Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys – Updated List 2020

1. Harley Tough Trike
Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike [Amazon Exclusive]
2. Emily Winfield Martin
The Wonderful Things You Will Be
3. VTech Drum
VTech KidiBeats Drum Set (Frustration Free Packaging)
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1. Harley Tough Trike
Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike [Amazon Exclusive]
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2. Emily Winfield Martin
The Wonderful Things You Will Be
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3. VTech Drum
VTech KidiBeats Drum Set (Frustration Free Packaging)
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It can be quite a confusing and difficult task to purchase the best gift for boys. Whether it’s a birthday, Diwali or Christmas celebration, every 3 year old child tends to be super excited about the occasion and would expect a great gift.

There is a variety of new, improved and smart toys in the market, ranging from soft toys to creative stationery items.

It is very important to ensure that your little one’s life is filled with colours, happiness and excitement at all times.


Make sure that every little gift that you buy for your little one, brings joy and inspiration in his life from a very young age.

The best gifts for 3 year old boys are out in the market and you have to make the perfect choice.

With such a wide range of options and availability, it becomes even more important for the gift selection process to be planned and organized and to be creative.

Best gifts for 3 year old boys

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

1. Safety

Since children, at such a small age, fiddle with everything, are careless and play irresponsibly with toys, products with sharp edges, plastic parts, metal protrusions, etc., should be kept away from them.

In case any such product is given to them for play, they should always be under adult supervision.

Products can contain tiny parts or particles that must be kept away as children tend to put them in their mouths, or they could get into their eyes or nose, causing major problems.

The safety regulations must also be maintained by checking if there are any toxic or harmful substances used to manufacture the product. Ensure that no strong and harmful chemicals are used in the products. Such dangerous items must be kept away from children.

2. Purpose

Buy a product that solves a relevant and important purpose in your child’s life. At the age of 3, children just begin to learn basic skills and develop their gross motor skills.

At such an important and delicate stage, ensure that the gift you purchase for your kid is productive, knowledgeable and helps your child in improving his motor skills and learning abilities.

Do not bring home any toy that promotes destructive behaviour or is too noisy as it affects the mentality and the mannerisms of a child adversely.

Try to purchase items that are child friendly, impart good values and positivity, and help the physical and overall development of the child. You should look for toys that improve your child’s thinking abilities and help make him creative and optimistic.

3. Avoid Electronic Devices

Another very important factor to have in mind is to keep your little one far from electronic devices, video games and other computerized tools for as long as possible.

As a toddler, your child should be made to be more indulged in physical, developmental games such as building blocks, tricycling, match the colours, number game, drawing, etc.

Another great pastime could be to listen to moral stories and poems from an adult, watching value based cartoons on the television.

They should not be exposed to mobile games, youtube videos, electronic devices at such a young age. So prevent buying them cartoon video games and PSPs.

Try to keep it as simple, productive and organic as possible for your child. Let him grow up in a peaceful and healthy environment.

Let’s take a look at the collection of the best gifts for 3 year old boys.

Top 15 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys 2020

1. Harley Tough Trike

Harley Tough Trike Best Gift For 3 Year Old BoyDon’t we all want our little boys to grow up gracefully, become strong and develop a smart sense of fashion? What if you get to know that all of this also comes with an assured physical development and health.

The very cool Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is all that your child needs for a fun ride around the place in a super stylish kids’ vehicle. What makes the ride unique is the Harley-Davidson inspired styling, paints and graphics on the body.

The trike comes with incredible features like a secret storage compartment under the seat, that can hold snacks, water bottles, toys and other important stuff while your child goes for a ride.

Another wonderful thing about this product is that, in order to ride, the kids have to pedal on their own which helps them develop their leg muscles and also ensures proper exercise.

While riding around, the kids can discover fascinating objects in the yard, make new friends in the neighbourhood and proudly flaunt their stylish trike in front of everyone.

Make sure that while your child goes around having fun and enjoying every minute, he’s always under adult supervision.

Here are some important features facilitated with the bike: The wide, stable wheel base to maintain balance and prevent the child from falling.

Handlebars with proper grip to give easy support to the child while riding and big foot pedals that make it easy for kids to keep their feet in the right place without tripping and to pick up speed to ride faster.

The trike also has rugged, broad and durable tires that prevent wear and tear. The large and comfortable seat of the trike ensures maximum comfort and fun times. This pedal powered vehicle will make your child excited and get him rolling instantly.

