Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys – Updated List 2020

1. VTech
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX - Royal Blue
2. Flybar
Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up Toddler Toys, Supports up to 250lbs (Blue) (MFF-R)
3. WisToyz
WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set with 2 Goals, Air Soccer with Led Light, Excellent Time Killer for Boys/Girls, Hover Toys with Foam Bumper for Indoor Games, an Inflatable Ball Included
1. VTech
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX - Royal Blue
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2. Flybar
Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up Toddler Toys, Supports up to 250lbs (Blue) (MFF-R)
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3. WisToyz
WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set with 2 Goals, Air Soccer with Led Light, Excellent Time Killer for Boys/Girls, Hover Toys with Foam Bumper for Indoor Games, an Inflatable Ball Included
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With so many new and different products in the market, it could be quite a task to find the best gifts for a 6 year old boy.

For a child who has just entered the middle age group, you need to carefully and selectively choose products that are not just fun, but also enhance his motor skills, social understanding, mental development self-control.

The market is filled with modern toys and presents, from Hotwheels and Beyblades to science and experimental kits. However, here’s a list of factors that you must consider before purchasing a gift for your young one.


Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Gifts For A 6 Year Old Boy

1. Message And Language

At the age of six, boys are enthusiastic and full of zeal. It is effortless to keep them happy and entertained, as there is an abundance of products that they could use and play with. From toy trains to a baseball set, they can get productive with almost anything.

At such a young and impressionable age, boys tend to learn and pick up words from their surroundings quickly. You should be very cautious while choosing the right gift for your child.

Make sure that there are no wrong words or messages on the box, the instruction book, or on the product itself.

Even symbols that might convey an inappropriate message should be noticed and avoided.
Boys should be gifted products that convey positive messages about creativity, compassion, gender equality, kindness, and helpfulness.

2. Product Packaging

Since boys play with random toys made of iron, steel, wood, etc., make sure that the toys are not dangerous and have no sharp ends.

The material of the product should be child-friendly, good quality, and durable.
You must ensure that if the product has fabric, it should be soft and not result in allergies or rashes.

If the product has plastic in it, make sure that it is of good quality plastic that does not melt on the skin or break easily while playing.

If the product is of wood, don’t forget to check that the wood is smooth and has no slivers protruding out.

3. Productivity

Children must be taught the right mannerisms, discipline, and lessons from a young age. At the age of 6, kids learn and remember whatever they see around, read, listen, and are taught.

In such circumstances, you should be extra careful while buying gift for boys and ensure that it teaches the habit of creativity, productivity, and hard work in some form or the other.
Try to avoid buying video games, computerised products, and promote products that enable them to go outdoors to play.

Prevent your child from becoming a couch potato and encourage sports, physical activities, and brainstorming games.

Now that you’re aware of the factors you should have in mind and the best interests of a child at heart, you’re ready to make the right purchase.

To make things easier for you and to guide you through this brain scratching task, I’ve shortlisted and presented a list of products that would qualify as being some of the best gifts for a 6 year old boy.

Lets explore the amazing gifts for a 6 year old boy.

Top 28 Best Gifts For A 6 Year Old Boy 2020

1. VTech Kidizoom

Vtech Best Gift For A 6 Year Old BoyThis touch screen smartwatch is perfect for young, budding photographers, who aim at combining technology with photography, as this watch has a camera that allows you to click vibrant, colourful photos and videos.

With this feature, kids can also be creative with the different filters, frames, and effects for their photos and videos.

Not only does this watch have a camera, but it also offers applications such as an alarm, a stopwatch, a timer, and a calendar.

This smartwatch ensures that your child always keeps track of time and is punctual.
It also helps with a variety of mathematical problems as it comes with a calculator that assists your child with operations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.


2. Flybar

FlybarThe best way to keep your child active and happy is by giving them the satisfaction of jumping.
This high quality and durable pogo jumper is an excellent alternative to screen timing as it improves and enhances balance abilities and motor skills.

