Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls – Updated List 2020

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX - Purple
2. Lenox Ballerina Jewelry Box
Lenox Childhood Memories Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box, 2.35 LB, Metallic
3. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box
Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes
1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX - Purple
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2. Lenox Ballerina Jewelry Box
Lenox Childhood Memories Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box, 2.35 LB, Metallic
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3. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box
Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes
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If you have a little girl of age 8, you have probably spent an unnatural amount of time deciding on the perfect gift for them and come up with none.

Some might be too childish and some are not childish enough. They won’t like gifts they liked as toddlers but might turn away from gifts that are for slightly older girls. Their activities are varied, and maybe you’d like them to learn something as well. Well, this guide has compiled a list of the best gifts for 8 year old girls to help you in your time of need.

Top 30 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls 2020

1 . VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DXThis smartwatch has five different games, 3 activities, and 3 action challenges. Not only can this purple beauty take truckloads of pictures and videos, but it also comes with built-in filters and effects that will let your child edit the picture to suit their taste and explore their creative side.

Add to that an alarm, timer, stopwatch, a calendar and a calculator that will let your girl do simple addition, division, multiplication, and subtraction, this stopwatch is not only eye-catching but also handy. The smart watch comes with rechargeable battery and a micro USB cable that can both charge the watch and upload photo and videos.

A smart watch that not only serves the purpose of a digital clock but is actually smart as it claims in the name. How could this not make it into the list of best gifts for 8 year old girls?


2. Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

Lenox Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry BoxThis silver color box with pink glittery interior and a ballerina who dances to the tune of “Fur Elise” is sure to capture your child’s heart. All your child needs to do is wind up the key on the box and she can show her friends the figure dancing to soothing music.

This sturdy metal box can fit a number of trinkets or even other small things that your child might want to keep safe. The little mirror on the jewelry box’s wall can assist your child while she is getting ready for a day out with her friends. It will also take up little space and look great even as a showpiece on the shelf.


3. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art BoxIf your 8 year old has an interest in arts and crafts, she would fall in love with this one instantly. Even if your kid doesn’t necessarily like craft related subjects, chances are, she is being taught them in school a lot right now and this box of 125 rainbow mini notes will certainly place her at an advantage.  All your kid needs to do is use the wooden stylus included with the set to scribble on the notes and bright colors will reveal themselves.

One thing is for sure, your 8 year old will certainly enjoy having notes they can express themselves with and explore their creative side. You might even find notes of appreciation from them sticking on your forehead to show their love. This Scratch Art Box set can certainly be counted among the best gifts for 8 year old girls.


4. Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

Gloves that flash in the dark, if nothing else, your child will certainly enjoy showing it off to her friends. Not only will this serve the purpose of gloves, that is to keep warm, but the material is soft to the touch and stretchable, which will make the child feel at ease and least likely to take it off even in the cold.

There is a button on the wrist and pressing it will make the fingers light up in different colors that are easy to the eye. There are six modes which have different color pattern combination. The gloves come with batteries which are replaceable once done with.


5. Alex Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

Alex Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

Sewing is one of those life skills that aren’t certainly compulsory to have but makes your life thousands time easier. Knowing sewing lets you fix your own clothes without having to spend money on it by going to a tailor and lets you make clothes life scarf from scratch for other people, which adds a personal touch to the present.

By gifting your girl this, you will be contributing to a good habit that can lead to either a lifetime comforting hobby or even a career in designing.

The sewing kit comes with 28 felt shapes, embroidery floss, stuffing, fabric, ricrac, scissors, measuring tape, pins, needles, thimble, pin cushion, 6 buttons, pom-pom strip. This product comes with high approval from parents. This is the kind of gift she can sit down on on a rainy day or even she is going on a road trip and needs something to keep her from getting bored.

You can also join in on the fun and have some quality bonding time, maybe teach her how to sew or if you don’t know how to yourself, then learn with her. This sewing kit’s effectiveness both as a hobby and an educational suit makes it one of the best gifts for 8 year old girls.


6. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Slightly different to the previous jewelry box on this list of gifts for 8 year old girls, this one is larger, that is about 6 inch inside, though ultimately it doesn’t take up much space. The ballerina figure inside the pink box grooves slowly to the tune of “Swan Lake”.  

Large bottom drawers and two tiny side drawers your girl will have space for both her jewelry, that is if she owns some that are made especially for the kids and her own collection of treasures, say something like a pencil with an interesting design that she does not want to part with. There is also a square shaped mirror inside the box where she can check her appearance in.


7. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Razor A5 Lux Scooter

A miniature scooter that comes with a kickstand and is pink in color, how could your daughter not love this? This is especially better if your child is a little tall for a 8 year old girl. The rear brake and adjustable handlebars makes it easy for your kid to learn how to control the scooter and will be good practice for them if they want to eventually learn cycling or riding a bike.

The scooter is also easy to carry as it can be folded and kept in your car trunk with no problem. Learning to ride a scooter will help develop your child’s posture and reflexes. As such, it a highly recommended gift among the list of gifts for 8 year old girls.


8. Jr.White Mermaid Tail Blanket

Jr.White Mermaid Tail Blanket

Christmas presents can be hard to think of, but what could possibly be better than a gift that suits the Christmas weather? This hand knitted blanket in different shades of pink, purple and blue is made to look like a mermaid. Your child can feel like a real life mermaid once inside it as it encloses around their legs to form the shape of a fish’s tail.

What 8 year old girl has not wanted to feel like a Disney Princess once? To have the grace and beauty of a mermaid? Well, this blanket certainly helps them get closer to their fantasies and lets them have a good night’s rest in the warm embrace of this soft embroidered blanket.


9. Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal

Just Between Us Mother & Daughter A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal

This is a gift for you and your daughter. While, this is a journal targeted especially for mother and daughter bonding, as long as you are a parent, that is even if you are the father, you can use this to bond with your daughter. You and your daughter can answer the quizzes or tackle the writing prompts that will let both your daughter and you explore your creative sides.

You can write down your thoughts on each other or daily lives and you can use this opportunity to learn more about your daughter and form a deeper bond with her. There are also pages allotted for drawing and making lists that you can use to remind each other of important events.

A shared journal signifies a shared secret and both of you can use this to pour out your honest feelings towards each other.  It also comes with two ribbon bookmarks for both the mother and daughter respectively to keep track of your thoughts. This is one of the most precious gift possible in this list of gifts for 8 year old girls.


10. 4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art

4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art

This tile art set will not only spark your child’s creative side and will be a medium to let her imagination flow, but you will also get your fridge or other household places like the door decorated for free. This 2 inches by 2 inches tiles can be attached to any metal surface with the help of magnets provided in the set.

Of course, first your child needs to create mini artworks using the paint strips and brush and then stick the artwork on to the tiles. Your daughter can create attractive artwork and then showcase them to her friends.


11. KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture

Your 8 year old probably likes playing house since she was a toddler. While she is likely to grow out of this phase after a year or so, 8 year is the perfect age for her to enjoy playing house before she lets this game become a part of her childhood memories.

This 3 story house comes with four rooms and 16 piece of furniture. The set is available with manual instructions which your daughter will enjoy understanding and assembling from.

After she is done building her doll house, she can decorate it the way she wants and let her designer side come into play. She can create the perfect house of her dreams, a slightly childish version of the one she will want to own one day and she can play this game with her friends and use their input to make her house prettier.

All the pieces are beautiful work of art and if arranged carefully, can be an eye catching item sitting in the corner of your living room that will instantly attract attention.


12. Sony Dynamic Foldable Headphones

Sony Dynamic Foldable Headphones

This attractive pink headphone from sony will look good on your daughter’s ears as it will let her listen to her favourite songs in ease. With a great sound quality that lets you hear the highs and lows precisely and cushioned ear pads,  your 8 year old will never let it out of her sight once she has it.

