Best Science Kits 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

1. Snap Circuits
Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100
2. Jenga
Jenga Classic Game
3. Scientific Explorer
Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit
1. Snap Circuits
Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100
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2. Jenga
Jenga Classic Game
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3. Scientific Explorer
Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit
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While it is important to teach the children how to read and how to do basic mathematics, science also has an equally important place. Having said that, it is also true that these days the best science kits or experiment games which are easily available in the market, some how, eases the job of the parents in order to make their children have the initial taste of science.

It is through science that a child starts to learn more about the world they are born in. As they grow up and start exploring, they would start with learning the names of different objects and living things around them such as plants, animals, bus and so on. Slowly, they will be taught how to give back to the environment.

Childhood is the best time to get your child started on the path of science. While we know it can be hard to choose the best science kit for your kid among the thousands that are available.


We have selected 15 out of them that by considering different age range and maturity level of your child. We have also prepared a mini guide that will help you make your decision faster.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting The Best Science Kits 2020

1. The Design

Toy sets are in no way meant to act as a replacement for formal school learning. Rather, it should be a complementary activity that would make children more curious about the science activity they do in school.

Science kits or toys take inspiration from what is taught in school and thus toys that can simulate those scientific activities are created.

This method helps children scientific concepts and principles, only it is done through more fun and gentle methods that makes the child more curious and enjoy the activity.

While choosing science kits for kids, you need to make sure the toy is something that would be enjoyed by them, otherwise, it defeats the purpose.

2. Does It Have Educational Value?

Exactly what quality is supposed to make you think of a toy as something that has educational value? Well, for a science kit to be considered so, the demonstration of a scientific concept isn’t the only thing it has to do. Your child should understand the reasoning behind the concept. They should get a good idea of the cause and effect system.

At first, you have to attract the child’s attention through demonstration. Children generally have a short attention span. So it is important the demonstration something that keeps their attention. Then, this demonstration should be followed up with an explanation of the science through the toy.

The goal isn’t only to introduce children to science but make them realize that science is wherever they look. The main goal is to make this very connection a fun thing.

3. Whether It Is Easy To Use?

A scientist exists in the heart of every child. The natural drive to explore the world around them, to discover new stuff, to learn about new things, to create something from whatever resource they have and to experiment with their discover is always there from the moment they come into this world.

We think of it as our responsibility to help you find the science kits that will nurture this very curiosity. Toys that will encourage them to learn more about the world so they never lose their adventurous nature way into adulthood.

As this was our goal, we focused on finding science kits that would be easy to use for kids who fit into the particular age ranges. Some of the scient kits could require some extra supplies but you shouldn’t have any problem finding them.

4. The Difference between STEM and STEAM?

It is quite easy to get confused between the word STEM and STEAM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM toys are those that incorporate these qualities into their toys. As for STEAM, it includes art in this teaching method as well.

5. What Is The Importance Of STEM For A Child?

Over the years, several studies have been conducted on the importance of STEM. The conclusion has been the same. At an early age, playing with STEM inspired toys can lead children to develop their critical thinking skills faster.

By experimenting with these interesting kits at this early age, they would be of more curious nature, always looking to invent new things, even if it isn’t necessarily related to science.

6. Are Educational Toys Actually Helpful?

Definitely, we can never ignore the importance of educational toys. Children are faster learners. Way more than adults, in fact. When they learn things at an early age, they have an easier time retaining these concepts. The act of teaching this through toys makes the process much more fun and entertaining for kids.

7. How To Tell If The Science Kit Is The Right One?

In truth, you only need to keep in mind two things when you are looking for the right science kit for your kid. The first and foremost is enjoyment.

A toy, if it’s more educational and less fun then your child will quickly lose interest and you will be nowhere near achieving the original goal.

The second is what stimulates your child? Children, or even adults for that matter, are way more productive when they are working with something that they actually enjoy. Once you have got them motivated, you will find this quality showing up in every aspect of their life as they are well into adulthood.

8. How Do I Encourage My Child’s Natural Curiosity Towards Learning?

The best way to encourage your child’s natural curiosity is to encourage them to explore it. Interact with them when they are playing. Ask them questions about the toy or any other object they are curious about as if you are the one who is learning.

These questions will be seen as a challenge by your kids and they would feel the need to find the answers through the world around them.

