Best Educational Games 2020 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

1. Square Panda
Square Panda Phonics Multisensory Sight, Touch, and Sound Playset for Kids Learning to Read - Home Edition
2. Shifu Orboot
Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)
3. Merge Cube
MERGE Cube - Hold Anything - Science and STEM Educational Tool - Hands-on Digital Teaching Aids - Science Simulations and STEM Projects - Home School, Remote and in Classroom Learning - iOS & Android
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1. Square Panda
Square Panda Phonics Multisensory Sight, Touch, and Sound Playset for Kids Learning to Read - Home Edition
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2. Shifu Orboot
Shifu Orboot (App Based): Augmented Reality Interactive Globe For Kids, Stem Toy For Boys & Girls Ages 4+ Educational Toy Gift (No Borders, No Names On Globe)
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3. Merge Cube
MERGE Cube - Hold Anything - Science and STEM Educational Tool - Hands-on Digital Teaching Aids - Science Simulations and STEM Projects - Home School, Remote and in Classroom Learning - iOS & Android
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Children can be so different from one another. No two people are the same and neither are their methods of education and understanding. Some might find the old-school pen-and-paper method easier while others prefer learning through more engaging methods such as educational games.

In fact, a growing number of kids have shown more inclination towards this dynamic method of education where they learn more about the world and develop their skills and become competent through virtual experiences and best educational games.


It doesn’t matter whether your child genuinely hates the subject; educational games have a way of making kids actually fall in love with the concept of learning new things. Once they discover how fun it is to explore and experience new things at an early age, it stays with them for life.

We have made a list of the 10 best educational games, along with how they can be classified based on subjects. Let’s take a look.

best educational games

How To Choose An Education Game For Your Child?

The choices for learning games are millions and none of them are necessarily wrong for your child. However, you need to find the best and right one for them.

You don’t want to end up with something that helps them improve their skills slowly when they could have got better at it with another app. There are some things you should consider before settling on a game app.

1. Age

Whether it is online games or one you play with toys, every game comes with an age appropriate mark. A five-year-old would never be able to play the game a ten-year-old is playing.

If a five-year-old does manage to play that game, he or she would either be a genius or the game the ten-year-old is playing is too easy.

Even though you are searching for educational games, you need to look for ones that come with appropriate challenges. An older kid might find some word games too easy while a younger kid can get frustrated with complex maths.

2. Topic

What kind of educational games are needed for your child? After you have taken consideration of their age, think about what area of studying they are weak in. Is there something your kid isn’t doing well even though their peers are quite good at the subject?

What about the subjects they are already good at? Can your child get better at them than they already are? Look for games that specifically handles topics your child isn’t good at or they are too good at.

If your kid is a little older, you can also specifically settle on games with subjects your child has taken special interest in.

If they are interested in the topic now, chances are, the more interaction they have with it, the stronger they will get at it until they become experts.

They will also immensely enjoy games they have interest in and will have more motivation to go through the levels.

You don’t want to buy an educational game only to end up with a situation where they leave the game aside after playing it for some days.

What Are The Skills Children Can Acquire Through Educational Games?

If you are trying to teach your child some valuable skills in life, educational games can be quite the teacher. It’s way more effective and entertaining for kids. We have made a list of some of the skills children can get from educational games to make you understand how effective it is.

1. Developing Motor Skills

When children play educational games, they have to use their hands and eyes at the same time to progress in the games. At least, most educational games flow this way.

They have to be constantly on the move while they are learning new information in the game. As such, children begin to slowly develop their fine motor skills. This is a skill that becomes more and more useful as they grow up, especially when they begin to participate in various kinds of sports.

2. Recognition Of Patterns

Games are usually systematic. Once someone starts progressing in a game, they begin to notice certain patterns that follow throughout the games. Movements, images, numbers, usually everything appears in a pre-decided order.

As your child starts playing educational games, they will learn to identify those patterns as well. There are also educational games that focus solely on teaching children various patterns that they need to sort through to win at a game. The more time they spend on recognizing patterns, the better their cognitive skills get.

These kinds of games can be wonderful for children who specially develop an interest in science later on in life.

