Best Activities For Three Year Olds To Help Them Not Get Bored

1Our three year olds are always so pumped up with energy and playful. I have a three year old son, and we have so many fun activities together, sometimes over 3 hours a day. He doesn’t always need a lot of movement, but he is always on the search for fun and creative activities.

And along with all the fun, it is always great to have a bit of imagination and creativity in these activities to engage our three year olds at pace in experiential learning. You can also look out for the best toys for 3 year olds to gift your little one to make the activities more exciting! 

Some intellectual gifts for kids can actually prove out to be engaging and fun! It’s always better to have with you a handy list of fun ideas and activities, in advance. So, I thought of sharing some of my favourite fun activities for 3 year olds. Have fun and rock the year!

Best Activities For Three Year Olds To Help Them Not Get Bored

Everyday fun activities for 3 year olds!

1. Color Sorting with cars

Cars are the favorite toy for most kids. Though this activity can take a bit of time to set up, it is totally worth the effort! My 3 year old kid is enthusiastic about sorting his toys based on their attributes. I took his love for sorting and prepared a fun exercise for him. 

I collected some sheets and added some letter stickers to spell out the color names. I then divided the color columns by a protecting tape. That done, I instructed him to quickly fetch toys from his toy kit and place them into matching color columns. He immediately ran to sort his wheel toys.

It took a while, however, he ultimately stuffed up each column with the right colors. He was very happy with himself and wanted to do it again.

2. Alphabet Soup

This one’s a total keeper, I guarantee you! I began grabbing stuff from around our kitchen to make my kid’s alphabet soup. I got out our magnetic letters from the educational toys’ kit, a large pot, and a glass of water. Most importantly, I got rainbow rice to add some colors to the activity. I laid out all of it and told him that he can make a soup of his choice. 

He got pumped up right then. As a chef would say, he tells me he wants 10 cups of rice in our soup. So he measured and poured 10 cups himself. I was actually impressed…I bet we cook around right here. Then came the turn to add the letters. He read out every letter as it went in. Next was to pour in some water!

He carefully poured the water, while refilling the pitcher, twice. The final step, the mixing. He seemed to be waiting for this. Once it became all mixed up, it was time to cook it on the stove!

Well, at least we pretended to do so. I could read out loud from his eyes he LOVED this activity and requested to do it every day since. I favored this interest due to the fact that it exercised his math and literacy skills.

3. Googly Eye Dough Hunt

We all loved playing with the dough as a kid. So does my three year old son. So, the other day my kid I made this superb dough from his Kids Learning Toy Kit. It might be one of the finest doughs I’ve ever seen. It is remarkably silky, holds together, smells wonderful, and is truly easy to make.

We played for a long time. Rolling, stretching, and tearing it. After a while, he put all the googly eyes into the dough and left it that way. I was for once disappointed due to the fact that I desired to hold the dough to play with later.

A week later, I brought out the crammed dough and we did a Googly Eye PlayDough Search. I rolled up the dough right into a ball with all of the googly eyes inside. I then asked my kid to locate as many eyes as he could. He pinched the dough. Rolled the dough. And patted it down flat. It really became a palms on experience! In the end, he found all of the eyes. 

This is a remarkably fun activity for working on a toddler’s primary motor abilities. And with a child gaining these fine motor skills at such an early age is remarkable. It improves his handwriting the best. 

4. Weather Chart

You can make a weather chart for your three year old, with a slot for the morning and afternoon. Then, every day, you can draw the weather outside sitting with your kid. You can set activities to match the climate like coloring on a sunny day; crafts and poetry on a rainy day.

5. Make a Name Puzzle

Write your child’s call in massive letters on a piece of paper. Then cut out a set of letters identical in size to the letters on the paper. Your three year old can then match the right letters on his name call. You can make puzzles for other words too. You can draw an image next to the word so the three year old can learn what the word says.

6. Make Collages

Cut out pics from a magazine beginning with “a” (apple, ant, etc.). Or make collages with pictures, which can be of the same or different colors. You can have all types of themes in your collages, which include numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.

7. Balloon Games

This, in particular, is good when you have more than one toddler at home. Blow up a balloon and see how long it takes to burst the balloon by sitting on it. Or see for how long you can keep your balloon up in the air by hitting them constantly!

8. Simon Says

Basically, one participant is Simon and requests actions such as “Simon says to hold your ear” and the opposite participant has to follow. However, if the instruction does not start with “Simon Says”, the other player shouldn’t follow the instruction, else he/she loses.

It took my son some time to comprehend the rules, but he actually enjoys the game. You can make it a physical activity to burn off some calories. Sometimes I would give instructions like jumping, going for walks around the room, spinning, and touching his toes.

9. Guess the Animal

One participant pretends to be an animal (a dog, bird, elephant, lion, butterfly, spider, rabbit, or every other creature) and the others must guess the animal they depict. You can choose to make noises or get on four legs to imitate. Make sure every player gets his/her turn.

10. Color Hunting

Go on a color hunt throughout the house and outside on the lawn. Make it a race and spot as many items as you can of similar shades.

11. Follow the Leader

One participant follows the opposite leader and copies the entirety of what they do. It could be jumping, skipping, crawling, jogging, or singing. You can move across your house or run outdoors to play. Make certain that everyone gets to be the leader at least once. 

12. Make an Indoor Obstacle Course

Jump over cushions, crawl under the chairs, leap upon the doormat five times, and anything similar to an outdoor adventure game. Just use whatever you’ve got around in your house and chip in your creativity. 

13. Build an Indoor Den

Get a few blankets or sheets, drape them over the desk, and you’ve got a pleasing play location that your toddler will love.

14. Go, Bowling

 I’ve just been bowling with my son and he loved it. Remember to check that the bowling alley has bumpers to stop the balls.

15. Walk in the Rain

When it is raining, put them in their boots, get their rain jacket and an umbrella, and go for a walk. Splash on the puddles and see the unique animals that come out during rains.

16. Go to the Movies

Has your child been to the theater yet? Three is the age when an infant can sit for long enough with the intention to watch a whole film.

17. Choose and watch DVDs

I do not think that occasional movies are a terrible thing, especially when we are tired after a long day. My son’s favorite is Ice Age.

18. Visit your local bookstore or library

 You can choose from books that your kid enjoys reading. Some libraries have song and activity books which would be perfect for toddlers, as well.

19. Storytelling

Turn the TV off because it is time for a family fun activity. Feature every member of your family to tell a short story from their lives or from their imagination. Just make sure it makes your kid have a good laugh!

20. Put up a Puppet Show

Get started with your kid to collect all his/her soft toys and dolls and create a brief story, like a superhero story and let your kid enact the show with the toy characters. This shall not only be fun, but also build your kid’s imaginative skills. 

So, which fun activity did your kid enjoy the most? Do share it with us. Also, feel free to send in some suggestions to the list!