Best Toys For 2 Year Olds – Updated List 2020

1 . VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag with Big Building Blocks, Building Toys for Toddlers (80 Pieces) - Blue Bag
2. Liberty Imports RC
Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children
3. Harley-Davidson Tough Trike
Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike [Amazon Exclusive]
1 . VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch
Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag with Big Building Blocks, Building Toys for Toddlers (80 Pieces) - Blue Bag
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2. Liberty Imports RC
Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children
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3. Harley-Davidson Tough Trike
Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike [Amazon Exclusive]
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Time has changed and passed quicker then any of us can grasp. Before we know it, it’s already 2020 and your child’s 2nd birthday is coming. It’s 2020 and you have no idea what to gift your 2-year-old boy. What could possibly make him happy and helping with his brain and physical development? What will ensure he is having fun while learning about life and satisfying his curiosity? And it is an age where they are curious, restless, and constantly eager to learn. Well, this list of best toys for 2 year old boys, 2020 version, will answer all your questions.

best toys for 2 year old

Top 10 Best Toys For 2 Year Olds 2020

1 . Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building BagBuilding blocks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made specifically for toddlers. So does this 80 piece building block from Mega. I know what you are thinking. Aren’t building blocks too obvious? Isn’t that the most normal and popular gift? Well, there is a reason building blocks continue to be an important part of children’s development even in today’s age of technology.

Building blocks help stimulate a lot of the brain’s functions at once. While deciding on different shapes and sizes for buildings, your child learns how to map out different scenarios in the brain. Which helps in their spatial development. Children who start with building blocks early turn out to have a powerful imagination and can become either artists or architects. Slotting and fitting blocks makes them understand space.

Their brain quickly calculates how much can be fit in a place or not, which helps with both their mathematical skills and understanding the world in relation to spaces between different objects. Quick mathematics also help with their reflex.

They learn to adapt to situations when playing with blocks, as the construction does not always go the way they want them to. Children also learn to identify different shapes and name of those shapes quicker as they have to communicate exactly which shape they want while playing with their friends. More than anything, blocks help with a children’s emotional development.

There is nothing quite as important as raising a child that’s compassionate and kind. While building blocks can be played with alone, having company makes block construction all the better.

He can play with you or his friends. In regards to his friends, he will have to learn to share his pieces and ask for an opinion when constructing, which will make him both kind and open minded if taught right. With you, he can spend some quality time with his parent and this will later become an important memory for both of you.


2. Liberty Imports Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers

Liberty Imports Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Control Toy for ToddlersIt doesn’t matter if they are a girl or boy, children would always be attracted to fast pace racing cars. Definitely, more so the case for two year old boys. This red and yellow toy is made exactly for children over 18 months, so if your child is already two, it would fit them perfectly. Its sleek design and bright colors will appeal to toddlers at first glance.

This is made for optimal speed possible in a 5 inch product that only weighs about 10.4 ounces. This is also the age for them to get intimate with technology and what could be better than the simple steering wheel shaped remote control. The maneuvering of the car is easy with the simple buttons that are easy to master for small children.

The big buttons allow the car to speed up and follow simple instructions like go forward or turn left or right. The remote control only has two channel for forward and reverse left. The car can move in the reverse direction too. In a bid to event real cars, this miniature toy version has honking sound effects along with music and headlights that flash to warn pedestrians.

All your little one needs to do activate the sound and light effects is to press the button on the remote control car. For two year olds, seeing something smaller than them to be able to perform these feats is enough to have them smiling wide.

Three figurines dressed in various costume, embodying three different types of drivers are part of the package and can be plugged in or removed from the car seat as per your kid’s wish. If your child wants, he can play with the figurines separately or enjoy them as they are meant to be, that is part of the package.

Made with non-toxic ABS plastic, the edges are extremely soft. The antenna on both the car and the steering wheel connects the two plastic toys wirelessly. The softness of the antennas ensures safety and protection from possible harm.

The race car requires 3 AA batteries while the remote control needs 2 AA, though both of them are not included in the package. Which isn’t a problem since AA batteries are easily available at local stores.

Your child can enjoy playing with this by himself or with his cousins or children of similar age living in the neighborhood. Teaching them how to share toys is always a good start for little children.


3. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Trikes are a cool replacement for bikes. While it is risky for toddlers to get on bikes, rest assured they have wanted to once since they saw one. Trikes can solve that desire of your kids while simultaneously solving your problem of finding his birthday present.

It’s the best gift for 2 year old boys when the bike is styled after the Harley-Davidson bike ranges. Not that children would immediately understand what Harley-Davidson styled bike could mean, but they would certainly appreciate the rugged look and feel their confidence level go up the moment they are sat on it.

