Top 18 Things To Do When Bored For 9 Year Olds

It is always saddening for you to hear that your child is bored. With the difficult challenge of finding activities that kids enjoy the most, parents of late simply get their children tablets, smart phones and laptops when their children get bored.

These devices are undeniably useful, but the misuse or overuse of them also poses a serious threat to the development of children’s brains and may also cause electronics-addiction.

What is good is that being bored might actually be a blessing in disguise for your children. Their getting bored means that they have lost interest in all the activities they have been into, and that they are now looking for new engaging and creative activities.

Top 18 Things To Do When Bored For 9 Year Olds

This is where the flower of their creativity blooms. You can also look out for some fun, exciting and best gifts for 9 year olds to help them stay engaged and be creative.

There are quite a few ways to tackle boredom, one of them being redirecting your kids’ attention to some good book or habit. Gifting toys or games to your little ones can also be a great indulging way for the activities

Consistency of support from parents always helps children think sharply and develop a lot of skills along the way. Below is the list of things to do when bored for 9 year olds.

Top 18 Things To Do When Bored For 9 Year Olds!

1. Play a sport 

If your children are full of energy and get restless staying indoors, a sport can be a healthy way for them to pass time. A good sport can easily help them develop discipline, fitness, and a sense of competition, all of which help significantly in the development of children as they grow.

There are quite a few sports that can be played without special equipment as well. For Soccer, you just need a ball; for Basketball, you need only a hoop; and if you have a pool, you merely need a couple of water sports, like Marco Polo and Water Polo. These are all sports full of fun, some of the best things to do when bored for 9 year olds.

2. Play indoor family games 

We realize that old is indeed gold, with games like Hide and Seek, Capture the Flag, and Tag Indoors. They are all exhilarating activities to keep kids busy. The best thing about these kinds of sports is that they can be enjoyed both outdoors and indoors. Moreover, with just a few people, a whole game is ready.

Family members can also join along and you can even add your own rules and parameters to make it more interesting. No one can turn down a good ol hide and seek game when the stakes are high and there are many parameters.

3. Ride a bike 

Riding a bike is an all-time classic. This is a healthy activity and should be encouraged in children without fail. It is a good way to free the mind from stress and to get a good cardio workout. However, from children’s perspective, a bike ride is all about fun, which not only gets them happier but also recharges them after a long, boring school day.

4. Have a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunting is a fun and exciting indoor or outdoor activity. There is always a different thrill and excitement to it. Siblings can often play amongst themselves, or one of the parents could write a list of the items that have to be found outdoors or indoors. This is just like any other puzzle game.

Fun prizes associated with this game can also add incentives and get kids more involved in the game. This will keep your children busy for a longer time. But if the scavenger hunts get too boring indoors, let the kids explore the outdoors for a while.

5. Hunt for legos 

This is yet another fun activity that has been crafted rather recently. Hunting legos is an interesting indoor activity that keeps the kids busy for a longer period. For this game you will need to hide four or five pieces of legos in and around the house. Make sure that you specify the parameters of the game.

Once you have hidden blocks, send your child to hunt for them and set a time limit. With a couple of kids, you could simply have them compete in a healthy manner. Your kids will be engrossed in finding those pieces. There are many versions of this game, so you can add your own twist to it.

6. Create an obstacle course 

This game is best suited for toddlers or preschoolers. You can also make an obstacle course for your elementary schooler as well. But you have to be cautious with the safety precautions. For toddlers an obstacle course is a cute activity.  As adorable as it may be, it is a good exercise for young kids to understand obstacles and tackle them accordingly. Most of the time, this is a funny and memorable activity, so make sure to have a camera around you.

7. Build a fort 

Making forts is indeed as fun as it sounds. Building a fort has always been engaging for kids. With just a few pillows, blankets and cushions the forts are ready. This can be a messy activity, though, but as another activity you could tell the kids to clean up and arrange everything afterwards. It’s almost a jackpot when it comes to keeping kids involved and busy.

8. Washing your car 

This may sound a little cruel, but making your kids wash your cars is again a decent activity to keep them busy. Knowing that a 9 year old may not have a good idea of how a car should be washed, you should make a list of the procedures for your children or simply show them how to do it.

Here, you could give a reward or an incentive for the kid, to keep them not discarding the activity right away. Letting your kid(s) clean the car is a good activity for 9 years old to keep them busy and get your car washed at the same time.

