Best First Birthday Gift Ideas For Girls – Updated List 2021

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The day a newborn becomes a one-year-old toddler is a day for celebration and happiness, even though she won’t remember most of it when she’s older! This is an important milestone that should be celebrated, as it would make up the hazy but happy memories of her childhood. But shopping for a child who can walk can be really hard. You need something safe and yet fun enough to grab her attention.

Well, worry not. It is for this reason we have prepared a list of the top 25 first birthday gifts ideas for girls. Now you can make the day she turns one special for her in every way possible. Each gift we have listed is unlike the other. Some are for improving her motor skills while the other would put the baby to sleep just right. Check out this list and find the ideal birthday present for 1 year old girl!

Top 25 Best First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls 2021

1. Kleeger Baby Wading Kiddie Pool

Kleeger Baby Wading Kiddie PoolNo one likes the summer, especially babies. It’s sweaty, itchy and overall an uncomfortable couple of months. You can give your 1 year old some relief from the stifling heat by gifting her this kiddie pool. This blue sea themed pool lets your child splash and splash with water all day.

The sides are filled with water which makes the frame soft and safe for your baby’s skin. The cute 3D crabs and jellyfishes floating along the side of the pool should keep her happily engaged for a long time.

The kiddie pool is made with high quality, scratch and leak proof plastic. It also comes with a patch, which the company assures won’t actually be required. The pool is 47.5 inches in both length and width. It provides ample space not only for your little girl but also for her friends to have fun in.

You are also saved from the trouble of setting up the pool. All you have to do is connect your garden hose to the water intake valve and presto! The pool is ready! There is also a plug available to drain the water out when needed. This is most certainly one of the best first birthday gifts idea for girls.


2. Wilwolfer Princess Castle Play Tent

Wilwolfer Princess Castle Play TentEven baby girls would want some privacy. A little place for them to rest when they’re tired is all they need, but the lit ceilings of their home is of no help. You can set this tent up inside your living room and let your child crawl around in the 55 in x53 in space. This pink princess themed tent comes with starlight toys which makes it look like its right out of a fairytale.

The hexagonal shape ensures that the structure is sturdy enough to hold your overactive child. She can play to her heart’s content in here and fall asleep when she wants. The screens around the tent protect her from mosquitoes too.

Overall, the package comes with, 1 Princess Fairy house, 6 Straight Connectors, 6 Tee Connectors, 6 Four-way Connectors, 1 Five-way Connector, 1 Litter Star Light and 1 Instruction manual. You can even put the tent in the backyard or take it to park with you. It’s only 2.1 Kg and can be easily carried anywhere.


3. Little-Sweet Cute Toddler Backpack

Little-Sweet Cute Toddler BackpackThis lightweight, pink backpack with white polka dots is perfect for little girls. It also has an adorable plushie attached to it. This redhead doll is sure to become your child’s favorite the moment she sees it.

This backpack comes with an adjustable strap that will help you get the fit just right for your little one, no matter what her height.

She can show it off when she visits the park or zoo as well as carry her own essentials with her in it. Snacks, water, diapers, whatever she needs. Carrying a backpack around would make her feel like an adult and have her look like a smart, stylish baby at the same time. And who doesn’t want people to coo at their kid?


4. Woby Musical Activity Cube Toy

Woby Musical Activity Cube ToyThis is one of the best choices out of the first birthday gift ideas for girls. This toy has 15 different activities packed into one cube. As the name suggests, all the activities are geared towards music.

She can sing, “La, la, let’s sing,” on the microphone or drive the car around, which will involve controlling the steering wheel and pressing the horn, only to be greeted with “Du, du, let’s go outing.” All this music is guaranteed to put a big smile on her face.

Some of the other features are, Hammer fly beads, Stretching game, Little phone, Scenes transformation window, Rotating gears, Round beads sliding track, Flashing pat drum and so on. The activities such as giving it a good hammer beating or flapping around with the drum can help improve your child’s motor skills.

The Scene transformation window helps with your child’s vocabulary as they learn to associate words to the scenarios they are shown. This one requires 3 AAA batteries. Overall, it’s a perfect birthday present for 1 year old girl.


5. ConoMus Piano Keyboard

ConoMus Piano KeyboardYou can start your child’s journey world with this item. Children learn to love music even before they understand what it is, and for good reasons. The child can try her hand with the piano and if she wants to try out a real piano later, she will have a head start with this one.