3. Visual Scan

The time children spend trying to figure out certain games also helps them develop a systematic way of scanning with their eyes. It’s how they learn to read faster, as their eyes register information quicker, the more they get used to scanning with their eyes.

4. Attention To Details

Games are tricky, especially educational games. To ace those games, your child should be able to focus on information that’s actually relevant to winning games while they ignore those that aren’t helpful.

Children learn to train their eyes to focus on certain things, essentially looking at the small things to make up the big picture.

5. Memory

A lot of educational games involve memorizing. Children have to look at a colour, number, pattern or word for a short amount of time and then it’s hidden so they can’t access it again for the time being.

Sometime later, they are asked questions about the images they were shown and they have to guess it correctly.

Games like this help children train their memory, especially the short-term one. They’re able to remember the little things they would otherwise forget.

6. Reasoning

A big and important part of educational games involves reasoning. It’s what makes learning games much more interesting and it’s how children acquire more experience through these games.

They learn how to analyze, inspect and solve a problem. They figure out how to go from A to B in a game. This early training of critical thinking helps them be calm and mature when solving tricky problems later on in life.

People who have fully developed reasoning skills tend to be much more in control and calm when dealing with unexpected situations.

7. Skills

Games are usually a social medium. More often than not, games are fun when they are playing with another person. Educational games are no different. Children can learn to work together in games or compete against each other in a manner that’s healthy.

As they coordinate their actions in the game, children get closer and also become more and more considerate of each other. They make up for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

More than group activities, though that can be fun as well, one-to-one playing has a way of bringing people closer together.

Children spend more time with each other and develop their social and emotional skills this way. The same situation applies when they are playing with siblings, parents or family members.

8. Foreign Language Skills

The landscape of educational games is endless. If you were to actually search for educational games, you will find so many that you won’t be able to decide on a singular one.

One of the reasons we have decided to make this guide for you. However, in the sea of educational games, a lot of people tend to ignore this unique set of educational games that focuses on language acquisition skills, a foreign language to be specific.

There are plenty of educational gaming-apps that teach children a new language. These games are based on a reward-system. The players first memorize certain words or grammar rules and when asked questions, they get points for each answer they get right.

In turn, they have to go back when they don’t get the answers right. If the game is left untouched for too long, these kinds of apps also take away points.

This keeps the players on their toes for days. It makes them all the more determined to ace the language.

It helps that humans are way more receptive to a new language when they are young and have an easier time memorizing new talking or reading patterns.

Before you know it, your child will be fluent in a language you might never had lunch with.

9. Comprehension Skills

Games come with a specific set of rules and instructions. When those rules are disregarded or broken, points get taken away from the players.

Following the rules closely also helps the game-player get a better idea of how they can win the game. They learn what tricks can help them level up or how they can get clues to win the round.

It’s inevitable that games require good listening and comprehension skills. Your child has to listen and read through all the instructions before they are able to declare themselves the victor.

They can become good listeners who actually listen to every point the other has to say and get the main message by simply playing educational games.

The set of skills your child will acquire from educational games is largely dependent on the game they are playing in the first place. You also have to take into consideration the age of your child as well as the reason they are playing the specific educational game.

Do you want to improve their vocabulary? Do you simply want your child to become a more social being? All of these factors play a huge role.

As an example, a learning game that focuses on basic vocabulary-acquisition is more suited for children who have just stepped their foot in school compared to those who are already about to pass elementary.

Let’s take a look at the collection of best educational games.

Top 10 Best Educational Games 2020

1. Hangman Free

Hangman Free Best Educational GameWhen it comes to the online world of educational games, Hangman Free is a gem. It’s a game that’s absolutely free for you to use.

This is a great way for you to first test with your kid if they enjoy learning more through educational games and if it is working out for them the way you wished it did.

Considering the game is free, the graphics and sound effects used in the game are beyond amazing. It can easily defeat any paid games when it comes to quality.

It also supports two players, though, of course, your child can play by themselves if they wish. If you wish to use the two-player option, you can compete against each other, offering your child a motive to do their best in the game so they can beat you.

It’s not exactly a game where you have to defeat each other but playing together with them can be fun and if you get more words than them, it can make them want to do better.