This is one of the best ways to develop your child’s motor skills and a great way to strengthen muscles, improve coordination and balance. There is nothing better than getting fun, health and wellness in a package.


2. Emily Winfield Martin

Emily Winfield MartinIt has been rightly said that books are a man’s best friend. Inculcating the habit of reading and listening at a very young age, by giving your child a beautiful book to read, is one of the best gifts for a 3 year old boys.

This New York Times bestseller by Emily Winfield Martin is a wonderful book for little ones that celebrates and cherishes the dreams, aspirations and love that parents have for their children and the purity of the bond that they share.

The writer, in a creative, bold and witty way, expresses the wonderful things that parents think for their children and are willing to do for them out of love. The boon has a wonderful mix of rhythmic rhymes, beautiful illustrations, humour and fascinating costumes for kids. This is one book that is sure to become your child’s favourite and even yours. You would love to read it to your child, over and over again.

It highlights the beautiful and pure relationship between parents and their children and how no relation can ever surpass the importance of this one. Through this book, your child will understand your compassion towards him and will grow up loving and respecting you ten folds.

This book delivers a loving, positive and truthful message for all the parents and their children in the world that will stay in their hearts for a lifetime. It is undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful gifts for a 3-year-old boy, regardless of the occasion.


3. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum SetIt’s time to rock and roll, and buy the new VTech Kidibeats Kids drum set for your little one. Available in 2 bright colours, this set has 4 sturdy and attractive drums that come with a pair of drumsticks that are used to create new music on the electronic drums.

Your child can explore his love for music and play freestyle on the drums, creating his own exciting music. Apart from that, the drum set has nine pre-set melodies that are feeded in the system in a variety of musical genres and styles. The child can pick any style of his wish and learn to play using these pre-set melodies.

To make it more structured and easier for little kids, the drums are equipped with lights on them.
In order to learn and play, the child can simply follow the lights on the drum to generate music.

The drum set comes with a four-way play method and has a variety of fun sounds to offer.
Your child would love to learn and create music on this wonderful drum set.

Some of the important features of the drum set include: light up cymbal and drum pads, that is used to indicate the tone of music to the kids using lights which they have to follow and a pair of drumsticks that produce a smooth and refined sound on being tapped on the drum pads and cymbal.

The drum set comes with parent friendly features as parents would love to play drums with their kids too. This feature allows them to not only supervise the play time of their kids, but to also enjoy the drum set equally.

The drum set is child friendly and has an automatic shut-off system that saves battery life and can be played for a longer duration without any hassle.

The set also has the feature of volume control that allows a switch between studio volume and quieter play. The volume can be controlled according to the convenience of the young boy and to make sure that people living in the house are not disturbed during the child’s play hours.

There are 4 simple ways to play the set.

1. Follow Me

In this method, the child has to follow the lights that appear on the drum pad; play accordingly and make sure he doesn’t miss the beat.

2. Number Jams

This is a wonderful counting exercise along with musical fun. In this method, the child has to play the beats just for counting numbers.

3. Alphabeats

In this method, the child has to follow the light on the set to play with letters, words and phonics. It’s a great way to teach a 3-year-old boy about alphabets through music.

4. Free Style

In this method, the child is free to make up his own song and melody, which becomes easier and more fun with the provision of 16 kinds of drum sounds. Now your little drummer can find his own beat and create unique music on the go!


4. Carter’s Footed Pajamas

Carter's Footed PajamasThe three-pack, long sleeved, colorful bodysuits for kids are 100% polyester and are made of great quality. This is the ultimate gift for your child to keep him cheerful and comfortable at all times.

The bodysuit is imported and made of rash-free material. It has an ankle-to-chin zipper for convenient changes, wear and removal.

The bodysuits have playful and colorful prints on them, of teddy bears, polar bears and superheroes with attractive capes on. Children love fuzzy animals, toys and superheroes.

All that kids love has been attempted to be printed on these bodysuits so that children like them and wear them without any fuss.

The colors on the bodysuits are subtle and will help keep the child calm and composed. These bodysuits are to be machine washed to keep the color and quality intact.

The sleeves are long for protection in sunlight, dust and other harmful elements that can cause burns or rashes. The sleeves have ribbed cuffs to make them look trendy.

For the safety of kids, the bodysuits are manufactured using flame resistant material, to prevent them from any kind of fire hazard.

With such fun prints, trusted quality and smart-wear technology, these bodysuits are one of the best gifts for your 3 year old boys.


5. VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps TabletTo imitate and play like your parents or to go on wonderful and unexpected learning adventures, Vtech presents a play tablet for your child.
Using this productive tool, you can introduce and teach important learning skills like letters, counting, basic math, words, music, art and much more to your child, with 12 fun and interactive activities.

Your child can create and play musical tunes with the built-in piano and can experiment on the keyboard using different tunes. He can experience an imaginative and artistic play with a play camera which can be used to click and view pictures. The A-Z keyboard is simple, convenient and easy to learn and use.

The tablet has parent-friendly features that include volume control for convenience of the child and others in the house, a durable and simple design and an automatic shut-off to prevent the battery from draining.

Through this device, your child can learn.

Counting, daily life lessons, words and letters.

The device makes learning fun, you can play 4 creative and fun games along with 8 learning activities that tests your knowledge, memory and progressive levels.

You can multitask on this device by listening to music while playing games. You can play and experiment with letters, art, words, numbers and basic math while your favourite music plays in the background.

It includes Cody–the smart club feature, which allows you to indulge in activities featuring the play camera, piano, calendar and much more.

This game helps improve language and cognitive development, creativity and learning abilities. It ensures a strong memory and concentration along with a fum gaming session.


6. VTech Write And Learn Creative Center

VTech Write And Learn Creative CenterHere’s another handy and creative tool by VTech to enhance your child’s writing and drawing skills along with his productivity.

The device comes with an on-screen instruction-system that guides your child with procedures in the course of the activity. With a number of interactive activities, your child can practise writing letters and drawing pictures on the device.

To learn the correct stroke for a drawing or letter, the child must follow the on-screen demonstration. This way, the device ensures that your child has mastered the right strokes and to write letters in uppercase and lowercase.

You can customize the creative center for your child and help him learn how to write specific words, such as names, actions, etc., word by word. Perfecting a shape or drawing involves following simple instructions on how to draw different lines, shapes, curves and how to use other drawing tools such as the eraser.

Your child can get creative with the stamps and stencils by using them to create new stuff. He can play fun games like the guessing game which includes guessing a picture before it fully appears on the screen. This would help develop his thinking ability and speed.

Through this game, your child will learn how to write letters, draw shapes, creative drawings and other objects, improve vocabulary, write the alphabets and listen to music.

Basic Learning Features

Learn to write the alphabets: your child has to follow a step-by-step demonstration to learn and understand the correct strokes for uppercase and lowercase letter writing.

Learn to draw and create new shapes: your child can easily learn how to draw a variety of things, from simple curves, lines and shapes to 26 other objects.

Learn the trace and stamp technique: your child can create new and unique drawings with a magnetic pen, eight stencils and two magnetic stamps. One can beautify and recreate existing shapes and figures using the stamps and stencils.

Draw while you enjoy music: your child can ignite his creativity and inspiration by listening to fun music while drawing.

The write-and-learn creative centre by Vtech is all that your child needs in his developing and learning years. It would enhance the creative, artistic, cognitive and fine motor skills of your child.


7. What Should Danny Do?

What Should Danny DoThrough this fun and interactive storybook, your child can choose his own story format and weave a story that gives reasoning for it.

Every child loves the budding superhero Danny, as he is smart, helpful, kind and adventurous.
What kids would love the most about this book is the power to choose and control the outcome of each problem that Danny comes across.

Kids would love to be in control of guiding Danny through each of his dilemmas and help him reach one of the nine possible outcomes.

There are nine endings possible for each path taken and behind every choice that your child will make for Danny, there is an important learning lesson.

Every choice that your child makes is designed to teach him an essential lesson of life, like those of sharing, compassion, empathy, patience, the value of honesty, the importance of hard work, kindness and several other social and emotional skills.

most important lesson of all is to make your child realize that we are what we choose to be and our personality is the result of the choices that we make. Our choices and deeds shape our lives into what they will be and decide our destiny.

This book of wonderful choices is a great value for money, as it enables your child to learn important lessons and make crucial decisions from a very young age.

The hardcover of the book is of high quality and the prints on the cover are embossed which makes it durable and allows you to store it for a long time.

When your child has a book with 9 stories, each with a fascinating and interesting ending, the fun will never end! Your child will look forward to making the choices and will be excited to know where the adventure will take Danny next.

In the book, the character of Danny faces day to-day problems that normal kids encounter on a daily basis. Your child will be able to relate to Danny and realize that the decisions he makes in the game will shape your child’s future in real life.

This book is an interactive, innovative and empowering storytelling means for kids and will help them grow up into smarter, wiser and more informed human beings.