There are pedals on the side, which are quite large and makes it easy for kids to rest their foot on to roll the bike however they want. The handlebars also have a strong grip and help the kid maneuver and take turns without any problem. Rugged tires make for durable and stable wheels which won’t easily tip over, something that is important for young children’s safety.

The lenght is 29.5 inches while the width and height are around 22 inches. The weight of the trike is 4 pound, which means adults can easily carry it around. The tires are perfect for backyard riding, though it isn’t a bad idea to take it through the grass.

The seats are large and comfy, which is a plus point for your child’s posture. It must be noted that your kid should be able to seat on a trike comfortable for them to have fun on it. Not being seated properly can make for the learning experience to be very uncomfortable.

Trikes are a good step for children who would eventually want to learn to ride actual bikes. They can form a sense of direction and coordination at an extremely young age through this. Seating on a bike properly can do wonders for a child’s posture but that’s not the only benefit.

Learning to move a trike around can be a good exercise for kids at an early age as they have to pedal, which strengthens their leg muscles. Gripping the handlebar and keeping an eye on the road to move the trike around will help with their hand-eye coordination and their reflexes, as their brain learns to deal with tricky situations. Later, as an adult, they would have an easier time dealing with stress and unexpected events.


4. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life. You can hate a lot of things, but there are very few people who don’t have a band they love, a singer they love, or even just like hearing classical arrangements. It’s something you can escape from and you shouldn’t. In fact, the earlier you get acquainted with it, the better it is for you.

For children, hearing music can help in hearing development.

Being exposes to different sounds at an early age helps them pick sound apart, to distinguish between pitches and ranges. Music also helps with emotional development. By learning how to play instruments, kids can later join bands or take proper classes.

Being in contact with people who have similar interest helps them learn how to rely on each other and take lessons and teach each other.

Instruments like drums, on the other hand, lends a huge hand in learning co-ordination skills. Hand-eye co-ordination sees a marked improvement in kids when they have to deal with beating the drum and using the cymbals at the same time.

The continuous movement with drumsticks and cymbals also helps in motor skills. Which is why the kid drum set made it on to the list of best toys for 2 year olds.

This toy drum set is made with children’s educational development in mind. The set has three drum pads and cymbal and all of the parts produces unique sounds. 9 melodies are available consisting of various genres such as rock, dance, and pop music, and toddlers can learn how to play along with them.

The children’s drum set has 4 different modes by which your 2 year old can play with it. These are called Follow Me, Number Jam, Alphabeats, Freestyle. Your child can freestyle if he wants or he can use the more structured methods, like the Alphabeats where he follows the letters and number instructions and tap on where the drum lights up.

This will help stimulate their visual memory. The drums have unique LED light of their own, which is sure to appeal to children as they tap their drumsticks to the beat. While the packaging contains 3 AA battery for demonstration, it is better to buy new batteries if the drum becomes a part of your toddler’s daily activity.

The drum sets weights about 1.51 pound which is low since it’s not actual drums but more of toys for practice before your child can use actual drums.


5. WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

As attractive as racing toy cars are, toy trucks have an appeal of their own. By 2 year old, your child might not understand a lot of things, but he has definitely had the chance to see trucks, whether in real life or on television.

He has probably seen the trucks and wondered what they exactly are, how they work. Why they look exactly like cars but aren’t the same thing. Well, having a miniature truck of his own, regardless if it a toy, will let him play with it and understand the different types of vehicles that exist in this world.

This toy truck is about 20 inches long with an width of 7.1 inches. As far as eight is considered, it is barely 1.9 pounds. The black exterior with front stickers and the transparent sides makes it look like something out of a movie.

The truck comes with 6 semi metals cars already included in the set. Since it is a carrier truck, it can actually carry up to 28 cars, perfectly fitted for its 28 slots. Not only that, construction sites and cones are included in the package too.

So, your 2 year old can make a mini version of the populated road and pretend to move his truck and the cars through traffic. The front cab of the truck is actually detachable, quite similar to real carrier trucks and children can turn it around and play with it separately if they wish.

The sides of the trailer can also be opened and closed as one wishes, so the child can play with the truck with all the cars inside all take the cars and construction signs out and play with them all. The handle on top of the truck helps maneuver the truck the way your child wants it to go. Since the truck can actually store up to 28 cars plus construction signs, it makes the whole gift compact and convenient.

There is no fear of having multiple toys cluttered throughout your house as long as your child remembers to put them back in their previous position. Learning to play with those toys and keeping them as they were can also help teach your child about responsibility.

Playing with toys like this can help children calm down a lot and toys like this necessarily require a partner, as toddlers rely more on their imagination.


6. Workshop Tool Bench

Workshop Tool Bench

Maybe your 2 year old is of curious nature. Maybe he has already shown interest in how the world works and you find him constantly fiddling with his toys, too busy breaking them apart than actually playing with it. Maybe, your child isn’t like this at all. Maybe he hasn’t shown interest in many things and is content with how most things are.