The name of the players can be customized. Your child will find it fun to compete with their name instead of player 1 or 2. The scores can also be saved so that you can track each other’s progress.

The wordlist is vast and allows your child plenty of options they can choose from. When you exit the app or suddenly get a phone call, you don’t need to go out of your way to save the game. It will save your progress as it is automatic.

Now, what actually is the Hangman game? It’s a game where the player has to save Hangman, who is actually a little stick dude, by choosing the correct letters to form a word. It’s quite compatible with an android device and shows the best of the graphics in it.

You will find words with letters missing and have options from the word-category to choose from, that matches the secret word. You will lose if the stick man gets it first or if the guesses are over.

The word list level consists of the usual easy, hard, standard and also has divisions such as Animal, Food, Geography, Holiday, SAT and TOEFL. This is a game that will help your child expand their vocabulary as well as make them more interested in learning new words. It’s also a good way to keep them busy and engaged when they get antsy.

One of the best things about this learning game might have something to do with how appropriate it is for children at any age. Your child could be 3 or 10 years old, the game has enough sections and categories for everyone to enjoy broadening their vocabulary.


2. Shifu Orboot

Shifu OrbootFrom Shifu, the Shifu Orboot App game is a stem-based game suitable for children who are older than 4. Both girls and boys should have the time of their life learning new information about the world through this game.

When you purchase the game, you will get a globe along with access to the Orboot application. The globe comes with no name of specific places on the world or borders. It’s just the picture of a world map.

When you scan parts of the globe with a device, it will transport your child around the world virtually. The augmented reality based game will teach your children geography, environmental science, and history.

It’s a fun game and made completely interactive. In the augmented reality, your child will get details about the place they have scanned, information about the animals and habitats, and about the history of the place.

The animals in the game make realistic noises while the children can thoroughly explore more and more parts of the place through in-app options.

The package comes with a globe that’s about 10 inches in diameter, stamps, passports, and stickers with pictures of the country’s flag. Each time your child unlocks a new place, they can mark the place with the sticker and stamp their passport to indicate they have visited the place.

Imagine the joy your child will experience when they manage to explore the entire globe and their passport is filled with stamps. Though it will take a long time, when your child is done filling the passport, they would have more knowledge about the world than any other kid of their age.

Inside the app, your child will find over 400 highlighted places. There are a total of 6 categories the app focuses on while teaching children and these are cultures, monuments, inventions, animals, maps and weather spanning various countries. Across all these categories, your child will learn more than 1000 facts.

Once you have purchased the globe, you will get the app for free on your IOS and Android. It’s compatible with any android device that has over 3 GB Ram. As for iPad, it has compatibility with iPad 5th gen and the above ones, all models of iPad Air, all models of iPad Pro, and all versions of iPad Mini 2 and above.

It also works easily with iPhone 6 and all latest models after it. The only device it doesn’t have compatibility with is Amazon Kindle.

This globe-based app-game will help your child improve their cognitive and linguistic skills as they learn the name of new places, hear new words and see new things. They will be able to understand a whole lot of complex information at a tender age.


3. Merge Cube

Merge CubeThe Merge Cube game from Merge has become so popular and is known so well for its effectiveness that it has become a fixture in classrooms. Schools use this game so they can teach children various subjects such as Maths, Science, Arts and even Engineering.

The Merge Cube games comes with the Merge cube and the Merge EDU platform which can be accessed through paid subscription. There is a standard aligned STEM app which has been named Merge Explorer. It’s an augmented reality-based-app.

They get a deeper view of the world in the app. Feats such as holding the solar system, exploring the human DNA, going deeper into the tectonic plates, actually dissecting a frog or doing something as simple as playing math games is possible only through this app.

If you are uncertain about the game and have doubts about whether you should apply for paid subscription, you can first try it for free. Let your child play the games on this app and you should soon be able to tell if this is the method best suited to teach them about the world.

When you have the EDU platform subscription, you can use the object-viewer to upload 3D objects on the Merge Cube. You can also view and share different 3d material.

As the game is optimized for the classroom, it allows students to collect objects and keep them private, make annotations and screen record the entire thing. This one also has a free version though it has lesser functions.

