Best Beyblades 2020 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

1 . Takaratomy B-127
Takaratomy B-127 Beyblade Burst Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.EV Attack Starter
2. Burst Starter
Beyblade Burst Starter Pack Spryzen S2
3. Metal Poison
Beyblade Metal Poison Serpent SW145SD BB-69
1 . Takaratomy B-127
Takaratomy B-127 Beyblade Burst Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.EV Attack Starter
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2. Burst Starter
Beyblade Burst Starter Pack Spryzen S2
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3. Metal Poison
Beyblade Metal Poison Serpent SW145SD BB-69
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If you are here, you either already know what a Beyblade is and are looking for one for your kid, or you have no idea but someone told you this would work as a good gift for your kid and so, you are searching for the best beyblades to gift him.

Well, essentially, Beyblade is a game where two players compete against each other with the help of spinning tops inside a stadium. The game itself still continues to be a mega-hit among the younger generation. It’s no wonder that people still prefer toys like Beyblades.

The point system is such that a player gets a point when the Beyblade of the opponent is no longer spinning, or is somehow not inside the stadium anymore. If the Beyblade of a player bursts during a game, then the opponent is awarded two points. The first one to reach seven points is the clear winner.

best beyblades

There are four different types of Beyblade are available in the market. Let’s have a look at what is the best beyblade.


Types of the Best Beyblades

1. Attack Or Striker

The attack Beyblade types come with a flat tip. This allows the Beyblades to have better contact with the stadium. This way, it is more mobile and quicker as compared to other tips. The crazy speed means when the Beyblade has contact with other Beyblades, the impact is way bigger. The forge disc weight of the attacking Beyblades do not get spread much, this leads to really unpredictable as well as aggressive movements. The energy layer also plays a significant role here. As it is serrated, it becomes easier to grab on to the opponent and end up in a burst finish.

2. Defense Or Defender

After that, there are the defence type blades. The defence types are the heaviest in build. This is so that when they have a clash with the opponent’s Beyblade, the impact on the beyblade is way smaller. The energy layer is round and smooth in this case, which makes it quite hard for the opponent to get a grip on. The tips are either round or have a ball bearing system, so that it is stable.

3.Endurance or Stamina

The tip is thin in case of Stamina type Beyblade. This is so that the friction between the stadium and the blade is limited. This helps them keep the rotation going for a long period of time; way more than any other type of Beyblades. The forge disk is evenly spread to make sure the stability is high.

4. Combination or Balance

The balance type of Beyblade might be last on the list, but they are equally important. Balance type is essentially a balance between attack, stamina, and defence. By combining all the types, it is either stronger than all the other types, or weaker than the others, depending on the opponent’s skills. This is done by mixing up the tip of a stamina type with the forge disc of defence type, and then a serrated layer is added, modeled after the attack type.

The Parts Of Beyblade

One thing you need to know about good Beyblades is that the top, ricord, and launcher, all come unassembled. You are the one who is going to have to set it up. Though Beyblades usually do not require any kind of special tools, some Beyblades do require a screwdriver. You can usually find the screwdriver with the packaging.

Usually, good Beyblades have a total of four parts. The combination of all these four parts determines how a Beyblade will perform in the Beystadium. In fact, if you have lots of Beyblades, you can even create a combination out of them. The four parts are:

1. Attack Ring

The attack ring usually determines the aggression level of the top. There are basically three types of attack ring. There is the attack type, which is used when attacking another Beyblade. The defence type is useful in defending itself from an attacking type. The balance type is effective in both attack and defence.

2. Weight Disk

The weight disk determines the balance level of your top. The power and energy is also depended upon the weights of its steel disk. You can tell what type of Beyblade it is by looking at the weight of the disk. If the disk is heavy, it belongs to the attack category. If the weight is medium, it is a defence type. Lightweight disk are suitable for both attack and defence.

3. Spin Gear

Spin gear determines the direction the top will rotate in. It controls the top and directs it towards the way it prefers, whether it is left or right.

