Best Toys For 3 Year Olds – Updated List 2020

1 . Flybar Jumper
Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up Toddler Toys, Supports up to 250lbs (Blue) (MFF-R)
2. Prextex RC Toys
Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids- Each with Different Frequencies So Both Can Race Together
3. Aqua Magic Mat
Water Doodle Mat - Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy Mat - Color Doodle Drawing Mat Bring Magic Pens Educational Toys for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Year Old Girls Boys Age Toddler Gift
1 . Flybar Jumper
Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up Toddler Toys, Supports up to 250lbs (Blue) (MFF-R)
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2. Prextex RC Toys
Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys for Kids- Each with Different Frequencies So Both Can Race Together
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3. Aqua Magic Mat
Water Doodle Mat - Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy Mat - Color Doodle Drawing Mat Bring Magic Pens Educational Toys for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Year Old Girls Boys Age Toddler Gift
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Little kids are full of innocence and make our lives better and more enjoyable by adding happiness to our monotonous routine. They are playful and enthusiastic and cherish every toy which is given as a gift they are given to play with. Finding the best toys for 3 year olds is not a difficult task.

Toys for 3 year olds come in all shapes and sizes. Every child has a particular liking towards toys that’s solely specific to their own interests. They are not just a mere way to kill time, but your child also creates up close and personal memories with them. Some fun activities are perfect to create a wonderful bond and also contributes to learning.

The best part of gifting your child a great toy to play with is that it enhances the parent-child bond and promotes healthy interaction. Also, it makes them more aware of their surroundings and assists them in building concentration.

Designed to teach, inspire, and amuse, every toy has its own story to tell. This article will provide an insight on the best toys for 3 year olds in the trade that might even turn out as your child’s best-favoured.

best toys for 3 year olds

Top 36 Best Toys For 3 year Olds 2020

1. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo JumperKids absolutely love jumping all around the house and have a lot of fun hopping recklessly and being crazy! Not only does it add enjoyment to their playtime, but it also induces in them an active and energetic routine.

The MyFirst Pogo Jumper is a great fit for toddlers who have a liking for bouncing. Your child can use it for hours together, and every time he or she comes back to it, it will be as thrilling as ever.

This pogo stick is highly durable, lightweight, and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage. So don’t fear the wrath of any hail storm as this toy is guaranteed to last! It isn’t just meant to add excitement to your child’s day but also acts as a balancer for kids aged 3 years.

In fact, it is a great alternative for your toddler and comes out to your rescue as they finally stop bouncing on your luxury couches. You can take the product anywhere with you and it comes with an interesting design and quirky colours that catch those innocent eyes.

So invest in the Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper for hours and hours of healthy hopping!


2. Prextex Pack of 2 Car Radio Control Toys

Prextex Pack of 2 Car Radio Control ToysWhether it is having two notorious kids at home or a 2 in 1 pack of toy-cars that are perfect to keep your little ones busy, it is a common notion that two is better than one. As children, we all played with race-cars and acted like cops chasing the villain. It was fun, wasn’t it?

This toy comes with a set of two vehicles, one being the cop and the other, the driver. It includes realistic police alarms and sounds, honking music, and flashy-headlights that make their game more fun to play.

The game gets more intense and realistic as your child gets to play with removable police and human figures and remote controls for a better grip on the cars. Both your child as well as his/her friend can tirelessly play with it as it comes with a dual-frequency which enables a multiplayer mode.

The Pretext Cartoon Vehicles are the perfect buy for your child. You not only reminisce your fondest memories of being a kid watching them play, but they also engage in a lot of fun. Your kids can spend hours playing with these catchy toys.


3. Toyk Aqua Magic Mat

The world is full of beautiful art. And the love for craft begins from childhood itself, so let your child channel the artist within with Tyok Aqua Doodle Board. This is a large water drawing mat with a beautiful sea-world pattern with the help of which your little artist can bring their imagination to reality.

It comes with a magic pen that you need to fill up with water and get your child going with whatever comes to his/her mind. It is an enchanting experience and the drawing starts to disappear after 3-10 minutes, leaving your child surprised and impressed!

Whoever said that creativity comes with plenty of hassle was probably wrong. This magic mat is easy to use, comes in handy whenever your kid wants to be creative, and is portable enough to travel with. It is also reusable, which is another great advantage of buying this for your child.

