Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls – Updated List 2020

1. Scratch Art
Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes
2. Gravity Maze
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner
3. Klutz Lego Chain
LEGO Chain Reactions (Klutz Science/STEM Activity Kit)
1. Scratch Art
Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes
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2. Gravity Maze
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner
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3. Klutz Lego Chain
LEGO Chain Reactions (Klutz Science/STEM Activity Kit)
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You’ve been surprising your little girl for the last 10 years, but now, what better can you gift her to make her 11th birthday even a more memorable one ?

At such times, it might make you restless as to what could be the best gifts for 11 year old girls? As girls get older, they tend to get pickier and it becomes difficult to shop for them. Girls at this age, probably expect the newest, and cutest toys that all their friends talk about the whole day.

With so many different toys and birthday gift options in the market, it is hard to find the one that fits a 11-year-old girl’s choice perfectly. So this year, I have shortlisted and created a list of gifts that would bring a smile to the “not-so-little” girl’s face.

But first, here are some basic and important factors that you should keep in mind before searching for the best gifts for 11 year old girls.


 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

Factors To Remember While Buying Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

1. Safety

There are a lot of toys and other playable products in the market that contain hazardous parts and other materials. These products must be identified and kept away from small children. So, keep the safety of the item in mind before gifting it to little girls.

Try to keep away from items made of low-quality plastic, glass, wood sliver, etc.

Products made of cloth, good quality plastic, and other properly finished materials are safe for gifting purposes. Make sure that the finishing of the product is smooth and has no protruding parts that could physically hurt a child.

There are certain toys that have a coating of paints that contain chemicals, that are harmful when inhaled or brought in contact.

Such safety precautions must be taken before purchasing the best gifts for 11 year old girls

2. New Features And Updates

With new ideas and technology coming up, you must be aware of the new gifting products with interesting and exciting features. Girls tend to get intrigued by the outpour of different varieties of gifts which are new and fancy.

They would want to own the most recent products in the market to be able to flaunt it to their friends.

For instance, girls no longer wish to play with the conventional single pieced barbie dolls. Instead, now they have dolls that come with an inbuilt voice button, hair coloring mechanism, a technology that can make them walk, move their hands and they also come with their very own dollhouses!

So, before you go out looking for the best gifts for 11 year old girls, you should have in mind, her interests, the brand new products in markets and the updates in the toy industry. Here’s your chance to make your little girl the happiest.

3. Quality

Another very important factor that you must keep in mind is the quality of the product. You don’t want to gift something that does not even last a few months and gets ruined before the child even enjoys it completely. Make sure that any gift that you decide to purchase is of good quality and is durable.

The product that you decide to buy should not be too delicate and of the kind that can easily be worn out.

Since 11-year-old girls are young and immature, they tend to handle items casually and rigorously, it can cause easy wear and tear. So, make sure that you check the quality of the gift without fail before choosing it.

4. Wrong Message Or Signals

Nine year-old girls are young and at an impressionable age. So, you must ensure that the item that you decide to purchase has no wrong symbols or words written on it. Be cautious as to not promote race or gender bias.

For instance, deliberate attempts at selecting blue for boys and pink for girls, or cars for boys and dolls for girls, can create a negative and biased stereotype in the minds of little girls.

So, make sure that you buy a smart, useful, interesting and unbiased gift for a 11-year-old girl who sends a neutral or positive message.

5. Limit To Computerized Products

It is highly recommended that you try to limit purchasing computer-based games and video games as gifts for 11-year-old girls.

Rather, you could buy outdoor sports gear and equipment such as skipping ropes, basketball, roller skates, badminton rackets, and other such items which inculcate fitness and an attitude of self-care.

Try to avoid gifting video games, PSPs or tablets, as they increase the risk of problems such as poor eyesight, headaches, crankiness and would make the child redundant.

Gifting productive items would be appreciated that help in the child’s mental and physical growth, ensuring fun and games along with the overall development.