As your child navigates through the pages of the book and the lines of the story, the various decisions taken and lessons learnt will improve his social and emotional skills.

It will help him become an optimistic, well decisive child who understands the consequences of both positive and negative choices. Your child must have this book on the shelf and the values of the book in his life.


8. Melissa & Doug Dust! Sweep! Mop!

Melissa & Doug Dust! Sweep! Mop!The Melissa & Doug Cleaning Kit is a great product that helps your kids to stay clean, organized and develop the moral responsibility of keeping the surroundings neat and tidy.

At a very young age, children should be taught the importance of sanitation and how to be independent in maintaining the surroundings.

The kit consists of a broom, duster, mop, dust pan, brush and a storage stand. All these items are included in the perfect starter pack for your child to clean and dust easily.

The storage stand is used to store all the other dusting and cleaning items after the job is done ensuring that the work has been done in an organized manner and all the items have been kept in a neat manner. The dustpan clips onto any handle with convenience.

It is a great alternative to screen time, as children will be involved in cleaning their rooms and tidying the house instead of wasting their time playing video games and watching television.

By giving your child this product, you will help him become more organized, sorted, independent and responsible. It inspires your child to clean and enjoy for hours.

The kit enables hands on imaginative thinking, develops motor skills and enhances moral values. This six-piece set provides your child with all the housekeeping tools that are needed for cleaning. Each of these pieces is built with fine-quality material and is very sturdy.

The pieces are available in bright colours like red, yellow, blue, etc., in order to make the job of cleaning more fun, interesting and attractive for children.

The items are comfortable to use and have handles made of natural wood that gives it a classy look and ensures durability. The brushes have soft bristles that protect the furniture and floors from any kind of harm.

This set ignites the imaginative and productive instincts of your child that will make him feel more committed and dedicated towards his home.

Your child can call friends over and play housing which is a great way to develop social skills, responsibility, confidence and work satisfaction at a very young age.

The play set helps kids to mimic the everyday chores of the household and gives them a sense of what adulthood and responsibility feels like. It is a great way to motivate your child, boost his self-esteem and give him a sense of purpose.


9. Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tin

Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary TinAren’t your kids just bored of playing with the same old building block games and the jigsaw puzzles? Well, here’s a product that is not your conventional building-block game and that comes with better features and a smarter design; it’s here to win the hearts of children!

The Lincoln Logs Tin set is a storage tin game set that comes with small parts and pieces in a collectible tin. The collectible and the storage tin increase the area for storage and prevent hassle.

In this game, there are 111 lincoln log pieces which include logs, roof slats, chimney pieces, roof eaves and other parts of the house.

It is a great game set that will inspire your child to ignite his building ideas and build a wonderful and smart house from the building logs. Your child can make cabins, rooms, offices, houses and other storage spaces by using his imagination and creativity.

This game set can be played by the older generation along with kids, too, as it’s a classic and nostalgic game that has been popular for generations. It makes children happy and keeps them busy throughout the day.

Each piece of the game set is made of high quality, durable maple wood and has indentations in order to make connections between the pieces.

Sufficient pieces are available to build the roof, walls, chimney, porch, bonfire, fences, etc.
The building game is a complete building set which helps to develop the cognitive thinking and planning abilities of the child.

Children can create their own freestyle building structures or they can use the step-by-step instructions provided in a guide along with the game set.

The game will enhance the child’s imagination, creativity and will provide him with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This will help in the overall growth of the child.

Each piece of the game is stained and colored with precision and the right amount of attention is given to the detailing of the pieces.

With beautiful colors, exquisitely crafted pieces of logs and a quick and easy clean up assurance, this game set is the ideal choice for parents to gift their young ones.


10. National Geographic Kids First Big Book Of Why

National Geographic Kids First Big Book Of WhyThe National geographic big book for kids is a great book to educate your child with the topics of general knowledge such as planets, animals, continents, plants and daily objects.

The Big Book of Why makes your child inquisitive and knowledgeable. It will inculcate the habit of asking questions and develop the art of reasoning.

This book is a great read for your child and will help him learn interesting and fascinating facts about a lot of topics.

Raising your child by reading books to him will help build a strong foundation for your child to be intrigued and enthusiastic about learning.
A wonderful reading session between you and your child will help develop his social skills and will strengthen the bond between you and your child.


11. Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71

Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71The Play22 keyboard playmat is a wonderful 24 keys piano game that provides kids with the experience of playing a piano and exploring the musician within them. It is a smart, fun and creative toy that ensures hours of fun and is a musical treat.

