Who is MLRW?

We all have our run-of-the-mill box of toys stashed under the bed or deep inside the closet or somewhere in the attic. This mystery box pops into view only when you’re actively looking for something like a missing hair tie or favorite shirt.

And when you find it, you’re in for a trip down the memory lane.

Each toy tells a story – tales that urge you to give that old friend a call or drive you to take a walk in the park where you’ve spent most of your childhood days.

Toys add colors and push the rewind button to those memories you don’t press play every day. Some may leave you overwhelmed, and others remind you of how far you’ve come in life.

Back in the day, toys were bought entirely for kids’ entertainment. There was no specific purpose attached to them, unlike today where brands manufacture toys that match each developmental stage of play for children such as smart toys, educational toys, eco-friendly toys, creative toys and more.

Toys come in different shapes and sizes catering to all age group. In fact, The market is so cluttered with selections that choosing a toy still baffles a parent. And this is where we come in.

How does MLRW help?

We at The Little Red Wagon provide the best reviews for all categories of toys available at Amazon.

We’ve carried out extensive research regarding these products over the years, spoken to several industry experts and professionals in this field to expand our insights before building this blog, so we guarantee credible and reliable information.

We keep ourselves up-to-date by communicating with famous brands, following specialists and testing the toys to ensure quality reviews.

Our comparison based reviews deep dive into the fundamental components of toys such as its price, materials used for manufacture, its applications and benefits and the age group it caters to the best.

We do all the homework and save you from physically draining yourself trying to find the perfect toy. Our blog aspires to become your one-stop solution to answering the what, how, why and where of toys available in Amazon.