Now, keeping these factors in your mind, scroll down to ease your troubles and to find the best gifts for 11 year old girls.

In this article, I will be reviewing and presenting to you, the most recommended and top-ranked products that you could gift a 11 year-old princess.

Lets look at the best gifts for 11 years old girls now.

Top 30 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls 2020

1. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Best Gift For 9 Year Old GirlThis package of wonder contains 125 colorful sticky notes, and it comes with a wooden stylus and a desktop dispenser.

It has an innovative concept, as it reveals bright colors beneath a matte coating. The wooden stylus is used for the colorful scratch art.

It helps a child to evolve by enhancing creativity. These mini notes can be used to jot notes, make cool illustrations, etch doodles, draw designs and put your heart out on a paper.

They can be maintained in a pack, as the additional desktop dispenser is reusable and keeps the mini notes organized.

It comes with simple usage and instructions and guarantees amazing results. Every scratch is a surprise for the kids and leaves them satisfied.

It is great for use in classroom work, recreational activities, holiday pastime and as sweet notes for a friend.

It gives color to their imagination and helps grow creativity, writing skills, fine motor skills, and imagination. It’s a complete package for your young one on her birthday!


2. ThinkFun Gravity Maze

ThinkFun Gravity MazeThis logic maze game won the Toy of the year award, as it is the perfect game to put your logistic and visual skills to test.

In this gravity-powered game, you have to create a maze, playing with towers and marbles to achieve a given target, and it analyses your ability to use logic and solve puzzles.

The game includes.

  • A Game Grid
  • 9 Building Towers
  • Target Tower
  • 3 Marbles
  • 60 Challenge Cards (Beginner to Expert) along with solutions
  • Instruction manual

The manual is clear and easy to understand. This game is best for kids who wish to develop their critical thinking skills. Through this product, you can sharpen your mind by improving logical reasoning planning skills, and all through fun and games!


3. Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions ScienceKlutz Lego is a book based activity kit that enables you to design and build the machine of your choice.

The kit contains a bunch of tools which when used with LEGO bricks, can be used for building new machines. These machines and tools built along with the LEGO blocks can also be used together as a series of chain reactions to create a completely new machine!

This game is for kids with a scientific bent of mind and is excellent for intellectual and overall development.

It enables analysis, critical thinking, and growth.

You can create a machine that could toss a toffee wrapper into the trash, amuse your pet, deliver a text or ring a bell! All this and more with just simple guidelines and your creativity!

What better could you get a little girl, than knowledge and productivity in a box of fun!


4. 5,000 Awesome Facts Book

5,000 Awesome Facts BookFilled with colorful photographs and interesting facts, this beautifully designed book is organized articles that each focus on a different topic and a different fact, making it easy and fun to read.
This product is definitely one of the best gifts for 11 year old girls as it will keep the child intrigued and increase general knowledge.

It is brain candy and eye candy rolled into one, with 5000 fascinating facts and beautiful pictures that make every piece of knowledge interesting.

Information packed and oozing with knowledge, this book covers all the topics that would keep you on your toes.

Facts about chocolate, about hippos, about the planets and so much more.

Keep turning the pages and a terrifying crocodile tells you a tale about himself, while other pages layout plenty of tips and tricks on toys and games, mysteries and myths of history, robots and aliens, sports and a lot more to it!

Who knew there was a bigger world beyond our world?

Now’s the time, give your child a gift that could change her views and perspective about everything around her.


5. Alex Craft My First Sewing Kit

Alex Craft My First Sewing KitMy First Sewing Kit will introduce your child to the skill of sewing and take her into a world of creativity, where she can make stuffed toys, napkins, covers and more.

Your child will develop a skill that will make her independent and capable of mending almost anything by herself.

The items in the kit come in a securely packed case, which has a handle so that it is easily used and carried around.

This product will help cultivate creativity, ensure fun and enterprise!