She can use this while going back home from school in the bus or listen with headphones on in her leisure time. The cushioned pads makes it comfortable for the ears and suitable for long time use. The folding design makes it easy to place it anywhere in her backpack. This is one of the best gifts for 8 year old girls out there.


13. Create Your Own Window Art, Assorted Colors

Create Your Own Window Art, Assorted Colors

The satisfaction of window art painting comes from not only coloring the illustrations in the booklet but also hanging them up to make your window look brighter and prettier.

Your child will learn to paint in between the lines and explore their creative side. 20 illustrations are already provided in the set but if your daughter wants, she can create new herself, place acetate sheet over them and then color them with window paint. Once done, all that is left is to hand the suncatchers in front of the window.


14. Drograce Children Kids Camera

Drograce Children Kids Camera

Does your kid like taking pictures of daily life? Maybe your phone is filled with so much pictures your child took that you don’t know what to do with it. Well, this digital camera specifically made for children might solve all your problems.

This waterproof camera allows your child to take photos and videos even in underwater and the material is hundred percent environment friendly. With CMOS image sensor, the ability to capture 30 frame per second and 5 megapixel picture quality, this is the ideal camera for your child to start her journey towards becoming a professional photographer or videographer in the future.

The 3 level volume adjustment, 4x zoom, and 7 color modes lets your child experiment with different techniques to allow them to find a style of photography that suits them the best. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, micro card slot for storing pictures, 32 GB internal space that cements its position in the list of gifts for 8 year old girls.


15. Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet

Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet

It is unlikely for a 8 year old girl to not have barbie dolls at home they play around with regularly. In fact, the doll house included in this list of gifts for 8 year old girls, might already have barbies waiting to habit on it. To add to the aesthetic, we have the ultimate barbie closet that will fit just right in.

The pink double door wardrobe contains shoes, clothes,  and purses that your 8 year old girl can dress her barbie on and have her doll friends walking around her doll house. Your daughter will be delighted to have this and to be able to play tea party games with her friends.


16. Alex Toys DIY Wear So Many Headbands

Alex Toys DIY Wear So Many Headbands

Headbands aren’t as simple as they use to be. Now, you can customise them to come up with different look for different days. Ribbons, fabric flowers, shoelace, gem stem, ribbon straps, loops, tulle, sticky gems, felt and rubber bands are included with 10 headbands.

Your daughter can wrap two or three of them with various combination of flowers, and gem stems or other accessories provided in the box to create an eye catching look. Your daughter will love experimenting with the headbands and finding the right dress combination whenever she has to go for a birthday party or with friends for a day out.


17. Stare! Junior Board Game

Stare! Junior Board Game

While this is the kind of game that can be played one versus one, it is all the more fun when played in a group. This indoor game is more fun at indoor bbq parties and you have a large group of people. Your daughter will surely enjoy playing it with her friends or siblings. This set of 160 cards has fun images such as the beach or a witch flying through the night sky.

The sand timer and the dice keeps the game exciting and under control. The board game is simple and yet brings lots of joy. You get to stare at a card for 30 seconds to memories the details and then once the time is up, your opponent gets to ask questions related to the illustration to test your memory. There are total of 960 formation of questions.

This game helps jog memory, shows powerful imagery that develops creativity but also helps raise the concentration level up. So not only your daughter will be able to strengthen her visual memory, yours will be at a better place too.


18. Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

This is the complete art set for your mini upcoming artists. Large stencils, paper, colored pencils, sharpener, pen and case, this are all the art supplies your daughter might need for some time.

Made from non toxic material, these are all your kids will want. If your daughter likes drawing, or maybe has a general fascination with shapes and figures, she will find the stencils perfect set of tools to answer her curiosity.

She can take the case anywhere with her, to school, or fond long train journeys and draw and paint the shapes in peace whenever she wants. Frequent encounter with images can help the brain register better aesthetics which in turn leads to better art creation in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Order the stencil set and let your child’s imagination flow.  


19. Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

Inflatable pedicure pool, battery operated nail dryer, satin eye mask to sticker nail art, cotton balls and a satin spa bag, this spa set contains everything one might need to open their own spa shop. Well, a kids spa shop in this case and instead of charging anyone, she will just have fun playing with her friends.


20. Cat Face Waterproof Girls Backpack

Cat Face Waterproof Girls Backpack

This 42cm waterproof backpack will be exactly what your daughter needs if she enjoys going to a school a lot. Children in school have this unspoken competition over who has the schooler bag or the schooler pencil case. Well, this pink backpack with cat design and golden bowknot, followed by a doll keychain is exactly what your kid will need to promote the message that she is the coolest.

The shoulder stripes have reflective stripes so your daughter’s back will not hurt while carrying the backpack. The waterproof exterior means even when it’s raining heavily, the books and pens inside the backpack would not suffer.


21. Just My Style Glitter Messenger Bag

Just My Style Glitter Messenger Bag

The traditional messenger bag with a twist, the list of gifts for 8 year old girls cannot be completed without including this. Your daughter can color her messenger bag however she wants, she can mix different colors to create a new shade or add gemstones to create an illusion of 3D imagery to the bag. She can also add badges or pins to the strap to further customize the bag and a personal touch to the object.

Of course, we can’t forget that while the bag is great for showing it off to her friends once she is done coloring it, the bag also serves the basic function, that is, has enough to carry books and other personal items she might want to.


22. Cartoon Animal Cotton Knee High Socks

Cartoon Animal Cotton Knee High Socks

Another special gift for Christmas or winter seasons, Knee High socks are in style more than ever. Combine that with their love for cartoons, your daughter will have 6 pairs of cute, soft looking socks at her hands, or should we say her feet? 40 to 42 cm in size, this will fit snugly around your 8 year old girl’s tiny legs.

Other than keeping her toes warm, they will also make her feel happy and at peace whenever she looks at them due to the beautiful designs that attract anyone at first glance.


23. ReliBeauty Little Girls Layered Princess Belle Costume Dress up

ReliBeauty Little Girls Layered Princess Belle Costume Dress up

Your daughter must have wanted to dress up like a Disney princess at least once, right? Just like the mermaid dream, feeling like a real life Disney Princess, especially Beauty and The Beast’s protagonists Belle, is every little girl’s dream. Well, she will find herself taking a step closer to that dream if you present her with this yellow bright dress with a brooch.

The costume set has shiny red earrings, necklace, tiara, wand, and yellow gloves to complete the look. If she wants, she can dress up like this on her birthday or on a costume party. Better yet, she can feel like a Disney princess is she wants on a normal day because what better day is there to make oneself feel pretty than now?


24. Our Day Night Light Moon Star

Our Day Night Light Moon Star

Maybe your child has already shown some serious interest in astronomy, maybe she just likes staring at the night sky in general. Even if she doesn’t particularly care about stars and the moons, this lamp is likely to change her mind in no time.  This tiny lampshade will help project a part of the vast universe into the small space of your bedroom. Rotating the base of the lamp can make the sky change its color.

All your child needs to do is rotate it until she finds the constellation that speaks to her the most. Using this lamp will lead the room to take a color of the night, which is soothing to the eye and will lull your child to sleep.

The new and improved model makes less than 30dB noise, so noise wouldn’t be a problem and most people prefer at least a little white noise to get through the night. The plastic grain lamp will fit inside any house with any kind of decor due to its natural look. The lamp can project up to 15 ft, so feasting your eyes will never be a problem.

As a parent, you will probably appreciate the night lamp more so if your child has a hard time falling asleep and is quite noisy and restless at night. In that case, this lamp will be the solution to all your problem, which is why it is in a list of best gifts for 8 year old girls.


