Thanksgiving Activities For Kids To Keep Them Engaged

Thanksgiving is a celebration of togetherness. It’s about families, friends, and loved ones coming together.  But when you want to focus on preparing those delicious dishes, kids can be a major distraction. In this article. we will help you to find the best thanksgiving activities for kids to keep them engaged and joyous!

Occasionally, you just want some quality time with the adults. To help you focus on cooking that turkey to perfection and yet finding time for yourself, we’ve listed some activities that will keep the little ones in your family engaged. You can also find some best gifts to excite the kids and engage them!

Gifts are actually are one of the best ways to grab your kid’s attention and keep them intrigued. These fun thanksgiving activities for kids are an easy way to give the adults a chance to sit back and enjoy themselves. If you’re the one hosting the dinner, this article will give you some great tips on how to engage people!

Though all activities cannot engage preschoolers, there are ways you can include them in the fun! So, get the party started and a feast that they’ll never forget! This list has something for everyone! Let’s look at some fun thanksgiving activities  to help you bond with your  children and others that you can enjoy in the company of your friends too. 

Top 15 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids 2020

1. Gratitude Bracelet Making

Since Thanksgiving is a time to confess what you’re thankful for, you can turn this into an activity. Keep everyone occupied in a bracelet-making activity. The kids can make bracelets for the people they’re thankful for. These bracelets will make a cute gift or a fashion accessory.

What’s more? They are crafted with pure love. Children enjoy this activity so much that you shouldn’t be surprised if they start working on more bracelets soon! 


2. Printable Coloring Pages

Nothing gets kids as engrossed as coloring books! Let their creativity flow as they fill these sheets in hues of happiness! Adults can also use this chance to unleash the child within. You may use these to decorate the house or exhibit the best ones on the refrigerator.

They can also write notes for the family on these pages. Lastly, they can be used as welcome gifts for the guests! This can also take the form of invitation cards that the kids can decorate..  

3. It’s time for the little ones to put on their chef hats!

Let the children involve themselves in the process of making a thanksgiving snack! There are quite a few easy recipes that range from pies to appetizers and biscuits to cakeke! The fact that they helped in preparing the snacks will add to their enjoyment. 

4. Make a gratitude jar

This activity is for everyone! You can cut a piece of paper into small chits After this, everyone can write what they’re thankful for in these chits and put them in a jar.  You can go around, let everyone pick a chit and read out these sweet words of gratitude along as they indulge in their dessert.

5. Everyone loves an adventure! 

One game that kids absolutely love is a treasure hunt! Treasure hunts are a little time consuming to plan but can prove to be extremely rewarding! It is a great way to keep the kids on their toes as they scavenge for clues around the house.


You may plan this game by hiding feathers around the house as well. When the kids become difficult to manage, you can set this game up to keep them busy as they scour the whole house. The winner could get a special treat as a prize!.

6. Waddle your way! 

It’s time to get moving! This game is a relay involving participants who are required to  place balloons between their legs to win the race. The game makes for a fun thanksgiving activity as your wriggly walk resembles that of a turkey. Laughter and fun are guaranteed with this hilarious race. The game combines a competitive spirit with amusement. 


7. Play Tic Tac Toe! 

Everyone knows how to play tic tac toe You can now make it more interesting while you set up a table for the kids! Use washi tape to make the lines on your table. You can use cookies or vegetables for X & 0’s in the game. This innovative tic tac toe game will ensure kids use their mental faculties and will  

8. Jumbled words! 

Everyone will come together to figure out the puzzles in this game. You can play this game while serving dessert. You can print out a list of jumbled words related to thanksgiving or the names of family members..


9. Colorful Pumpkin Seeds

This fun-filled activity is adored by all! Soaking pumpkin seeds in food colouring. Let the kids follow their instincts and their heart as they create their next masterpiece by working on this! For the toddlers, the parent can encourage them to write alphabets and numbers with these seeds. Not only is this fun but also it’s a great way to recycle your leftover pumpkin seeds.


10. Turkey goodie bags

Let the little ones prepare their own goodie bags! You can put a box of colors, glue, and colorful sheets on the table for the kids to get creative with these  r fun bags! Later you can fill them with some candy, stickers, or small toys. Kids will thoroughly enjoy this game with its tasty treats! ! 

You can also wrap treats in yellow paper and tie them with string to make them resemble a corn cob. When they unwrap the corn they’ll find various treats! 

11. Charades

This one is for older kids or even the whole family! A game of thanksgiving charades will fill the whole room with laughter and giggles. It’s your regular game of charades with a thanksgiving twist. Print out a list of thanksgiving themed words and put them all in a bowl.

When the whole family is together, pass the bowl around and let everyone pick a chit of their choice. The chit will be placed on their heads for the other people to see while the participants explain what it says to them what it says without using the word on the paper.


12. Make ‘em count

Some of the simplest activities are also the most entertaining! This activity will keep your kids occupied all night. Fill up a few jars with small treats of your choice. Ask the young ones to guess the approximate number of candies in the jar. Place the jar filled with corn in the centre and let them count how many the jar holds.

The winner is the kid whose guess is the closest to the actual number. Beware, some of these candies may go missing as the kids may overindulge in these treats and get a sugar rush. Plan the game accordingly.


13. Time to bring Pictionary back! 

Everyone enjoys a classic game of pictionary!. Just like for charades you can put sheets of words in a bowl and let people choose one. They will draw these words for the other people to guess! This game can be played in teams while everyone dons their thinking caps to play for the win.. 


14. Sponge craft & stamps! 

Let the kids create a masterpiece with paper plates, sponges and paints! Cut out the head of the turkey and place it on the plate. The kids can then decorate the plate with colors to resemble feathers. You could let them add googly eyes and colors to make it extra fun and realistic.

You can make this a little more interesting by making DIY stamps with vegetables! You could cut out easy shapes with knives on potatoes or use ladyfingers, onions, or other vegetables. Kids could then dip these vegetables in pants and create their own artwork.

They could create bookmarks, decorative letters, and lots more.  This might also make them aware of how different vegetables look and enhance their vocabulary.


15. Create a leaf wreath


Ask the kids to go and search for leaves of various kinds! The kids will spend the evening hunting for these leaves. Later they can paste these leaves on a cardboard cut out in the shape of a ring. They can also get a little creative by painting these leaves with different colors. You can hang these on the door as a cute thanksgiving decoration. 

A lot goes on during this hectic holiday. Although it may seem tiring to plan an activity, but a little effort goes a long way to strengthen the bond the kids share with you.

Find The Best Thanksgiving activities for Kids Today!

These thanksgiving activities for kids will not only enhance your relationship but also help them learn a few skills on the way. The main aim of these games is to make our tiny guests feel important and keep them entertained.