If so, you can use this opportunity to gift him this workshop tool bench that is sure to make him more eager to learn once he starts playing with it. And if your child is already a future science genius, well this toolset will make him happy and get him started on his dream path.

This workshop set consist of all the possible tool anyone can require to build something from scratch, fix broken things or to tweak with the constructions and add major changes.

The 12 play tools look real and are a good imitation of the adult’s tools, except these are completely safe for children to use. The 68 pieces along with the 12 tools are equally realistic looking and the toy tool bench as a whole includes nuts and screws of various sizes, an electric drill, a hammer and even a saw.

Only, the electric drill requires 2 AA batteries, which are fortunately included in the set.The length is 16 inch while the width is 29 inch while the height is 14 inch while overall it weights about 3.51 pounds. Its compact nature means your kid can carry it everywhere, though a 2 year old is least likely to leave the house without you accompanying them.

Regardless, they can take it with them wherever they want, like for a play date with your friend’s kids or your house’s backyard. This stylish blue workbench as well the red color tools has high endurance and can resist every challenge your kid throws at it.

It is very likely that your child will get frustrated with the toys when things don’t go his away but its sturdiness ensures protection against any kind of abuse.

Through this, your child will learn patience while building and repairing things. He will also have full control over his creative side and can let his imagination run wild to make anything he wants.

Learning to drill and use the hammer will also help their motor and co-ordination skills. If they play with a friend, the added bonus will be learning how to share. In the end, your two year old having fun is enough reason to add this to the list of best toys for 2 year olds.


7. VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

Another toddler friendly toolbox, this one places more emphasis on fun while learning. The inside of the toolbox contains electronic fix-it tray, working toy drill, hammer, wrench, nails and screws. Available in different shapes and sizes, all the tools in the kit are eye catching and promises a bag of fun at just one look.

This one also comes with 2 AA batteries for demonstration but the company recommends buying proper batteries if it is used regularly. There is a light up button that plays variety of songs once pressed. It is also the instruction manual in disguise. Instructions on the tools and the sounds each tools make are available at the press of a button.

So, your child can both hear the words and try to understand and do as instructed and learn to do things on his own. The working drill helps spin the gears while the screws fit into the electronic tray’s holes.

While using the gears to make toy motorcyles, your child will be able to hear mechanical sound, which enchances the experience of feeling like a real mechanic. The instruction cards are double sided with advices on colors and numbers.


8. Meland Large Water Doodle Mat

Meland Large Water Doodle MatAll future artists might not start from here, but their childhood would have been a lot more fun and colorful if they had. Paper and color pencils are too old school and while older children might enjoy playing with art paper more, 2 year old who does not understand much about art.

But would like to draw the things they see in their daily life or give life to the images running amok in their head will certainly feel more at home lying lazily at home and hovering over the Water Doodle Mat as their hands perform magic they didn’t know they were capable of.

You can place the doodle mat on the desk or floor, depending on which your 2 year old boy feels more comfortable with. The full size of the mat is 100 cm. The total drawing area is 16.1 inches by length and 28.7 inches by height. Since it is a mat, just like any other mat in your house, you can easily fold it and place it anywhere you like.

The little space it takes up also means it can be carried to wherever your child goes. Along with the water mat, the set has 1 big water pen and 2 small water pen. Depending on the size of your child’s hand or the pen that appeals to him more aesthetically, he can choose. There are letters and numbers around the white area and your toddler can practice by looking at them and perfect their handwriting at a young age.

There are also seven different shapes all around the canvas, with step by step instructions on how to draw them which are easy to understand for toddlers at a quick glance. Before long, your child will be drawing cake and small houses without looking at them.

Usually, doodle mats have 4 colors. However, the pens of Meland has a rainbow color function. The left side of the pen allows for green and orange while the right side is a splatter of the rainbow. The back of the mat is made of nylon, which is water resistant. It is safe for use and stays clean keeping babies in mind.

The pen is quite easy to use. You have to soak the pen’s head in warm water so that it can swell up, then twist the pen to fill water inside. The doodles take three to five minutes to disappear so while the drawing can’t be immortalized, it will fascinate your kid as to the mechanics and make it more fun for them. The mat can only be written with water on it and its material means there is no need for machine wash.


9. Vatos Take Apart Car Construction Toys

Vatos Take Apart Car Construction Toys

Playing with toy cars is fun. Watching them zoom past as your child controls it from his controller can bring him joy. Do you know what’s even more fun than that? Taking the very car apart to figure out what is inside it. Like I have mentioned before, children at that age are curious beings. They constantly feel the urge to open closed things, to look inside closed drawers and to break things that work perfectly.

