Instruction manual for tamagotchi

Do you love the idea of having a pet but could never buy one due to trivial reasons? The best tamagotchi helps you get a pet without actually having to manage the fuss of an actual pet. It is a virtual pet which grows and evolves depending upon the level of care that you provide. It is not only restricted to managing your pet but also lets you play with your pet, take care of it when sick, and even make your Tamagotchi interact with other Tamagotchis like playing with novelty dolls in your childhood. You can play it with your friends, send them gifts, and have Tamababies with your friend’s Tamagotchis.

How to Get Started?

1. Once you buy your Tamagotchi, the first step is waking it up. Pull the tab from the side of the casing. After a long beep, your Tamagotchi will appear on screen.

2. You can reset your Tamagotchi by gently pressing the Reset button using a sharp object like pen, but putting too much pressure can cause damage to your device.

3. Press button(B) to set up time/date. You can scroll to the correct time and date using button(A) and set the date using button(B).

4. Next you should set up your date of birth. You might just be in for a surprise on your day.

5. Wait for 1 minute, you’ll be redirected to the normal screen where the gender of your Tamagotchi will be revealed. The male Hebi-chi is black in color while the female Hebi-chi is white.

6. You’ll be prompted to select a name which can have upto five characters. Use A button to scroll through the alphabets and B button to set the correct letter. Be careful as the name you select once cannot be changed.

Instruction manual for tamagotchi

The Gameplay

Your Tamagotchi goes through five stages of growth in its lifetime and evolves from an egg to a baby to a child and further transforms into a teenager, finally reaching adulthood. Its growth entirely depends upon how you treat your Tamagotchi. Your screen consists of various icons each denoting an action that is being taken or needs to be taken. Whenever you see a beep on your device, it means that your Tamagotchi is in need of something. For your Tamagotchi to grow, you have to feed it, play with it or discipline it.

The Hunger Meter

The Hunger Meter is present on the top left corner of your device. You can access it using button A. It contains information about your pet’s hunger level, happiness, level of discipline, age, weight, name, gender and generation.

  • The hunger level is proportional to the happiness of your Tamagotchi. Not feeding it on time will reduce the happiness level of your pet.
  • Level of discipline depends upon the training that you impart.
  • For every day of your gameplay, the age of your pet increases by 1 year. Feeding it too much increases its weight.
  • Gender helps you understand the possibility of having Tamababies, if your Tamagotchi has Tamababies, it will start a new generation. For ex Your Tamagotchi is Gen 1. If it has a baby, it will be Gen 2. Now if your Tamababy grows and has a baby, the baby will be Gen 3 and so on.

Actions for your Tamagotchi

1. Feeding: You can press button A to select the “Feed” icon and button B to choose what to feed your Tamagotchi. Depending upon its hunger level, you can feed it food or snack. Feeding it too less may make it sick while feeding too much will make it overweight.

2. Toilet: Your device indicates if your Tamagotchi has made a mess. Use button A to select the ‘Toilet’ icon and button B to clean up the mess.

3. Playing: You can play two types of games with your Tamagotchi, dancing and jumping. Select the “Game” icon using button A and button B to choose the game that you want to play. The dance game consists of following your Tamagotchi’s dance moves while the jumping game involves jumping over hurdles using button B, and controlling its movement using button A and C.

4. Connecting: You can play games or exchange gifts with other Tamagotchi after setting up an IR connection. When you scroll to the “IR” icon using button A and select it using button B, your device goes into a stand-by mode. When another Tamagotchi is positioned face to face with it, you can press B button to build a connection.

5. Building Relationships: Exchanging gifts with other Tamagotchi increases your friendship level while playing games increases its happiness level. There are two games that you can play with other Tamagotchis, popping the balloon, and eating. The first to pop the balloon in case of the popping game and the first to finish their food in the eating game wins. Winning a game increases the happiness level, greater the happiness, better are its chances of winning.

After connecting several times with the other Tamagotchi, your relationship level becomes stronger. After this you can have babies. The female Tamagotchi gives birth to two babies, one stays with it and one goes to the male.

6. Discipline: If your Tamagotchi gets indisciplined, you can either praise or punish it. If it calls for food even when not hungry, you must praise it. If it refuses food even after being hungry, you must punish it.

7. Nursing: The skull icon represents that your Tamagotchi is sick. You can use button A to select the “health” icon and button B to nurse your Tamagotchi, sometimes repeatedly until its health improves. Use the “Lights” icon to turn off the lights when your Tamagotchi sleeps.

8. Notebook: It consists of the list of your friends and the level of friendship. You can select a friend in the list using button A and press button B twice to check the level of friendship. You have to delete a friend if the number of friends exceed 50 using button B.

9. Next Generation: If you do not find a partner, a matchmaker appears on screen and helps you find a partner for having Tamababies. Your Tamagotchi takes care of its baby automatically except for when it is sick. 24 hrs after the baby is born, the adult Tamagotchi disappears off screen. You can continue this process and reach further generations as long your Tamagotchis stay in good health.

10. Death: If your Tamagotchi dies, you can press button A and C. A new egg will appear and hatch after a few minutes.