25. Friday Long Range Walikies Talkies

Friday Long Range Walikies Talkies

Walkie Talkies might be out of use and useless in the adult world filled with phones and tablets, but your 8 year old girl will certainly appreciate this pink throwback to a world left behind. The accompaniment they need for their outdoor adventures, this walkie talkie has crystal clear sound that lets you hear your daughter even in a crowded setting as the advanced technology automatically mutes local noises.

The bright LCD display, call alert function, flashlight and belt clip, your child will feel like the favorite spy or policeman from her favorite T.V show. 3 channels and a 2-mile range means your daughter can go up to an impressive distance from the house and still be connected to you. Better yet, if her friends have the same device, they can all play together and imitate the T.V characters going on an important mission.

The special design makes sure the device fits in your child’s grip and the push to talk button makes communication easier for everyone. With only 0.5 radiation power, there is no fear of damage to the child.


26. Monobeach Kids Play House Princess Tent

Monobeach Kids Play House Princess Tent

Everyone dreams of a secret little safe space they can call their own. Somewhere, no one else is allowed. An uncomplicated place where they can read, write, listen to music, or just lounge around with the quietness of their own thoughts.

Well, this little princess house will help your child achieve exactly that. This 55 inches in depth and 53 inches in height personalized space of tent can be scattered with your child’s toys and books, and in between them, she can relax and drown out the day’s hard work.

The tent can be set up indoors or outdoor like the backyard, depending on what your child will prefer. If you decide to set it up outside, then there is no fear of mosquitoes, as the screen around the tent will protect your child.

While this is a safe space made only for your daughter, she is more than free to welcome her friends inside her mini house if she feels comfortable enough. The tent will gladly hold up to 3 children. A mini starlight also comes with the tent as a gift.


27. Sequin Drawstring Backpack Bag

Sequin Drawstring Backpack Bag

How about mixing the love your daughter has for mermaids with backpacks that have the same design over high quality sequin. The design makes the bag sparkle brightly and can easily attract attention and envy of your daughter’s friends due to the prettiness of it.

The inside is coated with a double lining, which makes the backpack durable. The sequins have two different color and your kid can choose the one she likes most or make a combination of both to create something unique. It is fairly lightweight and the drawstrings are braided means the bag is in no danger of falling off the shoulder.

There is a little zipper pocket inside where your child can keep her smaller belongings like the phone or money.


28. Fairy Craft Kits for Girls

Fairy Craft Kits for Girls

What can compete with a night lamp that projects the universe inside your house? Well, a fairy night light that your child can make from scratch! This do it yourself kit can take hours of your child’s time and rest assured, once she begins, she wouldn’t want to put it down until she is done.

Another convenient way to nurture your kid’s imaginative prowess, this fairy kit comes with all the required objects like the brush, flower pinstripes, glue and a jar to decorate. Once done, LED lid lights up to make the room look dreamy and enchanting, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Though it requires two AAA battery which is not included in the package, buying it from a local store is easy. A kit that helps exercise your brain and rewards her with a night of good night sleep, of course, it will make it into the list of best gifts for 8 year old girls.


29. Senserise Winter Kids Warm Animal Hats

Senserise Winter Kids Warm Animal Hats

Christmas gifts seem to be in abandon and so is this hat that is wool knitted. Soft and warm to the touch, this animal printed hats not only cover your daughter’s heads but her ears, neck and hands too. Available in different animal patterns like rabbit, zebra, and cats, your child will fall in love with it just by looking at it.

On a cold wintry day, when she is going out with her friends and it’s snowing outside, this will be the gift that will protect her from the chilly winter. The stylish design ensures your child will not feel embarrassed about wearing it outside and going out with her friends under the protection of the hat.


30. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Ease

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Ease

A dry-erase board, a chalkboard, a locking paper-roll holder, a paper cutter that is safe to be used by a child,4 clips that have an easy grip, and two large plastic trays make up the entirety of the art easel set.  The wooden frame is sturdy and firm and easy to assemble if you follow the instructions properly.