9. What Are Some Career Paths That Is Related To Stem?

There is a broad and wide path when it comes to STEM related career, very much like the children with various personalities who are invested in them.

When you introduce your kids to these concepts at a young age, you open up avenues for them to truly explore different industrial fields and even lead in them such as medical scientists, engineers, software developers and so on.

10. What Are The Different Types Of Science Kits?

There is a huge variety of science kits available for kids in the market. In this section, we will talk about the main categories among those kits so you can make a decision based on what you think falls closer to your child’s current interest.

You will also need to take their needs and skill level into account. When you have a better idea of what you want, when you look through the 15 recommendations, you will be able to decide on the right one in no time.

There is the matter of age that you need to think about too. What would appeal to a child who is currently 5 is way different from what would appeal to a child who is on the verge of becoming a teenager.

When you check the guidelines form manufacturer, you will find they are quite strict about the age range as well as there is the issue of safety that one needs to take into account as well.

So, when you are buying toys for your child, be certain you don’t end up getting them something that you should have gotten for a younger or older child.

11. Systematic Learning and Understanding Different Techniques

The teaching methods and the method of studying used differs for each branch of science. For this reason, when kids have guidance while learning, it makes the kids more refined and allows them to have an approach that is beneficial for them when it comes to actual academics.

Theory and practical are combined together to learn when it comes to scientific method of learning and advancing. This is the reason that till this date, we get new knowledge through science.

When you are looking for scientific kits, make sure the manuals follow a step by step approach through practical methods just like in the book so that your kid can understand how it is applicable in a classroom.

12. The Types Of Equipment

There is a clear difference between scientific equipment that one buys from the store and comes in a carefully constructed box and the homemade ones that we make through the supplies already available to us.

While your personal preference might learn towards homemade ones, it is way easier for children to use kits that they find in a box. The equipment for a specific scientific experiment are all available in a box and they also usually come with labels so children can identify the equipment.

The manuals are also concise and clear so children could conduct the experiments without any worry.

The tools you find in a kit are unique for each one. Some can have even more than 300 gadgets in a kit, thus making it really interesting for its users. The materials can be used to set up different experiments and when done, you can set them all away.

While each science kit set is different from one another and has their own unique color, there is a general rule that most manufacturers follow.

Rarely do box sets contains liquids for sets that are for children younger than 5. If you are using home appliances, you should follow the same rules. Remember, safety is first and foremost and you can worry about fun after that.

13. The Price

When it comes to science kit for kids, there is a wide range available based on price. It can be hard to tell whether the kit is good or not based on face value. This is why we have carefully chosen some kits we know to be very good and suits the price range.

The price of science kit differs a lot but usually robotics and chemistry set costs the most.

14. The Quality

Like price, the quality of a kit differs a lot. However, for the most part, price and quality are intertwined. The more pricey a kit is, the better quality of material it has. For the most part though, kids are always happy with whatever product they get as long as they have fun.

Even if you have a low budget, you can make up for it with enthusiasm. Kids love it when their parents get involved in the fun too. So, the best thing you can do for them is to get enthusiastic about their science kit as well.

15. Choosing The Right Science Kit For Your Kid

Science is a subject that calls for continuous innovation and improvement in the field each day. Whether it is pharmacologists, biochemists, or biologists, they are continuously looking for new and improved methods. When you begin studying science, you never really stop.

There have been countless inventions since the beginning of times that has allowed us to take these vasts steps in the field of science today. Inventors and scientists such as Alexander Graham Bell who made the simple invention of the telephone that changed life drastically for us today are one of the ones we should express our gratitude towards.

These scientists managed to create something in a world where there was nothing. While some people think, other people end up creating something brand new. Who knows, you could be living with a mini Einstein in your home too.

In reality, every child has a certain potential to become one of the biggest scientific creators. All of it depends on where and how they get started.

Just a little push in the right direction can make all the difference. When you provide them with a practical way to explore different branches of science, it becomes way easier to teach little children different scientific concepts.

When they are playing with scientific kits, they end up in taking a lot of valuable information about the world without even realizing it. They also end up practicing their concentration for a long period of time.

You will see them sit in front of one kit for hours. This helps them become absorbed in a single project and understand what perseverance means. In the world of science, perseverance can be the greatest weapon.

