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The precarious stage between the beginning of the teenage years and the end of childhood, 12 years is a difficult time for all boys. And what to buy a 12-year-old boy becomes a constantly ringing question in the back of your mind. A lot of gift suggestions for 12-year-old boys pour in but none of them ever seem age appropriate enough. To predict their inclination towards certain, preferable gifts could be a task in itself. From hot wheels toys to experimental kits or even ride on tricycles, they could wish for anything.

That’s why we thought it is best to form a list of gifts for 12-year-old boys. With the help of this list, you can choose the perfect gift for your kids, according to their activities and remain a hero in their eyes forever. While we specifically recommend something between the Nintendo Switch, The Harry Potter Book set or the noise canceling headphones, there are a wide range of choices, 40 to be exact and you can choose the best gift for 12 year old based on your experience with your child.

Top 40 Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys 2021

1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

What 12 year old boy is not into gaming? In fact, who is not into gaming? Even people who don’t spend a lot of time playing games or get competitive over digital games find gaming once in a while quite fun. This is more so true for 12 years old and probably all his friends.

Even if you, yourself, aren’t into games, you have heard of Nintendo and probably have digital games from them lying around your home. Well, Nintendo’s latest switch console has certainly spiced things up for both players and gaming critics. As the name suggests, you can literally switch the way the console is used.

In the traditional way, it can be a usual tabletop console. However, if that isn’t enough, and for gamers that certainly is not enough, you can detach the console and carry it around. Your child can play games with it in his hand as it is portable and carry it around the house or take it with him for his journey from and to school.

Best thing about this game is that the switch comes automatically equipped with good video games such as Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda breath of the wild, which are loved by both critics and players. These are also the kind of games your 12 year old boy can play with his older siblings who grew up with Super Mario. This just might be the perfect gift for 12 year old boys who love games or even if he doesn’t.


2. OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

OWI Hydraulic Arm Edge Kit

No matter how old one grows, robots would always be an instant favorite for boys. This Robot arm building kit lets your child built a robot arm for the scratch with the clear and easy instructions provided in the manual. Once built, it is capable of six axes of movements and removing the gripper and activating the suction apparatus lets the user vacuum and lift up objects. Hydraulic means it relies on water for its movement and thus, no battery or electricity is required.

Among the awesome toys for12 year olds boys, this one is sure to bring joy to children invested in science, engineering, and robotics.


3. Kindle E-reader – Black

Kindle E-reader - Black

Maybe your 12 year old loves fiction. Maybe he likes fiction but has a hard time concentrating on hardcovers or paper books and like most youngsters of this generation, is infinitely more comfortable with electronic forms of a product. Well, fear not, Kindle is the perfect solution for this scenario.

Amazon’s latest Kindle E-Reader with black and white color choice is lighter than ever, which makes it easy to carry and to hold on to for the youngsters. A large library of audio books enables the customers to switch between reading to listening in case they want to rest their eyes. The Kindle allows both uses of headphones or Bluetooth connected speakers, and for 12 years old boys diagnosed with dyslexia, this is a huge help.

For dedicated readers, it’s easy on the eyes, as there is no screen glare even when under the sun and the display feels like real paper to look at. This book loyal device blocks all distraction off other social media out as there are no alerts or notifications. The Kindle comes with the Kindle store, which keeps you updated on new releases, offers, best sellers, samples of the books and trending books.

This device itself stores up to 4 GB of data and after that, there is always cloud storage. Already sound tempting enough, right? This isn’t all. The Kindle can maintain its battery level for an entire week and not a few hours like most gadgets and it only takes 4 hours to reach full charge.


4. Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7Who has not heard of Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa? And even if you haven’t, your 12 year old boy most certainly has. Probably used to Alexa’s efficiency and coolness being a trending topic among his peers, this is one of the best gifts for 12 year old boys, who would more than anything like to show Alexa off. And if it comes paired with a tablet with as various range of features as Fire 7? All the better.

