Grossery Gang S4 Bug Strike Review 2020 – Review and Buyers Guide

The Moose Toys’ Grossery Gang is an Australian collectible toy, such as dolls franchise. The company had originally come up with a set of unique collectible toys in 2011. They were quite pricey and as they were not as famous, it was discontinued. The grossery gang s4 bug strike pack is quite similar to the trash line pack.

They are,however, more affordable and are very popular amongst the kids. To keep up with the demand and to bring in new toys, such as dolls on the horizon, the company has come up with another line of toys called the shopkins line.

How it All Came Together

The story behind these toys is very inspiring. So, what actually went down before they became popular is quite different from the story of most toy companies.

The company, Moose Toys, is an Australian toy company which was founded by Brian Hamersfeld in 1985. Over the years, they have garnered a large audience of devout fans, owing to which they are now sold in 85 countries across the globe. In fact, they are the fourth largest toy manufacturer in the United States, and the fifty largest toy manufacturer in Australia as we speak.

So, Brian Hamerfeld, the founder of moose toys, originally came up with a line of toys which was named the ‘trash line pack.’ They were also gross looking collective toy range. However, they did not do well as they were not marketed well, and hence the demand was quite low.

After a few years, Brian came up with a unique idea. He drew up and designed another line of collectible toys, and named them Grossery Gang. He linked all these toys to an interesting story, and spoke about them extensively on YouTube. He believed that if children could connect to the story and liked it, they would inevitably want to buy the toys.

He promoted his product for quite some time, gained an audience, and then released his toys. He worked really hard at his videos, and as a result, they really took off. The reaction of the young audience was overwhelming. Since then, the demand has been skyrocketing!

The Story Behind The Madness

The original story included a supermarket called the Yuck Mart where all the toys lived. Yuck Mart was situated in a town called the Cheap town (which was also inhabited with a multitude of gross looking characters).

Brian Hamerfeld’s  initial toys were in the shapes of food items which had rotten over time. The original characters were Fungus Fries, Horrid Hamburger, Stinky Cheese, Barf Bagel, and Shampoop and many more.

Next came the trashy troops Soldiers, Army Preserves, a Bug Brigade, and more bugs. All these forces were pitted against each other and fought against each other to gain more control over the supermarket , Yuck Mart.


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