Best Tamagotchi 2021– Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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For those not familiar with the toy, it’s a digital game that comes in the form of an egg-shaped toy. In the game, the player takes care of a creature that is supposedly hatched by the toy. Much like a baby, it needs to be fed, looked after and played with, otherwise, it can die from the lack of care, as detailed by our instruction manual for Tamagotchi.

For those familiar with the game, you must have two reasons for being here: either you’re looking for the bet Tamagotchi for your kids or nephews or nieces, which is a really good idea. Or, you’re looking to play Tamagotchi yourself, hoping to relive the old days through one of your favorite games.  Also, here it would be good to mention that besides Tamogotchi, building blocks or even playing with yoyos could be such nostalgic ways to get back the essence of your long lost childhood too.

Before we get to the list, how about a mini guide on how to choose the best Tamagotchi?


Like all other things in life, the answer to this question depends on what exactly you’re looking for. However, there are certain preset criteria that can help you arrive at the decision faster. These factors are made with your needs and interest in mind. Let’s see!

How To Choose The Best Tamagotchi?

1 . The Color of Your Tamagotchi

Tomogotchi cases come in all shades of colors. It doesn’t matter which version it is, new color schemes are being made for every version to make it more interesting. Red, blue, green, black or even rainbow colors are available now. It’s no fun playing a game if looking at the toy doesn’t give you joy, which is more so true for little children.

However, if you are looking for the original best tamagotchis – they are available only in limited colors, it’s best not to be picky about the color.

2. The Pattern Of Your Choice

If we are paying attention to the color, it’s just as important that we offer the same honor to the patterns on the case. The patterns run from stripes to polka dots to animal prints. Again, it doesn’t really affect the game as much as it is a matter of your aesthetic choices. Especially if you are getting this Tamagotchi as a gift. Make sure you have the color and pattern down, as it’s only polite to gift someone what they want.

3. The Original Or The New Version

Do you want the older Tomogatchi from the 90s or would you prefer a modern one? The older one can be hard to find, but the nostalgia needs to be fed and there is no harm in looking. A lot of the new ones are modeled after the original ones. You can settle for one of them if you don’t find the original which are comparable to someof the best tamogotchis, in our opinion.

If you are planning to give this to a child, you don’t need to worry about getting them the older one. Children are far more adaptable and digitally advanced now. In fact, they would probably feel a lot more satisfied with the modern version with its plethora of features.

4. The Size

The size is something you need to consider thoroughly. The newer Tamagotchis are about twice the size of the older ones. Which makes it harder to carry around, attached to your bag. On the other hand, as it is larger, the graphics are easier to look at.

5. The Mode

The stipulations of the game have changed too. Traditionally, if not cared for, Tamogatchis die if they are not taken proper care for. They also die when their time is due, that is when they are old. In the newer version, they may die but they can also run away due to neglect, and the chances of running away are much higher than death.

Since this was actually one of the criticisms of the original Tamagotchi, the death factor is upsetting. If you are sensitive or you don’t want a kid to feel sad, you may opt for the version with runaway mode.

6. The Cost Factor

Tamagotchis are found in a variety of prices. It can be quite costly, depending on if it’s the original or the newer version. Slightly older but not entirely authentic versions can cost a little less. There are also copies available in the market. They are a lot cheaper but usually have fewer functions.

In the end, it depends on whether you are willing to pay a larger amount or are content with fun but cheaper versions. There’s also the shipping fee, but if the item costs a lot, that wouldn’t be included. Just make sure to keep these factors in mind before ordering.

This narrowed down list of the best tamagotchis will help you make your choice quicker than you would expect.

Top 10 Best Tamagotchi For Kids 2021

1 . Bandai Tamagotchi 4U White

Bandai Tamagotchi 4U WhiteAbsolutely perfect for children over 6 years of age, Bandai’s 4U Tamagotchi is a new generation wonder. Appearance wise, it’s close to the Tamagotchi of the 90s. You can connect to another Tamagotchi on this device by using the touch function. Fortune telling can be be done after exchanging profiles through this. It has a colorful screen with personal customization available, that lets faceplates pop on and off the toy.