9. Write a story 

Creative writing is a very beneficial and engaging activity for a 9-year-old. This helps kids develop better writing and communication skills. Write a bunch of titles or topics and place them in a jar or box. Ask your children to pick one from them and write a story on it. Once the kids are done writing the story, ask them to read it out loud.

While keeping them busy, this activity helps kids deal with stage fright and public speaking. More than a time-pass activity, this can also be a hobby done regularly..

10. Direct a play 

Just like creative writing, asking your kids to direct a short play or skit could be entertaining for everyone. Here, encourage your kids to use props, costumes and makeup. Yes, it is rather impossible for kids to direct their own plays, but if that is out of the picture, you could ask your kids to imitate their favorite cartoon characters.

This helps kids get a good understanding in character and personalities. More than that, the kids experience increased levels of confidence and oration.

11. Make a “When I Grow Up” poster

It gets very frustrating when we try to think what 9 year olds like to do for fun. But this takes us back to the time when we were 9 years old. One of the old school methods of killing boredom was to write what we wanted to do when we grow up. The same activity can keep your children busy as well!

Ask your kids to make a comprehensive poster of all the dreams and ambitions they have. Tell your kids to add their career and passion in this poster. Posters like these help motivate kids and keep them on the track of your self-defined goals. Do not stop your kids from exploring online and taking examples.

12. Make Play-Doh sculptures

Play-Doh is one of the best things to do when bored for 9 year olds. Play-Doh is a set of modeling compounds that have dough like colorful clay in them. Kids often love playing with Play-Doh because they can do anything and everything with it. Ask your kids to put the sculptures they made on display. It is entertaining, time-consuming and creative, all in one.

13. Do a puzzle

Puzzles are a spectacular way to kill boredom. As boring as puzzles already sound, they are much more than that. Puzzles can help better develop your kids’ problem solving abilities as well as cognitive skills. Puzzles are known to increase patience and focus, which can be a huge problem in 9 year olds.

There are plenty of different pop culture savvy puzzles in the market today. Choose a puzzle which can increase the level of difficulty and something that caters to your kids tastes and interests.

14. Create a time capsule 

This activity is really interesting and fun, not only for your 9 year old but for everyone. Explain the concept of a time capsule to your kids and ask them to collect random items and put them in the capsule. Everyone could find some object and put it in the capsule. Time capsules are really fun when we think about it.

Kids, too, enjoy this concept because who doesn’t. You can ask your kids to open the capsule once they are parents.

15. Cook n Bake

More than any time-passing activity, you could always ask your kids to help you out while preparing lunch, dinner or any other snack. A small helping hand is fun to have around the kitchen. Moreover, you can experiment with some food art. Food art takes a lot of time, but at the end, it is fruitful.

Kids are always astonished by food that looks good. If you want to twist it up a bit, bake some cookies with your kids or let them decide the menu for the next meal.

16. Make slime

Every bored person has come across slime before. It is an easy ordeal to do and it is comedically fun as well. You yourself may have tried making slime back in time with all the mess and stickiness. This activity takes up a large chunk of time. It is a good learning process that involves a little chemistry that can strike an interest in kids at a young age.

There are a large number of slimes available, with a larger number of slime kits. Get your kids one of such kits and let them go crazy over it.

17. Make a terrarium 

Terrarium is a miniature sized garden for rooms, desks and windows. Terrariums are not at all difficult to make. Making terrariums with your young ones can be a good way to consume a large chunk of time. During this activity you can teach your kids little facts about miniature plants.

Once you have taught your kids, ask them to make one on their own. Though a little difficult for a 9-year-old, a little art might come out of the kids while making a terrarium.

18. Put on a family talent show 

Family talent shows are the best bonding sessions amongst families. When bored, ask your kids to prepare an act for the show. During this, make sure that everyone in the home participates. These kinds of shows are really entertaining and reveal unknown talents from our very family members.

Kids often learn a lot from such gathered experiences. Not only do the kids learn to perform, but they also gain self confidence.

Engage Your kid With The Best Things To Do When Bored For 9 Year Olds!

Keeping your young ones busy and finding the most engaging things to do when bored for 9 year olds is not an easy task.  Especially with the present situation, it can be a little more challenging. Ages between 9-13 are a good time for new concepts and habits for children; they are carried by them throughout their whole lives. Channeling all the angst and energy of your kids to a healthier and fun activity could have long term benefits as well.

Never neglect your kids during a time like this; kids often throw boredom tantrums when they are not getting enough attention.