Art is foldable and adjustable, so regardless of how tall or short your child is for her age, the Art Easel can be fit to go down to her size. Highly favored from parents with a claim of being sold 0.46 seconds around the world, the Art Easel is designed to inspire maximum creativity.

The free space on the board makes the child want to draw or even try their calligraphy skills, their coloring skills and all other parts of the art package. Playing with a chalkboard can help your child develop strong motor skills. Combine that with the exercise the art side of the brain gets, Art Easels are the small steps your child takes to becoming a painter to envy in the distance future.


31. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

Yes, the Art Easel is on the list a second time. No, this isn’t a mistake. While the standard package has the items already listed on the previous section, the frustration free package is shipped with paper, paint, cups, paint brushes and chalk.

Another important thing to remember is that the chalkboard is 47 inches in height, 27 inches in width and 26 inches in length. So it has enough space for your daughter’s creativity to grace the screen and shine through.  


32. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

This Amazon exclusive deal is good both for your savings and for your daughter whose desires of becoming the Disney Princess will be fulfilled the moment she opens the trunk. The storage trunk has inside a total of  4 shirts, 3 skirts, 2 headbands, 1 tiara, 1 choker, 3 bracelets, 1 pair of earrings, 1 necklace, 3 rings.

The cardboard trunk itself glittery pink with stickers of Disney Princess on it. Your daughter can co-ordinate different looks for different occasions to feel like the ultimate princess. She can dress exactly like the Disney characters or let her imaginations run wild and create a character of her own. The trunk set will most certainly be useful during Halloween parties and your daughter will have an easy win as the best dressed.

Another idea is that if you want your daughter to be more sociable and encourage sharing, she can dress up with three of her friends or siblings and let them borrow her trunk to them. This will create feelings of gratefulness among her friends and she can enjoy the feeling of being a part of a small community created by herself.


33. Keyboard Playmat

Keyboard Playmat

Digital pianos that can only be played by your child’s soft fingers are out of fashion now. It is time for your child’s feet to do the work. This 24 keys piano that is basically a giant mat is touch sensitive and comes alive under the touch of your child’s feet.

The name might be piano mat but the settings are so that it has 8 instrument modes, that is Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Banjo, Xylophone, Guitar. The mat also comes with a record, playback, demo, play mode and volume that can be adjusted to fit the atmosphere.

Hearing music can cultivate your child’s musical ear and let her analyze the pitch and volumes. Jumping on the mat is also enjoyable and fun, there is no doubt about it, but more than that, it is a great way to help your kid workout a little without her even realizing she is doing it.

Essentially she is dancing and creating music at the same time, and what can be better than this? Which is why, even though the 4 AA battery required for the item is not included in the list, the Keyboard playmat still made its way onto a list of gifts for 8 year old girls.


34. Disney Girl’s Quartz Metal and Rubber Watch

Disney Girl's Quartz Metal and Rubber Watch

Rubber watches are rare these days, as most kids seem to prefer digital watches. However, the appeal of the rubber ones can’t be denied. If your kid still faces problems when discussing time by looking at clock hands, constantly having this pink watch on her will help her get over it. The hours and minutes are marked, so there is a constant indicator.

The display has a large Mickey mouse and we are yet to find a kid who is not in love with the cartoon version of a mouse. The box in which the mouse is presented also has the Mickey Mouse official logo on it, so she can also keep the box as a display in her room.


35. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Maybe your child is quite introverted and doesn’t like outdoor activities much. Well, this fun squeaky noise making pogo jumper will certainly get out of her slump and let her confront the sunlight out of her own accord.  The pogo jumper is sturdy and strong and can resist bumps and prevent scratches. Flybar’s Pogo Jumpers lasts for a long time and does not need to immediately replaced after short term use. No child can resist the enjoyment a pogo jumper offers.

This will be a great excuse for your kid to get some exercise, not only for her small physique but also for her brain. Handling a pogo jumper requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and improves motor skills. It is also great for posture correction and balance.

