Best Yoyos 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Yoyo was a widely popular toy back in the 80s. People loved it enough to have yoyo tournaments in the mall on the regular. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm fizzled out over time. Fortunately, this fad has been restarted all over the world, and is now bigger with the help of the internet. Adults who are looking to relive their childhoods by playing different sort of old games and kids who found themselves falling in love with this game are exchanging different tricks with each other.

The thing about a yoyo toy is that it is one of the most accessible playthings. Even the most expensive and best yoyos are actually pretty low on any price scale. Online shopping sites are filled with a variety of yoyos, going as far as making this toys for different levels of experience. Now let us help you decide by presenting you with this list of the 10 best yoyos in the world.


Before that, let’s take a look at the benefits of playing with a yoyo and a short tutorial on how to select your yoyo.

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Advantages of Playing The Best Yoyo 2021

If you are buying this yoyo for a child, you might be curious about whether playing with a yoyo helps in a kid’s mental and physical development in any way. It is actually one of the best mediums to improve your child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. Let’s take a detailed look, shall we?

1. Hand Eye Coordination

This benefit might be quite obvious. Playing with a yoyo requires a child to concentrate with both their eyes and hands at the same time, learning how and when to manipulate the trick along with where the yoyo should be aimed. Naturally, this provides quite a bit of exercise to the child’s brain and improves their concentration skills.

2. Learning Physics

You can use this opportunity to teach a child about basic Physics in the most practical form possible. While practicing playing with a yoyo, it’s important to understand gravity, inertia, centrifugal force, and other such factors. They can see how centrifugal force affects an object while playing with the said object.

3. Spatial Awareness

As mentioned before, children need to learn where and how to throw the yoyo. This way, they become aware of the distance between objects and how objects affect each other. Their mind starts forming pictures and calculating the world around them. Thus, it increases their spatial awareness.

4. Emotional Development

Yoyo playing can lead to friendly competition among children. There are plenty of yoyo players out there, available both offline and online. A healthy match can teach children about winning and losing and how to deal with both these situations.

Now that we have processed some of the health benefits of yoyo play, let’s start on how to select your yoyo.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Best Yoyo 2021 For You

How you choose your yoyo, mostly depends on your level of expertise. There is also the price factor. While yoyos by unknown brands aren’t necessarily bad, they can be quite difficult to play with. It is generally recommended that you go for a bit pricier and branded one.

1. Non-Sleeping Yoyo

Non-Sleeping Yoyo is a match made in heaven for beginners. Most players can learn about six to seven tricks on non-sleeping yoyos. Winding up a non-sleeping yoyo is easy. All one needs to do is pull the string while throwing the yoyo at the floor. As it falls downward, it will begin to unwind. Even after it has reached the end, the yoyo will keep spinning due to the kinetic energy. Once you tug on the yoyo, it will return back to you, winding back up in the process.

2. Slip String YoYo

Slip strings are more appropriate for intermediate learners. It is possible to perform tricks like the sleeper with, which in turn opens up a world of more yoyo tricks. In slip string yoyos, the strings are twice the size of what they look.

It starts with a finger loop that’s tied all around the yoyo at the other end, wrapped around the axle and then back to the finger. Around the axle, the yoyo is seated in a small string loop. It is this loop that lets the yoyo sleep until it comes to a full rotation or the user jerks it back to the hand.

3. Transaxle Yoyo

This is the type of yoyo that is most suitable for a professional yoyo player. Unlike the non-sleeping, and slip-string yoyo, instead of the string looping around the axle, a non-struggling ball bearing ring is connected to the axle. The string stays wrapped around the ring but forms no contact with the axle. This ensures a longer spinning yoyo and a string with a good life cycle.

Now that we understand the different types of yoyos available, we can happily proceed to browsing through the 14 best yoyos available online.

Top 14 Best Yoyos 2021

1. Yoyo King Merlin Pro

Yoyo King Merlin ProYoyo King’s Merlin Pro comes in three colors: yellow, blue and white, with a yellow string. It weighs about 63.8 gram, has a width of 38.11 mm and has a diameter of 54.3 mm. As the shape of this yoyo is such that the gap is wider in the middle and the edges of the yoyo are longer, it adds weight to it which helps the yoyo spin for a longer amount of time and faster. It also helps keep balance and stability.

The silicon response system is in works for this one, along with a narrow C-sized bearing. The narrow C bearing typically means that once you tug on the string of the yoyo, it wakes up and comes back to your hand, much like a traditional yoyo.

The responsiveness for this one makes it just right for the standard amount of tricks. In fact, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, tricks like Trapeze, Split The Atom, Braintwister or the Double or Nothing can be easily picked up. From the customers’ responses, it can be gathered that not only is it made of good quality hard plastic but it is also as responsive as the company claims.


2. Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo

Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yo-YoOne of Duncan’s bestsellers in the yoyo department, this one comes with free strings and colors such as pink, blue and green. The transparent unique design only serves to make the .16 gram yoyo look more attractive. Made of durable and high-quality plastic, it is equipped with auto return technology.