Hours of fun and laughter come with a comfortable and soft gripped pogo stick, that has a built-in speaker that makes jumping around even more fascinating and entertaining.

It can be used indoors as well as outdoors, as it has a soft, scratch-free base that prevents any harm to indoor floors and tiles.

Now, your kid can have fun whenever, wherever!


3. WisToyz

WisToyzThis Soccer ball set is one of the best presents for a 6 year old boy as it aims at providing fun times along with ensuring holistic and physical development of the child.

This set contains an inflatable ball, 2 goals, and air-soccer, which comes with an Led light.

The assembly of this game is convenient and easy, and the products are made up of non-toxic materials.

The soccer ball glides and rolls smoothly on all kinds of surfaces, such as wood floors, tiles, carpets, and basement floors.

The foam covering on the sides prevents it from causing scratches when it bumps into furniture.
It promotes healthy entertainment for your child and guarantees satisfaction.


4. Marky Sparky

Marky Sparky

This easy to hang dart set is not only fun but now comes with a no-maintenance function. There are magnets at the back of the board, carefully enclosed so that they can be set easily. No need to make holes in walls anymore.

The product contains 2 sets of 3 darts each, contributing to making the game an exciting and smart pick.

The dart game is an excellent way to improve your child’s coordination abilities, concentration and sportsmanship.

The dart-board is durable and strong, with magnets that can sustain the weight easily.
The darts are manufactured, keeping the safety of children in mind, so parents can safely trust this product to be a great gift choice!


5. What Should Danny Do

What Should Danny DoThis fun and interactive book helps develop your child’s decision-making abilities, patience, reaction abilities, and discipline.

In this book, your child has to control the decisions of the dilemmas that the character of this book faces.

By choosing one of the nine outcomes, the understanding and psyche of a child are tested and improved.

It is fun for children to be able to manage and control the daily functioning of an animated character in the book and is thus, fun and imaginative.

Each dilemma and choice is designed to evaluate and teach lessons such as empathy, sharing, kindness, and patience. This book is of great value for money and definitely one of the best presents for a 6 year old boy.


6. National Geographic Kids – 5,000 Awesome Facts

National Geographic Kids - 5,000 Awesome FactsFrom the highest building in the world to the oldest animal to walk on Earth, all of these intriguing questions and more would now be known to your child!

The 5000 intriguing and interesting facts about the most trivial and extraordinary things are brought together in one book.

This book will stimulate reading habits, discipline, knowledge, and fascination in your child.

The book provides visually beautiful photographs along with fascinating facts, to make the content more appealing and interesting for kids.

Here’s a chance for your child to get loaded with knowledge and fun information, all from one book!


7. Star Projector Night Lights

Star Projector Night LightsThis night light projector comes with a 360 degree accessible and rotatable colourful sky lights display.

It has an additional function of a timer, which ensures a bright and beautiful display for your children as and when they require.

This night light is a fascinating and fun lamp for kids, and projects moons and stars on the ceilings and walls of your child to give it a beautiful, starry look.

Such photographic displays while sleeping helps children get rid of their fear of darkness.
It is not only fascinating to look at, but it will also help your child to fall asleep and relax.


8. Piggy Banks Mini ATM

Piggy Banks Mini ATMThis Mini ATM Electronic coin bank is a beautiful and innovative way of teaching kids to secure their money and to understand the concept of security and privacy since childhood.

The safe is opened using a 4 digit code, which can be changed with time as per convenience.
To open the locker, you must rotate it clockwise, and if kept open for long, it begins to beep, and repeats after every 10 seconds.

This way, even for a child, money is kept secure, and the person is alerted when the system is compromised.

Banknotes must be put directly into the opening of the mini ATM box.

It is made up of high-quality material and can store up to 600 coins and 100 paper notes of currency. The system works on batteries, AA type. This is the best way to make your child responsible in a fun way.


