyblades in 2020

1. The Customizability Factor!

Beyblade comes in multiple designs, with different types of tops, blades, disks, and launchers. Bonus points for being able to combine different parts of Beyblade to make an entirely new, complex Beyblade. The company has made tons of them and all of the tops are customizable and can be assembled together.

Thanks to these choices, no Beyblade is similar to another. When your child gets in an arena for a Beyblade tournament, they will never know what kind of Beyblade their opponent has or the features the Beyblade will have, and so is the case for the opponent.

2. A National Level Toy Tournament

Beyblade tournaments are held on a regional and national level in schools in many countries. This gives the children a chance to interact with kids from different backgrounds and even different countries, unlike most toys which only allow them to play and compete with their friends and siblings.

When one wins a small tournament, they are further eligible to participate in the World Beyblade Championship, where only 22 kids are allowed entry. This brings a healthy amount of competitive spirit among them and allows them to meet new people and make more friends in the process, all over a game that takes place in a square or rectangle shaped box known as the Bey arena.

3. A Safe Game

It used to be hard to get kids away from the Television screens, and these days, from their laptop and phone screens. However, Beyblade is one of the few games that can make them leave the safety of the couch and get them glued to seeing tops spinning around all day instead.

4. The Mediums

While the first TV series was written by Takao Aoki in 2001 on the Beyblade games were launched to promote the toy, the popularity has led it to be adapted into comics, video games, and animated games. The range of mediums gives kids all kinds of options and in some way, they are overexposed to Beyblade that they have no choice but to fall in love with it.

5.  Films!

It is not limited to the animated space either. Its popularity has led to the announcement of a live action movie, reportedly in works with Paramount Picture. The Beyblade rage is only going to get stronger!

Well, what are you waiting for?

It’s time for you to buy your kid the new series of Beyblades and watch, as they show their creativity and intelligence by creating customized versions.