This toy is bound to increase her tone recognition skill and also the hand eye coordination.Her memorization skills and the ability to think for herself while trying to figure out how to get the tone she wants out of this piano will also improve.

The keyboard comes with multiple functions such as an adjustable Microphone & Karaoke system, 24 piano keys she can tap away at and 22 demo songs to practice with. It can function as 4 musical instruments and 8 percussion instruments.

It also comes with volume & rhythm control as well as record & playback function which help judge her own performance and make her more persistent. The high definition horn and butterfly led are an added bonus. 4 AA batteries are required to keep it running and can be brought from a local shop.


6. My First Crayola Touch Lights

My First Crayola Touch LightsChildren have a habit of drawing shapes and figures they don’t necessarily understand but have to put it out there anyway. This Crayola touch lights toy will let them draw with their hand anything they want and watch as the screen lights up in an arrangement of different colors with each stroke. The fun doesn’t end here though.

The light and drawing is accompanied by beautiful music. What’s more, the system contains 6 songs and 12 colors that will keep your toddler busy for hours. This coloring tablet is perfectly safe for your toddler’s soft fingers. It requires 3 AA batteries for perfect operation which can be easily found in a local store. Is this not one of the best first birthday gift ideas for girls?


7. Top Gift Newest Star Night Light

Top Gift Newest Star Night LightNothing is harder than putting a one year old to sleep. They are restless beings by nature who tend to think they can dictate their own sleep time, falling asleep and waking up as and when they please. This egg-shaped night light can help you with that. Once you remove the outer cover, it acts as a regular night light, or reveal itself to be the one containing an entire galaxy.

The different buttons show a different arrangement of lights. The A button provides a steady white light. With B, you get a multicolored world. The C button takes you around the galaxy to the moon and the stars in a rotating mode which will have your baby fascinated.

You don’t need to worry about the light harming the child’s eyes in any way, as it is made with a toddlers sensitivity in mind and hence, the light is super soft and soothing to the eye. The projection range is also far and wide. It can be charged via a USB cable.


8. Ancaixin Baby Balance Bikes

Ancaixin Baby Balance BikesAs long as they have your supervision, bikes have become advanced enough for 1 year old to try out. And even if she can’t ride it now, it will be a great investment for the future, when she becomes a little more in control of her body and wants to explore more. The maximum weight capacity of this bike is 100lbs, which is a lot heavier than a toddler.

The assembling instructions are precise and easy to follow and you will be able to assemble it in 2 minutes. This black and pink, broad bike comes with soft seats and a carbon frame that is quite sturdy. The steering is limited to 135 degrees so the baby doesn’t accidentally fall off the bike. All the safety measures have been taken care of in this bike.

By letting her ride a bike like this, she will gain more confidence and improve her fine skills in the process. This is also a great way to get some exercise into a toddler. Your child will surely dub this as her favorite gift once she sees it.


9. Rolimate Wooden Learning Hammering & Pounding Toys

Rolimate Wooden Learning Hammering & Pounding ToysThe package includes 1 tap table, 3 colorful wooden balls, 1 wooden hammer, 6 colorful shape blocks, 1 xylophone, and 2 xylophone sticks. This is certainly one of the best first birthday gift ideas for girls, courtesy of how it helps with a child’s hand eye coordination along with their musical affinity and learning the different shapes and colors.

It is made with smooth wood and soft edges that won’t harm the child in any way. It is completely made with non toxic material (lead and phthalate free). The xylophone sticks are just the right size for a toddler’s hands.


10. Wooden Xylophone for Kids

Wooden Xylophone for KidsPlaying Twinkle Twinkle on a wooden board has an appeal of its own. This one comes with a colorful wooden board, two mallets that are quite safe for a child’s hand and a musical sheet. We don’t stop here though. There’s even a whistle with the design of an eagle that comes for free. Your child will have the time of her life creating different tunes.


11. Our Best Interactive Learning Songs Book

Our Best Interactive Learning Songs BookA book that will help your daughter read, learn songs and listen to music. What could possibly be more fit for this list of first birthday gift ideas for girls? This book from Ditty bird is resistant to the insistent tugging and rough handling of a toddler. Inside, you will find bright and colorful illustrations, lyrics of a song on each page.

She can also listen to the song of her choice to her heart’s content at the click of a button. Your child can read and hum along with it, which will help their brain-eye coordination. The task of manually turning the page at an early age will improve her dexterity too. Give her a good start in both music and language with the help of this book.