Fire’s next generation of Tablets is light, thin and has a high-quality display. With better battery life, this one has an internal storage of both 8 and 16 GB, depending on the one you pay for. If you need any more than that, the external storage can be extended up to 256 GB. The 1 GB Ram can run any apps your 12 year old can possibly want, ranging from Facebook, Spotify to Prime Videos.

Alexa’s presence means one can ask the smart assistant to perform any number of actions, like play music or message anyone without having to tap on the screen. Offered in colors of black, yellow, blue and red, this Fire Tablet is cheaper than other versions.


5. Betheaces Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball

Betheaces Kids Toys Hover Soccer BallThis is a great recommendation for boys into Soccer. Or maybe they are the kind who aren’t interested in outdoor sports? Well, if so, this soccer kit will certainly help cultivate interest, as it mixes the best of soccer with the safe space of the home.

Its two portable goal posts mean the game can be played anywhere any time and your child can enjoy it with his friends. The LED hover soccer is made of non-toxic material and the foam bumper helps damage from occurring both to the ball and the walls and furniture of the house. The colored light on the surface makes for an interesting game in the night but it has to be powered by 4 “AA” batteries. The size is just enough for children of any age to play with.

While it would be ideal for backyard, playing it inside the home can be just as plausible and even you can join in once in a while.


6. Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

Spikeball 3 Ball KitSpikeball is a game one can enjoy both inside and outside the house. Similarly to volleyball, this game can be played two on two. For boys who are a bit on the competitive side, spikeball can provide the seeked after adrenaline rush.

The foldable legs make carrying the set around easier and the net can be adjusted depending on the player’s skill. For example, experienced players can use a bouncier net while beginners will do better with minimum bounce. The free Spikeball app with the set provides an opportunity to find nearby players and it is a great way to make new friends.

The set comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is a definite bonus. Birthday presents for 12 year old boys can be hard to find, but if your child is into sports or is looking to get invested in sports, this will be perfect.


7. Tabletop Pool Table Set and Accessories

Tabletop Pool Table Set and Accessories

The perfect indoor game, nothing helps one relax after a hard day like a short game of billiard. This 40-inch table can be fit anywhere and your child can play with his friends or alone to perfect his skills. Way smaller than actual pool tables, it measures up to its larger counterpart at every level and even has customized cue balls that are designed for aim.

The set up is incredibly simple, as only the legs need to be attached. 15 pool balls, 1 cue ball, 2 cue sticks, 1 ball rack, 1 brush, and 2 cubes pool cue chalk make up the Tabletop Pool Table set. Its addictive and keeps one’s mind engaged while the body relaxes after a long day, which makes it pretty high on the list of gifts for 12 year old boys.


8. Piano Keyboard for Kids

 Piano Keyboard for KidsThis is for the musically inclined little geniuses and is an all and all contender for top gift for 12 year old boys. Prepared with a child’s delicate fingers in mind, the 61 keys are made of soft and eco-friendly material and is no way a hindrance to the finger’s bone development.

This game modified microphone not only plays music but also lets the child practice his singing skills on it. 6 demo songs, 2 learning mode and varied tone and rhythm make up the entirety of the keyboard.

This could be the perfect Christmas present for 12 year olds, as your child can make the evening merrier by playing his digital keyboard and singing your guests a song. This is also beneficial from a health perspective as keeping in touch with musical instruments also helps develop one’s hearing skills.


9. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone

Holy Stone HS210 Mini DroneThis particular game is a bag of pure joy for any 12 year old. Mini flying helicopters that they can control with a remote and lets them imitate a real pilot? What’s not to like?

The 3 drone batteries in the set help extend the flight time by 21 minutes. Cool 3D flips and auto hovering with attractive design are only a few perks of this toy. It’s conscious enough to switch to low electricity mode when the drone is running out of battery.


