What Games Do Eight-Year-Olds Play?

Around the ages of eight and ten, children like to indulge in activities that give them a sense of responsibility and make them feel grown-up. They are more keen on performing acts that give their brain a challenge but at the same time, are interesting enough to be enjoyable.

Deciding the best activities for eight-year-olds can be a little tricky because as a parent you want them to explore and become more confident and learn but also be safe. So here, we have compiled a list of amazing games and activities fit for your child.


activities for 8 year kids

5 Activities and Games for your 8-year-old

1. Board Games

Board games are one of those few games that are perfect for almost every age group, except for infants. This diversity in board games makes it easy to select the right one for your child.

For an eight-year-old child, parents must keep in mind that their child’s brain is developing. Your child is no longer clueless and now he or she will try to solve the problem rather than trying their luck with it.

So bring in board games and other gifts that are a little tricky and give your child a challenge. Playing such board games will make them more confident and they will want to try out new things.

2. Outdoor Games and Activities

One more thing that must be focused on while choosing activities for your eight-year-old is that they should help in their mental and physical growth. Outdoor activities are the perfect solution to this.

Outdoor games like football and running help in the development of your child’s muscles make them more active. Moreover, while indulging with other kids, they strengthen their social and communication skills.

So make sure your child gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air.

3. Creating The Best Out Of Waste

Creating the best from waste is a very fond memory for most kids. It not only builds the creative streak for your child but also encourages sustainable development.

Reusing things to create beautiful decor and simple storage items will help them understand the value of conservation. Moreover, it will challenge them to think of new solutions – to create beautiful and wonderful things from nothing.

Some of the most common best-out-of-waste activities are:

  • Using used paper for paper mache and creating decor and storage items from it.
  • Creating wind chimes from empty soda cans and old CDs.
  • Creating bookmarks and storage boxes from packaging cardboard.

For more interesting ideas, you can always go scavenger hunting through the internet.

4. Drawing, Painting or Any Other Art Form

An eight-year-old child is at its peak of accepting and inculcating new ideas. They are more open to try new things and bring that change into their lives. This is why it is the right time to indulge them in creative activities.

Learning a new instrument or a new dance form is what most parents go for. But it is not necessary to set a hardcore routine for your child. Though they help them to become punctual and schedule their day, they are too young for it.

Instead, you can encourage them to try out simple drawing and painting activities to expose them to new ideas. Drawing and painting will help their creative mind to develop as well as strengthen their sensory and motor organs.

5. Gardening

Earlier, we mentioned how important it is for your child to get exposed to outdoor activities. But then, our focus was mainly on sports and the child’s social and communication skills. But now, we are focusing on helping your child understand responsibility.

Studies have shown that having pets teaches children responsibility and strengthens their confidence. But unlike pets, plants need more care and one needs to be tender with them. Every plant is different and needs to be cared for individually.

That’s how it challenges your child on a whole new level. From providing the right amount of water to protecting them too much sun, one needs to think about everything. Where an eight-year-old is not accomplished in handling all these tasks alone, indulging them in these activities will give them a sense of responsibility.

And which eight-year-old doesn’t like to act like an adult?

Choose the Right Activity for Your Child

With this article, we tried to help you find the right activities for your child keeping their complex transformation in mind. The eighth to the tenth year of a child’s life is a very crucial part of their life. They are able to handle more physically and mentally challenging acts, but they are still tender.

This is why parents need to be very careful while choosing activities and games and gifts for their boys or girls. These games and activities should focus on their physical and mental growth but shouldn’t be too rough;they must be interesting and fun for the kids.