Your 9-year-old can hone her designing and crafting skills by making simple jewelry, toys and other accessories.

Every sewing kit includes different beads, yarn, stickers, markers and duct tape, which are the basic supplies needed for creating fancy items. No better gift for a 9-year-old girl than something as productive and creative as a fun sewing kit.


6. Doctor Unicorn

Doctor UnicornThis Premium polyester made bathrobe is comfortable, fancy and the right choice for a 11-year-old girl’s bath time.

Nowadays, all children, especially girls, are very fond of unicorns and are fascinated by unicorn related products.

This beautiful and cute bathrobe will be thoroughly loved by your little girl and she will not stop adoring it.

It has a blend of colors which gives it a very happy and peaceful feel, to be worn right after a bath.

It has a beautiful unicorn horn on its hood, which makes it look authentic and cute.
With a bathrobe as pretty, it will no longer be a problem to convince a 11-year-old girl for bathing.


7. Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger

Luwint LED Colorful Flashing FingerThese gloves are a pair of beautiful luminous gloves that make you look cool and charming no matter what you use them for.

They can be used at dance performances, dark room games, stage plays, piano performances and other entertainment purposes.

Made of warm and soft cotton, these gloves come in 3 colors with 6 different modes, that get activated with a switch.

There will be a transition between red, blue and green color on the press of buttons once, twice and thrice respectively.

This can be a means of fascination for your 11-year-old girl and is quite constructive at the same time.

These gloves are available in 2 colors, black and white, selected according to the child’s choice.


8. Kelly Barnhill’s Book

Kelly Barnhill's BookThe Girl Who Drank the Moon is an exciting and interesting tale about a young girl, who is raised by a witch, learns to control the magical powers that she is accidentally bestowed upon.

This book won the Newbery Medal in 2017, the New York Times Bestseller, Best middle-grade book in 2016 and the Booklist youth editor’s choice in 2017.

It is without a doubt one of the best readings you can provide your little girl with.

It is a beautifully written fantasy that became a middle school sensation, and even today, once a child begins reading the book, it is impossible to keep it down.

This gift inculcates reading skills, self control, and creativity, as is hence, one of the best gifts for 11 year old girls.


9. Crispin Boyer – National Geographic Kids Why?

Crispin Boyer - National Geographic Kids WhyThis book contains almost everything you want to know, from answers related to science and technology to art and language.

Now you have detailed answers to the most complex questions, 1111 questions to be precise!
Now you can know about the deepest ocean, the greenest plain, the largest planet, the biggest animal, the most active volcano and so much more, with just a flip of the page.

The text and language written in this book have a lively and advanced vocabulary that enables tweens to expand their minds and challenge their vocabulary skills and reading levels.


10. I iHayner

I iHaynerThis high-quality PU Leather mini bag is available in 6 colors matching all tastes and personalities. It comes in black, red, pink, light blue, blue and beige.

This imported bag, hais the perfect size for your little girl to carry along and will make her look attractive and elegant in the outside crowd.

A 11-year-old can carry her toys, accessories, books, color pens, crayons and almost any essential item for an outing, in this bag.

It has a private zipper with pocket design at the back that has an anti-theft function that will ensure the protection of the child’s belongings, even without her taking much care of it.


11. Rachel Ignotofsky’s Book

Rachel Ignotofsky's BookRachel Ignotofsky’s book is a reminder that women are capable of everything in this world and that they rock!

Giving this book to your girl as a gift will make her feel empowered and help her become a more confident and self-reliant woman.

This book is charmingly illustrated and educational, a New York Times bestseller. It highlights the contributions of fifty notable women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, literature, and mathematics, from ancient to modern times.

Full of striking, interesting text and art, this fascinating and knowledgeable collection contains pictures and information about relevant topics.


12. 4M Magnetic Mini Tile Art

4M Magnetic Mini Tile ArtThe 4M magnetic mini tile art set is a Do-it-yourself product to enhance your child’s creativity and productivity.
The magnetic tile can be used on fridges, cupboards, lockers, and can be used to be given as gifts, craft projects.

