Novelty Toys

They say, “age is just a number” and they’re right.

From being little children to grow into a responsible adult(s) is a lot of work. We’ve all had that one constant companion as kids, one that listens to us without saying a word and plays whatever we want to play, our teddy bears and dolls have been with us throughout our childhood.

As an adult, we still get super excited when we see a cute stuffed toy or a pretty barbie, and it brings back a flood of childhood memories and tea parties in your dollhouse.

Remember those times where you couldn’t sleep without your doll or your teddy bear, and before your mum tucking you into bed, you would tuck all your stuffed animals into bed!

Toys, inherently have a way of taking us back to our younger selves. Those were the days that we didn’t have to care about anything in the world, no responsibilities and no bills to pay.  Your mom probably still has kept all your toys, your stuffed animals, your Ken and his Barbies, their clothes and shoes, safely, for memory’s sake.

If you look at your toys now, after all these years, it would definitely take you back in time to those moments of your life, where you would only play with your toys, without a care in the world.

Your toys have made you laugh, been there when you cried, heard all your little rants and were your best friends until you grew up and just didn’t need them anymore.

Here are some toys from your childhood that will make you nostalgic and leave you reminiscing about the good old days!

Physics of a beyblade

Physics of A Beyblade

Novelty toys are some of the best ways to learn physics concepts. Elucidation of almost every fundamental, elementary concept of physics can be found in nearly every playground all over the world. The slide teaches how slope affects the movement of bodies as well as the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy, while the …

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