Once you have the merge cube, you can find more related apps–both paid and free at Miniverse. Anything can be done there. Your child can dig up bones of ancient dinosaurs or solve a Rubik’s cube virtually. It’s also possible to build a Minecraft world.

It’s quite easy to activate the whole thing. First, you have to download the cube app on your device. It can be a smartphone or a tablet. Point the device at the cube after you open the app.

The cube will transform in front of your eyes. You can find paid and free content from the app. The app is compatible with android, iPhone or tablet and also has compatibility with Mega VR headset.

The game even won a number of awards for how effective it is in teaching children. Among the awards, it got Parent’s choice award, AALP- Best Apps For Teaching and learning and so much more. One of the best educational games, this is suitable for children who are over 5 years old.


4. Hot Wheels MindRacers

Hot Wheels MindRacersFrom Osmo, the Hot Wheels Mind Racers Game kit is a suitable learning game for children who are over 7 years of age. It’s an amazing interactive game with massive fun-filled levels and awards in its bag for how efficient it is in helping children learn.

The game involves a smooth flow between iPad and actual hand-held parts. The little pieces in a game comes to life with Osmo’s technology. No wifi or internet connection is required for the game.

The game has multiple levels allowing your kid to progress from being beginners to being experts.

It also comes with a parent-app where you can track the progress of your child and see how they are fairing with the game, in turn, understanding whether this game is the right choice in teaching them about the world. You can see your child’s gaming profile on the app.

It’s actually a pretty simple game, though it requires concentration on your child’s part. On the screen on the iPad, your child gets the option to race the car.

The game pieces allows them to make decisions on whether the car should jump or do a spin in the air as they try to beat their friend. It’s a fun two-player game, allowing your child the joy of learning what it’s like to both win and lose.

It will raise their competitive spirit and yet make them more receptive towards bad situations and losing in life. They will learn how to treat every situation with and keep their head afloat.

The game also allows them to become more social with their same age friends. Games like these are great for bonding kids who are just getting to know each other.

In case a friend isn’t around for your child to race with, you can play with them as well. The game can be just as good for parent and child bonding moments.

The package of the Osmo game comes with OSMO Base for iPad, MindRacers LaunchPad, 6 Hot Wheels cars, 32 game tokens, and a storage stack to keep all the game pieces. It also comes with the connection to Hot Wheels MindRacers game app.

The game has a 90-day warranty on it. On your part, you only need to have an iPad to connect the Osmo base. The game pieces are compatible with iPad models such as iPad 2-6, iPad Mini 1-4, iPad Air 1-2, iPad Pro 9.7 & 10.5 inch.

Unfortunately, the base isn’t compatible with Fire Tablet. As the game contains really small pieces, it is recommended that no children younger than 7 touch it.

It can prove to be a serious choking hazard. No confusion as to whether we can call it one of the best educational games for kids.


5. Square Panda Phonics

Square Panda PhonicsSquare Panda Inc S Square Panda Phonics set is perfect for children spanning the age from 2 to the age of 8. It’s a game playset designed to help children learn how to read.

It’s a game where research is the main motive and to research new things, your child will experience an approach that’s multisensory. It combines sight, touch, and sound to give your child the best experience.

The Phonic system package has a playset that one can also use as storage when it isn’t being played with. It also comes with 45 smart letter pieces and has complete access to a library that contains a wide variety of learning games. Only the tablet isn’t included, so you will have to connect it with your tablet.

As a parent, you will also get access to a separate database for you which you can import to any device.

In this database, you will have information about the learning progress of your child. You will get to know how many words they have learned, pictures they have unlocked and the milestones they have managed to reach in the game.

You can customize the data of your kid on the personalized database. You can add pictures or words that remind you of your child.

Add anything that delights your child, whether it’s a photo of you with your name, your child’s name, or a mascot they really like. Your child will just enjoy seeing their favorite, personal thing every time they open the app.

For every milestone they reach, they will be given a badge to show off their progress. It’s graphed in detail to show you what your child is learning.

There are also mini badges that your child can earn when they accomplish little things like spelling their names correctly, or writing the words Square or Panda.

The learning game that’s compatible with the pieces can be brought from the App store and Google Play store. However, if it’s a teacher using the game for classroom, a more solid but paid version is available in the company’s school section of the website.