Because they can not understand how or why the things are performing as perfectly as they are, they feel the urge to learn the mechanics of it to get a good idea, even if it sometimes more than their brain can handle.

This car construction toys tool set will satisfy your children’s curious mind, as it is made with the purpose of making mini engineers happy. Children can make their own truck from the parts provided in the set.

And not just any truck, but a bulldozer with cute large eyes and a colorful body that your child is sure to fall in love with once it is build. Other than the truck parts, the tool set has one manual drill and one power drill. For the power drill, you will need 2 AA batteries which are not part of the package but can be found in locals stores without much searching.

The drills are capable of making realistic sounds of actual drills when one uses it to twist the screws of the car. This is something that your 2 year old love, as he will feel like an actual engineer or a mechanic. Constructing a toy form nothing can be a wonderful lesson for little kids.

Working with the drill will help with their hand-eye coordination while it will also make them more alert and focused on the task at hand. As the toy parts need to be fit into specific spaces, they will need to be able to distinguish shapes, much like in the case of building blocks. Of course, their imagination also receives a big boost from all these hard work.

As a parent, this will also be a good excuse for you to get closer to your child. You can help them construct the toys as they play with the tools on hours end. Once done, your child can play with the bulldozer, which only serves to add to the enjoyment. Christmas, Birthday, it doesn’t matter when this is one of the best toys for 2 year olds you can find.


10. Lego Duplo Super Heroes Duplo Super Heroes Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures 10876

Lego Duplo Super Heroes Duplo Super Heroes Spider-Man & Hulk Adventures 10876

If your kid is year old, it is likely that he already has a superhero figure he is fond of. Is it spiderman? Or Spiderman or is it Hulk? Or is it the villain? Is he someone who is naturally attracted to villains? Could it be Sandman? Could it be that he likes all of them? Well, if it’s three of them, then this lego set is the perfect solution for him to shower his adoration on.

This lego set has three Duplo figures, Spiderman, Hulk, and Sandman. All of them are tiny figurines that are adorable and easy to fall in love with. The figures come with Spiderman’s garage and motorbike, while Hulk plays around in his laboratory.

Other elements in the set is a wrench, briefcase, spade and yes, the Spiderweb. No better time to catch people in his web for your kid than now. Your child will have enormous fun following the instructions and creating this elaborate cartoon scenario into a mini real life scene. Once the lego is constructed, several actions can be performed with the lego set.

The wrench can be used to fix Spiderman’s motorbike. The scene of catching the radar is surprisingly easy to create in Hulk’s lab. The spiderman’s web can be cast to cath sandman while Hulk shows up to help his favorite tiny superhero and smash Sandman’s sand-brick with his spades. The ensemble of the characters is exactly like their comic book versions.

Spiderman wears his blue and red spider suit while Hulk prances around half naked in pants and his radiation activated green skin. Sandman is only a normal man with sand bricks forming wherever he goes.

It is safe to say there are few gifts which could beat this one. There is no doubt that this deserves a place in the list of best toys for 2 year olds.


How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Two Year Old?

This is the tricky part. While a variety of gifts are available, you have to take your toddler’s personality, temperament, and their mental development into account while choosing a toy. Most kids that age have a blast pulling apart things and then setting them back together in a bid to make sense of the world they live in.

Toys that can perform a variety of functions are best in these cases. Blocks that can eventually perform as a car once powered are a good example. This kind of toys ignites imagination and accelerates their problem solving skills.

Toddlers grow up rapidly. What fits your two year old today, won’t fit them tomorrow. Even their personality can take a big turn in the span of a few months. There are toys they might fascinating today, but immediately lose interest in once the night passes.

So, you need to buy something that will have their attention, regardless of how many days age bygone. Something that will maintain its use even if your child is well into leaving behind his toddler years. Toolsets can be fun in this case. As they can use them to repair or build items, and still have a use for the next day.

Then, if any of this does not work, you can always choose toys that appeal to the problem solver in them. Toys that take time for your kids to figure out, but can ultimately be easily understood with the right guidance. Toys that help them develop their spatial intelligence, motor skills and reflexes.

Like gifting them a set of crayons and papers can do wonders. You can also start their introduction to alphabets and numbers early. Make sure that by the time they are ready for kindergarten, they understand letters and actually have a clear speech pattern.

For this, toys like drums, which light up with alphabets and numbers and repeats them in mechanical voice can be great. Your child gets both the visual stimuli and hearing someone spell the letters out help their hearing skills, which in turn helps their speech.

Your 2 year old child’s safety is as much of your concern as it is ours. Keeping what you would want as the best for your kid as a parent, this list was created. We hope you experience no more confusion on what to give your child after you are done with this list of best toys for 2 year old, 2020.