10. Franklin Sports NHL Team Licensed Knee Hockey Set

Franklin Sports NHL Team Licensed Knee Hockey Set

Officially licensed by the National Hockey League, kids who are into hockey or outdoor sports, in general, would love this hockey set. The set consists of 1 goal, 2 mini hockey player stick, and one mini hockey ball. Your kid can practice his hockey skills with you, his siblings or a trusted friend.

The net is made of polyester and its durability makes it perfect for all weather, be it summer or rain. As the goal post is only 28 inches, it can be set up anywhere and its portability makes it easy to carry around even to a friends house.

The only difference between a normal hockey play and this hockey set is that you actually play it on your knees. Your kid can get used to practicing his aim before trying for an actual hockey set. The net collapses easily and can be folded and stored in any of the spaces in your home, which makes it useful.


11. Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set

Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed SetThis ranks high on the list of best gifts for 12 year old boys. For boys who love books, this has probably been part of his to be read list for a long time if he hasn’t already read it. For kids who have no interest in books, but has probably watched the movie, this is the perfect book to get them in the habit of reading it. To your surprise, you might find your child going through the seven books in the series in no time and trying to perform magic on you the next day.

Harry Potter will always be a favorite among kids, and so this will also help him get along better with his peers, as it will add to the list of things they can talk about.


12. Franklin Sports Table Tennis To-Go

Franklin Sports Table Tennis To-GoAll you need is a big table space and the rest of the arrangement comes with the set, as the racket, balls, and the nets are provided for. The net has sturdy clamps that can hold firm on any table. Your child can play it inside the house or in the backyard, though one of the things that makes table tennis unique is its versatility of being able to give the same pleasure indoors.

If your 12 year old is already into the game or likes competitive sports, he can invite his friends over to play with them.


13. Lego Architecture New York City 21028

Lego Architecture New York City 21028There is something instantly relaxing about methodically arranging lego pieces to create buildings and in this case, an architecture of the New York City skyline. Made of 598 pieces, this is a great outlet for your kid to let his creative and intelligent side out. The set includes booklet focusing on the architecture and history of the building, so not only is it fun and provides for a mind exercise, but also educational in nature.

Once it’s done, your child can display it as a showpiece in his room and this can be something he can boast about to his friends, which makes it a beloved gift for 12 year old boys.


14. 4M Table Top Robot

4M Table Top RobotAfter the robot arms, this is the next step to let your boys learn more about robotics. Boys interested in science and engineering will instantly fall in love with the set the moment he sees it. Not only can he built a robot in the shape of a crab by following the manual, but he can also see it perform cool tricks once it’s done. Participating in building the tabletop robot will provide them with ample brain exercise.

It has the presence of mind to scuttle under its own power once activated and the sensors on it detect objects in its path and let it change directions. If you place it on a table top, it can perform mind blowing acrobatic for the little boys. It only requires one AAA battery, though you have to buy it as it is not provided with the kit. Since it is small in size, it does not take up much space and your 12 year old can play with it anywhere he wants. Presents for 12 year old boys can be hard to find but you will never go wrong with a robot as most kids have a minimum level of interest in technology.


15. Drograce Children Kids Camera

Drograce Children Kids CameraAll budding photographer starts somewhere and your child can start with those. Maybe you have seen your 12 year old boys being absolutely fascinated by skillfully taken pictures. Maybe you have already noticed he has a great sense of composition and the pictures he has taken here and there with his phone camera. Well, this is the next step to give form to his interest, as it tackles on the moving pictures part.

Drograce’s digital camera is a non-toxic, environmental friendly camera specifically targeted towards kids. While the pixel quality is only 5 Mega, it should not be a problem for children who are only taking their first steps with an actual camera. The camcorder comes with a waterproof case so your kid can even take pictures and videos underwater and the maximum storage space is 32 GB. The video quality, on the other hand, is a high definition, professional level with an ability to capture 30 frame per second.

Combine with 4x digital zoom, 7 color video modes, and 40 frame photo modes this is the best kind of available gifts for 12 year old boys and it is questionable whether your kid will ever want to put down the camera once he gets it.


16. Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart BoardThis is one of those leisurely games your child can play with you, his friends or even completely alone. While playing dart can develop his hand-eye condition, no previous fanfare is required to set it up. It takes up little to no space and all one needs is dart to practice their aim.

The dartboard comes with a hook so you can hang it anywhere high up in a room. Its enclosed with a magnet inside which helps attract dart but is not harmful to the walls. The magnetic dart board has all characteristics of the classic dart board and can even be nostalgic for you.


17. Syma S107 3 Channel RC Helicopter

Syma S107 3 Channel RC HelicopterThis indoor coaxial helicopter is a green monster which will be loved by 12 year olds. The body frame is made of high-grade metal and has a built-in gyroscope which stabilises the helicopter. Its mini size means it can be tucked in a safe space in the room and can be taken out to play with when your 12 year old boys want to. This also comes with a speed controller and the rotor blade system provides for a steady lift from the floor. The battery is high capacity and is good for really long flights and can be charged through the transmitter.

Kids love helicopters and this model is specifically made for beginners, so they can learn how to control the helicopter toy with ease. His friends will also like playing with helicopters and they can learn how to control one together. As this is made for indoor flying, your kid can play with it while practically lounging around the sofa in his pajamas.


18. Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tstabilizesabletop Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 40-inch Compact Mini Tstabilizesabletop Foosball Table12 year old boy gifts can be a tough decision to make, even after all these choices but going wrong with a foosball table is unlikely. Your kid might hate actual soccer but they would never reject a foosball match. If your child like tabletop games, foosball is definitely high on his list of favorites and if he doesn’t, but loves soccer, then he would enjoy playing it when he can’t run around on the field. For boys with large number of friends, he can invite them over to play together.

The small 40 inch tabletop has rubbers to protect its table surfaces and the goal boxes come with a convenient return. The rubber glove handles make sure your grip is strong. One thing is for sure, with this foosball tabletop, your kid might just become the most popular kid in class.


19. Adventure Kidz – Outdoor Exploration Kit

Adventure Kidz - Outdoor Exploration KitFor your nature loving 12 year old, this will be the best gift you can think for and for the ones who aren’t interested in nature, they might just develop a new appreciation for this world after getting hands on this exploration kit. The handy backpack comes with all the tool one might require to bird watch or take quiet walks in nature.

The 4 x 30 magnifying glass lets your child see things far away, for example, a bird that has left the immediate vicinity and flexible rubber eyepiece is specifically made for small hands. The binoculars are lightweight and easy to carry. The wrist strap flashlight has no need for charge and is perfect for camping at night. The compass can be the perfect medium to teach your child how to locate positions on the map, the concept of NSEW and how to find directions. The nylon cord whistle can be worn around the neck and used in case of emergency.

This exploration kit can be used in any number of way. Your child can pretend to be an adult going on a long hiking trip with this or you can actually take them on a safely curated hiking trip. You can teach them a lot about nature, science related subjects by using this kit. This is one of the highly recommended gifts for 12 year old boys.


20. Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Youth Uniform Set

Franklin Sports NFL Deluxe Youth Uniform SetMost 12 year old boys love football and even if they don’t participate in the game, they love watching it on tv and probably cheer louder than anyone when their team wins. Well, if so, this uniform set for football lovers naturally becomes one of the best gifts for 12 year old boys. This uniform set is more of an merchandise than actual football safety equipment, and so, the helmet should not be worn at an actual game. The other products in the set includes NFL jersey, pants, chinstrap and numbers from 0 to 9 that can be ironed on.

Your kid can wear it on Halloween or a costume party or anytime there is a match really. This will certainly raise his cool factors in front of his friends and might even make him someone to be envied.


21. Harry Potter: Complete 8-Film Collection

Harry Potter Complete 8 Film CollectionPreviously we talked about the Harry Potter book set and while that is still a great gift, you can always consider the Harry Potter film collection. For kids who have already read the book, this would be the perfect time to watch the movies while for kids who haven’t read the book, this would be the best way to introduce them to the Potterverse.