It is free from any kind of harmful ink and completely non-toxic. You no more need to get your baby’s hands dirty with paints that spill all around the house. The water-resistant nylon surface of the magic mat makes it safe, clean, and most importantly, trouble-free to use.


4. The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmartThe PlasmaCar is one of the best toys for 3 year olds. Kids like playing with miniature vehicle toys and absolutely adore cars that they can fit into and drive around the entire house, which is even better. The Original PlasmaCar is therefore perfectly-curated for your little adventurer.

It runs through a simple mechanical operation and believes in convenience and fun. Colourfully designed, this is a strongly built car that can travel with speed on every surface, be it your dining area’s carpet or the lawn!

This toy not only inculcates essential hand-eye coordination skills but will also enhance movement and get your child to exercise while playing along. It is appropriate to be taken outdoors as well.

It also meets the standards of all kinds of tests conducted to ensure its safety. This is a toy-car that comes without any batteries, pedals, or gears, but is equally fun to drive amongst all kids. It boasts various bright-coloured variants that your child can choose as per his or her liking.


5. Miecoo Slot Car Race Track

Miecoo Slot Car Race TrackThis racecar set is designed with love for those who like customising their options. The game assists in developing your child’s abilities with its multi-accessory tracks.

The makers of this toy have brilliantly added dinosaurs along with colourful battery-operated race cars that not only teach your child to be cautious and clever but also make playing a fun-filled experience that will be cherished throughout his/her childhood.

This toy-set is composed of various other elements that add diversity and make your child more aware. Miniature elements such as tracks, cars, dinosaurs, trees, bridges, and many more are added so that playing doesn’t get monotonous.

None of the elements in this race-track are assembled from toxic plastic and each constituent is safe and eco-friendly. This is hence the perfect toy for your child and an efficient medium to keep him or her away from television screens!


6. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough TrikeLet your blessed wanderer explore while riding on the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike while enjoying to the fullest. Styled in the appearance of an eminent Harley-Davidson, this bike is a great toy for those who like biking and cycling.

Elegantly made to last, this trike is stylish and consists of a secret compartment meant to store all kinds of candies that your child loves! You can place it around the garden or your backyard and let your child stumble on whatever catches his/her eye.

Safe and easy to use and operate, the trike has a well-structured three-tyre wheelbase that makes balancing a cakewalk. Large foot pedals make it unchallenging for your child to get to speed and easy to grip handlebars bring out the most enjoyable ride for your infant.


7. Hover Soccer Ball – TFS LED Air Soccer Set

Hover Soccer Ball - TFS LED Air Soccer SetIt is always wise to inculcate the habit of playing sports in your child. But for days when the weather isn’t fit to go outside, the Hover air soccer set comes to your rescue. Multi-coloured LED lights add vibrancy and playfulness to the battery-operated toy, which is also quite hassle-free.

It is the perfect toy if you’d like to give your child and his/her best buddy a daily dose of entertainment wherein they play sportingly. The set is also skilfully curated in order to develop your child’s abilities and spark curiosity.

You can play along as well and establish a parent-child bond that turns into a friendship-like experience. This mini-version of the actual game may be used as an alternative at home and can even be enjoyed in the backyard.

It is a great medium to boost your child’s morale and build his/her confidence every time he or she hits the goal. It is completely safe and easy to use and deeply-loved by all kids.


8. iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set

iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys SetEvery day is a great day to play golf, but let’s be realistic. It is not always feasible to visit the golf court and take your little one along for a fun game. The iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set comes to your rescue by bringing the game to your very own home.

It is easy to carry and transportable without any inconvenience. It comes with everything that’s required to play golf, such as a golf channels, golf club, base units, and a tee stand.

This is a great way for your child to get their hands on the game and learn the tactics associated with golf, which might even prove supremely helpful in the coming years. The plastic used in the golf-set is durable, sturdy, and non-toxic.

Playing sports significantly promotes a child’s physical and mental being. This toy is a complete package of entertainment and fun and incorporates special skills such as body-balance, patience, and awareness.


9. Ofun Dinosaur Backpack

Ofun Dinosaur BackpackThis backpack is specially made for the traveller-instinct in your child who would love to go on a trek someday. The bag is cute, attractive, and visually-pleasing. It has a vibrant green colour that will catch your child’s attention and become a personal favourite accessory to carry for all the days to come.