The product contains.

  • 12 – 2″x2″ tiles
  • rubber magnets
  • double-sided adhesive tapes
  • 1 paint strip
  • 1 paintbrush
  • detailed and simple instructions.

Children can be creative and convert plain tiles into masterpieces, using paints, magnets and other contents of the kit.

This toy is here in the global market to set trends, as it involves new concepts and advanced technologies for a child in middle school.

This 4M product enables your child to be imaginative, inspiring, creative, fascinated and fun.


13. Pro Grace Camera

Pro Grace CameraThis multifunctional camera has advanced features, like face recognition, high-cost performance, long battery life, and is one of the best technological products to be used by children.

This beautiful and constructive camera for kids comes in 5 wonderful colors- blue, green, pink, red and yellow.

You can see and record pictures/videos from the camera directly or by uploading and viewing it on the computer for better visual effects.

It is an amazing starter camera that has 5 basic functions of playback, photography, video recording, games and setting.

For kids, this camera is advanced yet super easy to operate.

It is as close to a real camera as it could get and gives your child the exposure of creative photography and videography. This product definitely qualifies as being one of the best gifts for a 11 year old girl. Your girl can capture and weave her own, beautiful fantasy world using this camera!


14. M Prefontaine’s Book

M Prefontaine's BookThis book has a collection of rightly picked and organized brain-teasing puzzles and riddles. These 300 riddles and puzzles will make your child think and act wisely.

They are designed to test your child’s memory, critical and lateral thinking, logical abilities and reaction to circumstances.

The questions are smart and well organized, with all the answers at the back of the book for reference and knowledge.

It is a perfect book of activities for children who like problem-solving, riddles and puzzles.

The aim of this puzzle book is to stretch and mold your child’s brain to think creatively and accurately.

This book of riddles promises to keep your child fascinated and intrigued at all times.


15. The Children’s Place Jacket

The Children's Place JacketThis smart jacket for girls has a rustic and an evergreen look which makes it suitable to be worn over any kind of dress or shirt.

The jacket is made of a material that is 75% Cotton, 23% Polyester and 2% Spandex, which makes it comfortable and long-lasting.

The jacket is imported, good quality and can be washed easily in a machine. The jacket has front button closure, contrast stitching and chest pockets with dual buttons.

This jacket is classic wear, which will add to the personality and appearance of your child. It perfectly complements all kinds of clothes, from dresses to jeans or even leggings.


16. The Memory Building Company Unicorn Music Box

The Memory Building Company Unicorn Music BoxThis beautiful unicorn gift box comes with an amazing unicorn necklace, unicorn bracelet, and an amusing unicorn music box. With this magical and gorgeous gift box right in front of her, your 11-year-old wouldn’t be able to help but love the gift.

The reaction to this gift would be priceless.

The bracelet and necklace are strongly linked and completely adjustable. Made of fine quality, the metal clasps are made of 100% nickel-free stainless steel and right in the middle of the box is a silver-plated iron music box which keeps playing tunes that your little girl will love and cherish for years to come.

This unicorn gift box has a beautiful design, that will make your room look vibrant and colorful by just sitting there at your side table.


17. Lego Friends Mia’s Tree House

Lego Friends Mia’s Tree HouseThis set is perfect for children who are outgoing and love to play outside. This treehouse game will give your child the feel of being on a tree, living and enjoying life up there.

Mia’s Tree House game set also contains a zip wire, an attic, scramble net, and a bunny house, for those kids who love to be outdoors and be adventurous.
Your child can even swap or change the clothes and hair of the characters in the game set.

This game set has all the equipment for setting up a treehouse and is a great game for kids who love to be creative, strategic, adventurous and fun-loving.


18. The Never Girls Book Collection

The Never Girls Book CollectionThis paperback book series is an interesting and adventurous tale about four best friends who are granted their biggest wish of being sent off to NeverLand.