This foundation allows them to learn thinks in a way they understand and within reason, at the same time, all these information comes as a fun game for them.

Stuck in the four walls of a classroom can take away the fun out of science. There is also the case of funding and availability of resources. Schools are trying to provide for a bunch of kids so its not possible to always get the best tech and kits. In a crowded classroom, it is also hard to concentrate on a single person.

This is why a one to one teaching session can be really helpful. How much a child can really understand depends on the kind of teacher they have.

A patient teacher always makes for a brilliant student. When your child gets the right guidance from the right person, it will plant the seeds for a prosperous future.

There are a bunch of different types of science kits and activities as we have discussed. We have reviewed a bunch of those that will help you choose the one which will choose your child best. While some parents might perfer the box sets, other show a strong prefernce for making it at home.

Types of Science Kits

1. Chemistry Oriented Kits

When it comes to science kits, this might be the most obvious choice. An amazing option for kids who have an interest in figuring out the mechanics of everything around them.

The range is quite huge in this category of kits, all different from one another in terms of features and age range. You will find a chemistry kit for all kinds of children.

All you need to do is a little research and you will find one that will suit both the age of your child and his mental capabilities.

2. Homemade Material Oriented Kits

You don’t even always need to go out and buy a science kit for your kids. Sometimes, the kit can be formed through different objects that you already have at home. These objects are just as good for science experiments as outside purchases.

The salt, soap, vinegar, food dye, etc in your home can be used to create even more interesting objects. Of course, there is a need for some scientific equipment such as tubs, tweezers, funnel for experiments but even that can be usually found in your home.

If you just search a little, you will find an amazing plethore of home science experiments that can be conducted. These basics supplies are enough to get your kids interested by showing them cool tricks.

3. Geology Oriented Kits

This category of kits involve finding rocks from under the dirt with the help of a hammer and then matching them with the chart included in the kit. These kits might also have different kind of gemstone and interesting fossils to make discovery way more exciting for the kids.

This type of kit is the best science kit for kids you want to develop an interest in nature. This helps you do it in a way that’s entertaining and interactive.

They also learn about the name of new rocks, shapes of different fossils and the animal they belong to and learn to identify gemstones.

4. The Geode Kits

If your child thinks rocks are nothing but weirdly shaped objects and should be paid no mind, these kits might change their mind. They can find exactly how interesting rocks are by actually breaking them and exploring the material inside.

Kits like National Geographic is great if that is your goal. They have geode that are carefully selected, goggles for safety, and even a mini stand where your child can put their discoveries for others to see.

Typically, you would get this toy for children who are at least 6 year olds. You will naturally see them develop an interest in science once they get their hands on this kit.

5. The Robotics Kit

The robotic kits have gotten a real boost in the last couple of years, getting more popular with the passing of each year. The availability of products have expanded over the years as well.

Whether your kid is elementary school or well into becoming a teenager, there is a huge selection range based on age, level and skills. There are robot kits that are even connected to a smartphone app so your child can learn to even code the robot, changing some functions according to what is more preferred by your child.

6. The Rock Kits

We have already talked about geology and geode kits, rocks kits included those along with sets for growing crystals. The set might even have a collection of rocks which your child will have to identify according to the picture. You will find them showing off their knowledge to the world once they get the hang of it.

In this category, another set of amazing product is the rock tumbler. There is this machine they can use which turns your regular rock to actual gemstones that shines.

This is an opportunity for your kids to get creative when they not only turn it into gemstones but make keychains, or any other fancy material out of their new rock. You are basically combining science and arts with this kit.

7. The Physics Kit

There is a range of science kit out there that is focused around the physics just like the chemistry kits. This can be building models which your child can inspect, move and rearrange or some machines where they get to explore the cause and effect function of this world. The range of physics kit available is so wide that you can be certain you will find one that will entertain your kids of whatever age and ability they are.

8. The Magical Science Kit

This is the perfect combination of fun and fantasy for younger children. It can keep them engaged for hours while at the same time teaching them scientific stuff.

You can introduce children to science through this and they won’t even realise that’s what they are being taught. Investing in magic sets and learning tricks from them and then showing it off to their friends and family will also help your child become a more confident individual.

9. The Volcano Kit

Yes, in this world, it is possible to even a build a volcano at home. Though a tiny one that does not harm anyone in any way. The fun experiment is sure to attract kids no matter at what age they are.