9. A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers

A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief MakersHow fun would it be if your child gets to be mischievous and immature without causing any trouble? A win-win situation right?

With this card game, your child gets to be naughty, along with being imaginative, creative, and wacky.

Your child can create jokes, funny taglines, and have fun all night.

It is a great and entertaining game to be played during sleepovers, summer camps, parties, family vacations, weddings, and any family get together. From young children to grandparents of the house, everyone will enjoy and cherish this game.

This easy to learn, simple, quick, and intriguing game is sure to become your child’s favourite.


10. 42072 Building Kit with Pull Back Toy Stunt Car

42072 Building Kit with Pull Back Toy Stunt CarThe brand new LEGO Technic WHACK will give your child actual racing experience with amazing power, speed, endurance, and acceleration.

The model with a high speed mode that guarantees smooth play and satisfaction.

The car comes in a lime-green, red, and gray color scheme with additional racing stickers.
This sturdy model also offers an engine pop-out function on impact.

Your little kid can experience building, creativity, and innovation through this thrilling and constructive play tool.

Here’s an opportunity for your child to become a young engineer!


11. Electronic Pet Dog Harry

Electronic Pet Dog HarryThis electronic pet dog is a smart and interactive puppy robot that’s here to obey your commands and entertain your child.

This puppy toy responds to touch and is capable of commands to walk, bark, kneel and move around.

Here’s a dog who’s less hassle, and more fun. The power button on the robot puppy is used for introduction and greeting.

If not commanded or operated for 30 seconds, the robot toy automatically switches off, indicating that it wants to sleep.

You can play songs by touching it on its head. This is an excellent way to put kids to sleep or to keep them entertained throughout the day.

By touching the blue spot, under its tail, you can initiate the chasing and sound game.

Harry interacts with you by telling you what to do, what to avoid, and when to remove obstructions.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it ?

Children, older people, and people suffering from memory loss, Alzheimer’s would love to have an interactive buddy.


12. Toy Velt Punching Bag

Toy Velt Punching BagThe Kids Boxing Set includes boxing gloves, a punching bag, hand-pump, and a standing base that comes with an adjustable stand.

It is the perfect gift for a 6 year old boy to develop his fine and gross motor skills, and it also breeds a sense of fascination regarding sports at a very young age.

This unique punching bag is inflatable and is capable of bouncing back into its original position after every blow.

The sturdy, standing base enables your child to practise and learn various types of kicks, punches, and moves with confidence as it provides the required support.

Your little boxer can enjoy sports like none other, and you can be satisfied with his physical activity and exercise.

This boxing set is portable, so now your little champion can indulge into a healthy and engaging game anytime, anywhere!


13. Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3

Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3If you’re looking for a product to gift your child to improve concentration and ensure the entertainment at the same time, then the Marky sparky faux bow set is the right choice for your little one.

The bow shoots over a 100 Feet, ensuring contentment and product satisfaction.
The bow and arrow set is durable, lightweight, and easy to carry by your young one.

The arrow tips are made of foam, which provides utmost safety for children, ensuring maximum range, power, and speed at the same time!

The archery set is made of non-latex & phthalate, which is a high quality, durable material.
This archery set is perfect for a gift, as it is safe and fun for kids, and develops aiming skills, concentration, and coordination abilities.


14. Shifu Orboot

Shifu OrbootThis award-winning, innovative toy connects education and fun to an online application, Orboot, that makes learning creative and limitless.

Now you can explore thousands of facts and places, each divided across 6 broad and basic categories – monuments, cuisines, animals, cultures, inventions, and maps.
The category of Maps traces state and national boundaries of countries and makes it easier to locate and identify places.

The Orboot app is compatible with a variety of operating systems – iPad 5th generation and above, all models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and above models, iPhone 6 and above models, Android devices with minimum 3GB RAM.

Orboot sparks imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm in children, encouraging them to explore, enjoy, and discover the wonders in and around the world.

It provides young kids with a broader perspective, makes them more knowledgeable, develops their cognitive abilities as well as linguistic skills.