12. Pinwheel Crafts Fairy Craft Kit for Girls

Pinwheel Crafts Fairy Craft Kit for GirlsDelve into the creative side of your child with the help of this toy. Let your child draw what she wants on a piece of paper and then attach it to the jar with the glue. The LED inside the jar will light up the picture with sparkling fairy lights. And voila! You have a fairy jar at hand. You can make the jar more beautiful by decorating it with the butterfly clip.


13. Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Aqua Magic Doodle MatDoodling is one of the activities that comes naturally to children. You can often see them trying to imitate the shapes and patterns they see around them.

The front of this aqua doodle mat is made of raincoat fabric while the back is nylon. It’s completely water resistant and you don’t need to worry about the water spilling over into the floor. You can accompany your child and doodle along with them if you want, as normally, it can withstand the attack of 4 children.

The package comes with a doodle water book, 3 aqua-doodle pens and one magic water brush. The pens are thick enough for the small hands of children to have a good grasp on. Multicolored shapes are part of the package too.. The mat comes with alphabet and animals which becomes visible when a pen is stroked upon it and it has a the 7 rainbow colors. Is it simply not one of the best first birthday gift ideas for girls?


14. Baby Girls Floral Outfit Set

Baby Girls Floral Outfit Set Wild One 3Pcs Vest Skirt with HeadbandThis is as much for your own satisfaction as it is for her. Who doesn’t want to see their daughter decked up in beautiful clothes that makes them look twice as adorable? In fact, she can wear it on her first birthday party. Years later, when she will looks at her photo from this day, she will certainly appreciate your effort to dress her up.

This includes a black top with large golden graphics of the Wild One and a pink, blue and white floral pattern pant with matching ribbons will make her look stylish and cool.


15. Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel Doodle

Magnetic Drawing Board Mini Travel DoodleThis magnetic drawing board comes with 3 Stampers, 1 Easy Slider Eraser and 1 Pen. It has 4 color zones in it- Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Your daughter can draw anything she pleases and then erase it by sliding the lever at the bottom across the screen.

She can draw on this mini board over and over again. Its quite compact and she can carry it around with her. As it is made of ABS , it is non toxic. There is no chance of your child accidentally inhaling chalk powder.


16. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart PurseA smart traveling purse for a smart one year old. The package includes 5 accessories which your child will have a great time playing with: rattle phone, compact mirror, credit card, clacker keys & bead bracelet. This is also great for learning as it equipped with over 50 songs, different sounds, phrases and numbers and Spanish words.

This can be activated by either sliding the zipper back and forth, pressing the heart button at the very top or opening and closing the handle. A great way to make progress on the academic side and have fun, this is definitely one of the best first birthday gift ideas for girls.


17. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks Big Building BagBuilding blocks are a great way to explore your daughter’s creative side and improve her fine motor skills. This 80 piece blocks set will surely keep her busy for a long time. She will immediately fall in love with the vibrant colors of the blocks will the attachable wheelbase will give her toy cars to play with once she’s done the building. This is surely an award winning building block set for kids.


18. Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush ToyNo one year old can resist a cute elephant. Especially a plush 12 inch elephant toy with floppy ears that is sure to amuse her while playing. Your child can play peek a boo with it and have it sing “Do your ears hang low,” to her. Watch her stay glued to its side all day once you give it to her.


19. Ballerina Princess Gift Set

Ballerina Princess Gift SetLet your girl feel like the princess she is with this ballerina princess gift set. The package includes a ballerina doll and a matching princess tiara. The ballerina doll is made with lots of details put into it such as the satin bodice and satin slippers for ballet. The tiara is silver with rhinestones decorating it.

However, the best part of the gift set is the storybook which is written by Daryna Pazenko. It has 24 illustrated pages, all concerning ballet for little girls. Your child can take her first step into the world of ballet with this book.


20. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerA walker that your child can play with, what could possibly be better? The play panel is removable and can work as a normal walker if you wish. The learning center consists of 5 piano notes, 3 shape sorters, 2 colorful spinning rollers and 3 light up buttons. All of this can help in developing fine motor skills.

There’s a telephone handset and another mechanical system that your daughter can use to roleplay. There are also over 70 songs, music and sound effects to choose from. What’s more, the package is only exclusively available online.


21. Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Child’s Outdoor Chair

Melissa & Doug Bella Butterfly Child's Outdoor ChairThis adorable butterfly designed foldable chair can let your child enjoy nature in peace. This soft outdoor chair is suitable for the soft skin of your baby and the cup holder will let her enjoy a cup of warm drink while watching the butterflies in your backyard.