4. Blade Base

Blade base takes care of the pattern a Beyblade will have while rotating in Beystadium. There are three types of blade base. The smooth head base helps in movement, the circle head base helps in balancing, the needle head base keep the beyblade steady.

best beyblades

Factors To Consider While Looking For The Best Beyblade

When it comes to choosing Beyblades, how would you know what is the best beyblade. It is quite easy to get carried away as there are innumerable beyblade types availabe in the market. The diversity is so huge that everything looks good. Performance, design, ability, cost, everything is so wildly different for each Beyblade.

You are going to need a lot of time and energy while choosing the top Beyblade in the world. While we have the top 10 beyblades in the list, we are going to show you how to choose your Beyblade first.

1. Get An Idea About The Beyblade System

The classic Beyblade tops used to be made up of 4 sections. There was the blade base, weight disk, bit chip and attack ring. The blade base was mainly responsible for the movement of the Beyblade. The disk offered it leverage and basically the strength the Beyblade will have over other Beyblades. The chip is just for the purpose of decoration. Like with most things, Beyblade has evolved a lot over time.

Some has magnets in it which helps it attract other tops, while some has engine gear mechanism that is capable of influencing the top of its opponent during a battle. Others rely heavily on a metal mechanism which employs the use of metal to the top heavier and faster than what is normal. All this difference simply reinforces one thing, you need to conduct an exhasutive amount of research on Beyblades before you are ready to buy one.

2. Learn About The Type Of Beyblade You Need

This has been covered more comprehensively in the previous section. Beyblades have 4 categories: balance, attack, stamina and defence. Each one of them possesses its own set of strength and weakness. It is only obvious that you need to have really in-depth knowledge on the wide variety of tops that are available for battle. Attack Beyblades are quite sturdy and have a violent disposition. They go around the stadium quite fast and carelessly. It is perfect when the opponent is using a stamina Beyblade.

Defence Beyblades are exactly as they are named. They are defensive in nature. They move little, and slowly, and mostly spin at the centre of the stadium. They wait for the opponent Beyblade to attack first and thus, it makes them efficient against attack Beyblades.

Stamina Beyblades are the ones that spin for a long, long time. They can outlast all the other categories of Beyblades. This makes them the ideal opponent for Defence Beyblades. Balance Beyblades are the all rounders of the Beyblade world. They can be used against all the other categories and has qualities from all the other three.

3. Consider The Different Stadiums

Beystadiums are the name of the arenas where Beyblades are played. To the general population, they look very much like normal plastic trays. However, they have a function of their own. The style of the stadium changes depending on the firm that is making it. That means, every time the players play in a new stadium, they have a different set of challenges to overcome.

The first order of business while shopping for the stadium is to consider the shape of the arena, as it affects how the Beyblade would move inside it. For example, an attack bouncer would move in any way it wishes in a square arena, while in a circular arena, the movement of the Beyblade will turn circular in nature too.

Another thing about stadium that you need to consider is the walls. Some stadiums have gaps on the walls, through which you can knock out your opponent. Others have pockets where the Beyblades can fall into while in the middle of a game.

4. And Finally, Choose The Right Launcher

For a battle to begin, each player has to choose a Beyblade and a launcher first. The beyblade and the arena are not the only thing responsible for the result of a game, the launcher you pick has some hand in it too. For instance, a launcher with a strong grip will let you exert more control over the Beyblade and will let you perform tricky shots in a manner that is quick and efficient.

If you have the right launcher, you can easily defeat the defense top at the centre of a stadium, even in the absence of a stamina Beyblade. The most common type of launcher is the Ripcord launcher. This is because they start working when your pull a ripcord. String launcher, on the other hand, uses pull strings which helps in creating more force and increases the amounts of spin. If you combine string launcher with a defence beyblade, it becomes more stable. If you combine it with a stamina type, it even lasts longer than what is normal for stamina types.


Different Launching Styles Of The Best Beyblades

If you are going to buy Beyblades, you are going to want your kids to be good at it. And if you want your kids to be good in it, you might want to read up on the different launching styles, as they determine how good of a Beyblade player you are.