The most appealing element added to make it more interesting and quirky is the cool dinosaur on the backpack. We all know that dinosaurs are pretty dear to children, and having one on their bag would be nothing less than a treat.

It is spacious, child-friendly, and lightweight, and even houses a large compartment to keep all your child’s belongings. It is a great option for all those mommies out there who aim to invest in an easily-washable accessory for their innocent devils!

The fabric of the backpack is durable, waterproof, and sustainable, and will become your child’s ultimate favourite the moment he/she begins carrying it to school, a travel destination, or the playground.


10. SnowCinda Walkie Talkies for Kids

SnowCinda Walkie Talkies for KidsThe SnowCinda Walkie Talkie is the perfect toy to engage your child in fun and adventure while playing around the garden with friends or accompanying you to the supermarket. Hence, it certainly qualifies for the list of the best toys for 3 year olds.

With a call alert function, a smooth and clear sound quality, and an option to adjust the volume, these walkie-talkies are a great medium to enhance your interaction with the child and make it more thrilling.

Coming in three quirky-coloured variants, these walkie-talkies are lightweight and durable and can be easily carried wherever you prefer to take them. In addition, a convenient push-to-talk button simplifies its usage for little ones.

Several other features such as a built-in LED display, flashlight, voice activation, and many more make it worth buying for your 3-year-old. All-in-all, this toy has been specially designed with a hassle-free operation that comes handy to all!


11. Dinosaur 3D Night Light Touch Table Desk Lamp

Dinosaur 3D Night Light Touch Table Desk LampThis lamp is an ideal accessory for your child’s bedroom that not only helps in sleeping peacefully but also works as a cool dinosaur-shaped toy that your child can play with throughout the day.

Its effective touch control allows you to switch between six colours- red, blue, green, pink, cyan, and white. It also gives you the option of a gradual 7-colour slideshow and 3D visual effects that catch your child’s eyes.

The extended energy saving and reduced power consumption are great when you are looking for something durable and long-lasting.


12. Dodosky Waterproof Watch for Kids

Dodosky Waterproof Watch for KidsKids adore vibrant accessories that fit their style and make them look even cuter. This watch is perfectly made for those little ones who’d like to appear fashionable!

The lively cartoon image is vibrant and appealing and the colourful, abstract design and patterns on the watch bring out happiness and content. Since their early years, children should be aware of the importance of time, which would engage them into productive routines and enable them to be more organised.

The best part about this timepiece is that it is sturdy, durable, and water-resistant. So your toddler can go out for a rain-shower any time he or she wants without inducing any sort of damage to the watch. Keep in mind, however, that excessive contact with water can shorten the product’s life.

The Dodosky waterproof watch is equipped with well-curated Japanese technology, which makes it a reliable toy to invest in. You even get to choose amongst several variants, one of which will definitely become your child’s favourite item to carry around!


13. Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Spike The Fine Motor HedgehogThis is a well-thought-out multitasker that boasts a great combination of both learning and fun. It is a toy that helps kids strengthen their muscle movement and motor skills as they replace the huge peg-shaped “quills” within the holes of the hedgehog.

It gives your child an introduction to counting, colours, shapes, sorting, and differentiation. It also provides an opportunity to work with their preferred colour.

Children become more organised and systematic and learn new ways of being creative and using their minds to conceive something to the best of their liking. Each hedgehog is made out of plastic, which makes it effortless to clean and safe to play with.


14. ETI Toys | Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks

ETI Toys Educational Construction Engineering Building BlocksYour child might as well be the next successful engineer who loves construction and experimenting with everything around to create something new. These extravagant building blocks are best if your little one fancies shapes.

Making play-time more productive and fun, ETI Building Blocks have been skillfully-crafted to encourage a mind for science, engineering, and math. Your child’s creativity will only grow when they begin playing with building blocks and create something extraordinary, like a transformer, robot, and whatnot.

It comes in a travel-friendly carry-box that carries 101 pieces to curate all sorts of toys. Your child can explore his/her interests and broaden his/her imagination by putting together whatever comes to mind. Furthermore, vibrant colours will certainly keep your little one hooked.

A child’s imagination is limitless, and these building blocks give them wings to turn thoughts into reality. They are made from non-toxic plastic that’s durable, tough-built, and safe to play with. So this is definitely one of the best toys for a three year old.


15. Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

Drawing Stencils Set for KidsChildren are naturally creative and young explorers who get fascinated whenever they make something. In other words, they have a liking for drawing and painting. These stencils are designed to enhance their drawing and make it a lot of fun at the same time.

Offering diverse colour options, this stencil kit with over 300+ templates is your little artist’s best friend. It is great for beginners who are still learning to identify shapes and make their draw-time educational and productive.

The set helps unleash an artistic potential and makes way for new hobbies that not only excite children but also promote talent and interests. The package consists of 16 washable stencils made out of plastic, 25 paper sheets, 10 pencil-colours, a bonus 3-coloured pen, and a sharpener.

The entire kit is fit for travel and can be taken along wherever you go for your child to play with it the moment they feel inspired to channel their artsy side! Its reusable plastic that makes it environment-friendly and an appropriate option to buy.


16. Adventure Kids – Outdoor Explorer Kit

Adventure Kids - Outdoor Explorer KitThis is a highly-flattering educational kit and your young learner’s go-to toy. The Adventure Kids – Outdoor Explorer Kit consists of seven educational toys that are perfect to acquire knowledge while playing.

This nature exploration kit brings out a love for nature within your child and comes with an attractive bag and a designer hat to keep its components safe and secure. It consists of modified binoculars that are comfortable, handy, and resistant to accidental drops. These make activities such as bird-watching, exploration, and sight-seeing much more fun.

The explorer kit also boasts an LED light that enables your child to see in the dark too. They are rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of replacing their batteries every now and then.

A cool compass allows your child to wander without losing his or her way. It is thus a great toy for those who love camping and picnics with their folks!


17. Hotdor Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat

Hotdor Sprinkle & Splash Play MatThis toy is a blessing to those who like fooling around in water. The rains might not fall that often, but this sprinkle and splash play mat is the perfect alternative that gives you the same thrill and fun.

Made from heavy-duty PVC and a dielectric weld that ensures a strong and sturdy build, this playmat is perfect for your child to spend time during harsh summers. It is designed especially for babies who like splashing and being carefree, making it one of the best toys for 3 year olds.

All you need to do is just plug into a garden hose and simply adjust the water pressure. After you’re done using it, you can conveniently drain out the water and keep it aside for your child’s next rain-shower!

It is an ideal buy to pamper your toddler with a relaxing time. You can also include your child’s fond pets to make it even more enjoyable. So let these summers be a great opportunity to spend quality time and enjoy to the fullest.


18. VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

VTech Drill & Learn ToolboxThis toddler-friendly tool box is the perfect fix not only for broken things but also for boredom. Let your child explore his/her inner-manager while role-playing with these quick fix tools that bring out the best.

It consists of an electronic fix-in tray, a toy drill, a hammer, nails, screws, and much more. The toy-drill screws into the electronic tray’s holes and enables a realistic sound effect to make playtime increasingly appealing.

It gives your child a brilliant opportunity to learn about new tools and their functioning while also playing songs side by side. It is battery-operated and requires AAs.

This interactive toolbox teaches your child to be a curator and a wise fixer. It is amazing for those who like making and breaking things and interacting with their toys for an extravagant experience.


19. LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket

LeapFrog Shapes and Sharing Picnic BasketThe LeapFrog sharing basket is great for your little explorer who’s yet to know more about colours, shapes, numbers, and patterns. It assists with building vital motor skills through sorting, identifying, differentiating, and assembling various items within the basket.

Especially meant to catch your toddler’s eyes, this picnic set is designed to engage your kid educationally by gathering and memorizing new things effortlessly. Children do indeed possess a built-in creative mind that reflects the most when they put their artistic side into practice.

The basket is very attractive and appealing to young ones. It consists of enriching colours that make it interesting enough for your child to spend the whole day playing without getting bored.

Another plus point is that the basket plays sweet and melodious music whenever it’s lifted. The 14-component picnic set includes six food items, two forks, plates and cups, and a blanket inside a pretty pink basket.


20. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Munchkin Fishin' Bath ToyOne thing that kids absolutely adore is playing with their dear toys while taking a comfortable bath and splashing water all around. It is their favourite thing about summer that they enjoy to the fullest.

The Munchkin Fishin’ bath toy set contains a magnetic fishing rod and three cute underwater characters that instantly become your child’s go-to. These characters have the ability to float with magnets over the water for easier fishing.

