Building Your Child: Block by Block

Every parent’s primary concern is their child’s growth, may it be mental or physical. Now, there’s a misconception that education helps in mental growth and sports increasing the physical. But that is not true. As the child’s brain develops, he or she needs to be put under circumstances where they can explore and discover new things to help them grow physically as well as mentally.

Games are a very important part of a child’s life and as a parent, you should focus on indulging them in activities that are not only fun but also benefit them in more ways than one. This is why today we are taking up a very common children’s toy, building blocks, to understand how they help your child grow.

building blocks

Increases Creativity

Building blocks come in with various choices and a huge range of themes. From spelling builders to simple blocks to create castles, your child gets tons of choices. With so many different areas, your child gets exposed to various niches and challenges. This exposure helps them think differently and increase their creative thinking.

Moreover, children have a habit of trying out whatever they see. This intuition makes them try out new things and develop their mental strength. Taking advantage of this, indulge your children in new shapes and creations to encourage them to try out new things.

But one thing that must be kept in mind while choosing the right set of building blocks for your kid is the age. You do not want your one year trying to learn spellings when all his or her mind is capable of is differentiating colors and shapes. Understand what your child needs and then choose the right set for him or her.

Helps in Problem Solving

Now that we know it helps in encouraging creativity, we can say that it helps them solve a problem. Problem-solving goes hand in hand with a creative mind. The more angles your child can think in, the more his/her chances to solve a problem. Building blocks help your child learn structuring and assembling.

Not only this, like mentioned earlier, there are a number of different sets of building blocks available. Depending on your child’s age, give him or her a set that will challenge their mind and will make them think about a solution. Like for preschoolers, you should get building blocks a little more complex than the basic set.

According to the psychologists, it is the divergent property of the game that makes them think out of the box. As your child grows, you can increase the level of these games so as to challenge him or her more. Though these games are a very good source to help your child develop without pressuring them, it also needs proper planning and consideration on the parent’s part.

Helps Them Socialize Better

This may not be considered by many parents, but building blocks are a great way to improve your child’s socializing skills. Creative and new toys make children share their experiences as it gives them a chance to showcase their achievements. Also, children have a habit of working in groups and build friendships and the right toy gives them this opportunity.

Building blocks give your child a reason to share, communicate and work together with other children. This is very important in a child’s life, especially in their formative years as these values help them get a strong social life in schools and makes them eager to participate in discussions.

It is a little hard to think of a game so as to help your child socialize, but it is a fact. Studies have shown that children who have more indulging and creative childhood adapt better in a foreign environment. This is a very important topic to focus on, especially when you’re thinking of your child’s future.

Gives them a Sense of Shape and Structure

A very obvious and basic advantage of building blocks is the sense of shapes. When your child connects different shapes in order to build a structure, he or she gets an idea of different shapes. Not only physically, but mentally too.

They try to create a structure that is stable enough to stand on its own. This helps them understand the different formations and how to use them in their structures. Giving your child a sense of achievement when they try new things is what encourages them.

And remember, children never give up. They keep on trying the same thing until they achieve what they want. Your duty here is to give them something to work on; so what’s better than a fun and exciting game?

Helps Them Differentiate Colors

In the beginning years of development, it is very important that your child understands how to differentiate between simple things, like colors. This may not seem like a very important part of development but it plays a very crucial role.

When your child learns basic differentiation, it is then that he or she tries to look at things separately and categorize them. Getting confused between colors is a very common mistake that children make. This is not something that you can make them learn or explain it to them. It comes through self-understanding. And to achieve that, you have to expose your child to different scenarios.

Help Your Child Grow

Buying your child a toy is not always about diverting their attention, it is about helping them concentrate. For instance, a problem regarding the structure of a castle is making it unstable and your child finds a way to resolve it. The next time he or she faces such a problem in real life, it shall be tackled with the same determination.

Virtual learning is the best form of learning, especially in the beginning stages. They help them explore and discover rather than just telling them the facts. So, give your child some time and help them with the games you give them as gifts. Most importantly, when you buy a toy or a game, always see how it can benefit your child’s mental or physical growth.