Best Activities for 7 Year Olds

We are living in a busy world today, everything today revolves around technology. Somewhere we have forgotten how it felt to actually spend time with our family or get some much needed fresh air in the garden or a park.

While you can always teach and have fun with your children online, it is as much fun going out and playing games. Hence, we are going to discuss some activities for a 7-year-old that are fun.

Best Activities For 7 Year Olds

A child is usually a quick learner and you can easily engage them in activities that train their mind to think more.

1. Hopscotch

This is one of the most basic games that most kids around this age start playing. All you need to do is sketch out the hopscotch outline with simple arithmetics and get your children hopping around and, at the same time, learning basic maths.

Hopscotch also helps improve motor skills of your children and help them grow stronger with time. Make your children fall in love with maths in a fun-filled way.

2. Music with Bottles

This is another fascinating activity that helps your child gain a sense of music and tone. Filling up bottles with water of varying quantities gives a unique sound to bottles. All you need to do is take a steel spoon and start creating various sounds.

Allow your children to change the level of water and explore different tones and sounds that are generated. This gives them a chance to understand different sounds and tones without any specific study.

3. Crosswords

Crosswords are one of the most popular games that one can engross one’s child in. Kids may be too young to understand long and complex words but they can begin with simple words such as cat, bat, mat, etc. This provides them to learn words easily without the boring copy-pen writing.

Crosswords also help them actively learn to read and write and remember the spellings of the words correctly, enhancing their vocabulary.

4. Listen and Act

Another interesting game that you can play with your children is acting out or listening to a book. At this stage, many kids are attracted to act out different professions, you can easily make them listen to different plays and act out. This enhances their expressing techniques and develops interest in different professions.

5. Dice Games

Dice games are fun! You can always turn it into a learning and educational experience for your children. All you need to do is roll two or more dice and ask the children to add or subtract it. This helps them learn maths and also enhances their brain activity, depending on how fast they can calculate. Sharp, clear and quick answers will generate enthusiasm in them.

6. Sundial

This is a good way to teach your child about the time difference and its effect. All you need to do is cut a circular piece of paper and push a straw right in the middle. Then you can ask the children to take it in the sun and notice the shadows on different respites.

This makes them understand time better and also that the sun rotates around the earth. You can then begin with the basic lessons of the solar system.

7. Camouflage Coloring

Another interesting thing to do with children is to cut out papers in various shapes of Nature such as trees, birds, animals, insects, which helps them understand the different species. This helps them understand Nature and the components of the ecosystem better.

They can learn to identify the real bodies in gardens and parks. This way, they keep a connection with the natural environment and get an experience of practical learning.

8. Clay Art

This is yet another activity that can demand great attention from children. All you need to have is a set of clay that is child-friendly and ask them to model it in the shape of their favorite fruits or insects.

This greatly enhances their motor skills and creativity. The more items they carve out of the clay the better they get at shapes, craft and ideas. This is a great learning and fun activity for them.

9. Milk Art

Milk art is a chemistry experiment which helps your child to understand the difference between molecules and their reaction to different matter. This will surely help them to understand chemistry and its reaction better.

All you need to do is take a bowl of milk and pour a few drops of different food colors on certain parts of the bowl. Finally, you can add a tinge of liquid soap and watch all of it swirl in the bowl. You can even ask the child to do it and revel in their reaction.

Outdoor Activities

Children love to play in the outdoors, running around, exploring and learning, taking place together; moreover, it is a good outlet for all that energy.

10. Cycling

By this age, you can get your children to own little cycles and help them learn the basics of cycling. You can teach them to cycle in the open and let them eventually do it on their own. Cycling is a good outdoor activity for all ages.

It is a good exercise and is helpful for motor coordination in the body. It teaches them balance and understand their own bodies better; apart from that, it also teaches them to have control on their body movements.

11. Catch the Ball

Another exerting activity that can leave the children sweating is catching the ball. All they need is a ball and someone to play with. While one throws, another catches and so on. This is an exerting activity for children and a good source to channel their energy.

This is also good to help them judge distance and speed better. The accurate judgement helps them catch the ball and throw it back.

12. Marble and Spoon

This is one of the activities that help improve balance and speed. You can give them a spoon to hold in their mouths and balance a marble on the tip. After that, the children race to the finishing end without dropping the marble. The one who finishes first wins the race. This is an enjoyable activity for the children.

13. Water Balloon Attack

Water balloon Attack is one of the best ways to ensure that your children have fun bathing. Split the group of children into two and give them a few water balloons. The team that endures more hits loses and the other team wins.

This helps them learn teamwork and how to depend on each other to win a game. This increases their efficiency to work together and to reply to each other to get things done successfully.

14. Supermarket Search

This is the best way to make shopping fun for your family. You can draw your list of items and give them to the children to find them in the market.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get the shopping done and make sure that your children don’t get bored and cranky while you shop.

Indoor Activities

Rainy days or a lockdown that we’re currently going through due to Covid-19 is especially irritating for children because of lack of movement. However, you can still do some activities to reduce boredom.

15. Building Blocks

This is one of the best activities for 7-year-old children. Get your children some blocks and get them creating and building different shapes. This induces creative thinking as well as keeping them engrossed. Moreover, the different colors and shapes help them identify and differentiate among them.

16. Scavenger Hunt

This is another activity to induce thinking and connecting dots, to find something. You can hide chocolates, toys, gifts somewhere and prepare clues that the children can easily comprehend and finally reach their end result. It develops visual and mental strength and helps translate the clues into action.

17. Animal Behavior

This is the best activity to help children learn about different animals and the sounds they make. You can write the names of different animals on pieces of paper and ask them to act out the animals while the others have to guess the animals.

This increases their acting skills and helps them understand the act and identify the animals. Also, keep them occupied and let them not get bored.

Enjoy With Your Kids With These Activities for 7 year olds!

Life with children is one of the best experiences for parents. However, parents have sometimes tough times dealing with their overexcited, energetic kids; it is one of the best things that can happen to them. Moreover, the activities for 7-year-olds mentioned above can go a long way to help them have fun and learn together.