15. Adventure Kidz

Adventure KidzThis perfectly packed children’s adventure kit includes a set of children’s binoculars, flashlight, whistle, compass, magnifying glass, and a backpack to carry all these items along.

It is a great gift for kids who love adventure, sports, and trying new stuff. This set can be used by children for camping, night outs, hiking, educational trips, and adventurous plays.

The flashlight can be used by children to find lost stuff and also for a safe return during night time.
The compass can be used to find the right directions in case of a detour.

Binoculars can be used to spot and identify far off objects and also to view things just for fun and fascination.

The magnifying glass can be used for educational purposes and also for pretend mystery plays.

The whistle can be used by kids to find each other in case anyone is lost from the group, to stay safe, and to alert others.

This adventure and fun kit ignites imagination and constructivism in young kids. All the items in the kit are portable and small, designed to be used by children.

This is one of the best gifts for a 6 year old boy as it stimulates curiosity, exploration, and productivity in children.

This outdoor activity kit encourages fascination towards nature and science.

This handy backpack and its inclusions can be used indoors as well as outdoors, owing to their simple and hassle-free usage.

It is best suited for adventure games, bird watching, nature walks, and playful expeditions.


16. Magna Tiles Car Expansion Set

Magna Tiles Car Expansion SetBuilding blocks and tiles are the original and most premium children’s games that ever came into being, but taking it to another level could be quite a challenge!

The Magna tiles Car Expansion Set is an improved and advanced version of the popular game where your child can build and create an object and its forms using tiles.

Unlike your ordinary tiles, these tiles are magnetized so you can connect and organize them without any hassle to build anything that comes to your imagination.

Apart from being fun and exciting, Magna Tiles also help develop your child’s fine motor skills and cognitive abilities as they stack, count, gather, arrange, and build using the tiles.

This exciting and intriguing game is am excellent pick for your 6 year old boy who will not get enough of these magnetised building tiles!


17. iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set

iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys SetThe iPlay golf set is not just a great game to inculcate the love for sports but also an interesting way to develop your child’s observation skills, judgement, and endurance.

The kit consists of all the necessary equipment required for golfing: 4 ball channels, 1 base unit, 1 ball feeder, 1 golf clubs, 2 club heads, 1 tee stand, and 15 golf balls.
The golf club is made of a durable and good quality material that is safe to be used by children.

Gifting your child with this golf kit would promote a happy, healthy, and physically active lifestyle for kids.

It helps maintain body balance and develop their mental and physical strength. Playing a sport also maintains appetite, which calls for a balanced diet.

Golf enhances and improves focus, concentration, and judgment skills.

Another advantage for children as well as parents is that one gets to spend quality time while playing golf with patience. Parents can teach their little ones to interact with their kids more.


18. GTurtle Water Drawing Mat

GTurtle Water Drawing MatHow wonderful would it be if your child had a better tool to show his creativity than on the walls and furniture of the house?

The GTurtle Water drawing mat is a magical tool that allows your child to doodle all over it over and over again as the drawing is erased on its own after a few minutes.

Your child can spread the mat over the table, the chair, on the walls, on the floor, or any corner of the house and can draw away to his heart’s content.

This exciting invention takes away the doubts and troubles of all parents and allows children to explore their creativity and imagination.

The water drawing mat is safe and non-toxic for kids as it includes: non-toxic chemicals, non-Ink, non-oil paint, non-crayon, and non-watercolor paints.

What better than to gift your child a mess-free, imaginative, and innovative drawing mat that can bring out the creativity in your little one!


19. Osmo

OsmoIn this evolving world of technology, what better way to introduce your kids to fun and learning than on a hands on genius kid tablet.

The Osmo fire tablet consists of 5 learning games, which cover the basics of reading, vocabulary, math confidence, number sense, problem-solving, creativity, and imagination.

