How to Store Board Games?

Board games can be an amazing way to spend family time. They’re also ideal if you’re a parent wanting to teach your kid something new from the games they play. Games like chess, monopoly, Catan (previously known as Settlers of Catan), or scrabble are great in enriching knowledge, thinking prowess, vocabulary, teamwork, strategic thinking, etc. depending on the game. In this article, You will learn how to store board games

While playing these games can be fun, once you’re done, where do you store them? If your answer is – ‘whatever drawer is empty’, or ‘on the shelf’, ‘in the attic or the dusty storage room’, or worse, ‘nowhere, they’re just lying around on tables and stuff’ – you probably don’t need me to tell you this but you’re doing it wrong.

Below you will find not one but multiple answers to an underrated but a very important question –

How To Store Board Games? – Tips And Tricks

It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent trying to put an addictive game out of your child’s reach, or a board game enthusiast who’s got a stupendous board games collection but is just confused about where to put it all. One or more of these tricks will be sure to help you out with your storage concerns!

1. Customized Board Game Shelves

Perhaps the most innovative, hassle-free, and space-optimizing method is customizing and ordering your own game shelves. This works even better than your bookshelves, allowing you to add customizations that suit your taste, color schemes, style, storage capacity needs, and design among other things.

The first-ever customized board game shelf was created by BoxThrone – the world’s ‘first adjustable board game shelving system’. You get a wide array of benefits with these shelves

a. No sideways placement needed

Place games horizontally one below the other in order, without the need to accommodate more games into the storage space by placing some games vertically/sideways. This will allow you to store all your games without hindering the overall look of your shelf.

Moreover, sideways arrangements can sometimes cause a mess of the smaller objects or game materials inside the box, which is never the case with a game shelf.

b. Keep everything together

Having ‘n’ number of board games can be a real pain if you have stored different games in different drawers. With a game shelf, you can put all your games on that single shelf. The shelf is expandable, so you need not worry when you buy more games.

c. Pull one, Not all

As the build and arrangement of shelves would be distinct from each other, you will easily be able to pull out the game you need without moving those above it. This ensures that taking out and putting in a game is really easy and causes no damage to the boxes, thus increasing their life.

d. Unique shelves for each game

Shelves can be large or medium in size, depending on your requirement. You just need one shelf for one game, so that other games aren’t touched. Also, this allows you to have shelves and frames of different sizes for different games – shelf customization at its best!

e. Expand or Remove Extra Shelves

Expand as you need without having to worry about completely reinstalling the whole frame. Also, remove any extra shelves that you may no longer need with complete ease. This means that you get to dictate how much space your shelf will occupy and how many games will be stored and how.

You can remove shelves if you throw away games, just like you can add shelves if you buy new ones – at no point will you feel like you have empty unused shelves wasting space or fewer shelves disallowing you from buying or storing new games.

f. No Messed-Up In-The-Box Materials

With such an easy way in and out, plus the expansion and removal capabilities, you can rest assured that the in-the-box materials of the game (like cards, mold, dice, coins, etc.) will not move or get damaged too much inside the box. This ensures the longevity of your game.

g. Portable

Moving somewhere or changing apartments? Feel like your games could come in handy for your next trip? Or is your house undergoing renovation, making you want to move the shelf to keep it clean? A customized gaming bookshelf will provide the answer to these problems.

The shelf is way too easy to move from one place to another. It is built of light but sturdy metals, so don’t worry about the fragility of the shelf. Just take it wherever you want and enjoy it!

However, some of these features increase the overall cost of the shelf, and the best resources are seldom the cheapest ones. You can have a look at the pricings from BoxThrone or any other reseller you may have heard of. If the price tag doesn’t suit you, don’t worry, we have more than one answer to your question of how to store board games.

2. Arrange Vertically Like Books on Bookshelves

There might be a case where you’re not eager to spend bucks on a customized game shelf. Maybe you’re not as much of an enthusiastic fan but just a parent trying to manage all those games your child got as a gift?

In such a scenario, customized game shelves may be slightly over the top or unnecessary for you. But, do you have a bookshelf? Even if you don’t, you could get one for a comparatively much cheaper price than a customized game shelf.

On your bookshelf, you could store board games by vertically stacking them on a rack or cabinet. This is arguably the best method to utilize space when stacking boxes of board games.