Kids can make Volcanoes at home that actually look just like the actual one. Furthermore, for a more realistic look, even plants and grass can be added to make it more believable.

10. The Gross Kits

As disgusting as it sounds, these kits are quite liked by young kids who like gross things, especially boys. They have way too much fun creating slime and sludge, all for the purpose of scaring their friends and family.

These kits tend to have things such as snot and other gooey substance which are without a doubt popular among boys. While parents might not appreciate getting pranked with the slimy, they certainly like that their children are learning about science in a way that is safe, albeit disgusting.

11. The Prank Kits

These are a lot like the disgusting kits in the sense it is made for horrifying people you know. Kids who have the most fun when they see the irritation on their friends, siblings and parents face would love this kit.

While these kits don’t have the same level of education as other kinds of kits we have mentioned, the fun is guaranteed with this one. You won’t need to worry about your child not liking the kit, that is for sure.

12. The Ocean Kits

These kits actually include a wide range of products. There are sets where they might have to find shark teeth hidden under the mini sea or make a crystal coral reef by themselves.

If you have seen a fascination in your child towards the sea and sea creatures, we can assure you there is a kit out there suited for their exact interest.

How To Choose The Right and Best Science Kits For Your Child Based On Their Age

Other than what your kid is interested in, the science kit that is suitable for your child depends on the age range they fall under as well. Along with it is the abilities they have developed in this age and the ones you want them to develop through the science kits.

Here, we have talked about the things you should look for in a science kit depending on the age of your child.

1. The Ones For 3 To 6 Year Olds

Children at this age are quite likely to be attracted to kits that are hands on. Something that they will touch and squeeze and find the result at once. They won’t have any interest in crystal at this age and are too young to understand the complex nature of a robotic kit. Kids this age are most likely to be attracted to either the gross kits or the volcano ones.

You will have to give safety some thoughts to while you are buying kits for your child. Be certain the kits don’t have any small parts they might end up eating or choking on or that there are not any sharp objects around.

2. The Ones For The 7 To 9 Year Old Kids

This is the age where children start properly learning about science in school too. As such, they will benefit if the kits they are gifted have material that will prepare them for school.

For this age group, it is best to start off with the kits that touch upon the basic scientific principles. Even better if the explanation on these are more detailed though simple in wording that the child doesn’t have a hard time catching up.

Kids these age certainly enjoy having their parents around and playing with the toys along with their parents. If you involve yourself in the play process, you can get some education in too and help them understand exactly what they are doing and why it is happening with their science kit.

3. The Ones For the 10 To 11 Year Old Age Range

When kids fall under this age, their interest in various things have already broadened. They can enjoy a wide range of products without any doubt. Again, it is best to look for something that they are already learning about in school. If it is something that they are having a hard time with, even more of a reason to make a choice.

Children this age are way into becoming independent. So, you can look for kits that they can explore alone on their own and do it without a problem but still have enough challenges that they don’t lose interest and keep on learning more about the science subject.

4. The Ones For Kids Who Are Older Than 12

12 year old and the ones above are well into becoming smart, capable individuals. They can make the best out of particularly advanced kits. Robotics are a favourite for children of this age.

For kids who have some interest in technology and different kinds of gadgets, they will love kits that have a good balance of physics, technology and education.

Let us now have a look at our collection of Best Science Kits!

Top 13 Best Science Kits 2020

1 . Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration KitThis is a STEM engineering focused set aimed at kids who are 8 years old or older. If your child has shown some serious interest in engineering by this age, this is the perfect kit to cultivate that very interest into something solid.

This is a building toy set that has over 30 electronic part. However, these 30 parts can be assembled to make into different electronic circuit projects totalling at 100.

The building kit allows a child to construct different things such as a sensor for photos, a light that flashes, and even a siren that can be adjusted on different volume level. In fact, you can do much more that there is nothing left but to be amazed.

This wonderful set which we consider one of the best science kit for kids also has a clear instructional manual included. The manual tells the child exactly what they need to do to make their different projects come to life.

As your child experiments with the set, they also allow this to unleash their creative side by making different things and putting ample thought into it.

The kit also does not have any tools included so you don’t need to necessarily worry about safety. The 30 parts just have to carefully arranged and clicked with one another to make different circuits.


2. Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic GameWhen you were a kid, you most certainly have played Jenga at least once with your friends. It all seemed like a fun game but have you considered it might have scientific side to it.

After all, it is a game of strategies and careful placement of jengas, of course, along with some luck. At the end of the day, it is a good way to teach a child about one of the most important parts of science. The matter of cause and effect.

This toy set has a total of 54 hardwood blocks of jenga. If you don’t know how to play the game, it is actually super simple, as you will learn from the instructions.

First, you will have to stack up all the Jenga, one over the other. Then, the players have to pull out each jenga without making the entire block come crashing down.

The person who manages to pull the stacks until the end without causing a crash is the winner. The game is simple, right?

However, jenga requires a person to use their intelligence so that they remove the blocks in a way that nothing else is affected. While luck is a factor, your spatial reasoning skills also improve with jenga.


3. Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment Kit

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids Science Experiment KitFor children who are at least 6 years old or older, this is one of the best science kits for kids as long as there is an adult around to supervise everything. This is a 20 piece science kit which introduces children to the basics of science.

From chemical reactions, use of various science tools, they would learn a lot of things through this kit so they can be prepared when they finally have to learn it in school.

This STEM kit allows a child to explore, construct and engineer various experiments. The various kinds of chemicals included in the kit are Red cabbage powder, citric acid, baking soda, 3 color tablets, cross linked polyacrylate copolymer, vegetable oil, corn starch.

Other than that, the scientific tools included are 2 cotton swabs, 3 test tubes with stand, 3 plastic cups, pipette, 2 sticks, 2 measuring scoops and activity guide. The activity guide will walk your child through all the activities so they can conduct the experiments safely.

The manual also contains proper explanation for all the scientific phenomenon that you could pretend to learn with your kid. As this kit contains chemicals, we are again emphasising the importance of having an adult around when your child is playing with the kit.


4. ThinkFun Laser Maze (Class 1) Logic Game

ThinkFun Laser Maze (Class 1) Logic GameThink Fun is a toy company that has the trust of most parents, with their selling at over 50 million worldwide. The company has become a world leader when it comes to logic and brain games.

The science kit has multiple level challenges for kids who are 8 year old or older. Laser Maze has total of 60 challenges ranging from beginners to expert. The more you go through the levels the more difficult it becomes.

When a child goes through these challenges, they strengthen their reasoning and planning skills. They learn to be patient as well as they go through each challenge.

Exactly what do you get in the set? The set includes class 1 laser, 60 beginner to expert challenges, a battery, game board. The output for the laser battery is 635-670.

The instruction manual is as good as we had hoped to be. It is perfectly clear so that beginners don’t have any problems learning the game. One look at the manual and you will be able to start playing the game in no time.

It focuses on the science of things, teaching a child about visual perception and reasoning along with logic, problem solving, STEM and creative thinking.


5. SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body, Multicolor, Standard

SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body, Multicolor, StandardNo better time to start teaching your child about anatomy than the precious age of eight. By this point, they are already curious about their body and want to learn more about all its functions.

The science kit has a total of 29 pieces all of the best quality. It contains 12” clear plastic human body model, stand, 9 squishy organs, 12 plastic bones & muscles, forceps, tweezers, body part organ-izer mat, instruction sheet.

There is also a particularly educational 24 page anatomy book with an illustration so as to keep the interest of the children.

Through this science kit, your child gets to explore the human body by removing 21 vital organs which look quite realistic along with bones and muscles with the help of forceps and tweezers. Then, they can rearrange the model back from start to finish.

The book included in it has a slice of pizza travelling all over the body to make your child understand all the functions. Photos of real organs are included as well and you can find answers to common questions a child has about their body.

Your child learns to solve problems as well as they figure out how each body parts and organs fits in. We definitely regard it as one of the best science kits for kids.


6. Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set, 22 Pieces, Ages 3+

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set, 22 Pieces, Ages 3+The 22 piece science kit contains beaker, magnifying glass, funnel, eyedropper, flask, tweezers, goggles, 1 large 6″ test tube that has the lid and the stand, 2 small test tubes which contains the lid and stand too along with 10 activity cards.

The Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set from Learning Resources has been the recipient of 4 awards. It is the ideal play set for kids who are around the age of 3.