You can expect your child to learn and play the following games:

  • Tangram- it involves shapes and placing them in designs
  • Newton- it involves problem solving and principles of early physics
  • Masterpiece- it involves creative sketching and drawing skills
  • Numbers- it involves counting with numbers or dice.
  • Words- it involves working and playing with letters, spellings, and vocabulary.

These five different games are ways in the Osmo universe to help your child grow, learn, and prosper through a new and advanced method!


20. Awesome Jokes

Awesome JokesThis amazing and fun book of jokes consists of a bucket load of tongue twisters, funny riddles, and tummy ticklers for your little 6 year old boy!

The funniest of jokes about squirrels, the usual choo-choo train, and everyday fruits can make your child roll upside down with laughter.

With more than sixty pages full of original jokes and classic twisters, this amazing book is guaranteed to amuse your child.

In the process of reading jokes, this book will inculcate the habit of reading, exploring, and developing a good sense of humour.


21. Clay Dinosaurs

Clay DinosaursWho doesn’t like playing with something colourful and gooey that can take any shape you want it to?

Who doesn’t like playing with clay and then smelling their hands for its unique smell?

But now playing with clay can be fun and so much more!

This Dinosaur clay set allows your child to cover dinosaur fossils with clay and to play with them for hours, creating their own stories and theories.

The dinosaur craft set consists of – 3 dinosaur play skeletons, 5 different colours of non-drying clay (red, green, blue, purple and yellow), wiggly dinosaur eyes, clay modelling tools, a dino facts book, and clay modelling technique guide.

This craft set is the best gift to take your child for a trip into the imaginative world of dinosaurs and to experience art, adventure, amusement, and science, all at once!


22. Brave Finder Dinosaur Toys

Brave Finder Dinosaur ToysAllow your child to dig into the world of dinosaurs and how they reproduce through this fantastic dinosaur egg toy kit!

The kit consists of 12 unique and beautiful dinosaur eggs. Break them open to reveal 12 different and amusing species of dinosaurs!

Isn’t it just the best way to educate your child about dinosaurs and how they came into this world millions of years ago?

Help your little 6 year old boy discover the young archaeologist in himself and learn about the various dinosaur species.
Through this play kit, your child can notice and enjoy the entire process of life and how these majestic creatures ruled the planet.

Sit with your kid, and educate them with interesting facts and figures about dinosaurs while they get lost into the universe of dinosaurs!


23. Pussan Amphibious RC

Pussan Amphibious RCThis amphibious remote-controlled car is the best gift for a 6 year old boy as it exceeds all expectations of purpose, function, and quality.

The Pussan car is a stunt car that can be used to play on rocky roads as well as beach waters.
So now, it doesn’t matter as to where your child is, there is no question of him getting bored or cranky with this amphibious car right by his side.

With advanced features and functions, this car can climb any surface with high speed and is best suited even for terrains like sand and snow.

The car has a dual motor, which makes it capable of moving very fast, performing stunts like flipping, rotating, and taking sharp turns.

The car is made up of premium quality and scratch-proof material that resists any harm on colliding with objects.

The remote control technology enables simple and hassle-free operation.

It is an ideal toy for summer and fun!


24. iPlay Tennis

iPlay TennisThe iPlay baseball and tennis pitching machine comes with a remote-controlled bat and an automatic pitcher, which ensures advanced sporting experience for your child.

It is a wonderful training set for your child that would ensure complete physical exercise and fitness.

Your child can take the entire set outdoors as it is portable and light, and can enjoy his favourite sport in a natural environment.

The best part about this product is that your little one has an option between two sports, tennis and baseball, which will make him enthusiastic about sports rather than playing video games at home.

Your kid can play this game with an adult, a friend or even alone, as it is safe, durable, and handy.

This game set develops teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, decision-making abilities, and improves fine and gross motor skills.
All in all, it is a great package and definitely one of the best gifts for a 6 year old boy!