It reflexes are similar to that of a boomerang, returning to its owner with the help of a centrifugal clutch when it has finished it’s spin without requiring the string to be tugged. This reflex is possible because of the high speed transaxle and the lightweight body, which makes it possible to perform various tricks. Reflex yoyos are usually perfect for beginners, even referred to as the “yo-yo with training wheels” in some cases.


3. Unresponsive Yoyo

Unresponsive YoyoP.Lotor’s V1 is the latest in their line of unresponsive yoyos. This one comes with splashes of red and blue, black and gold, and has a shiny, brand new vibe to the design. If your kid plans to have a yoyo match with his or her friends, he would love to show this one-off.

It might be slightly expensive compared to other yoyos, but the price is justified by the design and the bearing. Speaking of bearing, this one has size C KK bearing. Naturally, the revolution time is fast, but stable, and has a long sleep time.

The 6061 aluminum used on it makes up part of the price too, along with the anodic oxidation and the resistance towards rusting. The length of the string can be adjusted by the owner. Tying a small loop at the end of the string will do the job. The item also comes with a gift package, so this might be one of the best yoyos in the world to gift to your nephew or niece.


4. Magic YoYo N8 Unresponsive Yoyo

Magic YoYo N8 Unresponsive YoyoThis 53mm diameter yoyo is available in blue and red – the classic colors. It’s a bit cheaper than the previous one but is just as durable, because it is made of aluminum alloy. This allows for stable revolution and a high-speed balanced routine.

As desired, the idling time is long. Mastering string tricks like 1A, 3A, 5A – all of which are possible with this yoyo – goes a long way in heightening motor skills and hand-eye coordination in kids. The silicone response system and ball bearing axle definitely ensure longer spinning time.

This package comes with 6 strings, 1 glove, and 1 pouch. This is appropriate for kids who are 5 year in age or older. While beginners are welcome to try this one, it is one of the best professional yoyos in the market.


5. Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo

Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-YoAppearing as metallic as the name suggests, Duncan’s Metal Drifter has a smaller diameter than most. Only Duncan has rights over the design of this yoyo. It is made of high-quality precision machined aluminum and is equipped with a counterweight. The counterweight aids in freehand style yoyo playing.

The exceptional performance is highlighted by the fact that is is an unresponsive yoyo, which makes it just right for professional play. It also has a high-speed ball bearing axle. For a metal drifter, it’s quite cheap. It is perfect for intermediate yoyo players who are planning to jump on to the next step. It’s no wonder it has made it into the list of best yoyos in the world.


6. Magicyoyo Responsive Yoyo

Magicyoyo Responsive YoyoAnother one from Magicyoyo, this one is a quite low on the price scale and is on the responsive side. The K1-Plus is available with regular slim bearings. Heavier than the previous edition – 65g for accurate measurement – this is for kids of ages 8 and up. The lack of weighting rings only adds to the fun. Glove set, bag and 3 replacement strings are part of the parcel.

This yoyo is even more durable than the earlier edition, allowing kids to do tricks like finger spin with side shafts. The basic 1A, 3A and 5A tricks can also be mastered with this one. It comes with an instruction manual that tells you the exact way to attach the yoyo. The brand only assures the quality further, as Magicyoyo is a brand established in the year 2004 and has years of experience in the toy market.


7. YoYoFactory Velocity Yoyo

YoYoFactory Velocity YoyoPremium polycarbonate, metal, and wood make up this durable yoyo. The performance level is high for this one. This is because of the plastic or metal sleeve covering the axle, which allows for long and smooth spins. The use of aerodynamic design principles reduces the dragging during rotation, which automatically makes for a better spin.

A glove, a pouch, and extra strings are also provided, which only justify the pricing. The best part is it comes with a dial-in on either side. One side is ready for responsive play, while winding the other side gears it up for unresponsive play.

This Yoyo is perfect for kids of all ages over 3. It isn’t important whether they are beginners, intermediates or professionals, they are guaranteed a fun time. String and looping tricks are only a few of the tricks that can be performed with this one. The variety of the target market makes it one of the best yoyos in the world.


8. Spintastics Tornado 2 Ball

Spintastics Tornado 2 BallAnother traditional yoyo, this one comes alive with a tug of the string. This 60gm yoyo has a long spin time and a professional design. Interestingly enough, this is actually designed by the World Yoyo champion, Dale Oliver. If you tell the recipient of your gift this simple fact, the admiration for this yoyo is sure to go up.

The yoyo string comes installed from the get-go. The yoyo can be taken apart to fit into a more comfortable design as well. This Spintastics yoyo is for the older, more experienced kids, preferably 12 years and older. This is definitely one of the best yoyos in the world.