There is also the charm strap which you can connect the cover of the device to. By using the 4U app, you can download new characters and items. It’s even possible to raise your own Tamagotchi, along with the other 7 slots available. The language of the toy is actually Japanese and not English. However, the customers claim that the language barrier isn’t a problem, as the toy is intuitive enough.


2. Tamagotchi Mini

Tamagotchi MiniThis is a really small and simple version of the classic Tamagotchi, made in celebration of its 20th anniversary. It closely resembles the authentic digital pet. This dark pink and white color Tamagotchi deserves to be fed, cleaned and taken care of.

While Tamagotchis are originally for children, this one was made with the nostalgic adults in mind, or adults who never got the chance to play with it as a kid. It has the CR2032 battery and can be attached to your bag, so it can follow you everywhere.


3. Yidarton Electronic Pets Child Toy

Yidarton Electronic Pets Child ToyThis tamagotchi is securely protected by a tumbler dinosaur egg, and comes with a keychain. There are many animals- 49 to be precise- to choose from and the cost is quite low. This is one of best Tamagotchi toys made for both the adults and children. It works on 2 1.5 V batteries.


4. Tamagotchi Friends

Tamagotchi FriendsThis one is large with pink hearts all over it and a screen that closely resembles the old video game screen. While it doesn’t come with a key chain, one can be easily added to it. According to the customers, it can be played alone but it’s more fun when it’s connected to other Tamagotchis and cute accessories, and texts are shared among the friends.

For an adult, this is smaller than the palm of their hand, and thus, easier for a little kid to carry around.


5. Tamagotchi Electronic Game

Tamagotchi Electronic GameDelivered along with the CR2032 batteries and on a chain, the color is the same as the original version. This rainbow themed toy is brought straight back from 1997. In this one, you can feed your pet, turn the lights off and on for it, play with it or give it medicine after you’ve checked its health, flush the toilet after its trip to the toilet and even teach it discipline. There’s also character games where you have to guess your Tamagotchi’s moving pattern.


6. Tamagotchi m!x Spacy m!x Ver

Tamagotchi m!x Spacy m!x VerThis Tamagotchi toy is a mix of happy colors that zigzag across the toy and the screen with pink as the primary background.

New and limited edition characters, along with way better quality graphics, this one is only 4.5 inches in size. The batteries are sold separately and there should be 2 AAA batteries. Again, this one is in Japanese.


7. Tamagotchi 4U Blue

Tamagotchi 4U BlueThis one’s blue and colorful. It makes for one of the best Christmas gifts for children over 6 years. As it works on 2 AAA batteries which are included with the toy, it must be noted that it can be connected to the 4U app for more items.

Of course, there’s the added bonus of being able to connect with other Tamagotchi users and exchanging profiles. Sadly, it is only available in Japanese but a little adapter or the quick help of Google translate can solve your problem; not to mention that Tamagotchis are quite intuitional.


8. Tamagotchi Electronic Game Black

Tamagotchi Electronic Game BlackThis black Tamagotchi looks almost like a watch, with its small size and because of the key chain attached to it. It can be attached to you bag or backpack so you can carry it everywhere, giving it the constant attention it needs. This one comes with a bonus character guessing game along with a CR2032 battery.


9. Tamagotchi m!x Dream m!x ver. Pink

Tamagotchi m!x Dream m!x ver. PinkJust as the name suggests, this Tamagotchi looks like it came straight out of a dream, what with the starry skies and ribbons adorning the toy and an equally sparkling screen. Rhinestone is attached to it and 2 AAAA batteries are required which are sold separately.

The customers are quite satisfied with it – feeling a boost of nostalgia because of the added glitter. The price is quite high, but that is expected from a Tamagotchi that is of as high quality as this one.


10. Tamagotchi Electronic Pets Toys

Tamagotchi Electronic Pets ToysAnother one of the dinosaur egg encased Tamagotchi toys, this one’s quite cheap. It features Tamagotchi toys which are for all genders and come along with batteries. Made of plastic, the animals in the game are chicken, dog, duck and many others. If you order this, you will get a random colored egg, which makes it all the more exciting.