Currently, the Square Panda games available for free on app store are 11. These are Square Panda SquareLand, Square Panda Bowling, Square Panda Bubbles, Square Panda Farming, Square Panda Fishing, Square Panda Jiggity Jamble, Square Panda Lagoon, Square Panda Letter Lab, Square Panda Letter Lullaby, Square Panda Monster Rhymes, Square Panda Space Cows.

The focus of the learning game differs each time. Some focus on letter orientation, while others have roots in letter confusion and word play.

One thing is for certain though. Before you know it, your child will be able to use new words in their daily life. The curriculum in the games also increases along with your child. It matches their pace to help them reach new levels.


6. Pizza Co. Game

Pizza Co. GameAnother one from Osmo, this is another learning game that mixes handheld pieces and iPad together. Unlike the previous Osmo piece, this one’s even compatible with Fire Tablet. For this one though, Osmo base is unfortunately, not a part of the wonderful package. You will have to buy it separately.

Wifi or an internet connection isn’t necessary for the game. The only thing needed is a tablet that will let the piece transform to life. The game is suitable for children who are between 5 and 12 years. Your child can progress from being beginners to being experts. They will continue to learn and grow with each step.

What is your child supposed to do in this game? Well, for one, they will be making delicious pizzas for their customers, collect the payment for the pizza and then return the change correctly. This will help them learn how business works, how to get profit in business and so on.

Additionally, the game is good for teaching a child mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, fraction, and so on. They will also learn how to do quick mental math, to make pretty pizzas and improve their communication skills as they regularly converse with their customers.

The Osmo box of Pizza Co. game contains Pizza/Tray, toppings, and money tiles. It also comes with a separate storage for the pieces and connection to the Pizza Co. game app.

It is compatible with iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad (5th Generation), iPad (6th Generation), iPad (7th Generation), iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3, & the 9. 7-inch & 10.

5-inch iPad Pro. For Fire Tablets, it is compatible with 7th G Fire 7, HD 8, HD 10, 8th G Fire HD 8, 9th G HD 7, HD 10. It is, however, not compatible with 11-inch & 12. 9-inch iPad Pro. iOS version iOS 9 or greater.

This is certainly one of the best educational games. Not only does it allow your kids to learn more about how the business world works or how to do simple maths, but it also makes them more independent.

After all, they have to run a business on their own, even if it is virtual. They are also using their hands and eyes to rapidly make pizzas, which greatly improves their motor skills. Their cognitive skills get a definitive boost as well.


7. Search & Find Mystery Game

Search & Find Mystery GameThe Osmo Detective Agency game is best suited for children who are 5 to 12 years old. It’s for kids who have developed a keen interest in the mystery genre. Someone who likes unlocking the puzzles of the world and figuring out the way things work.

The Detective Agency game box contains 4 double-sided maps, map holder, & magnifying glass and, of course, a link to the Detective agency app.

The magnifying glass in the package allows your kids to search every corner of the world on the map and learn things about the history, culture and geography of the place. This is a game that allows your child to solve the mysteries of the entire world.

The game is great for allowing your kid to have better comprehension and reading skills. It lets them scan with their eyes and pay attention to what is being shown. They also learn to take a deeper look at the details.

Osmo is quite liked by parents for how effective it is in lending a hand to their kids when it comes to learning. It has won multiple awards over the years and continues to do so.

To play the game, a fire or iPad and a Osmo base is enough. Your child will be then ready to take on the world.


8. Little Genius

Little GeniusUnlike the other Osmo games in the list, this one is specifically for the little ones. This game is for kids who are about 3 to 5 years old.

Have you been thinking of a way to teach your child about letters? Well, you can, through this game.

You can also help them acquire some skills in designing when they do a costume party or they can learn how to draw and bring different animals into animated beings in the game. They can also solve little mysteries in the game through a pre-decided storyline.

The package contains Osmo Base for iPad, 19 cardboard pretend play costume pieces, 38 silicone sticks/rings to practice letter forming which are BPA free and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, silicone game play mat, stackable storage for game pieces. It also has connection to 4 game apps, which are BCs, Costume Party, Stories, and Squiggle Magic.