It is a great gift for girls of the age of 11 and this wonderful pack of books contains the four Never Girls adventures – In a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish, and From the Mist.

Books as gifts are most appreciated and loved as they impart knowledge and stay in the minds and hearts of children for a long time.


19. Segorts Sequin Mermaid Drawstring Bag Reversible

Segorts Sequin Mermaid Drawstring Bag ReversibleThe Shorts sequin mermaid bag is available in multiple sizes, multiple styles, multi purpose, and reversible usage.

The bag is beautiful and spacious and ensures quality checks and satisfaction.

When your little girl will wear this colorful and sparkly bag for a birthday party, school program or an outing, all eyes would be on the bag.

The sequins are reversible and can be used with any color upfront. The strap of the bag is adjustable and wide, to avoid any kind of shoulder injury and to guarantee comfort.
The bag has internal zip pockets to organize and store accessories, stationery items, and other products safely.

The backside of the bag is made of polyester material, which is soft and durable, so now your girl can own her favorite bag for a long time.


20. Cismark

CismarkThe cute and funky cartoon animal cotton knee-high socks are warm and comfortable, and the most useful gift that you could purchase for a kid.

These socks come in 6 different colors, with different animal prints, each pair of socks for a different mood and a different choice.

The socks come in one size and can fit any child’s leg easily.

Being knee-high, these socks look smart and are cozy as well.

The adorable animal print on the socks makes it unique and worth being considered as one of the best gifts for a 11 year old girl.

The quality of socks is soft and durable as it is made of 85% cotton and 15% spandex. The material makes it breathable and super comfortable to wear throughout the day!

These socks are the perfect choice for any themed party, birthday, Halloween or just any other day!


21. Dan & Darci Light-Up Crystal

Dan & Darci Light-Up CrystalDan &Darci science experiment kit helps your kid grow crystals by themselves through experiments.

We’ve heard about crystal formation in school and in textbooks, but no one told us that creating one is a simple job that takes just a few days!

The fun is not over yet? Once this incredible process is completed, you can add LED lighting to your crystals and let the light glow from within.
In this kit, you can grow clear, blue and red crystals that will bring color to your world of dreams.

It is quite a magical sight and an incredible experience for your young one to feel like a real chemist!


22. Starry Night Light

Starry Night LightThis colorful night lamplight, that comes in 3 different colors, takes you into the dreamy world, full of stars and a bright sky.

The kit consists of a light lamp, LED lights and a projector. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and the items are easy to operate.

The stunning starlight provides you with beautiful sights before rest and gives you a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for a peaceful sleep.
This is a perfect gift because it is not just a light lamp but a beautiful room decor item.


23. Selieve Walkie Talkies

Selieve Walkie TalkiesSelieve Walkie Talkies are a wonderful idea for gifting purposes as they are fun and interactive.

The product comes with a long-range of communication that makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your child from far away. This way you can ensure the safety and productivity of your child.

There is a back LED light that works as a torch in emergency situations, darkroom adventures, and the screen displays the battery status and the channels.

It can be used by your child to play during hide and seek, hiking, party, travel, camping and almost everywhere!


24. Melissa & Doug

Melissa & DougThe quilt making kit encourages engagement and creativity.

Using this easy to knot and make quilt kit, your child can make beautiful and attractive quilts with floral designs and coordinating patterns.

The kit consists of soft, fuzzy and super thick pieces of fabric with long fringes and convenient slits. The slits are used to knot together and make super comfortable quilts.

These square pieces of fabric can also be used to make colorful, fuzzy scarves and handkerchiefs.

All these customized fabric products can now be made easily and conveniently, even by a little 11-year-old!


25. Maddalena – Hair Chalk

Maddalena - Hair ChalkTrying on new looks, and looking all cool and funky, is no more a problem!

The Maddalena Hair chalk for girls is a temporary hair color pen, which guarantees 80 applications with each pen.