By stacking the boxes of board games vertically, you can fit a large number of games onto the rack. This spares a lot of room due to the fact that the board games take up less space. Around three board games stacked vertically would take up the same area as one horizontally stacked board game.

Stacking boxes vertically lets you find games you wish to play with comparative ease – no going through drawers, cupboards, or stacks of horizontal arrangements that are prone to landslides if you pull out a game from one of the lower shelves.

By vertically stacking them on a shelf you are basically making a board game library that you can flaunt to your guests. The idea is storage-friendly, innovative, and child-friendly – all things people love.

All games are placed just like a book so as to clearly display the name of the game or something about it that stands out. This lets you easily skim through your collection to take stock of it.

Whether you wish to see if you have that game your neighbor was talking about or if you threw it, or just to keep track of what’s being used and throw out games your child is too old to play – the idea of vertical arrangement simplifies everything.

For the most part, the standard box shape for advanced games is a rectangle. With this storage method, you won’t have the dreaded ‘box that sticks out’ issue.

Bookshelf units are commonly more open than storage rooms as they are shorter – no reason to hunt for and climb on a ladder to find what you need! The only catch is that some rare games come in different box shapes like conical, which would protrude out of bookshelves. It’s rare though, and a majority of the boxes are in a typical rectangular shape.

This way, you use one remedy to treat two problems – the storage of your books as well as your board games. Both can now be safely placed and easily accessible. Don’t want your child touching one of those games? You could place that on the highest shelf.

3. For Unique-Shaped Games

Certain games like monopoly and clue do come in large boxes. Not only are these boxes large, but sometimes their shapes can be really awkward, making it tough to store them on shelves or in drawers. To avoid this, we’ve come up with a very innovative solution – Pot Lid Racks!

You can vertically store your games at an angle using Pot Lid Racks. These racks are usually used to keep utensils and stuff and can be placed on a surface or mounted on a wall. The location may be an issue with them, but then it only makes sense that big games consume more space.

4. Use Empty, Hideaway Drawers

If you rarely play board games and only like taking them out during holidays or special occasions when you have special guests visiting, a hideaway drawer is a great storage option for you. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t have even one empty drawer in your house – and why waste what’s empty, right?

This is the perfect, most cost-effective, and somewhat of an obvious storage option for your board games, but bear in mind we’re not talking about drawers, we’re talking about hideaway drawers. Garages, attics, storage rooms, spare rooms, or similar places that are otherwise not places your guests would be curious to see, or a storage unit you might want to use.

Just stacking the board games inside this cabinet or drawers for protection will keep your board games out of your wardrobe and keep the boxes from getting damaged by the everyday dust and pollution, since you would rarely open these drawers.

This makes for ideal storage management too, making your house seem clutter-free. Most furniture sets these days are with dual options, so even if you don’t have an extra drawer, you could use that option.

For instance, some TV tables, benchtops, etc. double up as drawers/chests. You can use these for storing your board games.

5. Special Board Game Carry bags/Carry Cases

If you have limited games – and by limited we mean a medium-sized collection of board games, you needn’t actually store them anywhere in your house.

Game cases are easily available in the market which is used to transport board games with you to game-nights and similar places. These cases are specially built with features like water-proof, tear-proof cases so as to let you transport as well as store board games inside.

They are ideal to store board games that are not being used. A game case not only keeps all your games in the same place but also keeps the games safe from pollution, dirt and lets you transport them easily.

6. Relieve your Game of the Box

Some board games have an awfully big box that is simply too huge and unbalanced to store – especially boxes that are awkwardly shaped. A very easy and less space-consuming alternative would simply be to let go of the box. Ditch it and keep all your games in pouches, holders, small sacks, or something similar.

You can opt for pouches with zip locks or similar locking mechanisms which will let you store your board games safely. If you have a kid who’s not a board-game addict but prefers playing limited games like chess or monopoly, this is the best way to store them since it saves up a lot of space.

How To Store Board Games? – Storage Solutions

That concludes the tips and tricks on how to store board games. We’ve covered every aspect we could think of, that you may need to take into consideration, and expect you’ve learned quite a few board game storage hacks through this article.

Not only have we covered how you can store your existing board games but have also explained some methods to expand storage space – so if you’re one of those board game enthusiasts who wasn’t buying those games you always wanted due to a lack of storage options or ideas, you’re good to go now!