1. Parallel launch

When you are at the beginning, your first inclination it to launch the Beyblade with the launcher level in a way that is parallel to the floor. In this case, if your top is high speed, your blade will most likely circle fast and quickly to the outside of the stadium.

If your opponent is using a defence type Beyblade, and staying exactly at the middle of the stadium, you will lose your momentum way fast compared to them. When you do collide, the speed of your blade will end up being so slow, that your opponent’s blade will be barely affected.

2. Banking launch

In this one, you have to keep you launcher in parallel to the Beystadium angle.

3. Sliding launch

Sliding launch is a bit trickier than the banking launch. In this one, you will have to continue pushing your launcher forward while performing the banking launch. Your blade is going to get a boost of energy and spin in a way that resembles the shape of a flower. This is mainly useful for attack type of blades, as they tend to collide with opponent blades more often.

4. Weak Shooting

Weak shooting has some similarities with parallel launch, but you will have to pull the ripcord slower than what is usual in this case. The Beyblade will move at a leisure place and won’t have a clear pattern for its movement, which makes it the perfect launching way against attack type opponent.

These are some of the basic launch styles. If you watch the series, you will discover a whole lot more!

Tips On How To Win The Beyblade Game

1. Always give a thorough look to all the material that comes with the Beyblade top. Read each and every section of the instruction manual. The package comes with enclose leaflets, which usually contains images of the tops in the middle of a battle and gives helpful hints and tips on launch angles and attack types that work for each kind of top. This will easily put your child at a better position than his or her competitors.

2. Repeating the previous piece of advice here. Always wait for your opponent to launch their blade first. This will automatically improve your chances of knocking your opponent down while the top is spinning or throw them out of the ring completely.

3. Observe your opponents. If this is your first time playing the Beyblade game or if your rival is a new opponent, closely follow their movements and observe how they play the game. Watch the type of Beyblade they choose for each match so you can choose a Beyblade top or launcher that will help you win against their strategy. It is also a good idea to learn from your opponent some techniques which you can use in match with others.

4. If the Beyblade you have chosen is defence type, pull the ripcord really fast. This can stay strong against your opponent’s attack, get a good spin going, and even knock your opponent out of the stadium. The best defence is always a good offence.

5. Observe where and how your opponent ends up spinning their Beyblade. If they go first, you can observe their angle of launching and take your aim keeping that in mind, often times forcing them out of the ring. If you pay close attention to the launching style, you can get a guess on where the Beyblade is going and you can make your plan on whether to attack, defence or outlast them with stamina from there. These are all some wonderful ways to score points.

Wait for your opponent to launch his or her blade instead of launching yours. You will be able to see the style they are using and react accordingly. This way, your aim would be to land your blade over theirs, or use such a great launch that they get attacked at the first try and their blade ends up bursting.


How To Play The Beyblade Game

Your kid most probably already known how to play the Beyblade game. If not, we are more than happy to help.

1. The first rule is that Beyblades need to be played inside the Beystadium. When letting your kids play with it, make sure they don’t set it up on a table or any kind of elevated surface. Also, ban them from leaning over the Beystadium while the tops are still spinning. The Beyblade could change its course any second and end up hitting your child’s face and causing serious injury.
2. The game has not begun until someone utters the most well known signal: 3,2, 1, Let IT Rip.
3. Only one Beyblade from each opponent is allowed during a battle and the game comes to a stop when one of the players top has stopped spinning or has been knocked out of the arena.
4. You will lose a point if your Beyblade touches the one of your opponents.
5. A player gets a point if their opponent somehow fails in launching their Beyblade into the arena.
6. In case of stadiums with penalty pocket, if yours gets into the Beyblade, your opponent will receive two points and vice versa.
7. The player whose Beyblade spins for the longest amount of time wins.
8. If a player touches the arena during the battle, the opponent automatically scores 3 points and the game is over.
9. 4 players can play together at a point of time, and out of them, the one that scores seven points before everyone else wins.


Safety Rules That Needs to Be Observed While Playing With A Beyblade

These are some of the safety rules that you must make sure your kid gets acquainted with before you hand them over their Beyblades.