It fosters creativity in kids and provides a new fascination, for special occasions or just for fun.
Girls can create a new look for birthday parties, school get-togethers, picnics and holidays, without any tension or fuss.

It is safe, non-allergic, non-toxic and bold!

One can host parties and work in groups for hair makeovers. It’s a colorful and unique gift that can make any girl’s day!


26. Monobeach Play House Princess Tent

Monobeach Play House Princess TentThe Monobeach Kids Playhouse is an indoor and outdoor tent for girls, which has lights in its interior for appearance and pleasure.

The tent house can be utilized by the kid for recreation and rest. It can be used to organize parties, interactive sessions, sleepovers, and other fun activities.

The light inside gives a bright beautiful look to the tent and is also helpful for reading, watching movies and writing inside the tent.
The tent house is made of good quality and is easy to clean with a damp cloth and soap.

It is one of the best gifts for girls as it is like their dream paradise where they get private space for entertainment, relaxation, and enrichment of imagination.


27. Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit

Temporary Glitter Tattoos KitAs a gift, young girls expect beautiful, sparkly, adventurous and exciting products, and Girlzone has introduced just the right item to meet their demands!

These temporary glitter tattoos are cool and pretty and can be creatively used by anyone.
Little girls can style these tattoos with their favorite outfits and accessories, and can also invite friends over for tattoo applications.

These tattoos are not harmful or toxic and do not cause any rash on sensitive skin.

The kit consists of 24 stencils that are to be applied on the skin and then using skin glue, colors are printed on the skin through the stencils.

It is an easy and convenient way to apply tattoos, showcase creativity and a sense of fashion.

It is an excellent opportunity for a 11-year-old girl to be creative, productive and style like a fashionista!


28. Sparkly Lock & Keys

Sparkly Lock & KeysEvery girl needs a best friend, and what better than the one who understands you the most! A personal diary!

A diary that is for you, and all about you.

You can write your stories, your daily routine, your secrets, plans, dreams and everything going in that little mind of yours.

The diary has a beautiful, girly cover that would appeal to a 11-year-old girl.

It’s even better when these secrets are locked and preserved because the diary comes with a sparkly pink lock that will keep all the pages and its stories secure.

Now you have a place to express, a place where you have privacy, trust, and amusement.


29. Mineral Me Bath Bombs

Kids Bath BombsThis set of kids bath bombs comes with toys inside to ensure a peaceful and entertaining bathing session.

The bath bombs are 100% natural, with shea butter and essential oils for complete nourishment and replenishment of the skin.

These bath bombs are gentle to the skin and have no weird reactions or rashes. Each bath bomb causes bubble bath fizzes which makes bathing fun.

These bath bombs are colorful and have a pleasant aroma, that makes bathing fun, cheerful and rewarding for kids!


30. Sunnypig Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Sunnypig Wireless Karaoke MicrophoneThe Sunnypig Wireless Karaoke microphone is Bluetooth operated which makes it easy and convenient for use by kids.

Karaoke is gender and age-neutral, which is enjoyed and loved by everyone.

Gifting a karaoke microphone to a 11-year-old girl can prove to be a good idea, as it is a source of entertainment and productivity for the child.

Kids can use karaoke during birthday parties, sleepovers and during times when they’re getting bored.

Karaoke is fun and can help make a kid constructive and confident. This karaoke microphone has a beautiful aluminum design, is durable, and has an excellent sound quality.


Get The Best Gifts for 11 year Old Girls For Your Little Princess Today!

And with this list, I’m sure that finding the best gifts for 11 year old girls will not be a problem anymore.

Girls are special and should be treated like princesses. They should be given gifts that ignite their creativity, give wings to their imagination and are fun at all times.

At such a tender and impressionable age, they should be treated and taught with care. The products in this list are here to ensure and guarantee that your child will grow into being a self-confident, motivated, creative, inspiring and smart girl.