11. Tamagotchi On – Magic (Green)

Tamagotchi On - Magic (Green)Tamagotchi On has improved a lot over time, and has become ready for an entirely new generation of kids to gift them with the best interactive virtual pet. Your kid can take care of his or her “My Tama,” the name given to the pet, by feeding it at regular intervals and then helping it clean up after eating.

Your kid also needs to help Tama make more friends, go shopping with it, let it explore the world by travelling and even get a Tama pet of its own. As this is the magic theme, it comes with a package of an exclusive land and 2 exclusive characters.

There is simply no end to this game. When your kid Tama gets married, your kid can work to make its Tama build its own family tree. That is have kids of their own. Your kid can decide what features the Tama kids will have. Will they have eyes like their dad or a nose like their mom? What about the type of body they will have? There are a lot of things that can be done with this simple game.

Not only this, your kid can connect with other Tamagotchi devices and the Tamas can then go on playdates together, or go shopping and if they really connect, even get married. There are also mini games in built in the device that needs to be played so that your kid can get gotchi points and buy food and accessories for the Tama.

The device itself is very pleasant to look at. It is a soothing sab green with rainbow and stars drawn over it. The graphics of the game is quite high quality, with a very colorful set up and yet very video game style. The only thing the package lacks is the 2 AAA batteries that is needed to run the device, but it can be brought from any local store.


12. Tamagotchi Electronic Game, Green Glitter

Tamagotchi Electronic Game, Green GlitterThis is a major throwback to the original Tamagotchi game from back in 1997. This classic has all the function of the previous Tamagotchi. Your kid needs to feed it and turn the lights on and off for it depending on when it needs to sleep and when it has to wake up. When the Tamagotchi is sick, it needs to be given medicine.

For this, your kids needs to check on its health from time to time to make sure it is feeling well and is getting proper care at all times. After the Tamagotchi has used the bathroom, your kid will have to flush the bathroom for it. Then, if the Tamagotchi is still bothering your kid after it has been fed, cleaned up and is all happy, then your kid needs to learn how to discipline it. Essentially, it is like your little one has a kid of their own.

The device also comes with characters games, like the ones where your child will have to guess the direction the Tamagotchi will move next. The game has 7 adult characters in built from the start. Your kid needs to take care of his or her Tama from when its an egg with utmost care, as this will ultimately decide which of the 7 adults the Tamawill end up evolving into.

From an aesthetic point of view, the device is a glittery green in color which the children will surely like, what’s with their fascination with anything sparkly.

As it is the size of a keychain, it also comes with a chain which your kid can use to attach the Tamagotchi to their clothes or to their bags and take it everywhere with them. The more they are with their Tamagotchi, the more they can make sure it is well taken care of. The battery required is already included in the package, so one does not need to worry about that either.


13. Tamagotchi x Eevee Pokemon Daisuki Eevee ver. Eivui Tamagotch

Tamagotchi x Eevee Pokemon Daisuki Eevee ver. Eivui TamagotchWho does not love a little bit of Pokemon? If you buy it for older kid, well they will certainly love getting lost in the nostalgia of when they used to be big Pokemon fans.

For the little ones, they are probably getting acquainted with the classic series right now, and having a electronic pet that resembles one of the most beloved Pokemon character of all times will make them more responsible towards their pet and make them more invested in the game. As they love Pokemon, especially Eevee, they will be more inspired to take care of her properly.

This Tamagotchi is exactly the size of a keychain and has a nice yellow graphics with a chain attached to it. It makes the Tamagotchi easy to carry around everywhere and make sure Eevee is getting the proper care at all times.

If your child takes good care of this electronice pet, they will be surprised to find out that unlike the Tamagotchis that simply get older and stronger, this one comes with its own Pokemon twist. Instead of simply ageing, Eevee can evolve based on how well it is treated.  


Get the Best Tamagotchi For Your Kid

We have found that Bandai Tamagotchi 4U White is one of the most fun Tamogotchies to play with because it has a colorful screen which can be customized and that lets faceplates pop on and off the toy.

We hope that after going through this list, it is expected you have already found the Best Tamagotchi for your kid or your intended gift recipient’s dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Order and dive deep into the game of friendly dependant pets.