A guaranteed favorite among children, the fantasy of Harry and his friends is sure to engage your child. Kids with the book’s knowledge can compare how the film differs and the difference between writing and visual storytelling, which can be educational while the kids just getting interested in this alternate universe might want to read the books and eventually develop an interest in reading. You can make your kid watch the 8 films over eight different days and of course, watching everything in a single day is a bad idea and can strain the eyes. Harry Potter is also the kind of film series that can be watched over and over again and suits the taste of adults too. So, even when your boy grows up, he will look back at the series with fond memories.


22. Lego Technic Whack! 42072 Building Kit

Lego Technic Whack! 42072 Building KitThis lego set is a bit different from the skyline one but the purpose of it is same. It assists in brain exercise and develops reflex in kids. It is also engaging and requires patience. This one has 135 pieces and it all comes together to form a crash car with two pop out engine. A huge number of pieces can overwhelm the kid, so starting with a 135 one dedicated to making cars might be the right way to go. Of course, since its a car, it naturally requires fewer pieces than skyline buildings.

Once made, the boy and his friends can play with it by pulling back the car and releasing it. It accelerates to maximum speed and then crashes into the first available surface. On crash, the engine pops out of the car and then your boys can reset it back to its previous state. For 12 year old boy, these tricks are fascinating and brings them joy.


23. Epoch Air Rc Cars for Kids Remote Control Car Toys

TEpoch Air Rc Cars for Kids Remote Control Car Toysoy cars would always be a hit among kids, be it this generation or the previous one. The remote controller of this car can be used to perform cool tricks and your kid can show this to his friends which will leave their mouth gaping open.

The car is not only perfectly mobile on the floor but can move on the wall, table, ceiling, window, floor, mirror or any flat surfaces as long as your kid is behind the driver’s wheel. The infrared remote controller can be used change speed and direction and the car can go in all directions, left, right, forward or reverse.

The remote can also be used to perform tricks like 360-degree spinning while moving in an clockwise or anti-clockwise motion. The system shows its intelligence when the LED lights turns on based on how the car is being controlled. If the car is moving forward, the headlights will turn on its own and if the car is going backward, the rea lights will shine. This simple action can give endless joy to kids.

It comes with a 3 AAA durable battery which makes it quite safe for kids. The car can be charged via the remote controller as it has a charging cable. The guarantee also promises that even after falling off from a ceiling the toy car will work just fine.


24. Paxcess Electronic Drum Set

Paxcess Electronic Drum SetLike the electronic keyboards, electronic drum sets are another musical instrument that os popular among musically inclined boys. They can give shape their talent through this drum set. This kit containing 1 snare, 3 toms, 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat and 1-foot pedal is easily portable and your kid can take it anywhere he wants, at his friend’s house or even in the quiet of the park to play.

The 2400mah battery has up to 10 hours of charge and the tool kit also comes with speakers and earphone jacks in case he doesn’t want to disturb the others. 8 demo tracks and different tones and rhythm are incorporated to assist the child.

If your kid is into drums or musical instrument that are little more exciting for the year, this electronic drum set is perfect for them to practice on.

25. Rc Racer Building Blocks Set

Rc Racer Building Blocks SetBuilding blocks are the best way to your child’s mind, promote hand-eye coordination as well as develops their problem solving ability. This racer building block set is quite complicated to build and will be the perfect challenge your 12 year old’s mind needs. The set has 326 pieces which can be arranged to form 2 different race cars. Once it is done, the cars can be moved using remote control. The engine has a rechargeable USB battery and even though the controller requires 3 AAA battery, it is not included in the set. However, the battery can be easily found in a nearby store.

After your kid is done building the cars, he can reap the benefits of his hard work and have fun playing with the car as it moves around the house and show it off to his friends. He can also take his friends to help in using the building block set to make two cars, as activities like this help in emotional growth and promoted teamwork. The materials are made of premium quality plastic and are entirely harmless for children.