1. Never, ever, aim or fire Beyblades at humans, animals, toys, TVs, and such things. Beyblade launches with a very fast motions and has sharp edges which could seriously hurt someone if it comes in contact with them at a high speed.

2. Be cautious when handling moving Beyblades yourself to. You would not want to hurt yourself either.

3. Launch Beyblades only inside the Beystadium. If they are launches on the floor, countertops, or tables, they can be seriously damaged. It also puts forward the safety issue of accidentally launching at another living being again, too.

4. Extra launch Rip Cords might seem like a good idea, but it actually is not. They can eventually cause the launcher mechanism some damage or even snap off.

5. Double weight disk maybe too heavy at times to be used with the same launcher for Beyblades.

6. Beyblade stadiums are mainly made out of plastic. With enough usage, they become susceptible to damage and can even be broken. If your kid is going to be a regular player, you are going to want to buy a couple of stadiums. Otherwise, you are going to have to take the time to carefully glue the broken pieces or scratches of the stadium.

7. Beyblades are mainly made of plastic. They are not as durable as other toys. You should not step on them, drop them from relatively high heights, stand on them or do anything else that could deal some serious damage to your Beyblades. If there are Beyblades you prefer over the others, take your time to clean them after each battle to make sure they are in pristine condition.

8. Do not launch your Beyblade from high angles or on hard surfaces. This can be dangerous for the blade base tip and can even break off in the middle of a battle.

Now, that we are aware of all the rules of Beyblade and the factors that needs to be considered before buying one, it is time we move on to the actual review of the Beyblades.

Top 10 Best Beyblades in 2020

1. Takaratomy B-127 Beyblade Burst Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.EV Attack Starter

Takaratomy B-127 Beyblade Burst Cho-Z Valkyrie.Z.EV Attack StarterThis is the third generation of the very popular Beyblade franchise. From the Takaratomy, this is an official product. This is a starter pack for the attack type of Beyblade and the top has designs of the the Cho-Z Valkyrie. First of all, the whole blue design is quite pleasing to look at. If you buy your kid this one, they are sure to take extra care of it.

The tip is brand new, and has an unusual shape, but when in use, it is really fast and makes the Bey better. The top is made of really strong plastic, and is durable. If this is your son or daughter’s first Beyblade, this is a good place to start.


2. Beyblades #Bb119 Japanese Metal Fusion Death Quetzalcoatl 125rdf 4d

Beyblades #Bb119 Japanese Metal Fusion Death Quetzalcoatl 125rdf 4dImported straight from Japan, this is the metal fusion battle top. The launcher is included in the package and is of the 4D kind. As it is a balance type of Beyblade, it can defend, attack and has considerable amount of stamina. Ideally, it is best to buy this for 7 to 10 year olds, as the Beyblade is a little heavy for the younger ones. It has a fusion wheel and rubber tip, which makes the spinning quite powerful. Definitely, one of the best picks for kids.


3. Metal Master Fusion Storm Pegasus/Flame Libra/Earth Eagle/ Lightning L-Drago with Launcher Grip Gyro top Flight Set

Metal Master Fusion Storm Pegasus, Flame Libra, Earth Eagle, Lightning L-Drago with Launcher Grip Gyro top Flight SetThe package comes with 4 spinning tops, 1 power launcher, 1 launcher grip and 1 normal launcher with winder. The base blades for this one are all randomly determines, and changes from package to package, which makes the anticipation fun. The fusion is of metal. The four spinning tops in the package means your kid and three of his friend can play at a time.


4. Beyblade Burst Starter Pack Spryzen S2

Beyblade Burst Starter Pack Spryzen S2Buying this might be an investment for future Beyblade battles, especially if your kid is addicted. The components of this one can be interchanges with other Beyblade burst tops. In a battle, if launched right, this one can burst the Beyblade of the opponent’s. You might want to buy a Beyblade burst stadium with this too, as they are usually recommended together.

The package includes, Energy Layer, Forge Disc, Performance Tip, launcher, and an instruction manual that has some helpful tips on how to play the Beyblade. This can be connected to the Beyblade Burst app and one can learn more tricks from there.