The activities keep your child engaged in the bathtub as they practice fishing with the toy set for hours. The handle, designed to fit your child’s hands, is easy to hold, and the bobbling underwater characters are simple to wash and clean with plain water.


21. Top Bright Toddler Tools Set Toys

Top Bright Toddler Tools Set ToysLittle kids enjoy role-plays that require constant planning, strategy, and implementation. This way, there’s an impeccable transfer of knowledge along with essential social and communication skills.

This toddler tool set comes with a robust string which, when pulled, acts as a pull-out toy coming out of a miniature car. Letting your child build his or her imagination, this construction toolbox is an appropriate choice for your child to play with throughout the day.

You can carry it to a friend’s or take it to the lawn. This interesting tool set develops spatial intelligence and comes in vibrant colours that also look quirky. Moreover, this set is dynamic and multi-operational since it also acts as a push-pull car.


22. Kidtastic Set of 7 Take Apart Toys

Kidtastic Set of 7 Take Apart ToysThis innovative toy-set is certainly not one of those that would be kept aside after a few days. It will remain your child’s favourite for years to come and be of immense educational value while he or she spends hours enjoying their playtime.

The set includes a train, a helicopter, three dinosaurs, and a motorcycle that sparks a sense of curiosity and brings a dreamland full of exciting toys. This toy set is a great option to build imagination and critical thinking skills along with social development.

Your child can unscrew all the different parts with ease, which enhances their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. If you’re running out of ideas to keep your child entertained, this is hands down the best toy for a 3 year old.


23. Soyee Magnetic Blocks STEM Educational Toys

Soyee Magnetic Blocks STEM Educational ToysThis package of magnetic toys is a great option to keep your child engaged with overflowing creativity and build a sense of understanding in dissimilar colours, shapes, numbers, and patterns.

The package of 16 squares and 14 triangles breaks any limitations and gives wings to creativity,which he or she can use to reshape it into any possible structure.

The magnetic blocks come in various bright and quirky colours that catch your child’s attention and become the ultimate favourite toy to play with. This boredom-buster also boosts your child’s memory and intellect.

Another great aspect of having these in your little one’s toy-room is that they can easily be cleaned and are quite durable. Moreover, storing them is a painless process since the magnetic blocks conveniently stack over one another, hence making your adjustment hassle-free. You can freely store them in a cute pouch that comes along with the purchase


24. Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center

Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity CenterThere’s nothing better than having your kids play with toys that are not just fun to hover around with but also enhance imagination and coordination. These build & learn toys let kids play with a colourful drill that they can use to fix chunky bolts onto a huge activity board.

This introduces STEM learning and the basics of math and also makes counting and recalling patterns much easier. It also intensifies your 3 year old’s motor skills, which are required to perform everyday tasks.

The toy set comes with 120 bulky plastic bolts, a screwdriver, a power drill, and easy-to-comprehend activity cards, all of which are battery-operated and let your child enjoy hours of fun construction.

The product is child-friendly, durable, and easy to use. It comes with a one year warranty and is great for budding artists and designers who love making use of their creativity and artistic skills to create something out of the box.


25. LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart‘I scream’ is synonymous to happiness! Children love all kinds of flavours of ice-cream and bear a sweet-tooth especially for the popular ones. And getting to play with them is even better!

This is a gorgeous pink scoop & learn ice-cream cart, designed exclusively to keep your child entertained and engaged all day long. The magic scooper allows your little one to scoop yummy-looking ice-cream and create mouth-watering combinations.

It also makes them explore new flavours and play with them while building memory and learning the process of organisation. This Ice Cream Cart is quite playful and tempts your child to gallop those chilled treats every day.

It also comes with six attractive activity cards and a simple syrup button that makes it even more exciting. Kids just love playing with toys that uplift their artistic side and nurture their comprehension abilities.


26. Best Learning Mushroom Garden

Best Learning Mushroom GardenThis multi-award-winner toy brings out tremendous amounts of fun and encourages various skills required for a healthy development. This is a colourful mushroom garden toy kit that lights up and elevates your toddler’s state of mind when they’re in a not-so-great mood.

The mushroom garden illuminates different patterns that your child follows and learns, be it shapes, numbers, or colours. It also plays a melodious tone that uplifts your toddler’s spirits.