26. Franklin Sports Electronic Basketball Bounce A Bucket Arcade Game

Franklin Sports Electronic Basketball Bounce A Bucket Arcade GameThis 21 inches arcade style basketball court might just be what your kid needs. The set includes two basketball which you can use to target practice and you can keep track of your points by an LED scoring system and authentic sounds from announcers just like in a real arcade. Your child can play with it anywhere they want as it is foldable and easy to move around and can compete with another friend to see who gets more scores.


27. Threeking Smart Robot Toys

Threeking Smart Robot ToysWouldn’t all 12 year old boy want a robot to play with? Something that doesn’t only rely on remote to understand instructions and perform accordingly but also can perform certain task based on human gesture? A robot like that is sure to put a smile on an 12 year old boys face and make him cool among other boys and girls in school.

Your child can programme the robot the way he likes to certain gestures and the robot performs functions like singing through a male voice or dancing which keeps the kids engaged. Shoulder, thumbs, elbows, all are flexible and capable of movement and his feet has high quality skating wheels to whiz past in. The LED lights and auto display are a definite bonus. For kids interested in robotics, having a properly made robot around can help them study the product and can be quite educational despite the fun side of it.


28. Franklin Sports Electronic Basketball Bounce

Franklin Sports Electronic Basketball BounceWho doesn’t like Basketball? No one. It’s one of those sports you can play competitively or simply for your own enjoyment and still have lots of fun. But Basketball can require lots of people and your locality might not have the perfect court. It’s not always possible to go to the arcade either.

Well, in that case, you can always buy your kid the miniature basketball Arcade set. The 21 inch mini court comes with 2 balls and one target. A robotic announcer voices out the score while LED light flashes up to show the points. Your child can play this alone or with his friends.


29. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit and the Lord of the RingsJ.R.R Tolkien’s masterpiece, Hobbit has its place among all fantasy lovers. For kids who loves books, once he opens the pages with beautiful illustrations and comes across the story of Bilbo Baggins, it is doubtful he will put down the book until he has finished the full book.

This one of the best gifts for 12 year olds boys who are into books and fantasies. As the books have a film counterpart, there is the possibility he has already watched the book and is now curious about the books, in that case, your timing with the book will be perfect. If he hasn’t watched the movie, after reading the book, you will find him binge watching the series for sure and trying to figure out the visual and animation aspect of it all. Films like Hobbits might also get your kid interested in how animation works, so it’s a win win all round.


30. Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

Yard Games Giant Tumbling TimbersThis is an unique gift, as most people are not aware how to play timbers properly. This 19 levels of timbers need to arranged one over the other first and the first person to misplace a block loses as it leads to the crashing of the whole tower. Another way is to have timbers to its full height and then carefully remove the blocks without making the whole tower crash down and the first person who crashes the towers loses.

For its nature, this is a great game at a leisure time or for BBQ parties where you have a giant group of people who can compete with each other. Games like this promotes feelings of community and can bring laughter. Better yet, your 12 year old can play both with his friends or adults and will have equal amount of fun. Among the gifts for 12 year olds, this can be played long after the child has grown up.


31. Play22 Laser Tag Set

Play22 Laser Tag SetKids love action movies and for the same reason, they love pretending they are the hero or villain in their action movie. If there is a game that can make your kids fantasy come true without putting your kid close to actual harm, this game is it. While laser tag is mainly thought of as a kids game, even parents can participate with their children to join in on the fun and to humor them.

The set comes with four types of toy guns and vests to protect them from laser light. The lights are of blue, green, red and white color and a total of 4 teams can play it together. So, your kid can basically invite his entire class over for this game if he so wishes. The laser gun has realistic vibrations and you can feel it every time you shoot someone or get shot by them. This is safe by all U.S regulations and needs 28 AA batteries which are not included in the set but can be easily brought.


32. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Flybar Foam Master Pogo StickFlybar pogo sticks are known as the product of the original pogo stick company and it is said that all pogo sticks are made to fit Flybar’s standard. Your kid’s foot won’t slip on the pegs and it is safe enough for him to learn and perform cool tricks. The Pogo sticks are covered in foam as not only it makes the grip comfortable and cushiony but also because it protects the pogo sticks from damage. It is recommended that your child lands on wide distance as the wider the tip, the more stable it is.

For kids who love playing outside and loves the adrenaline rush of running around and jumping on air, Pogo Stick is the perfect present for them. The gifts for 12 year old boys are hard to find but for kids with an adventurous and sporty side, this is sure to be an instant hit.


33. Sportcraft Bowl-A-Rama Bowler Bowling Arcade Game Bowlercade

Sportcraft Bowl-A-Rama Bowler Bowling Arcade Game BowlercadeGet the experience of bowling in an arcade without visiting the said arcade, that is all the bowling arcade set is all about. While your 12 year old would most certainly enjoy it, it is easily recommendable for kids of all ages. Multiple people can play the game together, so your kid can invite his friends and sibling over. He can even go to their house to play the game as the mini arcade is portable and can be set up at any given place.

Once you roll the ball towards your targets and score a point, automatically the score is announced and recorded. Its advanced system lets the ball return by itself. The sound system makes it even more realistic, and your home will start feeling like an arcade alley due to the magic of this game.

Your kid can take the experience of an arcade at home and polish his bowling skills, and once he goes to a real arcade, he can surprise everyone there.


34. Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

Kan Jam Ultimate Disc GameMost boys has a special place for frisbee in their hearts. While it is usually known as a loner’s game, this frisbee set is specially tailored for team playing. One team has to jam frisbee into the can while the other team has to do everything in their power to stop them. Games like this makes for a great sport where children can learn teamwork and how to communicate with others. The set is made for everyone to play with and so, not only his friend, your kid can play it with siblings or even adults too.

As the kit is really small and can be set up anywhere, as it contains only two portable goals and a custom designed disk, your child can take it anywhere with him. This is especially a good gift for 12 year old boys who enjoy playing in the park.


35. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling HeadphonesYour music loving 12 year old would love this, especially if he is an introverted one and can easily get overwhelmed by loud noises. On a single charge, the headphone can work for 30hrs and your kid can listen to music through a bluetooth connection. In case your kid needs to have a conversation, all he needs is to cover the right ear up and the volume goes down to a reasonable level. Once your kid activate voice assistant, he can take phone calls too.

The lack of wires makes it easier to carry around anywhere and it has ear cushions, so wearing it is comfortable. Kids who have a hard time dealing with outside noises but like music or watching TV would find it to be the ideal gift.


36. Music Alley 6 String

Music Alley 6 String

There are few things as passion inducing as the sight of your favourite band’s guitarist working his magic on the guitar with his fingers. At some point, as a kid, you must have wanted to try the guitar once after seeing that sight. As probably does your kid.

This light guitar has nylon strings that are perfect for your kids delicate fingers. Only 30 inches in size, your kid can carry it around everywhere. If you are looking to provide music lessons for your kid in the future, this will also be the most suitable instrument to start with.


37. Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick ScooterThis is the kind of gift which is most suitable for kids living in a relatively traffic free environment. He can use his scooter to go to the school or just run around with it in your backyard or at the park with his friends. While scooting, the wheels lights up in a variety of colours that will make your kid want to just run around in circles. The deck is large and can fit both of your child’s feet while it grips the ground to provide for stable transport. Instead of using the steering wheel to move it around, it depends more on how much the rider leans in to steer it. This system helps develop your boys balancing and coordination skills.

Scooter riding itself is an outdoor activity that helps your child get more acquainted with nature. There is also an adjustable removable seat so kids who don’t know how to ride a scooter can get more experience in riding one and just need to sit on it. Once he understands the process, they can join in the fun and scoot with all his friends.