The keyboard playmat has 24 keys, is 71 inches wide and provides the following features.

It has an adjustable volume that allows you to play according to tone and convenience, a record feature that allows you to record the songs that are being played on the keyboard, playback and demo facility for practise.

This kids piano keyboard is sensitive to touch and can be played using both fingers and toes. It enhances the coordination, motor skills and musical skills of children.

It comes with an On/Off switch that has lights and an automatic power saving system. Due to the foldable design, the piano keyboard is compact and portable.

The piano play mat can be used to play 8 Musical Instruments–Piano, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Banjo, Trumpet and Xylophone. There is no joy that can be compared with the one that comes with music.


12. Sesame Street Playskool Collector

Sesame Street Playskool CollectorThis collection of 5 playskool figures includes the 5 popular Sesame Street characters: Cookie, Oscar, Elmo, Monster and Abby Cadabby. These sesame street playskool collector pieces come in 5 colours : red, pink, green, light blue and dark blue.

These colourful and quirky collector pieces are attractive and fun to play with. These cute and funny figures are compact and are sized right for the tiny hands of your young one. The figures are 2.75 inches tall and are easy to handle and place.

Your child can use these figures to set them in an imaginative story and create his own Sesame Street adventures.

Collecting and arranging these figures to create one’s own stories and memories will help make your child more organized, creative and imaginative.


13. World of Eric Carle

World of Eric CarleThis amusing, musical book by Mark Rader, that comes with 30 Play-a-Sound buttons, 30 amazing illustrations and 30 different sounds, will leave a wonderful impact on your little one.

It is an interactive and educational experience for children where they learn about animals and their sounds, through short and simple words and sentences. This book will help them build their language and reading skills.

Through this book, the great illustrations of animals by Eric Carle have been brought to life by the wonderful color schemes and the Play-a-sound module system.

On pressing any one of the 30 sound buttons, the readings of the book come alive in the form of sound.

What makes the book special is the hands-on and practical interaction, the imaginative and colorful illustrations of animals like a cow, horse, goat, sheep, chick, etc., in the book. The mention of Eric Carle’s famous Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of the highlights in the book.


14. Toy Velt Kids Golf Club Set

Toy Velt Kids Golf Club SetIt’s time to unleash the golfer in your child and to ensure complete health and happiness.
This gold set meets the requirements of an adult sport with the realistic standards for a 3-year-old child.

The game set includes a golf cart with wheels for convenience in carrying the golf set around, 3 colorful golf clubs, 2 practise halls and 3 colorful golf balls.

The golf balls and clubs popping with colors seem interesting to kids and attract them towards the sport. This golf set is child friendly, using safe, non toxic and durable materials.

It is a great way to stay away from the television and to spend time with your little one in the ground. You can play as a team or compete against each other in a playful game. You can spend hours outdoors having fun with your child and his mini golf set.

The best and most convenient part about the golf set is that it is lightweight, compact, safe and can easily be carried around by a little child. The size of the golf set is ideal for toddlers, that is 15.53” x 9.84” x 5.9”.

For further convenience, the golf set has a handle and attached wheels so that kids can carry it around easily. The gold set promotes outdoor adventure along with complete physical and mental development, fine motor skills, spatial skills and coordination.

So this time, spoil your young one with this wonderful golf set made ideally for all the needs of a 3 year old!


15. John Deere Tractor

John Deere TractorMake your child ready to tackle any obstacle by giving him the ultimate power and strength of the John Deere Monster Treads tractor. This vehicle is sturdy and smart and will ride over any little obstacle in its path.

The light up wheels of the tractor are activated when it is in motion and it can be used to play indoors as well as outdoors, owing to its strong build and durable material used.

The glowing, bright green lights on the wheels are fascinating to little children and they would be excited to play with the truck all day. The toy requires AAA batteries that are included in the package.

The monster tractor measures 9 inches in length, 6 inches in width and 8 inches in height. The durable and wide tires ensure stability, balance and makes the toy suitable for all terrains.

It is made of good-quality material and can topple anything on its path, ensuring a smooth roll and satisfying playtime.


Find The Best Gifts for 3 Years Old Boys Today!

At such a young age, boys are developing and they need proper supervision, care, nurturing, support and love from everyone and everything around them.

From people around to objects that kids play with, everything should be selected keeping the best interests of the child in mind.

Hopefully, the list above will give you a detailed and organized picture of what is best for your little one and will successfully help you decide the best gifts for 3 year old boys.