If at a later stage, your kid wants to try cycling or bike riding, this will be a great place to start off with. The Pogo jumper is also available in a variety of color and designs, starting from a pink solid shade to frog printed funny jumpers. Your child will certainly have fun prancing around the neighborhood in this.


36. Best Choice Products Kids Electric Musical Guitar

Best Choice Products Kids Electric Musical Guitar

Ever wanted to feel like a rockstar as a child? Yeah? So does your 8 year old. What better way to give her exactly what she wants than to gift her an electric musical guitar. This guitar set comes with 6 demo songs, a mic stand and an amp. As the guitar is connected to the amp without any wire, the kid can simply press a button to play the demo song she likes the best.

Better yet, you can use the aux, and connect your own collection of songs to the guitar. Watch and encourage her as she sings along and pretends plays the guitar with you as her audience. This pinks guitar body with decoration will certainly suit her taste.

Listening and pretending to play will lead her to a deeper understanding of music, a stronger connection with it and widen her range. She will come to learn and love a lot about music which is also good for her ears, as it will help improve her hearing. All in all, you can never go wrong with a musical instrument, toy or otherwise.


37. 5-Minute Princess Stories

5-Minute Princess Stories

If your daughter likes watching the different princess movies that are always available on Disney, chances are, she will enjoy getting a mini book on them too. This contains a collection of stories of various Disney Princesses, from Rapunzel to Belle, who go on short adventures or turn from a mermaid to a human being, all in the span of short minutes.

If your daughter enjoys reading, she will love this gift. If she doesn’t, this will be a good book to start her off on the path of becoming a regular reader. Short stories are easy to finish and doesn’t contain hard words, which will make it easier for your daughter to be invested in it as children sometimes tend to get discouraged when faced with words they don’t understand.

If she is someone with short attention span, concentrating on a story for 5 minutes will help increase her concentration time until she’s finishing the Harry Potter series in a blink.


38. Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set

Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set

This is the age when your daughter will slowly start wanting to become an adult and start imitating what her mother does. She might have already set her eyes on eyeliners and such beauty product. While eyeliners can be bad for the child at such a young age, it is important to provide her with some sort of compromise, otherwise, she might feel discouraged. What is the best way to do that?

Well, a set of 15 Nail polish that is non-toxic in nature will certainly help. You can teach her how to apply nail polish yourself and the non-toxic nature means your child fingers will be well protected. Nail Polish can also not be dismissed simply as a beauty product.

Nail art is also pretty much considered part of mainstream art, and once your daughter learns how to apply them, she can use her own imagination to create more effective designs. Applying nail polish also takes lots of concentration, so it will help increase the brain power in that regard too.


39. Fragrance Perfume Making Science Kit

Fragrance Perfume Making Science Kit

Maybe your daughter has an unusual nose for, maybe she likes all science-related subject. If so, this perfume making kit with 36-page guide and over 27 tools will certainly help challenge her brain and give her all the fun her science-loving brain can possibly want. Bath salts, rose tonics or good old fashioned perfume, your child can make anything she wants with this kit.

Overall, it has the possibility of 13 different experiments and keeps your child’s interest for a long time. Your daughter can even create perfumed paintings with this set!


40. Zokea Night Light

Zokea Night Light

A flat panel that turns into a 3D bear whose job is to light up your room in the night, your daughter will love going to sleep if she has one of those. For the overactive kids, night lights with 7 different colors that she can set to fit her mood might just be what she needs to get a good night’s rest.

The high quality LED is soft in nature and soothing to the child’s eyes. There is no possibility of harm coming from it.


Choose the Best Gift for Your 8 Year Old Girl

This guide was created with the consideration of what an 8 year old girl might want and what might be best for them. As you can see, the list is wide and varied and we are sure you will find the one that will suit your little one the best. All you have to do is make sure you keep her personality in mind while choosing the best gift for her.

We have also compiled a list of what to gift your 8 year old boy, so be sure to check it out!