9. Shifu Plugo Count

Shifu Plugo CountFrom Shifu and the Shiful Plugo line, Plugo Count is a stem gaming kit powered on augmented reality. Your device becomes an interactive, hands-on learning system through the Shifu app.

Your child has to go through a complex story and win through several challenges. To progress through these steps, your child will have to plow through numbers and arithmetic operators and come out as the winner.

The plugo Count set is exactly made for children who are 5 to 10 years of age. The Plugo Count box comes with 1 foldable gamepad, 1 Count Spike, 4 arithmetic operators (+ – x/), and 2 sets of digits 0-9.

Nor bluetooth nor electronic device is needed to play the game. The gamepad and count spike included in the can be connected to each other due to the already embedded magnets.

The package also contains a gaming guide. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you will be able to set up the game for your child.

After you get the gaming kit, you just need to buy the Plugo App. In the app, there are a total of 5 stem games. The levels are over 250.

Just imagine the kind of fun your child will experience progressing through each level. Exactly how much more confident in their maths skill they would be once they finish it all.

To make sure the difficulty level is appropriate for your child, you can adjust the level of the game. Kids go through different math problems in stories and have to answer questions within specified time.

Plugo count is great for engaging all their auditory, visual and tactile senses. It teaches them various real-life skills through stem-learning. Your child can improve their comprehension ability, their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills and so much more.

Their mathematical intelligence reaches a new height with this game. We have no doubt that it is one of the best educational games for kids who are fascinated with numbers.

However, remember the game has small pieces which can prove to be a choking hazard for kids. Be careful and don’t let any children younger than 5 get near the package.

The game is compatible with iOS – iPad 3 and above, iPad mini 2 and above, iPad Air 1 and above, iPad Pro 9. 7 & 10. 5 inch, iPhone 6 & above. For android, it works with any device that has more than 2 Gb Ram to spare. For Fire, it supports 7 and 8 and other new versions but not 10.


10. Osmo 902-00012 Super Studio Frozen 2

Osmo 902-00012 Super Studio Frozen 2Who wasn’t fascinated with Frozen when it first came out? Children loved the animation and there was a reason that the movie went on to have a sequel. It’s no surprise that game companies would make educational games centered around the movie.

After all, nothing quite gets the attention of kids than the things they love. It will be no different for yours when they see this release from Osmo.

The Osmo box contains a Super sketchpad, 2 Super Studio markers, Super, Sweeper eraser and connection with the Super Studio Frozen 2 game app.

Your child will connect with their favorite characters like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf and many more through a storybook based adventure.

They will get to draw and listen to the instructions of the character, improving their art and comprehension skills. The confidence your child has in their drawing skills will certainly get a much needed boost.

There are 24 activities over which they will go through 50 drawing challenges. It also has 6 lessons which will train your child to become an artist. Once your child has drawn the characters, they can save their progress on the device, whether it is iPad Or Fire Tablet.

Each drawing your child completes will lead them to the excellent use of their hands and eyes. Their motor and coordination skills will improve. They will also have a more discerning eye for art.

Progressing through storyline will also help them improve their cognitive skills. They will be more receptive to new ideas. They will also grow a more active imagination. A lot of kids learn to bounce off storylines they read, making their own short stories.

Imagination skills are an important thing to acquire for anyone looking to touch the field of art. Out of the learning games, this is definitely one of the most beloved one.

For this company, with many awards for each of its game, wifi or internet connection isn’t a necessity to play the game. The iPad, Fire or Osmo Base aren’t included in the package.

It is compatible with a number of devices such as iPad 2, iPad 3rd Generation iPad 4th Generation, iPad 5th Generation, iPad 6th Generation, iPad 7th Generation, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3 & the 9 7-inch & 10 5-inch iPad Pro.


Find The Best Educational Games Today!

After looking through the list of the ten best educational games, we are more than certain that you have found the one suitable for your child.

The comprehensive list has every skill a child can wish to acquire. These are fun, hyped games that ensure your child doesn’t get bored too easily while playing them.

In fact, the games are so interesting, not only to your child, but to everyone in general, you will be able to enjoy it to your fullest. You can increase the closeness between you and your child by participating in these games.

The only thing left for you to do is order the best educational game for your child out of these 10.