There’s also a carry bag that’s made from high quality material. It can be easily opened and folded and the cleaning process is easier due to the durable material used for it.


22. LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea PartyWhile a popular tea party set for older girls would be the princess ones, toddlers are happier with a vibrant, colorful and cartoon designed tea party set. Not only she can roleplay with the tea set, but she can learn over 50 phrases and sounds in the process. When you tip the teapot, it lights up in six different colors and can let you hear 7 tea time songs she can learn.


23. Top Bright Activity Cube Toys

Top Bright Activity Cube ToysThis 5 in 1 activity cube can help your child learn various things in a short time. Bead maze, bug slider, gears spur all help children develop their logical reasoning and grasping skills. Pointer helps them learn how to tell time. The blocks helps with hand eye coordination. You can aslo play along with your kid and have a great time bonding.


24. Woby Musical Flapping Yellow Duck

Woby Musical Flapping Yellow DuckThis colorful baby duck can help enhance your child’s learning ability through its sound, music, and phrases. Your daughter will have a great time chasing the duck around and also learn to identify the colors on the duck.


25. Toddler Girl Baby Socks Gift

Toddler Girl Baby Socks GiftYour daughter’s little feet need all the attention they can get. This custom made sock set with polka dots promises to not fall off her feet easily. Watch her pitter patter about the house wearing these. The size of her feet doesn’t matter as it is easily stretchable. The socks are quite stylish too. Is it simply not one of the best first birthday gift idea for girls?


Factors to Consider while Choosing Birthday gifts for 1 Year Old Girls

This is her first birthday. You can’t choose a gift for her carelessly. She isn’t even a toddler yet and that comes with a risk and scenarios that you need to consider. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind while choosing your gift for a 1 year old girl.

Stimulating Objects

The faster your start on her development, the better. Babies start picking up on a lot of things from 1 years. If you can buy her things that will help in developing her senses, it will be good for her in the long run. Toys which have a bright look, patterns and different textures, or makes rattling noises can help. Rattles, toys which need a button to be pressed for it to work, all are good options.

This is when your girl is slowly exploring the world. You can choose book that have bright illustrations which are made of pasteboard or toys she can take with her while bathing.


Babies learn a lot about the world by copying their surrounding. Repeated actions in front of them will get them curious and they will make an effort to move their muscles to mimic them. Toys like dolls, toy phones, tablets work in this case.

Musical development

Music helps with a child’s cognitive abilities as well as gives them a better understanding of music. Being exposed to music at an early age will also help their hearing. Children love noises in general and having simple instruments around where they can practice their skills on can help them learn about cause and effect in the process. Simple instruments like drums, kazoos, and xylophones can be found at any local toy store. Or you can buy them online. If you try playing the musical instrument in front of her, she will mimic your actions and learn from you.

Safety Hazards

As we all know, childrens have a tendency to put anything and everything in their near vicinity in their mouth. And of course, for small babies, it could immediately lead to choking and other health hazards. For this reason, while selecting toys, it is better to steer clear of toys that are detachable or have small parts. Toys with glass or button eyes also should be avoided as they can come loose and get stuck inside the throat of your kid. Magnets should be avoided for the exact reason. No matter how strong the magnet is, it can still be pulled apart. And once it is pulled apart, your child is most likely to try putting it in their mouth. Choking hazards and even digestive tracts injury that can only result in surgery could be the outcome in this case.

Another things you need to keep in mind is toys with sharp edges. 1 year olds don’t exactly understand the risk with sharp objects and they might accidentally poke themselves with it and hurt their hands, legs or even their eyes. At a young age, a cut from sharp objects can leave a deep permanent scar.

Also, keep heavier toys away from children. They don’t exactly understand whether they are strong enough to pick something up. They can cause serious injury to themselves by dropping something way larger than them.

This shouldn’t even need to be mentioned but items that are mildly explosive should be avoided at all costs. Anything that can ignite, be it fireworks or chemistry sets should be steered cleared from. Even if you are around to supervise her, danger has a way of finding its way around.

Get the Best First Birthday Gift for Your Little Girl

After checking this list of the best first birthday gift idea for girls, we’re sure you have found the gift you’re looking for. You don’t need to necessarily choose a single gift. A lot of the gifts are complementary and you can pair it off with one another. We hope you find the one you love best!