25. Sunnypig Karaoke Microphone

Sunnypig Karaoke MicrophoneWith the SUNNYPIG Wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone, here’s an excellent opportunity for your child to showcase his musical talents and to jam to his favourite songs!

This gift is one of the best products to keep a child engaged and entertained at all times.
As the microphone is Bluetooth operated, it is portable and easy to use. So, you don’t have to worry about cables and your child tripping over them.

Now your child can invite friends over for a karaoke session and enjoy a musical night for hours at a stretch.

This gift is best recommended for night stays, camping, sleepovers, family get togethers, dinner parties, birthday parties, and other occasions.

Your child could be as good as a professional singer or just a bathroom singer; this product is for all children who have a love for music!


26. Hapinest Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Hapinest Light-Up Terrarium KitThe Hapinest Light-Up Terrarium Kit is a great lighting prop for your young one’s bedroom.

For a 6 year old kid, it’s essential to get rid of the fear of darkness at a young age.
And when you have such a beautiful setting to help you get over your fears, nothing could be better.

The mini garden inside the jar allows children to grow their personal ecosystem, which will nurture and grow during the day and serve as a night light as it darkens.

Having your very own garden can be very amusing and satisfying. The experience of growing and taking care of a mini garden can inculcate the values of care, compassion, responsibility, and love for nature in your little one.

This beautiful and eco-friendly kit includes: a terrarium jar, USB charging cable, an illuminated lid, instructions manual, soil and sand, decorative river rocks, wheatgrass seeds, chia seeds, a hedgehog figure, a fox figure, decorative mushroom house, thirteen removable stickers for beautification, colourful spray bottle, and a planting stick to make gardening convenient.

The instruction booklet is simple, easy to understand, and contains a step by step procedure for the set-up and maintenance of the mini garden.

It will undoubtedly be a beautiful and educational experience for your child.


27. M Sanmersen Piano Keyboard

M Sanmersen Piano KeyboardIt is said that good habits should be imbibed and taught at a young age. Here’s your chance to give your child a product that would bring out his creativity and fascination.

Playing the piano can be an excellent way to soothe a young kid and to develop fine motor skills at a very young age.

It is always wonderful to have a productive hobby besides school education; it makes children creative, focused, and constructive.

This electronic piano has 37 keys, is light and portable, so it can be carried anywhere, during vacations, birthday parties, and other functions.

So now your child can explore the musician within, and be creative and constructively engaged at all times!


28. Matching Letter

Matching LetterThis matching word game is a great game to provide your child with a mix of fun and learning.
The game involves finding and setting letters together to match the picture in front of them on a card.

It is an excellent way to develop cognitive abilities, strategic thinking, memory and concentration power, word recognition skills, and vocabulary.

Words that match each card are placed right on top of each cube, exactly in position, so that there is no hassle for the child.

There is no concept of missing letters or finding the letters to arrange so that children can see the notes of the card and match them with the card wholeheartedly, without losing interest in the game.

The game contains cards that have basic and common prints, like those of animals, flowers, trees, stars, etc. This makes it easier for the child to relate to the game and guess the letters.

Playing this game with your family ensures fun times and an excellent bonding session between parent and child.

Parents get a great opportunity to inculcate learning habits in their kids by guiding them through the rules and functioning of the game.

It’s a great gift without a doubt!


Get The Best Gifts For A 6 Year Old Boy And Bring The Joyful Smile On His Face Today!

Little boys are naive, innocent, and get content with anything quickly, but you must make sure that you provide them with the best gifts for a 6 year old boy.

6 year old boys can be a handful, but providing them with the best gift can be a bigger problem. But with this list of 28 most suited gifts, your troubles are far and forgotten.

With a variety of new toys and advanced products in the market, purchasing the perfect gift for your young boy is just a click away!

From remote controlled vehicles to factual books, from clay models to bluetooth microphones, everything that can bring fascination, creativity, and fun into a kid’s life, is now right before you.

Know your kid, and to make his 6th birthday special, gift a product that helps grow your kid!