Such toys amplify your child’s creativity, logical thinking, problem solving, and concentration. It also helps them recall patterns, which is essential for your child’s growth.

A non-stop interaction with your child keeps him or her fully involved, focused, and centralised. This garden set is 100% risk-free and battery-operated. Hence, it brings your little youngster hours of unending playtime.


27. CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Toys

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing ToysKids simply adore outdoor activities, such as fishing. They get excited and charged-up just by looking at their parents trying to catch fish. Visiting the lake on an everyday basis is not possible, but the CozyBomB Fishing Toys brings the experience to your child.

The fishing toy set contains 30 colourful and miniature fish that are visually-appealing and quite fascinating. Such variety is great when you’d like to build your child’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, comprehension, and persistence.

It is a useful option to amplify the parent-child interaction and imbibe the value of sharing and being competitive. It can be a delightful experience for kids aged 3 years since they’re already on the road to learning numbers.

The metal rod is corrosion-free and all the items in the fishing set are attached with a strong magnet to make your toddler’s playtime experience merry. It is completely risk-free and truly the best toy for 3 year olds.


28. Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set

Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter SetOur young creators and explorers cherish building different things using their imagination and creativity. The Fat Brain Toy set is an exciting way to put up the multi-coloured Squigz into any shape and structure.

These are easily assembled and solid with a non-porous surface that easily connects with the other pairs, leaving your child in awe. All they need to do is apply pressure on the ends of the Squigz so that the suction causes the air to rush out. This helps them stick better and hold on with adequate grip.

This Squigz set is convenient and so addictive to play with that it sucks children into a world of endless creativity and leaves them astonished. It makes a loud POP that electrifies and turns those smiles into giggles!

This is quite a lovely innovation and a versatile resource for combining playtime with fun-learning. It induces playfulness and builds cognitive skills while also encouraging kids to be open to new things. It is hence the perfect toy for your 3 year old.


29. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Baby Toys

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Baby ToysYoungsters love exploring almost everything they come across. They prefer to have new toys in hand and showcase a fondness for unique items that appeal to them in the most exciting ways.

These five sensory buttons made out of silicone fitted in a plastic casing are the best way of attracting your child to mind-blowing fun and keeping them engaged all day long. The vibrant, multi-coloured, and easy to use silicone bubbles are perfect for poking and juggling with.

They are best for little toddlers as they help enhance their motor skills. This way, they make use of all their senses and implement cause-and-effect learning. A safe choice for kids, the frame is built with high-quality ABS plastic and the bubbles are made out of food-grade silicone.


30. WisToyz Toddler Toys Pull Back Cars

WisToyz Toddler Toys Pull Back CarsThe WisToyz Pull Back Cars keep those budding adventurers busy with huge, chunky, super-cool monster trucks. Built for strength, sturdiness, and speed, the four truck-cars come in eye-catching colours.

The monster-cars are made from high-intensity alloys and chunky rubber tyres that let you drive them on any surface like a pro. They come with a shockproof and protective frame that makes the car tough enough to withstand any crash.

These trucks are safe to play with and accelerate rapidly when given a push. This exhilarates your child’s spirits and assists in the development of motor skills.

Your child can even invite your friends to play with this set of four or take it out in the backyard for hours of boundless races and adventurous fun that never cease to amaze.

They are lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere. In no time, the monster-trucks will become your 3 year old’s all-time-favourite toy and leave him spreading smiles all around!


31. VTech Write & Learn Creative Center

VTech Write & Learn Creative CenterAccentuate your kid’s artistic side and limitless imagination by gifting him or her the multi-dimensional VTech Creative Center that lets them showcase their creativity to the fullest potential.

The magnetic whiteboard gives your little toddler the required push to start learning how to write and draw. It has a built-in animated demonstration that displays uppercase and lowercase alphabets and graphics, hence allowing your child to follow along, observe, learn, and implement the same on the magnetic board.

It is an ideal toy for budding artists who like playing with pencils and markers and will leave your child amused. The product is battery operated and can easily be travelled with.

This all-in-one magic board lets your child draw all kinds of patterns and even use stencils and stamps while it plays melodious rhythms that bring out those cheerful spirits.


32. Lego Duplo Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

Lego Duplo Town Truck & Tracked ExcavatorKids love building blocks and have truckloads of fun playing with LEGO. The Town Truck and Tracked Excavator toy kit enables your child to get their hands on toy construction vehicles that they can assemble and change in accordance with their imagination.