9. YoYo Factory-Replay Pro

YoYo Factory-Replay ProSimilar to the previous recommendation from Yoyofactory, this yoyo also comes with responsive and unresponsive dials, along with a plastic covered axle that ensures smooth play. The most striking factor of Replay Pro would be the variety of colors in which it is available. It transforms from marble colors to orange and blue. There’s a wide range in the graphics area too, instantly making it attractive.

Strings tricks are slicker and easier with this one, courtesy of the butterfly shape of the dash. In general, it is made with fierce yoyo competition in mind. If your kid is planning to become a professional, he or she might want to get started with this one.


10. Ametoys Magic Yoyo

Ametoys Magic YoyoSlim responsive bearing and made of 6061 aluminum, this one has a stable routine. Promoted as the “magic yoyo”, it promises to cultivate your hand-eye coordination skills along with building up your reflexes and creativity. The surface of the yoyo is super smooth – a gift of the sandblasting finish. The color doesn’t fade and it is extremely unlikely to get scratches. It’s quite durable and the company assures it will last for a long time without breaking.


11. Magicyoyo Silencer M001-B Yo-yo Ball Aluminum6061

Magicyoyo Silencer M001-B Yo-yo Ball Aluminum6061The entire body and even the weight ring of this yoyo is made with alloy 6061. The high quality of the yoyo ensures an ultra smooth performance and an incredible stable play. The center bearing is made of stainless steel. So, one thing you never need to worry about is the yoyo rusting. The body is butterfly shaped while the rims are silver colored.

The axle is of steel which makes the spinning capability of the yoyo smoother. The yoyo itself is quite wide and large, and has good balance capabilities. The spin time is long and it is quite easy to catch with the string. This is better for kids with at least some knowledge in yoyo play. It is unresponsive so you have to pull the string to wake it up. The black color gives it a cool, adult vibe. Good yoyo players can perform tricks like 1A, 3A, 5A with it. This is the best yoyo for performing acrobatic tricks and increasing your child’s hand eye coordination skills in the process.


12. Yomega Raider – Professional Responsive Ball Bearing Yoyo

Yomega Raider - Professional Responsive Ball Bearing YoyoThe first things you will notice about the yoyo is the pink graphics, almost giving it a candy like visual. This is the go to yoyo for advanced yoyo players all over the world. The bearing system is of precision roller, which ensures a perfect balance between response, spin time and speed. It lets the player have more control over the yoyo, so it should not be a surprise as to why it is popular with players around the world.

It is even better to perform looping tricks with it. For 2 handed players, it allows them to have a perfect grip over the direction of the yoyo. As this is specifically designed for professionals and advanced players, the yoyo helps with performing really complex tricks that requires the spins to be longer and smoother. The ball bearing system is simply advanced in terms of technology and Yomega promises it is the best in the industry.


13. Big Time Toys Yoyo Ball Automatic Return Yo-Yo Multicolor

Big Time Toys Yoyo Ball Automatic Return Yo-Yo MulticolorBig time plans on giving a twist to the traditional yoyo with this line. There is no need to rewind for this one. It will come back to your kid on its own. The combination of different colors makes it exciting for little kids, especially the ones getting acquainted with yoyo. This the best yoyo for beginners, as it is made of durable plastic and can withstand the abuse of little hands.

As long as your kid is over 3, you can gift it to them. The optimum cheap price makes it all the more appealing, especially for kids you do not know whether they will get attached to they toy or not. Though customer review suggest, the kids can stop playing with it, going on for hours and hours.


14. Inone Aurora Yoyo Designed For Kids

Inone Aurora YoyoNot only does the yoyo have an interesting blue and green color with a matt finish, the package itself comes with 10 strings. Your child can play and pull on the string as much as they want and might even break it, but they will always have 9 more replacement ready at hand. For a professional yoyo, this is quite cheap and at an affordable price for most parents.

The company’s motto is to spread the joy of yoyos and make more people know about it. Made with aluminum 6061 which is durable and has an advanced sand blasting finish and has even the touch of double anodizing process. Aurora’s yoyo is perfect for any kind of situation. If your kid is a beginner, he or she can practice with it and if they are a practiced player, well they are ready to take it to tournaments.

Their finger flexibility will be off the chart with this! The silicon response system means the play is stable with this one while the 10 ball bearing makes it fast. 1A, 3A, and 5A string tricks can be easily performed with this one. Certainly one of the best yoyos to gift your kid.


Make Your Children Live Your Childhood With The Best Yoyos!

If you are particularly looking for a Yoyo which can be perfect for a 2 handed player, Yomega Raider – Professional Responsive Ball Bearing Yoyo should be your choice. As this is specifically designed for professionals and advanced players, the yoyo helps with performing really complex tricks that requires the spins to be longer and smoother. It allows them to have a perfect grip over the direction of the yoyo.

We hope you have found the best yoyo that is closest to your heart’s desire and suits your skill set, depending on who you are choosing it for – be it you or your kids or nephews and nieces. If you are satisfied with the yoyo you decide to purchase, you are always welcome to come back to this page and find more yoyos to gift other people and spread joy.