Children at this age can cultivate their curiosity towards science and chemistry by getting a proper experience. You can teach the name of all the tools at your child’s disposal along with the terms. All of this should help broaden your child’s world of science.

The tools are visually appealing so you child would be attracted and try to play with it. The activities are easy to follow and only contains beginners level of skills.

Through the activity card, your child can try out different skills. You will see a mini scientist running around the house in no time. While the toys are safe, we will still recommend having an adult around while your child is playing with it.


7. Educational Insights GeoSafari Micropro 95-Piece Microscope Set

Educational Insights GeoSafari Micropro 95-Piece Microscope SetIf you have a small scientist at home who absolutely loves exploring the different aspects of science, there is no doubt as to whether they would enjoy this science kit. Of course, you must make sure your child is at least over 8 before they touch this kit.

The set contains microscope, 10x and 20x glass eyepieces, 3 prepared slides, 8 blank slides, and lab supplies. The lab supplies include.

We also have an 18 page instruction and activity guide for children to understand what they are supposed to do with the science kit. It is very much like having a mini laboratory at home.

The glass pieces allows a child to explore everything around them magnified, from crystals to cells. Everything in this world appears clearer under the wonderful microscope.

The guide features have activities one can do with the microscopes along with cleaning instructions. If your child cleans the microscope by themselves it will teach them to be more responsible too. The magnifying power of the microscope increases depending on the eyepiece.

It’s a completely fun activity set. However, be sure to be present when your child is playing with it as the lab supplies include scalpel, tweezers.


8. Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science KitWhile your child will have fun playing with the gross stuff, they will also be getting some much needed education on exactly what happens inside their body.

They will learn some new amazing facts about their body and what goes on inside of it. It is time to get genuinely grossed out by the wonders of science.

The disgusting science kit has 4 petri dishes, magnifier, 4 cotton swabs, gelatin, sugar, baking yeast, red and green coloring, rubber balloon, plastic bag.

There is also an amazing guide that will teach your child what to do with the tools provided to them and make sure they get the best out of it.

They can create things such as a slimy snot, fake blood, intestine that’s stinky and sticky. They also get some education on how to grow mold that’s friendly. This is one of the best science kits for kids who are 8 year old and older.

While the children are quite smart by this age, we will still recommend adult supervision while playing with this set.


9. Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science

Thames & Kosmos Magnetic ScienceFrom Thames & Kosmos, the Thames & Kosmos Magnetic Science set has a variety of wonderful experiments and games, 33 different types to be precise. The science kit allows a kid to experience the power of magnets of all sizes.

A child could build an electromagnet with the set or even create an invisible magnetic field. The science kit allows a child understand how magnet works, different kinds of magnets, how to create a magnetic field of one’s own.

It will allows your kid to understand the physics of things. The phenomenon that is created by magnet will also get your child interested in this field. There is a huge chance they will develop interest and will want to learn further about it.

This is best for children who are well over 8 year olds. The magnetic science kit also comes with an amazing 60 page colored manual. It has all the instruction your child is going to need so that they can play with the set to their heart’s content.


10. Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Science Kit

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Science KitAnother one from the wonder team of Thames & Kosmos, this science kit is here to teach your child about different kinds of crystals. The kit comes with a full colored manual, which is about 32 pages.

It has all the instruction your child will need to grow crystals. These dazzling crystals can also be completed with dyes that will help your grow rainbow of different colours and make fun plaster shapes.

The science kit is so famous, about over 1 million has been sold. It has a total of 15 experiments a child can conduct. It is most suitable for children who have reached the age of 10 and older.

Playing with a science kit such as this will increase their attention to details. Your child will take more interest in solving analytical problems and will learn to think critically. Growing the crystals will help them understand about cause and effect.


11. Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration KitAnother one of the masterpieces by Snap Circuits, this is an adventurous set that is one of best science kits for kids. It is especially suitable for children who are now 8 year old or over. The 55 color coded components will allow a child to build about 175 different things.

This is a kind of toy set that can only be taught through total immersement. Your child will refuse to do anything else while they are busy assembling all the parts to create something new. You will see their creative side get a boost through this too.

Through this set, your child will get to be acquainted with electronic more deeply. They will know how to construct devices, fiber works and actual working circuits.