5. Takaratomy Beyblades #BB83 Japanese Metal Fusion DF145BS Premium Returns Booster Pisces Battle Top

Takaratomy Beyblades #BB83 Japanese Metal Fusion DF145BS Premium Returns Booster Pisces Battle TopThis is one of the booster packs for Beyblade. Imported directly from Japan, the top is metal fusion. It comes with the Bey sticker sheet. The top itself looks neat and modernistic, and very much like a metal material than a toy. The front contains the logo. This product is certainly one of the best.


6. Bey Burst Evolution Starter Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight with Two 4D Launcher Grip Set(4 in 1)

Bey Burst Evolution Starter Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight with Two 4D Launcher Grip Set(4 in 1)In this package, we have, 4 Burst, 2 Launchers , 1 Stadium, and 4 Stickers. The top is a result of metal and plastic. In fact, everything is made of environmental friendly material which are completely fine for children to use. In a battle, the tops can burst other tops. For children over 5, this is quite popular. This one might be one of the best beyblades for kids.


7. Beyblades #Bb118 Japanese Metal Fusion Starter Set Phantom Orion B:D 4d

Beyblades Bb118 Japanese Metal Fusion Starter Set Phantom Orion BD 4dThe 4D bottom comes with a gimmick that was previously non existent, making it a third generation Beyblade. Phantom Orion is a stamina type Beyblade. It even makes its appearance in the anime and the manga. It is of the unique kind, bearing a ball bearing system that is like Wolborg MS from the Hard Metal system. The system gives the Beyblade increased stamina and more stability. It can spin for 7 minutes and 32 seconds if left on its own. How is this not one of the best beyblades for kids, especially in a battle against defence type.


8. Beyblade Metal Poison Serpent SW145SD BB-69

Beyblade Metal Poison Serpent SW145SD BB-69The package includes 1 Face, 1 Clear Wheel, 1 Metal Wheel, 1 Track, 1 Bottom, 1 Light Launcher II, 1 Winder, 1 Tool, and 1 Sticker. This is a balance type Beyblade with a hybrid wheel system. The Bey usually spins in the right direction, however you can influence the movement with the right launching style. This Beyblade is quite rare, and is almost one of the few ones left. You might want to get it simply for bragging rights. This is also by the official manufacturers, so the quality is assured.


9. Topspeedgyro Bey Burst Starter Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight With Two 4d Launcher Grip Set(4 In 1)

Topspeedgyro Bey Burst Starter Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight With Two 4d Launcher Grip Set(4 In 1)The package includes 4 Burst, 2 Launchers, 1 Stadium, 4 Stickers. The patterns which can be seen on the sticker can be peeled off and instead attached to the top, making it look beautiful. Made of metal and plastic, this can burst other tops when it comes in contact at a high speed. The whole set only weights 1.14 pounds and the tops are all durable in nature. This might be one of the picks for kids over 5 year old.


10. Bey Burst Starter 4 in 1 Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight with 4D Launcher Grip Set

Bey Burst Starter 4 in 1 Battling Top Fusion Metal Master Rapidity Fight with 4D Launcher Grip SetAnother package that comes with 4 burst, 2 launcher, 1 stadium and 4 stickers. At least four friends can compete in the Beystadium at a point of time. The metal and plastic used to make this Beyblades are all non toxic in nature, and are made sure to be perfectly safe for kids to handle. The product is compatible with other Burst parts, accessories, launchers and rippers. For the launcher, the L port is compatible with the left whirling blade while the R port is compatible with the right one.


Get The Best BeyBlade For Your Kid Today!

If you are looking for the very first BeyBlade for your kid, we would recommend to go for Takaratomy-B-127-Beyblade-Valkyrie-Z-EV-Starter. The top of this product is made of really strong plastic, and is durable making it safe and sturdy for the beginners.

After going through this review, we are sure your head is spinning with the amount of knowledge you have acquired on the best Beyblades money can buy. You either just want to get the right gift for your kid and never see one again, or you just might want to sit down and play with them yourselves. It is okay to engage in activities that most people think are exclusively for children every once in a while. If nothing else, it would be a good opportunity for you to bond with them.