The LEGO kit comes with two vehicles – a truck and an excavator – along with two miniature workers and extra accessories such as helmets, a shovel, construction bricks, and a road work sign.

The toy set develops your child’s building skills and boosts his or her confidence while teaching new ways to piece together unique structures. It is perfect for your 3-year-old who loves playing and experimenting with creativity.


33. Lego Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party

Lego Duplo Minnie’s Birthday PartyPretend-play is every child’s favourite pastime and the best way to keep them entertained. All of us are well-acquainted with Minnie Mouse, who still remains every child’s most cherished cartoon character.

The easy-to-build LEGO Minnie’s Birthday Party toy is specially designed for young creative-heads and an exceptional option for bringing clarity to a child’s vivid imagination!

It comes in a set of 12 pieces and encourages learning while having fun. It is a perfect, fun-filled present if you’d like to gift it to someone.


34. 18 PCs Kids Play Tent

18 PCs Kids Play TentYou may not be able to go camping or trekking frequently, but you can always bring the vibe to your child by purchasing the Pop Up play tent – suitable for young thrill-seekers.

This play tent comes along with 18 essentials required for a successful camping experience, which makes it a strong contender amongst the best toys for three year olds.

It includes a battery-operated oil lamp and stove, a multifunctional whistle, binoculars, a pan, plates, a large pop up tent to fit your child with his or her friends, and many more exciting things that certainly come in handy when going out on an adventure.

The Pop up tent is easily set up and collapsible. It is a great place for activities such as reading or playing while experiencing the beauty of camping. The high quality oil lamps illuminate the space in a way that makes it appear real enough for your child to forget that it’s actually pretend-play.

It engages your little toddler’s imagination and boosts enthusiasm. To make it increasingly multi-purpose, you can even light up the gas stove, which flashes a red light to make it seem like the real thing. So get inside and read out stirring campfire stories to your child!


35. Cyiecw Piano Music Mat

Cyiecw Piano Music MatChildren love music that soothes them down, makes them feel happy, and puts them in a delightful mood. Even if 3 year olds are too young to play complicated instruments, they can do so with the help of this Piano Music Mat.

Music creates a deep impact on little children by acting as a medium for sharing expression and promoting a positive lifestyle. This music mat thus brings in enjoyment, creativity, uniqueness, and merriment to your child’s playtime.

The mat, composed of a soft fabric, is safe to use and painless to stand on for hours. It displays eight different keys for various instruments, such as the saxophone, trumpet, guitar, piano, and many others.

This piano mat encourages an active playtime and accelerates hand-feet coordination. It builds essential listening skills and logical abilities, making it yet another great option for 3-year olds as these little troublemakers love leaping and bouncing to create fresh music.


36. MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier Truck

MegaToyBrand Dinosaurs Transport Car Carrier TruckChildren just fancy dinosaurs and enjoy playing with miniature versions by imagining a world where they actually exist. This is a dinosaur-themed transport truck that includes six of these ancient reptiles.

It comes with an extra compartment wherein your child can store his or her belongings to declutter the playroom. The truck is precisely designed with lids on each side which give your child a clearview of what’s inside.

The handle fitted on top makes it easily-carryable and trouble-free to use. All elements of this carrier truck are durable and safe for children. In summary, it is a terrific toy-set to play with to cheer up those young minds!


Find the Best Toys For 3 Year Olds Today!

This was the list of all the best toys for 3 year olds that will add excitement to their lives and teach them value-education and the skills essential for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

All kids need is love, support, and great toys to play with. Before they begin juggling with the hardships of life, they need an unending dose of fun and plenty of time to play. Their playtime covers up a large part of their everyday routine and teaches them valuable lessons that they carry-along throughout their lives.

Toys help them strengthen their physical and mental abilities and promote emotional intelligence. They allow them to be more considerate, empathetic, and kind and boost confidence while offering a new perspective of the world.

Multi-player toys inculcate in them the value of sharing and caring. With them, they learn to portion their belongings with siblings and friends, which is essential for a child’s growth. Toys are hence a child’s most prized-possession.

Innocently flaunting them amongst their friends, every child needs the perfect balance to prosper and grow. So all sorts of artsy, innovative, and educational toys do the perfect job!