When you plug in an android or a circuit player, you would get to see your circuits react too and can monitor them. To top it all off is the fun, manual that is colored with total 100 pages of instructions.

It discusses each steps that will allow your child to know more about electronics as well as teach them how to construct it all.


12. Discover with Dr. Cool Explorer Geode Kit

Discover with Dr. Cool Explorer Geode KitToy sets like this not only allows the scientists in your child to play but also the explore who likes discovering new things. In the case of this kit, it contains best quality Geodes, a total of 7. Each geode your child open will introduce them to new crystals hidden inside of it.

The kit also has safety goggles, 2 display stands magnifying glass and many other things. To make the best of the experience the kit also has an activity book that has 10 different puzzles and games.

You won’t even know when your child would stop being interested in everything else and focusing all their time on this kit. The adventure guide will help explore and identify different kinds of crystals.

In general, no kid could really resist the lure of geodes. It does not matter what age you are in, there is a special kind of fun in breaking open the rocks and finding the treasure inside.

This toy set is suitable for children who have reached the age of 6. Children who are now 15 would enjoy this set as well, especially if they are still into science.


13. Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750 Electronics Exploration KitThe toy company for this one has been successful enough to receive national Parenting Center-Seal of Approval and Creative Child ?Toy of the Year, Toy Industry Association – Specialty Toy of the Year, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products, Dr. Toy 10 Best Educational Products award.

For good reason, no doubt. Snap circuits science kit might contain only 80 parts, but is possible to create over 750 different experiments out of it. In the package, you will find photoresist or, power amplifier, variable capacitor, analog meter, solar cell, computer interface.

To keep a child’s attention and to keep them attracted to the set so that they don’t lose interest easily, not only the manual included is clear and simple, it also has colored pages, making it more fun for the kids.

Through this science kit, one can conduct experiments such as sound activated switch, lie detector, adjustable light controller, am radio, rechargeable battery and many more other things.

If you connect it to window pc, CI-73 Computer Interface manual that has been included allows you to monitor the signal process in the circuits through the computer.

It has made for children who are at least 8 year old or older. Children could well be into their teenage years and would still find this set interesting. It lets your child get creative in every way possible. We will certainly consider this one of the best science kits for kids.



Safety Guidelines To Follow For An Experiment

The most important thing you should focus on when you have presented your child with a science kit is that they are safe while conducting their experiments.

You have to start by making certain you have read the guidelines from the manufacturer and are buying the science kit for the right age group.

We have also highlighted some rules you can follow to make sure your child is safe during an experiment.

1 . If there are things the guidelines says not to touch with bare hands, then you should make sure your child does not touch it.

2. When your child is experimenting with the science kit, either keep an eye on them yourself or make another adult do so. Unless you are certan the experiment is harmless and nothing would happen if the child is left alone.

3. Read the instructions and guidelines carefully and make sure your child follows every single one.

4. When your child is doing an experiment, don’t keep any food or drink around. In between all the fun, the food can get mixed in.

5. When in the presence of chemical products or solution, you must not let your child touch their mouth. If their eyes start feeling itchy and they want to rub the, do not let them. Simply, instruct them to wash it off.

6. When a chemical is left unused, it should not be put back into the bottle it has been extracted from. Children are taught this safety measure in school too.

7. Before conducting an experiment, your child should already be wearing these safety equipment. These are goggles, gloves, coat or any other safety gear that has already been included in the kit. If you are around during the experiment or participating, you should be wearing these too.

8. The equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after they have been used to get rid of any chemical. Beaker, tubes, anything that might have a crack should be carefully cleaned.

9. If the kit has a hot apparatus, then make sure every safety precaution is carefully adhered to.

10. After all this, on the rare chance that something does happen, call the emergency service without any delay. The kits we have chosen have all been tested and adhere to all safety measures, so this might only be a formality.

However it is always better to be on the safe side and so if there is a slight chance in what you expect from the kit, you should not hesitate to call emergency services. Seeing you take all these precautions will also act as a good example for your kids to follow as they grow up into adults.

Let Your Little One Explore Science With The Best Science Kits For Kids Today!

We had a good time compiling the list 15 best science kit for kids. As you have seen, we had some carefully made criteria that we relied on to sort through the toys that will suit your child best. We hope you have found the one that you want to gift your child.