38. eYotto Kids Sports Watch

eYotto Kids Sports WatchSports watch can never be out of fashion, be it for 12 year old boys or adults. This sports watch whose display screen contains not only time, but also date, week, stop watch and even alarm option to alert your kid for his previous engagements. The LED light lets your kid check time even in dark and when he is outside, too invested in playing, this will always remind him when he needs to come home. Since this is waterproof, even while washing hands or splaying water on his face, or even while taking shower, he does not need to take it off. And chances are, with a cool watch such as this, he would not want to take it off.

The rubber band is durable and soft and the stainless steel clasp means the watch can be taken off or wore easily without outside assistance. The display has a protective cover which prevents scratches or from the display screen from breaking.

One thing is for sure, your 12 year old would love to show it off to his friends and probably anyone he meets.


39. World Book Discovery Science Encyclopedia

World Book Discovery Science EncyclopediaFor boys with a large interest in science related subjects, the science encyclopedia is the perfect gift. Maybe it is the opposite. Maybe he is not interested in science and actually finds the subject to be hard and the scientific terms hard to understand. This encyclopedia sets with information in all science related fields, ranging from marine life to name of different birds, to human anatomy explains things easily with powerful illustrations that captures the child’s attention.

This might be the kind of gift which is not well accepted at first, but as your child deals with schoolwork and life, this is the book set he will turn to and he will be grateful for your thoughtfulness for a long time.


40. Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set

Foam Bow & Arrow Archery SetIs your 12 year old a budding archer? Maybe he has already tried it at school and realised he has a talent for this kind of sports where patience and eagle eyes are a must. Maybe he has never tried archery but would like to get into. Archery is a great sport to learn both patience and make your eyes sharper as it provides exercise for eye muscles.

The foam tip arrows mean anyone accidentally coming under the fire of the lighting speed arrows is least likely to get hurt. Unlike regular bow and arrows, this is way safer for 12 year old boys to practice their aim on. The quiver can hold six lightweight arrows and your boy would love to carry the bow around show it off to his friends.


How To Decide On The Perfect Gift For A 12 Year Old Boy?

As mentioned before, this is the age between being an adult and a child and making a choice based on those requirements can be tough. Do we give them toys? What if they are too old to play with them? Do we give them books? What if it is too boring and the material is too adult-like for them to enjoy and fully grasp it? While they might be not adult yet, things specifically catered towards children can get boring for them and most of all, at this age, even if they do enjoy what they did as a ten year olds, they do not want to admit that they do. They are too invested in looking serious and adults to the world, which leads to the teenage phase where they are grumpier and sometimes childish. At this age, their intelligence also develops more rapidly, even though the emotional development comes to a slight halt. Some games are not challenging enough, some activities can not keep their attention long enough as it is too easy for their brains to solve. They need something that seems like it is made for adults but it is not that difficult to grasp and understand. A balance is required and sought at this age.

Some kids can get almost obsessive with the sports or hobby they find, as they find multiple avenues to release their pent up energy. Kids also end up taking lots of different kind of hobbies as they find the world of possibilities and also start thinking about the distant future. So, you can buy anything related to that hobby to help nurture it. On the other hand, if your 12 year old is sociable and has a lot of friends and is an all-around extrovert, games that can be played with a large group of people is the ideal choice to make them happy. Alternatively, if your kid is an introvert, gifts like books or movie set that they can enjoy alone and in the safety of their home is ideal.

Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys Today!

Some boys might already have almost everything and finding something for them can be quite a challenge. In this case, the best option is to find something unique, that engages both their talented and creative side and requires them to use their intelligence.

However, if you are looking for something which can be played alone as well as in groups, Kan-Jam-Ultimate-Disc-Game would be a great recommendation for you.

If one looks, there are actually a large number of gifts for 12 year olds available. All of them are appropriate and provide great joy to your kids. Plus, all the item on the carefully curated list is also educational in nature and make for both a learning experience and a fun way to pass time. When children can mix playing with studies, life becomes much more fun and studies becomes easier. So, which gift will you choose for your 12 year old boy?